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English as Global Language : Its Relation to Geology

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English as Global Language : Its Relation to Geology

English as a language that has been recognized and understood by many
people throught out the world. English is now called as the global language,
because almost everyone uses it. Wherever youre going in this world, as long as
you can speak or understand English, it shouldnt be a problem communicate with
Especially geology, English is often used as its basic language. Geology is
one of the oldest subject that have been developed since years ago. Therefore, to
understand it we need a language that has been use since years ago as well and
that language is english.
For a long time, accessing English means accessing to education. Many
theories are often explained in English, whether it is published in Indonesia or
other country. A lot of geological books are translated to English since it has been
the international language. Being able to use English in your researches will give
you unlimited access to knowledge. Some of the terminology can not be translated
to bahasa. For example in sedimentology, there is system called blanket fluvial
system, when it is translated to bahasa the meanings would be different from the
original explanation.
English is the language of science, computers, and medical and
engineering field. Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job
in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad.
Another example is when you meet other geologist or co-worker from another
nation. In order to share knowledge you both have, you need one language to
communate it. And english is one of the most important requirments to apply a job
in company and has been the common language people with different national
backgrounds use to speak with each other. You will also have the option to apply
for jobs requiring English like for instance a Manager or even higher position.
And Geologist is not a job where you can stay at one place. You have to
move from one to another city, country, or even continent. We cannot going
abroad only understanding our mother language. People who speak English that
learn other languages always have difficulties getting natives to speak in their
native language with them and most of the time theyll be spoken to in English,
thats why understanding English is important since its unofficially the worldtravel language.
The current oil price might not be a privilege for us, Geologist. The global
economy is more consolidated than ever, large corporations have established

themselves all over the world in almost every country and all stock, commodity
and currency markets are so closely tied up. All over the world, speaking English
immediately opens up opportunities. Being able to communicate with foreign
clients and business partners will provide you a more challenging position in your
career. It is only common sense that in a situation like this a common language
would be chosen to make the information flow as easy and effortless as possible,
and whether you like it or not, and that language is English.