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Romelo Perry

Annotated Bibliography
Field, Sharon, and Alan Hoffman. Steps to Self-Determination: A Curriculum
to Help Adolescents Learn to Achieve Their Goals. Austin, Tex: Pro-Ed,
1996. Print.
Sharon Field is a professor and co-director of the center for self-determination and transition in
the college of education at Wayne state university. Her areas of specialization include selfdetermination, transition and life skills, and applied positive psychological practices.
Sessions designed to help adolescents learn how to set their own goals and deal with problems
when they come up during transition.
It relates to my topic of goals because it explains how younger kids can achieve their goals.

Ford, Martin E. Motivating Humans: Goals, Emotions, and Personal Agency

Newbury Park, Calif: Sage Publications, 1992. Print.
Martin Ford is a professor at the University of Minnesota that researches focuses on motivation
and competence development across the life span.
The main purpose of Fords book and his theory is to provide an integrative and coherent model
of motivation that synthesizes the various constructs from the different theories into one
comprehensive framework. The book presents the framework in a scholarly, but understandable
fashion. He answers the question of Why Humans do the things that they do and offers a
description of the basic substance of human motivation.
It relates to my topic because it answers the questions that will lead up to what motivates people,
and goals will be featured in that question and answer.

Kay, J A. Obliquity: Why Our Goals Are Best Achieved Indirectly. New York:
Press, 2011. Print.
John Kay is a British economist that is a visiting professor of economics at the London school of
economics. Kay suggested a series of reforms which he hoped would correct some problems

with stock markets; some critics suggested his analysis of the problem was better than his
proposed solution
Draws on examples from many disciplines to argue that complex and broadly defined goals are
better achieved when approached in an open, indirect manner that focuses on means, instead of a
rigidly direct approach that focuses on ends.
It relates directly to my topic because it explains how goals are achieved and how to better
accomplish their goals.

Krakauer, Jon. Into the Wild. New York: Anchor, 1997. Print.
Jon Krakauer is an American writer and mountaineer is known for his writings about the
outdoors. He was a member of an ill-fated expedition to summit Mount Everest in 1996.
Into the wild is about Chris McCandless trying to achieve his goals and doing what he needs to
achieve his goal.
It relates to my topic because Chris did what he had to, to go and achieve his goals.

Stewart, Martha. The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You, Start, Build, or
Manage a Business. Emmaus, PA: Rodale, 2005. Print.
Martha Stewart is an American businesswoman that has gained success through a variety of
business ventures, broadcasting, merchandising, and electronic commerce. She has published
bestselling books and has two long running TV shows.
The Martha Rules is a book that consist of ten rules and a roadmap for entrepreneurs to create a
successful business. It keys on passion, quality, growth, and taking risks.
It relates to my topic because It influences people that they can reach their goals and do anything
they want to because Martha was sent to prison and she got out and got back to the point she was
at before prison.

"Top Ten Reasons People Don't Achieve Their Goals - | Design, Create and Live
Your Best Life." Top Ten Reasons People Don't Achieve Their Goals - |
Design, Create and Live Your Best Life. Web. 06 Apr. 2016.
Michael Angier is the founder and CIO of Success Net based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.
Michaels passion is human potential. He believes fervently in the indomitable human spirit and
revels in helping people and companies grow and prosper.
The site is about 10 things that keep people from achieving their goals.
It relates to my topic of goals because it explains to me why people believe they cant achieve