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By Periander A. Esplana

What is the Ultimate Answer to life’s most perplexing questions?

What is the Final Solution to world’s most vexing problems? What is
the key which will unlock the secrets of the universe, riddles of life
and mysteries of man himself? What is truth?

What is the original source of light, life and love? How can we
unify our will, mind and heart? What are the principle, source,
substance, master context, and essence of everything? What is the
ultimate theory of everything? What are the meaning, purpose and
goal of life?

Where did we come from? What are we? Where are we

going? Why do we always assume that things make sense? What is
the unified field of knowledge, wisdom and understanding?

Where can we find the solution to the problems of evil, sin,

injustice, corruption, calamities, lust, pride, fear, oppression,
addiction, war, sickness, poverty, insanity, suicide, suffering,
depression, sorrow, mischief, loneliness, error, crying, pain, thirst,
hunger, and death? Why is there something rather nothing? How do
we know what we know? Why we believe that good is higher than
evil, truth is better than deception, and right is more preferable than

Where can we find perfect happiness? What is the highest

good? What is the reason behind the order, complexity, regularity,
and beauty in nature? Why do logic, mathematics and language
correspond to objective reality? Why is there always a triadic pattern
that can be found throughout the universe?

What is the relationship which exists among law, subject and

object? Where can we find the harmony of science, philosophy and
religion? What is the meaning of meaning? When did time begin?
What is the soul? What is the shape of the future?

Questions, problems and mysteries are almost infinite in

magnitude. They replicate indefinitely as one will try to answer, solve
and explain any of them. The above given problems are mere
expressions of our search for truth. If we are not interested to truth,
then we will have no question at all.

But as we begin to delve into the significance of truth to our life

and the things around us, mysteries naturally arise. We always want
and need the truth. No one will look for a false answer to a question,
a wrong solution to a problem and an inadequate explanation to a
mystery. Truth is necessary to rational existence for it alone
accurately expresses and correctly represents reality. Truth is what
corresponds with what is and to the way things really are.

All the questions, problems and mysteries given above can only
be answered, solved and explained by an appeal to truth. Truth
alone can set us free from their bondages. To answer, solve and
explain them all, we need a definite formulation of truth; we must find
the formula of truth, truth that is expressed in words, symbols or
figures which we can understand. The formula of truth is all what we

In fact, we are always invoking the all-explaining formula of

truth every time we ask questions. No one will ever be fully satisfied
by a rough-and-ready answer and solution to all our questions and
problems. What we really need is something that will lead us to
ultimate answer and final solution to all our questions and problems.
Thus, to end our quest for truth, we must find the formula which will
adequately explain all things.

In a lecture entitled “Unwavering Commitment to Truth”

delivered by the then Senate President of the Philippines Neptali A.
Gonzales at the Philippine Christian University on August 12, 1996 on
the occasion of its 50th founding anniversary, he brilliantly expressed
the significance of finding the formula of truth: “The history of
philosophy tells us that the Greek have a word for truth – Aletheia. It
is formed by adding the prefix ‘a’ to ‘letheia,’ which means ‘getting out
of our forgetfulness.’ In Greek mythology, there is the River of Lethe,
which, when one dip into its waters, one forgets who he is and why
he is in such a place. To the Greeks, therefore, Aletheia or truth
means getting out of this forgetfulness about who we are and why we
are here. It is remembering to ask questions, hard questions, about
where we stand, and with it, where we must go. Aletheia – Truth –
therefore, comes with responsibility. A responsibility to seek it, and to
do something about it. For as we go out of the river of forgetfulness
and rediscover who we are and why we are here, it is inevitable that
we do something about it. It will therefore lead us to know where we
are, where we want to go, and how to get there.”

This is true indeed for in the Bible there are two kinds of
languages for the word “truth” which have different shades of
meaning. Its biblical Hebrew word is emunah which means
unshakable firmness, ultimate faithfulness and unchangeable
steadfastness. Its biblical Greek word is alētheia which means
objective reality, righteous fidelity and absolute purity.

