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Published Quarterly by The

Energy Center, The University

of Texas at El Paso
Sponsored by the Texas
Comptroller of Public
Accounts - State Energy
Conservation Office,
E d itio and the United States
cial Schoo
Department of Energy
S p e Volume 7 Number 3
The Newsletter for Watt Watchers and Watteam. k to
Bac Issue! Fall 2003
Now incorporating WATTimes and the Texas School Energy Manager News.

Watt Watchers Save $3600 per Campus

Using Watt Watchers, Salem Keizer Public The district has approved a $400 stipend
Schools in Salem, Oregon saved just under $159,000 for those schools that participate in the Watt
in energy usage and utility costs from July 2002 through Watchers program. To receive the stipend, each
June 2003. School officials are expecting to significantly school must complete initial audits by the end of
increase the savings for the 2003/ October. Once the initial
2004 school year. audit is completed, $200 is
“I think the savings of last year given to the schools for their
will probably double this year, if for “I think the savings of last program. An additional $200 is
no other reason than we will have full- year will probably double given in April to ensure that program
year participation from all of our deliverables are met. The Watt
this year, if for no other
participant schools…I don’t know Watchers schools send a parent
what we would have done without the reason than we will have newsletter home with the students
full-year participation and present Watt Watchers Salem Keizer Public
Watt Watchers program. Everything
information to the school’s parent Schools is located in
is working out really great. With our from all of our participant
club. Hill assists teachers in all Salem, Oregon. As
utilities accounting program, we are
schools…I don’t know reported in our Spring
able to track real savings back to aspects of the programs and enjoys
what we would have done being at the schools with the ‘03 issue of Watts
Watt Watchers activities. Everyone
without the Watt Watchers students. So far, fifty-one of the News, they are active
gets credit for these savings.”-David
district’s schools have enrolled in this participants in the
Furr program.”
year’s Watt Watchers program. Watt Watchers of
How wonderful it would be if
David Furr Through the district’s Texas program and
every school in Texas could save
program called the Resource we like to call them
that much, too! Salem Keizer saved
Efficiency Action Program (REAP), Far Northwest Texas.
$158,432 by implementing Watt
Watchers in forty-four of their schools. According to Utility many energy efficiency measures,
Coordinator David Furr and Utilities Conservation reminders, and programs are introduced to
Specialist Kathleen the schools in the district. Some of the
Hill, forty-four programs that are new this year to the Salem

Watt Watchers of Texas

schools, more than Keizer Watt Watchers program include “R
 Turn off lights when you leave
half, enrolled in the Marks the Spot” and “The Wartville Wizard
the room. program in the goes to School.” “R Marks the Spot” is a
Use the sleep mode or turn off

monitors when not in use.

middle of the school puppet show that promotes the district’s new
year. The savings, waste and energy reduction program. “The
The Energy Center 

Turn off computers and printers
at the end of the day.
Dress warmly in the winter.
though significant, Wartville Wizard Goes to School” is a skit
really only reflected aimed at teaching students how not to waste The star of “R Marks the Spot.”
University of Texas at El Paso 

