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Job Description:

Pre-heat and PWHT of pipe 2 CR, 10" diameter and 28.58 mm thickness.
PWHT of 1 CR pipe, 10" diameter and 12" dia thickness.
Trimming or buttering of dissimilar metal.
Conduct brinnel hardness after PWHT.
PWHT of pipe support and shoe pipe20" , 3" and 48".
Assign as an acting foreman / leadman during night shift.
Housekeeping before and after preparation of pre-heat and PWHT.
Read, interpret and line checking of isometric drawing for PWHT pipes
Coordinates and cooperates co -technician, helper and foreman.
Preheat of column 70 mm thickness
Preheat of transitional pcs.
100C - 200C, 31 mm-50mm ( thickness)
Preheat of skin plate (casting)
Preheat of pad eye 50 mm thickness
Operates, monitor and troubleshooting of heat treatment machine
Repair and replace damage material and unit of PWHT works.
PWHT of 150 mm thickness of ring plate.
Dismantle and proper housekeeping area of responsibility.
Assist NDT technician for MPT, PT, and RT.
PWHT of C.S. and ITCS (carbon steel) sizes " up to 42" outside diameter.
Make daily reports for heat treatment.
Monitor, operates, repair, maintenance and calibrates machine recorder
and U.D.C.
Inventory any request for materials needed, for PWHT.
Assign as a Foreman / Leadman Technician.
Locate and prepare pipe to be PWHT.
Coordinates and cooperate co-technician, helper, supervisor
Pre-heat and P.W.H.T. of 5% chrome - moly 4" pipe.
Pre-heat and P.W.H.T. of 5% chrome, 3" pipe super heat. Intermediate at
600F for 1 hour.
Pre-heat and P.W.H.T. of 9% chrome pipe. Intermediate at 1,150F for 30
Reports directly to welding supervisor and foreman during night shift for job
situation / accomplishments.
Coordinated with co-technician regarding submit to Supervisor.
Coordinated with co-technician regarding the heat treatment
Operates, monitor, repair and check heat treatment machine.
P.W.H.T. of vessels (Harradh) with outside diam. Of 14' using 4 banks
Pre -heat and P.W. H. T. of reactor using C.P. heater during shutdown.
Stress relieving, drying out (refractory) tanks, pipes, vessels, and furnace,
fin fan using C.P. heaters, 4 banks and gas train.
Pre-heat reboiler (NGL yanbu) outlet nozzle 16' , 20' O.D.

P.W.H.T. of 30", 36" O.D. with 1" w.t USING c.p. heater at the Shedgum
Pre-heat and P.W.H.T. of 4",6" 8", 10" O.D. pipe flange, nozzle, valve,
support, pre-heat and P.W.H.T. flange 12" (Heat exchanger).
P.W.H.T of tank using gas train at the Yanbu Lubref, P. W. H. T. of 1 CR
M.O. steel, P.W.H.T. of two lifting I-beam in Olayan Descon using temporary
Operate, repair, monitor, maintenance, cooperheat or heat treatment
Coordinates reports to the clients, co technician, foreman and supervisor for
heat treatment reports and accomplishment.
Calibrates and check U.D.C and recorder (Angus Esterline) Electrical Works:
Repair electrical equipment such as;heat treatment machines;stud gun
machine,grinder,recorder,generator,Thermocouple Attachment Unit(TAU)
and High voltage machine
Monitor,check and record amp. Voltage and temperature breakdown.
Check oil,diesel and water as well the connections and filter of generator
we are going to use.
Troubleshoot and repaired electrical problem like short circuit,open circuit.
Underload and overload of supply voltage.