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Assignment 1

1. The implementations of MSMA can reduced flash flood occurrence in Malaysia

but why it still occur?
2. Discuss the advantages of MSMA implementation in Uniciti, Unimap
1. Answer minimum in 1 page and maximum in 2 pages.
2. All answers must in handwriting.
3. Submission date: 11.12.2015 (Friday)
The Manual Saliran Mesra Alam Malaysia (MSMA) has been officially approved back to
2002 to replace Urban Drainage Design Standard 1974. It is used to regulate
development works and to assist relevant parties towards achieving sustainable storm
water management.
MSMA has emphasis on the control at source that could be categories into three main
1. Water quantity control (detention, retention pond, soak way pit, rainwater
harvesting and swale)
2. Erosion and sediment control.
3. Water quality control, (trash screen, gross pollutant trap (GPT), swale)
Water quantity control is measures to barrier post construction flash flood issues while
erosion and sediment control is measures to minimize erosion and sedimentation
problems during construction stage. The final aspect that is the water quality control
is measures intended to reduce post construction non-point source pollution problems.
Although this method has been used to replace the conventional method but this
entire method still contributes to the flash flood in Malaysia and this situation
continues to deteriorate to the extent. This is because the inconsistent and
unpredictable whether has alter the implementation of MSMA due to the climate
change. Although prevention and some precaution steps have been concerned but
when the unexpected heavy downpours rain that carry a huge amount of water
enable to flow accordingly to the run flow of water.
Other possible regarding to this issue is the misinterpretation of Department of
irrigation and drainage (DID) over the design, concepts, criteria and regulatory
requirements of the MSMA. But here in Kuala Lumpur there is an unclear explanation
that the DID is working with the relevant water authority in identifying the sites for
building neither community nor any plans to build a water reclamation plant. DID have
not considered what will happen when all those detention facilities start to flush out
the water after the rain subsides. The excessive rainwater will totally bloom out and
this is why flash flood often occurs in just a few hours.
The MSMA, if implemented properly will help replace the most conventional of past
construction practices by giving enough attention to the interrelationship between
various elements of those projects or fully consider whether the project will provide an
integrated level of flood protection for the area.