Close the blinds at night.
Efficient use saves money and
the environment. six months of energy and water, and the proper way to
savings. Sixteen of dispose of trash. Both programs are offered to the
P.O. Box 68660 TURN IT OFF! the district’s schools elementary schools in the district. Hill has additional
El Paso, Texas 79968 Contact Kat Hill,
Utilities Conservation Specialist,
not activities for the schools, including WATTS INSIDE
participate in the
503-399-3362 or
for more information. Energy Jeopardy, energy raps
program last and songs. Watts Across Texas.........2
year. The The district’s Watt Watchers Transmission Line............3
schools that did program is obviously extremely
Traveling Energy
not participate in the Watt Watchers program still successful. With Kat Hill out at the
enjoyed a savings of $10,675 due to the other schools sharing her information, Exploration Stations.........4
conservation measures in the district; however, it her time, and her passion – Watt Poster Contest................5
was considerably less than the Watt Watchers Watchers is off to a tremendous Secret Mission................6
schools. start in the district. Some of the
Energy Manager toolbox...7
The $158,432 are equivalent to saving $.05 reasons for this success at Salem
Please Route: per square foot in the forty-four Watt Watchers Keizer Public Schools include:
schools. The average cost savings for Watt • district administration Pull Out Posters..........9-12
o Science Chair Students at Crossler MS put
Watchers schools was $3,600 per campus and stickers on “Sleeping
support for REAP in the district Electrifying Extras..........13
o Student Council $667 per campus for non-Watt Watchers schools. Monitors” as part of the Watt • information technology Energy Manager news
o Librarian Watchers program.
department support for the School Energy
o Energy Manager initiative to put the district’s Policy...........................14
computer monitors to sleep Program News...............15
Watt Watcher Schools Non-Watt Watcher Schools
• tracking utility Students Knows Sleep is
Energy Cost savings Energy Cost savings savings and benchmarking Good.............................15
savings savings the district’s schools for
Knowledge is
Fall 2003 Electricity
Natural Gas
Energy Star labels
• and being aware of
Exit Sign Audit..............17
opportunities such as taking Combined
Total SqFt
11.62% $158,432
5.97% $10, 675
the lights and ballasts out of
the vending machines
Junior Solar Sprint..........18
Solar for

1-888-US WATTS Savings/SqFt 5.0 cents/SqFt 0.7 cents/SqFt

Light bulb Willie
wants to... solar for schools
For S chools P rogram – Phase II
Texas Solar ore schools throughout Texas will soon be Schools will also receive lesson plans addressing
renewable energy topics that teachers can easily

...with you! M powered by the sun. Thanks to grant funds from implement into the classroom. Teachers will be provided

the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) with training about all the educational components
let us profile your school or district. 10 additional systems will be installed under the Texas provided with the program. And school district facilities
Solar for Schools (TSSP) program. TSSP began in personnel will receive training about general operations
2001 when SECO launched the first phase with 11 and maintenance of the system.
schools throughout the state. Due to the success of the All schools have been extremely excited about
room. In LISD, there is plenty of program, SECO is funding the second phase that began the prospects of the program and the ability to generate