We know that many readers at the outset are questioning the

use of the term “formula.” By this term, we are not advocating in any
means the notion of Pythagorean and mechanistic universe. We do
not imply the Kabbalistic and Cartesian-Russelian-Wolframian-
Chaitinian concept of reality. We exclude both the belief of logical
positivism and irrational mysticism.

We do not mean by the term “formula of truth” that the truth we

are searching for is just a synthesis of finite, abstract but conflicting
concepts in the state of Nash equilibrium which can be reduced into a
set of bogus words interpreted through the fusion of horizon.

We do not mean by that term that the truth we are referring to

has no real existence; that is, it exists only subjectively in our mind as
an idea in the form of connected symbols expressing a particular
concept. It is not a mere internal representation that projects our map
of reality and resembles an intrinsic values and basic beliefs. No,
that is not the truth we are looking for. It cannot and must not be.

The truth which we need must be absolute, real, quick, eternal,

vital, personal, infallible, perfect, and infinite. Someone may think
that such kind of truth is impossible to be put into a formula and thus
inexpressible, incomprehensible and unknowable.

But what we are searching for is the truth which is constantly

and consistently true both to the universe in which we live and to the
common experience of mankind. What we are looking for is not just a
truth because we have it already most of the time. What we need is
not only the factual truth which properly corresponds to the facts but
also the Truth that perfectly corresponds with ultimate reality.

We need not only scientific truth (physical truth, biological

truth and social truth), philosophical truth (metaphysical truth,
logical truth and moral truth) and religious truth (doctrinal truth,
dispensational truth and practical truth) but also the total truth
(universal truth, presuppositional truth and spiritual truth).

What we need is the Truth of truths. It is the truth that can

express and explain itself through a form of words (simultaneously of
language, mathematics, logic, dogma, and mystery) which can be
known, understood and experienced. It is the Truth that can reveal
and manifest itself to a finite being like us: truth that can change our
will, transform our mind and recreate our heart.

It is the Truth that exists for all people at all times in all places.
It does not allow itself to be seen through Deflationist/Inflationist-
tinted glasses. It is embedded in nature but it is transhistorical and
supracultural. It abhors the Derrida-Fish-Rorty postmodernism for
this truth is intensional but never intentional. It is true not only to the
spiritual realm but also to the intellectual realm and physical realm. It
is the Truth in which we can find the harmony of all that is. Truth
itself has no contradiction. It is all light, life and love.

It is clear, therefore, that the word formula has been used here
in all its known definitions:

- a general fact, rule or principle expressed in mathematical

- a form of words defining a doctrine, a system of thought, a
principle, a belief system, etc.
- a method of procedure: prescription or recipe
- a combination of signs in a logical calculus
- a symbolic representation of the composition of substance
- a set form of words for use in a ceremony
- a group of symbols or figures joined to express information
- a statement expressed in symbols
- a prescribed or set form or method: an established rule or
- a conventionalized statement intended to express some
fundamental truth or principle especially as a basis for action

We define THE FORMULA OF TRUTH as a balanced form of

sound words, mathematical symbols and illustrative figures which
reveal all the truths that finally solve all problems, ultimately answer
all questions and adequately explain all mysteries. It is the Formula
of formulas. It is the formula which harmonizes science, philosophy
and religion. It is the formula which serves as the key that unlocks
the secrets of the universe, riddles of life, and mysteries of human

Of course, at first glance, the claim of finding or discovering that

formula of truth would be merely a product of wishful thinking,
somnambulant delusion, bigoted tapestry, and utopian dementia. “No
one can even give an adequate answer to a single question from the
list given above,” we might say, “how then can any one find the
formula of truth?”

Millions of books in the market, library and internet have tried to

answer those age-old questions and many of them claimed to have
found a kind of formula of truth but we know that they are only
beating in the air and/or around the bush. All the questions given
above cannot be answered by mere rehash of answers and solutions
which are already offered in the past that have been proved to be a
failure, palpak, or unsuccessful.

Even in the present, only so few have even asking the right
question, let alone finding the right answers. This new age has been
called Information Age in which ignorance, foolishness, immorality,
and illiteracy to truth are more rampant than in the past. Now, do
you really want to know what is the Formula of truth? See next
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