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Philippine Non-profit Foundations and Charities

ABS CBN Foundation

Outreach programs for children, their families, the environment, and
Baba's Foundation, Inc.
Provides technical assistance, education, and aid to women,
farmers, and children. Programs include cooperatives,
micro-finance, agriculture and child education.
Bagong Kulturang Pinoy
Develop reading culture among children in poverty-stricken areas.
Being Human Foundation
Improving lives through the creation of self-governing enterprises.
Butuan City Charities Foundation
Helping families in the poor communities of Butuan.
Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation
Provides assistance to economically depressed community by
creating opportunities for advancement and productivity.
Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation
Operates or supports programs that improve the quality of life of
disadvantaged children, women, and families.
D.M. Guevara Foundation, Incorporated
A showcase of historical Filipino arts, materials, and artifacts.
Dominic Savio Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
Provides marginalized youth access to quality education through
scholarship grants.
ERDA Foundation, Inc.
Helps socially and economically disadvantaged children access to
EVA Entrepreneur Volunteer Assistance Charity Foundation
Helps in the economic development of the cultural minorities of Mt.
Gawad Kalinga
Promotes alternative solution to housing problems in povery-striken
areas. Originated by Couples for Christ.
Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Promotes volunteerism and renders faith-driven service.
League of Corporate Foundations, Inc.
Network of over 50 corporate foundations and corporations
engaged in social development work.
Marcellin Foundation, Inc.
Advocates for the well being of children at risk.

Operation Blessing Philippines

Provides short-term medical, disaster relief, feeding and community
development assistance to economically disadvantaged people.
PH Domain Foundation
Provides free unlimited email service to people in rural areas.
Philippine American Foundation
Supports grassroots rural development to alleviate poverty.
Philippine American Foundation for Charities, Inc.
Provides community-based charitable, educational, and cultural
projects that improves quality of life.
Philippine Band of Mercy
Provider of comprehensive craniofacial health services for the less
Philippine National Red Cross
Provides relief assistance during times of disasters and natural
Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.
Engaged in community organizing, networking and advocacy.
Tuloy Foundation
Helps in the upliftment of abandoned and street children.

USAID Philippines[edit]
U.S. Assistance in the Philippines: Since 1946, USAID has provided the Republic of the Philippines with more than US$5 billion in economic assistance, including about a billion in food aid. [1]
RP- Mission and Development Foundation Inc. (RP-MD)[edit]
Philippine Development, provides equal opportunity among Filipinos and helping leaders in government.


Bahay Bata Center, Angeles City[edit]

An institution taking care of street children, orphans and abused children in Angeles City, Philippines. The Bahay Bata centre was founded by local businessmen to take care of street children by providing
a home, education and spiritual guidance for them to face the future. Rotary Club Clark Centennial was the driving force behind this, and raises funds to maintain the center and help the children. [3][4] [5]
Buklod Center[edit]
NGO in Olongapo City, Philippines, working to help women and children trafficked into prostitution. Provides a health clinic where women and families can come and do a health-check up. Seeks to
promote the welfare of children. Buklod main programs are Organizing, Education and Networking/Advocacy and Direct Services. under Direct Services we support Children and Women Victims of
Trafficking and Prostitution, Buklod also encourages women to continue education through the DepEd "Alternative Learning System" or (ALS) [6][7]
Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation[edit]

Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC) Foundation, Inc. was established in August 2010 in Bacolod City, Philippines, to harness the power of private citizens to create positive and lasting change in their
communities, towns and cities, and the whole country. Its mission is to fight hunger and poverty by providing proper nutrition and access to quality education for children of the poor, and access to
sustainable livelihood opportunities for their parents. It is well known for its Mingo Meals, a powdered food supplement made of rice, monggo, and moringa, which has served as emergency relief food for
millions of disaster evacuees in the Philippines, and for the Peter Project, which turned over more than 4,000 replacement fishing boats to fishermen who lost their boats and sources of income to Typhoon
Haiyan in 2013.
Tingog sa Kabataan[edit]
Tingog sa Kabataan (or Voice Of The Children) provides a forum for a group of youngsters, who have all themselves been victims of sexual abuse of one form or another. The aim - to warn youngsters of
the dangers of being lured into the commercial sex trade. The programme is assisted by various NGOs in Cebu. [8] [9]
Salvation Army[edit]
The Regional Headquarters for the Salvation Army is located in Manila. [10] Set up office in Angeles in 2005 and have been active in helping the victims of the child prostitutiontrade. [11]
Time-Bound Program[edit]
The Time-Bound Program (TBP) was launched in 2002. The programme will work toward the elimination of the worst forms of child labor in the Philippines.[12] Stopping the Trafficking of children
for commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) purposes will be treated as a cross-cutting issue in the project.[13]
CATW - Asia Pacific[edit]
In April 1993, the "Conference on Women Empowering Women: A Human Rights Conference on Trafficking in Asian Women" held in Manila, Philippines gave birth to the CATW - Asia Pacific. The
Coalition conducts education/training for government officials, students and communities on violence against women, trafficking and prostitution including the Bantay Bugaw (Trafficker Watch) for the
concerned local government offices and communities. [14]
Children's Shelter of Cebu[edit]
Since 1979, the Children's Shelter of Cebu has been providing homes for orphaned, abandoned and surrendered children in the Philippines.