ewisville Independent School
support to overcome any doubts. in May 2003. TSSP is being administered by CSG their own renewable power for their building. The
District (LISD) is going to
With the support of the LISD Services, Inc. who oversees the technical and program allows for real community involvement as local
great lengths to reduce t h e businesses, parents and schools team together to make Q:How Many Dogs
Superintendent, Business Office, educational components of the program.
district’s energy usage by 5% Does It Take To
the District’s Parent Teacher Schools were asked to submit an application in solar power a reality.
on each of its campuses. The first 2 installations will occur in Austin during Change A Light Bulb?
Association (PTA), and teachers response to a request for information (RFI) issued by
According to the
and principals, Watt Watchers is SECO in May 2003 that was sent to all Texas the week of October 13, 2003. All the installations will
district’s Facility Director, Golden Retriever: The
going to become a huge independent school districts. Schools were required to be completed by December 2003. For more information sun is shining, the day
John Pokorny, “The district’s
success in Lewisville ISD. identify a local partner to provide a portion of the about the program, please contact Pam Groce with is young, we’ve got our
energy management
At the beginning of the programmatic costs as cost-share. The cost-share SECO: email:, Tel: (512) whole lives ahead of
equipment that is
new school year, the Energy contribution can be in the form of cash, labor or 463-1889. us, and you’re inside
controlled centrally by
Management Group equipment. The cost-share component facilitates the worrying about a stupid
one computer can only
introduced the Watt Watchers schools ownership of the system even before the burned out bulb?
do so much. That is when
program to the school installation occurs.
it comes down to each
administrators. They explained Participating schools will receive a 1 kilowatt grid-
individual classroom.” Last
how the program can run in the connected photovoltaic (PV) or solar electric system
Spring, the district’s
schools and what level of involvement the district will consisting of 8 Shell solar modules and an SMA inverter.
Manager of Special Projects and Energy
have with each program. With the support and backing The system will provide a portion of the electricity used
Management Systems, Larry Worley, along
of Pokorny and Worley, Fennessey proposed her plan by each school. In addition to the PV system, schools
with the Maintenance and Energy
to the principals detailing what she will do for the schools: will also be fitted with a datalogger that monitors the
Management Group conducted energy
conduct assemblies at each school, speak at district and performance of the system. This performance data will
audits of each of the classrooms in many of
other meetings, create bulletin boards, put together be posted to a program website allowing the school to
the campuses within LISD. The purpose of
monthly newsletters, continue to conduct energy audits, view the energy output of the system in graphical form
the audits was to see what the potential Maplewood Elementary in Austin ISD – Students singing in
and help the schools with press releases. At the end of and to download data for analysis in spreadsheet format. front of their 2 kWh solar panels at the ribbon cutting
savings could be if the district paid more ceremony.
attention to the things that their controls the meeting, half of the principals signed up their schools
system could not, for example, turning out on the spot for the Watt Watchers program. Some of
the lights left on in unoccupied rooms. The the principals have formed committees to develop even
audits also checked for safety measures in more ways that the school can save energy. Worley
the classrooms, for example, removing an extension cord stated, “Teachers are even reporting when an air
from a classroom. conditioning unit is left on overnight.”
To make their audits even more useful, the LISD Forty-one schools have chosen to implement the
Maintenance and Energy Management Group created LISD Watt Watchers. More than half of the district’s
an interactive spreadsheet that allows the user to input middle schools signed up at the principals’ meeting.
the results collected from each individual classroom into Fennessey will conduct Watt Watchers introductions
an Excel spreadsheet that calculates the estimated throughout the school year along with the district’s high
energy waste for that room for the entire year. The schools.
estimated yearly energy Last year, before the all-out group effort was
waste showed why Watt launched, the district rebated more than $18,000 in
Watchers, was energy savings to 17 schools. LISD developed a plan
necessary to become a that enabled the energy savings from one school to be
more energy efficient school shared by the school and the maintenance department.
district. The schools receive 50% of their savings monetarily and
In between the many audits the other 50% goes to the maintenance department’s
that were conducted last special projects. The school that achieved the greatest
Spring, Worley in energy savings was Heritage Elementary School.
contacted Watt According to BeLinda Nikkel, the school’s
Watchers about principal, “Heritage received $3,400 as our 50%
“To provide all the
implementing the Watt contribution to their energy savings, and that was with electricity used in the
Watchers program in each of primarily staff involvement; this year we have the students entire United States we
their 57 campuses. Although involved with the Watt Watchers program.” Nikkel stated would have to install PV
any way a school can implement that the program was going modules covering 0.3%
Watt Watchers is a good way, the well in the school, and with of the land or an area
most effective way is to implement the friendly reminders that equal to one-fourth the
the students leave for land occupied by
Watt Watchers throughout the entire
teachers, the awareness is roadways.” National
district. , “Because we have the Center for Photovoltaics
backing of the Administration and paying off.
H e r i t a g e
the Maintenance Department, it ncpv/
will be a group effort - and without Elementary’s Watt Watchers
that we couldn’t do the program Sponsor is Susan Fisher.
as successfully,” Said Fisher ’s forty Learning
Maintenance employee Patti Fennessey. Enrichment Academic
Saving energy can be a hard sell. Not everyone Program (LEAP) students
participate in the program.
2 believes that there can be a great deal of savings related 19
to the simple task of turning out the lights when leaving a
Teacher Workshops Offered: THE TRANSMISSION LINE
Learn To Use Model Solar-Powered Cars in the Classroom Energy Education Resources:
race against the other teachers in the class. Teachers

