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Episode #5
Using TS&TF 20th Anniversary Edition
by Ray Trochim

In this episode we see our fictional hero Captain Collenwood trying to return to the British base camp.
Along the way he meets up with another patrol party warning him that there is a large body of Zulus
coming their way. Together they team up and attempt to find a way home. In route, our gallant leader
finds himself in a pickle after a large Zulu force had cut them off and notices that another smaller force of
Zulus had worked behind them. Making things worse is that they got caught between an impassible rockface and river. Not wishing to engage the superior force of the Zulus and being position between two
impassable terrain features, he orders the troopers to advance on the smaller group of intervening Zulus in
hopes that they can break out of the current state of affairs.
British Forces:
1x Mounted leader (Capt. Collenwood) - C&C
All the surviving figs from SAND episode #4
1x British dragoon cavalry unit (12 figures)
2x South African colonial cavalry unit (12 figures each) - Frontier Light Horse, mounted Durban Rifles,
Natal Native Police, or what ever is at hand.
British forces must start in the area marked British Staring Point
Zulu Forces:
1x Foot leader/Indiana C&C
2x Zulu Ibutho: Each having 3x Zulu spear units and a foot Induna (61 figures each). Any two of the six
Zulu units may carry white shields (veteran units).
Zulu forces my start anywhere on the board (concealed or not concealed) within the area marked Zulu
Setup Area
Zulu reinforcements:
Starting on turn #9 and each turn thereafter roll 1x D6. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 two new Zulu spear units
enter the game from the edge of the board where the British units had started. On a roll of 1, 2 or 3 one
new Zulu spear unit enters the game. The roll for reinforcements is done before the movement phase.
Victory Conditions:
The British must exit the opposite board edge with at least half of its forces. Any other result is a Zulu
Special Rules:
British and colonial cavalry units ignore ammo rules. All Zulu spear units get unlimited throwing spear.
Remember that Zulus can only throw spears when they charge.
White shielded Zulu units add +1 to their morale chart (Major and Critical/ Pinned)

The rough terrain features are roughly 8x5 and represent tall grass and thick brush. They can conceal
only one unit at a time. The rough terrain will block line of sight and when firing at units in rough terrain
features, treat the unit as a Class III target.
Wounded cavalry troopers: Roll one D6. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 he stays on his horse. Otherwise he falls
off. It will take one full turn for a mounted trooper to pick up a wounded figure that has fallen off his
The hills can be represented by what ever is at hand and the table shown below is 9 x 5.

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