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isk Management.

Oct 08, 2014 by Ciprian Rhamnusia
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by panaf
The second edition of the book
Production and Operations Management
incorporatesseveral suggestions offered by our colleagues and students all over
the country.In this edition we have endeavored to strengthen the basic characte
ristics of the book. Thesubject matter has been presented systematically in ten
chapters, which can enable the reader tomaster the topics covered without any ad
ditional guidance. In keeping with the basic objective of making the learning of
the Concept and Principles in Production and Operations Management , thefollowing
chapters have been revised as per the suggestions.
Chapter 1 on Introduction to POM
was revised with the addition of Managing GlobalOperations with the concept of
Chapter 2 on Plant Location and Layout
wasrevised with locational models and the design of product and process layout.
Service layout wasalso included.
Chapter 4 on Materials Management
was revised with the addition of specialpurchasing system.
Chapter 6 on Quality Control
was revised with the addition of ISO 14000series along with the recognized bodi
es for ISO certification.
Chapter 8 on MaintenanceManagement
was revised with the concept of Total Preventive Maintenance.The revised editio
n also contains
which provides additional input to understand thesubject with practical applica
tion of the techniques used in each chapter.For the development of application s
kill of the theoretical knowledge of production and operationmanagement, it is n
ecessary to arrange for a visit or conduct the project work either by individual
or group of students in a manufacturing or service organisation.In this context
the revised edition contains
skill development/practicals
in each chapter. Forthis purpose the students are adviced to visit a Fast Food
Restaurant like Pizza Hut or Pizza Cornerfor getting the information for the que
stions given under skill development in each chapter.In addition to the caselet,
cases are given to understand the entire concept of production andoperations ma
nagement at the end of the book.Complete care has been taken to make the book er
ror free. However, mistakes might havecrept inadvertently. Readers finding any e
rror are requested to bring it to our notice, for enablingus to rectify them in
our future editions.We are grateful to New Age International (P) Limited, Publis
hers, and the editorial departmentfor their untiring effort to publish the book
within a short span of time with a nice get up.Our acknowledgements are also due
Dr. Poornima Anil Kumar
Mrs. BharathiSuresh,
without whose support and sacrifice this work would not have been completed by t
hedeadline.Finally, our acknowledgement is due to the Almighty who has blessed u
s with the knowledge,required for writing this book.