he Texas Solar Energy Society is proud to
will be provided with a CD containing curriculum Kindergarten Through 12th Grade W
announce that we have teamed up with Watt
guidelines and all the information needed to start a JSS For information on the American Solar THE
Watchers at the University of Texas at El Paso, F
Energy Center to bring FREE teacher-training program in their district. The model solar cars and
Energy Education Resources: Kindergarten Through
Challenge, held this Summer, check T OF
workshops to middle school teachers across the state equipment provided will belong to the teachers upon
12th Grade is published by the National Energy
the website Web site at: http:// S HO
Information Center (NEIC), a service of the Energy W
of Texas. Teachers will experience working with solar completion of the class. Each participating teacher will NE
The primary goals of the Information Administration (EIA), to provide students,
powered model cars as a means of incorporating receive a JSS solar panel, motor, and wheel kit to use
JSS program are to: educators, and other information users a list of generally
alternative energy sources into the classroom. in their classroom.
1. generate enthusiasm available free or low-cost energy-related educational
for science and The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Junior Each workshop U.S. Energy-Related Carbon
engineering at a crucial Solar Sprint (JSS) Program is a classroom-based, will be limited to Emissions Increased in 2002
The entries are listed alphabetically by
stage in the educational hands-on educational program for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade 20 participants.
organization title. Each entry includes the address,
development of young students. JSS student teams apply math and science Some workshops U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide from
telephone number, and description of the organization
people; skills along with creativity to construct model solar- will be only for burning fossil fuels increased by 1.3
and the energy-related materials available. Most of the
2. improve students’ powered cars and race them in interscholastic teachers from percent in 2002, according to
understanding of entries also include Internet (Web) and electronic mail
competitions hosted within their schools or within their within one district, preliminary estimates by DOE’s
scientific concepts and (E-Mail) addresses. In the back of the book there is a
states or regions. JSS began in 1990 as a single with the intention Energy Information Administration
renewable energy subject index cross-referenced by number to the
demonstration race and expanded to 10 regional that teachers will (EIA). Total U.S. energy-related
technologies; and alphabetical entries.
competitions in 1991. The program now uses public and pool the kits and carbon dioxide emissions grew 16
3. encourage young Some of the organizations represented in this list
private sector support to improve education in middle share them percent over the 1990 to 2002 period.
people to consider take policy positions on certain energy issues and
technical careers at an schools across the nation. In recent years, the event grew among various Emissions of carbon dioxide from
express them even in educational materials. Because
early age. to 83 host sites in 26 states involving 100,000 students schools of that fossil fuels account for more than 80
EIA is the independent statistical and analytical agency
and 15,000 teachers. district throughout percent of U.S. greenhouse gas
within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), it does not
During a four-hour workshop, participating the year. emissions and are a good indicator of
advocate any policy position of DOE or any other
teachers will experience the whole program by working trends in total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.
organization. EIA has completed this list solely to aid
in pairs to build a model solar car and then conducting a educators and students in locating materials.
A slowing economy caused U.S. carbon dioxide
Copies of this publication are available free of
City Location Date Time emissions to decline by 1.4 percent in 2001, but a
If you are interested in hosting or charge from NEIC. It is also available on EIA’s World
combination of higher economic growth, a colder winter,
attending a Junior Solar Sprint Workshops are Houston CAST Oct. 30th 9am-noon Wide Web site: .
a warmer summer, and overall higher electrical demand
workshop, please contact TXSES for scheduled in
Dallas Winston School Nov. 8th 12:30-4:30pm California Utility Exceeds 20 Percent Renewable — plus an increased burning of coal and natural gas to
more information and to pre-register at the following
Energy Use meet that demand — caused emissions to return to their
1-800-465-5049 or by email at locations: Austin Kealing Jr. High Nov. 15th 12:30-4:30pm
previous growth rate in 2002. See the EIA press release San Invited Uncofirmed TBA at:
Southern California Edison (SCE) drew on renewable
Antonio energy resources for 23 percent of its power in June <>.
Seabrook Seabrook MS Dec. 6th 8:30 am-12:30 pm and 22 percent of its power in May, achieving the state’s
