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Nio Francisco Alamo

Ben Haigh


Results of previous periods KPIs/90 Day Focus

Position Description /Technical Knowledge

KPIs/90 Day Focus

Providing Innovative Solutions

Valuing and Respecting Ourselves, Our Team and Our


Travels Best Customer Experience

Leaving Nothing To Chance

Adherence to Company Policy / Safety


Overall Rating

Development Team


Here you will review the performance of the individual in regards to the KPI adherence.
Highlight if the KPI(s) was/were successful or not and comment on things that can be done to
improve or maintain the standard
Possesses and demonstrates a thorough understanding and working knowledge of all phases of
the account; including the various techniques and skills necessary for efficient completion of all
Remains up to date on changes / trends and technical knowledge related to the job.
Understands the impact of his / her job function on other functions / departments and
Demonstrates ability to understand the critical success factors of the role.
Makes sound and proper decisions by; defining the issue, diagnosing the problem; analyzing
the cause(s) and drawing on professional expertise, internal and external resources to make
recommendation or solutions with minimal negative effect on departmental / company goals and
account relations. See First KPI.

Finds new improved and/or simpler ways to drive results.

Seeks opportunities to increase productivity and / or eliminate waste.
Is able to re-prioritize as required to meet new / revised demands in an ever changing market
Demonstrates adaptability and flexibility when handling change.
Thinks outside the box and is open to providing solutions / working with other departments to
improve efficiencies across the business.
Engaged in making Ignite a celebrated workplace.

Is open, honest and transparent in all transactions.

Is loyal to Ignite and their team members, always considering and acting in the best interests of
Believes in working as a team to get the best result.
Remains open and positive when receiving direction or constructive feedback.
Willing to cooperate and be flexible when working with co-workers, subordinates and
management to complete their job. Boasts a positive can-do attitude.
Always acts professionally, treating all accounts and customers with dignity and respect.
Demonstrates ability to establish and maintain effective relationships both internally and
Keeps manager / supervisor, associates and subordinates fully informed on work / project
status and problems.

Is passionate about Travel and their role with Ignite.

Demonstrates an understanding of their contribution to delivering the Customers dreams and
happy everlasting memories.
Delivering incredible holidays is our essence and why we exist and they demonstrate this in how
they conduct themselves in everything they do, day to day.

Takes ownership and responsibility for decisions made, errors made. Is able to remedy any
complications quickly
Rises above circumstances and achieve the desired results required.
Their motto: See it, Own It, Solve It and Do It.
Shows a willingness to adopt a proactive attitude of What else can I do to achieve the result
Focused on delivering; with the task not complete until what the customer/business needs is
Plans effectively to meet or exceed deadlines whilst maintaining quality.
Displays confidence and is renowned for remaining calm and in control when handling difficult
or new situations.

Properly interprets and applies company, department and job policies and guidelines.





No KPI`s previously.




From all reports Nino is currently doing a great job and is

very much considered a valuable asset within the Dev

KPI`s for the next period are

1) Work with Chrisdan to overcome a resourcing issue by
learning his work (to cover holidays)
2) Start preparations on automated reporting

There is little Nino can contribute here, in his current

environment, as he is bascially actioning requirements of
the business at the moment

No issues here

According to the feedback I`m receiving from Edward,

Aaron, Lenny & Paul - Nino is doing a great job in that
there is little room for confusion and he understand the
requirements quite well.

Again according to the feedback, Nino`s ability to work

unassisted and quality of work means that there is less
time required from our AU experts in double checking his


No issues here






Performance Rating Categories: Consider the accounts

performance in each category and designate the level of
performance that most accurately describes their job
performance. Give careful consideration to each category
before choosing the rating. The following is a description of
each level of Performance:
5. Excellent the account consistently exceeds all the
expectations for responsibilities and objectives, skills, abilities
and commitment required for the job. Possesses superior
knowledge of major aspects of the total job and has had
experience in each area. Demonstrated superior knowledge and
ability to take initiative and improve processes and efficiency
resulting in positive impact on the department or organization
without error (financial or otherwise).
4. Great the account achieves and frequently exceeds
expectations for responsibilities and objectives, skills, abilities
and knowledge for the job with next to no errors (financial or
otherwise). Sought to enhance or increase skills, made
recommendations / offered possible solutions to improve
3. Good / On Track the account met established
expectations for responsibilities and objectives of the position
with minimal errors (financial or otherwise). Account
demonstrates requisite skills, ability knowledge and
commitment for the job.



2. Improvement needed the account does not always meet

the responsibilities and objectives of the job and as such has
caused errors (financial &/or otherwise). Demonstrates some of
the requisite skills, abilities and knowledge to do the job, but
additional training and or commitment is required. Individuals
may still be learning the job and/or willingness to develop or
improve requisite skills, knowledge may be in question.
1. Unsatisfactory Job Performance Responsibilities of the
position have not been met. Account does not demonstrate the
necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and commitment required
for the position. Errors are quite significant both financially and
damaging to business processes, causing rework and additional