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Dear Constituents,
Last month, the Ohio legislature joined Governor Kasich in Marietta for his State of the
State address. While the governor spoke in optimistic terms, I believe the economic
reality on the ground for working people does not match the governors rosy portrait
of the state.
Since 2011, Ohios education rankings have plummeted from fifth to 23rd nationally. 1
While recent legislation aimed to create more transparency and accountability for
Ohios for-profit charter schools, dozens of those schools were overfunded and have
failed to repay the state a collective $6 million.2 I believe that without a quality
education, obtaining a job that pay wages to sustain a family becomes more difficult
to achieve in todays economy.

Ohio House Dems

Are Now On:

Ohios unemployment rate has risen to 22nd3 in the nation while private sector job
growth has tumbled to 26th4 during last year alone. Meanwhile, 32 communities are
officially in fiscal distress, struggling to fix crumbling roads and bridges and deliver
essential services like police and fire. I believe that the unfortunate reality is: too
many Ohioans cant get ahead.
That is why I joined with my Democratic colleagues to unveil an ambitious economic
agenda aimed at creating a path to the middle class by realigning our economy to
work for working people. Made up of eight separate bills, our legislative package is
focused on the future with forward-looking policies such as paycheck protection,
affordable higher education, equal pay for equal work, and raising the minimum wage
that will have a real and positive impact families throughout our state.
My Democratic colleagues and I believe it is time to put aside partisanship and policies
that seem to shift our economy even further out of balance for the benefit of a select
few. Our focus is firmly on the future and laying the groundwork for the next
generation of Ohioans, so that through hard work and perseverance our children and
grandchildren will have a fair shot at success and the American Dream.

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I want to hear from you! How can we ensure that all Ohioans have the opportunity for
a higher quality of life? Feel free to contact my office at any time with ideas, questions
or concerns.

Kent Smith
State Representative

In This Issue
Sixth Annual Women's Lobby Day/Equal Pay Day
The Ohio House Democratic Womens Caucus
(OHDWC) recently gathered with women from across the
state to discuss and push for policy solutions to the challenges Ohio women face.
House Democratic lawmakers recognized Equal Pay Day
on April 12, which marks the day this year when womens
pay finally catches up to what men were paid last year
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Caucus Priorities/Medicare Help

Democratic state lawmakers recently revealed their
ambitious economic agenda for 2016 during a press
conference earlier this year.
Staff and volunteers in the Department's Ohio Senior
Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) provide older Ohioans like you with free, friendly assistance in choosing Medicare options that best suit your
needs - sometimes saving you money.
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