20-percent renewable energy requirement 14 years
early. Approximately 150 independent power producers Texas and Florida Schools Win Middle School
Lewisville ISD, continued. now supply the utility with more than 13 billion kilowatt- Science Bowl
hours of electricity each year. But SCE is not stopping
The LEAP program spans first through fifth grade, within the LISD. The program is off to a great start and there: the utility also released a Request for Proposals A team of students from College Station Middle School
however the third through fifth grade students conduct there are high hopes for a very successful future. So, (RFP) seeking new contracts for up to 20 years of in College Station, Texas, proved best at answering
the patrols, make the Watt Watchers posters for the what else can the district do — just sit back and wait? power from renewable energy sources. See the press science questions in July, but the team from Andrew
schools, and create the announcements for the school’s Not this district. LISD is already working on another release from SCE’s parent company, Edison Jackson Middle School in Titusville, Florida, had the
Q:How Many Dogs Does It
daily-televised announcements. Fisher introduces the angle. International, at: fastest car — the fastest solar-powered car, that is.
Take To Change A Light
first and second grade students to the Watt Watchers With the help of Tanga Tidmore, a district PTA < Bulb?
program concepts, and they are eager to get to the third member, the district will eventually be able to reach the indiv_pr.asp?id=4402>. The National Middle School Science Bowl, sponsored
grade to start doing their own patrols. parents as well. The hope for the PTA involvement is to by DOE and General Motors, challenges middle-school Border Collie: Just one.
Indian Creek Elementary School is another of the provide parents with Watt Watchers program students to learn about math and science. DOE’s And then I’ll replace any
district’s schools that has implemented the Watt information and other home energy savings tips. The Australia’s “World Solar Challenge” Car Race National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the wiring that’s not up to code.
Watchers program, but Indian Creek has given it a PTA portion of the Watt Watchers program within Colorado School of Mines hosted the second annual
different spin. Dr. Lucy Guesnard, the school’s principal, Lewisville ISD is still in the development stage. The seventh annual “World Solar Challenge” kicked off competition, which featured an academic session and
shared some of her thoughts on the program with the However, according to Tidmore, “the ultimate goal of in Darwin, Australia, on October 19th. Race organizers a model solar car competition. Sixteen teams of
Watt Watchers staff. She the program will be when everyone knows how they can announced that 23 solar cars from 10 countries have students from around the country had to first win regional
stated, “The students learn play a role in saving energy, and then plays that role.” entered the race,which runs 1,870 miles (3,010 competitions before they could compete in the national
a leadership role, to them it Whether the information gets to the parents through flyers kilometers) down the center of the Australian continent, event. The middle school competition is a spin off of
is an honor to be a Watt that the students take home with them, or through ending in Adelaide on October 28th. Unlike the DOE’s highly successful National Science Bowl, an
Watcher.” The presentations made by the Maintenance Department American Solar Challenge, which is divided into four academic competition for high school students.
students, led by the at the PTA meetings, the program will be successful. stages, the World Solar Challenge is run in one stage.
program sponsor There is an overwhelming amount of support for That allows the teams to travel as far as they can each See the National Middle School Science Bowl Web site
and Computer the Watt Watchers program and other energy efficiency day, although they must stop by 5 p.m. Apart from at:
Facilitator for the school, measures within Lewisville ISD. Although, if you ask compulsory stops at seven checkpoints, the teams are <>.
Kevin Beck are equipped any one of the key members involved, each gives credit on their own in the Australian outback. See the World
with the Watt Watchers for the success of Watt Watchers to someone else. The Solar Challenge Web site at:
program materials and entire LISD deserves credit. Watt Watchers is a simple, <>.
their own special hard free program that can have different levels of success.
hats. While patrolling the The key is cooperation and the same desired goals – Links to the latest news from the race, as well as
halls, the students not only
look for lights that are left
to save energy, prevent pollution, and save money for
Texas schools.
information about the teams, are available on the Web Watt Watchers of Texas
site’s “Daily Updates” page at:
on, they look for television sets, and computers that are
left on.
<>. 1-888-US WATTS
The Watt Watchers program is educating the
18 minds of the students, teachers, and administrators 3
Energy Stations Exit Sign Audit
Traveling Energy Exploration Stations

