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Hes mine, he loves me! shouts Sarah as the police place her in a squad car. She was
arrested for breaking into the hotel room of actor David Tennant, who played the tenth doctor on
the very popular TV show Dr. Who. Sarah became a Whovian from the start. In addition to
watching episodes over and over she also spent a significant amount of time on discussion
boards dedicated to the show. She did get reprimanded once by her employer for the amount of
time she was spending on discussion boards while at work.
Sarah has friends on these fan pages, but in her daily life she does not have many friends
with whom she spends time. Her mother often comments on this and believes that Sarah is more
withdrawn, distracted, doesnt seem to be interested in much and doesnt seem to be taking care
of her appearance (her clothes, hygiene) as much as she once did. Sarah had some issues with
making friends as a teen because she held very eccentric beliefs about magic, the afterlife and
transhumanism. She saw a therapist for depression as a teen but has not experienced any ongoing or current problems with it. Her mom believes that others just dont get Sarah and see how
wonderful she truly is.
In addition to discussion boards about the show she began to increasingly visit discussion
boards dedicated to David Tennant. She friended him on Facebook and began following him on
Twitter. Once he ended his time on the show in 2010 she believed this was so that he could be
out of the attention of media and have a relationship with her. He is known not to discuss his
personal life in interviews, and she believed that was to protect her from the media. When she
would receive tweets it seemed that he was contacting her, and only her. She began collecting
pictures of him, wallpapering her computer with them and printing several to hang at her cubicle,
in her room, and to put in her photo album.
When she would receive a call and the number would be listed as blocked or
unknown she knew that it was him secretly trying to reach out to her. She began to travel
around the country to attend events where he would be. She made attempts to contact his
relatives in Scotland. This, and her disruptive behavior at an event where she tried to cross
security lines to get to him, raised concern for Mr. Tennant and his security personnel. Sarah had
been barred from the event where he was participating in a panel discussion, but she discovered
where he would be staying, broke into his room and was found waiting on the bed wearing a
Tardis dress.
F22 Delusional Disorder, erotomanic type [continuous]

Ted is 29 and was brought to the ER because he broke his window and used a shard to try and
cut an implant out of his chest. He informs the interviewer that the Vatican had his mother
implant the device in him as a child so that the Pope could monitor his thoughts and actions to
see if he was sinning against God. He often hears unrecognizable male voices from the realm of
Mufasa who cause his walls to bleed behind the drywall. He has hammered holes in his drywall

before to try and see the blood, but by the time he looks they have found a way to conceal it from
He believes they want every third car in traffic to swerve and hit him when he is walking
on the sidewalk. He feels tense around others because they can hear his thoughts, record them
and conspire to rebroadcast them on the radio (but not television). He worries that dust from the
World Trade Center collapse entered his body (despite the fact that he lives here in Evansville
and has never been to New York) and that Osama Bin Laden can use this to control his behavior
and that one day he will force Ted to be a terrorist.
His sister reports that for almost eight months now Ted has not been able to pull it
together, and for the last two months he has been making all these odd, bizarre comments about
the Vatican and the walls needing to bleed. He sits for extended periods of time, not seeming to
be looking at anything specifically but just off into space. She hears him up roaming the house
in the middle of the night, and he sleeps late into the day. He has seemed stiff, doesnt seem as
loving as he once was, and he expresses very little emotion when he does talk.
She asks him to help out around the house, but he fails to do any tasks that she asks or
when he does he just does not seem to do them completely. He will start talking, fail to finish
what he is saying and walk off. The activities that he used to enjoy he no longer does, and
nothing seems to interest him. He has begun to smoke significantly more than he did and now
drinks more alcohol, which worries sister because he becomes more aggressive when he drinks
F20.9 Schizophrenia (continuous)
Sharon presents complaining of not being able to get to sleep despite feeling exhausted. This has
been going on for six weeks. There are other times where seemingly for 5-6 days she will not
seem to need to sleep much at all, feeling ready to go after 2-3 hours of sleep, but for now she
feels like a zombie when she only gets three hours of sleep. She has very little energy, cant seem
to focus, and has been down in the dumps more times than not for the past month. Sadly the
times where she feels energetic and as though she is on top of the world only seem to last 5-6
days. During those times she gets a lot more done, even if her family and friends are critical of
her projects or accuse her of being more risky with her physical and financial safety. She is
excited to see them and talk with them, and sometimes they find her annoying, as if she cant
seem to sit still and be quiet. Not now. She has a harder time completing activities, experiences
very little joy, and leaves her friends alone. She finds herself going over and over decisions she
has made that she regrets, and the guilt she feels can be stifling.
F31.81 Bipolar II Disorder, current episode depressed, mild
I cant take this anymore. Will is 22 and presents with his family because for the past three
weeks he has felt depressed almost nonstop. He isolates in bed, cannot get himself moving or
motivated, and feels slowed down. He doesnt seem to care about anything or anyone, including

himself. He has not been bathing or shaving as he normally would, he is eating very little, and
his sleep is disturbed. Although he just wants to get some rest when he lays down he has trouble
getting to sleep, and he often wakes up around 3 in the morning and cannot get back to sleep. He
sees himself and hopeless and worthless. He has been hearing the voice of his deceased father,
who was emotionally and physically abusive to him as a child, insulting and ridiculing him. The
voice sounds as though it is coming from across the room, not a strong thought in his head. This
voice also has been suggesting that he just go ahead and end his pathetic life. He has thought
about overdosing on medications that he stopped taking.
Prior to this three week period Will had a week where he felt the best he ever had. He felt
powerful and capable of doing anything. During this week he quit his job because he knew that
an investment he made would bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars (he has not invested
before). He had gone out to buy movie soundtracks to give to all his family and friends since he
knew his life was so important that it had a score. He spent $1,200 dollars on CDs and car care
products. During this time he described it as if he could think about everything all at once, that
he had endless energy and felt no need to sleep. Will had been in the hospital two years ago for a
similar period which resulted in him having to drop out of school.
F31.5 Bipolar 1 current or most recent episode depressed, with mood-congruent psychotic
Here we go again. Denzel was recently admitted to the inpatient psychiatric unit. This is the
third time in two years that he has been hospitalized. His first hospitalization was after
attempting to overdose on benzodiazepines, resulting in charcoal being administered. The second
time he was having impulses to shoot himself in the head, but he decided to reach out to his
brother, turned over his gun and went to the hospital.
This hospitalization, like the others, was precipitated by two months of increasingly going
downhill. Denzel decided to reach out before he got back to that place (being suicidal). For
the last two weeks especially he has barely eaten (in the past month he has lost 15 pounds), just
seems to sit and stare off into space for hours at a time, at other times paces, awakens at 4 AM
feeling horrible, and feels plagued by guilt and despair. He feels hollow and is ashamed that he
cant even seem to get excited about visits from his children. His appearance is unkempt. He has
not shaven in the past two weeks and has not bathed for several days. He has stopped going to
church, has missed several family functions, and even missed an appointment regarding his
disability benefits. When he does try to engage in activities he describes it as if trying to move
around in a snow suit. Between these hospitalizations he has had extended periods of several
months in length where he started doing better and where he would get back to being active like
he always had
F33.2 Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent, Severe with melancholic features