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CALL TO ORDER (If needed)

Matt: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention please. We are about to
begin our Dinner Reception so please locate your respective seats and make yourself
comfortable. Thank you!
Matt: A very good evening to everyone! Welcome to Jay and Ritchels Wedding Reception. We
are done with the solemn part of the celebration. We thank those people who were with the
couple earlier at the Manila Philippines Temple for the wedding ceremony.
And for those who just join in, Welcome to the reception for our newlyweds in
celebration of the beginning of their new life together. So, let us all enjoy the rest of the evening.
Matt: We are extremely delighted that all of you are here tonight, Friends and Family. We thank
you all for gracing this joyful occasion. In behalf of Marco and Tina and their parents, we would
like to express their heartfelt gratitude for your presence at this memorable occasion.
My name is Mathonee & with me tonight is my beautiful and lovely wife.

My name is Sarah Jane. We will be your emcees for this event.

Sarah:At this point, let us now witness the parade of the wedding entourage. Excited na ba
kayong makita ang bagong kasal? They are already lined up at the entrance ball. But first, lets
welcome with great delight the Principal Sponsors (Names are arranged alphabetically Both
emcees will read names)
Matt: Ladies and Gentlemen, they are the young at heart and spirit, the very gracious and
generous Principal Sponsors. Now, lets proceed with the fresh and young Junior Sponsors who
assisted the couple in their needs the Best Man and the Groomsmen together with the Maid of
Honor and the Brides Maids. (See lists)

They all look gallant and good looking.

Matt: Also Stunning and Splendid.

Sarah:One of the parents dreams is to see the wedding of their children. I am sure our couples
parents are equally excited as them. Let us now recognize these very special people in the hearts
of the newly wed.
Jays Parents Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy and Bel Dayrit
Ritchels Parents Mr & Mrs. Dionie and ______ Soberano
Matt: And now, the moment we have been waiting for. Ill have to ask everybody to stand up, up
on your feet and direct your eyes to the hallway. Ladies & Gentlemen, it is our honor and
privilege to introduce to you for the first time as Husband and Wife, our lovely newlyweds
Sarah and Matt:

Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Ritchel Dayrit. .. Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!

Sarah:Ladies and Gentlemen, a big hand for Jay and Ritchel.

Matt: Thank you very much. Lets all be seated now. Truly, this event will be a celebration of an
eternal love - a feast of two hearts who vowed to stay for time and all eternity.

Sarah:To officially start, we would like to call on Ms. Jackie G. Bayhon to lead the prayer of
thanksgiving and blessing of food.
Sarah:Thank you Ms. Jackie. Now we would like to proceed with some messages from the
Principal Sponsors. May we call on the first to speak Dr. Jose Nelson Pipit, to be followed by
Mrs. Lea Pongyan.
Matt: Well I guess the food is now ready and dinner will commence shortly. At this point to
maintain order, Ill be calling your table number and the people from that table will be going to
the location of the couple for pictorial. Right after that they can now proceed and line up at the
buffet counter to get their dinner. (Table numbers)
We would like to thank the Operation Manager of Lake Hotel, Sir/Maam__________ for the
wonderful accommodation and service that they are providing us here. The newlyweds would
also like to say a special thank you to _________________ for supervising in the physical
arrangement of our reception.
Habang nasasatisfy ang ating taste buds sa masasarap na pagkain. Ms. Jaymie
Belle Dayrit, sister of Jay, together with ________________________ will serenade us with their
musical instruments. Take it away.
Sarah:That was sweet! Thank you! Well, Not only that, Meron din inihandang slideshow
presentation dito where we can see the evolution of Jay and Ritchels love affair.
For everyone, please do not forget to sign the guest card that is roaming around. AVP
please. (Loop)
Sarah:At this point, I hope every ones attention is in the couple as they do the cake cutting
tradition. Dear, tanong ko lang, bakit may ganitong eksena pag may kasal?
Matt: Well, ayon sa aking research, the cake cutting symbolizes the couple's unity, their shared
future, and their life together as one. The sharing of this food symbolizes the couples willingness
to fulfill each others needs.
Sarah:Well said. May we request Jay and Ritchel to prepare for the cake slicing.
Sarah:This time lets see them hold those two doves; please take them out of the cage. Then,
they will make those lovely dove kiss each other and release them.
Matt: Doves, as they say, are a symbol of true love. The white dove chooses its mate for life.
They symbolize fidelity, true love, new beginnings and of course peace and serenity.
Matt: We would like to call on Mr. Mark Kenneth Vidallo, the Best Man. He is the best friend of Jay
and is very close to him. He will initiate the supposed Wine Toasting. But for this wedding, its not
a wine but a pure extract Juice. This is a symbol of us wishing the couple of good fortune and
better future and the best life possible for them. May we all join the best man.

Sarah:Now all the single ladies please come on down. Lets do the bouquet game! This is very
different, one by one 6 roses. The girl who catches flower can safely return to her seat while the
one without having to catch one is the winner. This should make the girls catch every flower
thrown. (Ready? 1,2,3)
Matt: Lets call on this time all the gentlemen the single ones! Sige po punta kayo sa unahan.
Jay had simplified the game. Ihahagis lang po niya ang Garter and who ever catches it wins.
Matt: Jay and Ritchel, you may now take your seat as we hear from our second set of wellwishers. May we call on Elder & Sister Meim, Mr. Dean Hankins, and Mrs. Emily Arines, to
say a few words to the couple. They will speak in that order.
Sarah: Thank you to our well-wishers. Before we finally hear from the final set of well-wishers,
lets all witness a dance number to be led by the sister of Jay who recently came home as a
Service Volunteer from the Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission, Ms. Jaymie Lyn Dayrit together
with ______________. The floor is yours.
Matt: That was fantabulous! Thank you! Now, its the time for the parents of the newlywed to
give their words. May we start from Bride Mr. & Mrs. Dionie Soberano to be followed by the
parent of the groom, Mrs. Belle Dayrit.
Sarah:Thank you loving parents. The night and this reception have almost come to an end but
for our newlyweds it is just a start of their new life together. As we each go home, may this day
be memorable for all of us as it is to them. To personally convey their heartfelt gratitude let us
now lend an ear to Jay and Ritchel.
(Marco and Tina deliver their message of gratitude.)
CLOSING Matt: Thats about it! Thank you very much everyone for coming tonight. Thank you my dear
Sarah:My pleasure! I thank you, too. I am sure Jay and Ritchel will never forget this day and will
never forget that we all have been part of it.
Matt: You are welcome. And to Jay and Ritchel, we also want to say thank you for inviting us all
here and witness this milestone in your lives. Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters,
everybody please put your hands together as we all witness the couples first dance ever as MR.
& MRS. JAY and RITCHEL DAYRIT. (Clap hands)

(Party Party Party)

Note: All these are subject to change depends on the real scenario affecting the event like time.