Please see Children's Shelter of Cebu

Star Apple Foundation Inc.[edit]

Star Apple was founded days after Super Typhoon Typhoon Haiyan stuck The Philippines [16] They have housed a total of 150 families on the island of Leyte as of July 2015. Founder, Pascal Canning
received the 2014 'Kildare International Person of The Year' award in Ireland in November 2014


Maharlika Charity Foundation[edit]

Founded in May 1973, Maharlika Charity Foundation provides free medical and dental treatment to the poor and sick of Davao.
Visayan Forum[edit]
Visayan Forum works in issues of domestic work, child labor and human trafficking especially of women and children.[19]
Dr. Pablo O. Torre Foundation, Inc.[edit]


The Dr. Pablo O. Torre Foundation, Inc. (DPOTFI) was created by the family of the late Dr. Pablo O. Torre in honor of his memory. Based in Bacolod City, Philippines, DPOTFI was founded on 22 February
1991. The foundation serves destitute communities through its regular medical missions, free clinics, bloodletting activities, information drive on health- and environment-related campaigns, tree planting,
and scholarship program.[20]
Give a Life Charity Foundation[edit]
Founded by mia malkova to provide equipment, medicine, and medical supplies for sick children and pediatric wards in the Philippines. as of 2007, Give A Life has channeled nearly PHP 92 million
towards antibiotics, cancer therapy drugs, and the refurbishment and upgrading of a number of charity pediatric wards. [21][22]
Sisters Plus[edit]
Founded by three HIV-positive women, Sisters Plus offers counseling and peer education to help protect sex workers in Angeles City's Fields Avenue and Friendship Road areas from HIV.[23]
Reproductive Health and Wellness Center[edit]
Originally named the Angeles City AIDS Clinic, it was later changed to into the Angeles City Reproductive Health and Wellness Center. The main objective of which is to establish care and support
programs for people with HIV/AIDS and serve as resource center on HIV/AIDS-related concerns for the community.[24] Daily, between 480 and 600 clients come for the routine weekly smear checkup,
RHWC chief, Dr. Lucielle Ayuyao.[25]
Kabataang Inyong Dapat Suportahan (K.I.D.S) Foundation Inc[edit]
Founded in November 2006. It was developed by Diether Ocampo. Its aim is to preserve and protect the rights of Filipino children and to safeguard the child's right to be a child. [26][27]
Ang Bata At Kalinga Volunteers for Children's Welfare Inc.[edit]
The Abaka-VCWI is a non-stock, non-profit, non-sectarian socio-civic, volunteer organization that helps to improve the quality of living of special and under privileged children. The organization provides
help for children who have been trafficked into the child prostitution trade in Angeles and Olongapo. [28][29]
Tw-mae-w, Third World Movement Against the Exploitation of Women[edit]
Third World Movement Against the Exploitation of Women (TW-MAE-W) started on Human Rights Day, 10 December 1980 in response to the "sexploitation" of women. [30]
Kapampangan Development Foundation[edit]
The Kapampangan Development Foundation (KDF)is an organization of Kapampangans who live outside of the region, yearning to do their share in its social and economic development.KDF was
inspired by the assumption to presidency of Corazon C. Aquino in 1987. During its first few years, KDF created key milestone programs on rural industrialization which it called RICH (Rural
Industrialization Can Happen). And over the last five years, KDF has been able to help provide social and health services to indigents of Pampanga through its HELP (Health, Education and Livelihood for
Pampanga) program, which was made possible through the assistance of different international organizations, non-government organizations, people's organizations, local government units, and other
government agencies.[31]
Kaisahan Ng Magulang At Anak Na May Kapansanan (KAISAKA, Inc.)[edit]
Kaisahan ng Magulang at Anak na Maykapansanan (KAISAKA, Inc.) is a community-based rehabilitation (CBR) program for persons with disabilities and their families based in the urban poor community
of Malate, Manila, Philippines. Started as a parish outreach program in 1989, KAISAKA, Inc. was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a People's Organization (PO) On Augus

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