ATTENTION TEXAS TEACHERS Junior Solar Sprint Station over the next ten years to operate and maintain them.
Stage Right….

he Watt Watchers program has something VERY Have you ever built a solar car? This station will Doing nothing is going to be expensive. Your group
special for you! The Watt Watcher program has give your students the opportunity to build a model solar can let everyone know about the consequences of
Drama students will recognize that as a “stage
developed three Energy Exploration Stations car. The station includes solar panels, wheels, inaction and about new technology available. LED signs
direction” to let an actor know it’s time to leave the
(similar to a discovery box) that are available for teachers transmissions and many other parts that you will need to would cost $11,000 over ten years. (Go to the EPA
limelight. It could also be interpreted as advice about
to check out and use in their classrooms for FREE! assemble your model solar car. The station provides Energy Star Website and download their exit sign
lighting technology. Time marches on … so does
That’s right, we will ship the station to you at no cost! great instructions from the National Renewable Energy calculator to get the exact numbers for your district.
technology. A major shift has occurred in lighting
Use it in your classroom for a month and ship it back to Laboratories on how to use the Junior Solar Sprint
technology for exit signs. It is time for your schools to let
us. These stations include a wide variety of materials program in your classroom. The station also provides index.cfm?c=exit_signs.pr_exit_signs)
the old technology move off stage. EXIT, Stage Right…
that can be used by the teacher or as a center for the instructions on how to hold a JSS Race at your school The Plot Thickens
incandescent bulbs and ENTER, stage left … LED
students. All stations are equipped with an Educator’s and how to order more materials if you would like to have Beware of twists and turns
lighting. Your student group can assist in upgrading or
Guide to explain all the components and how to use them your own set of JSS materials. in the plot. Your school district may
replacing the exit signs in your school district.
in your classroom. These are just the beginning of what we will offer not have the funds to purchase all
Every School has a dozen or more very important
Electricity Station in our Traveling Energy Station. If you are looking for an new exit signs. Or, you may
signs that will guide you to the nearest exit in case of a
This station includes books, videos, posters, and Energy Related Station and we have not listed one that encounter unreasonable
fire or other emergency. The signs are lit to make them
hands-on activities that assist the student and teacher you need, please let us know! We may have what you resistance to change. Prepare to
visible at night or if the corridor is filled with smoke.
during a unit on electricity. The station has a residential are looking for or we can work it into the plans for offer several options to
Some even have back-up battery power so they will
electricity meter (like you would find on your home) to upcoming Traveling Stations. Stations are available to administrators. One could be a
operate during an electrical failure. These signs must
assist the student in learning how to read a meter and to teachers throughout the state for FREE! Sign up for a dedicated project to change out all
operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year long.
learn how different appliances affect your electricity load. Traveling Energy Exploration Station today! The calendar the exit signs. Another could be to
It would be a bad idea to install switches on them to turn
We have also included a Watt’s Up Meter- this device fills up fast! change the purchasing policy and
them out when no one was in school since one mistake
allows students to plug an appliance like a hair dryer Special Note for teachers in the Region 1, 11, and stop buying incandescent
could result in loss of life. This is one energy-using
into the meter and do calculations to determine how much 17 Service Centers replacement bulbs. As bulbs burn out they can be
device that really does need to be on all the time – just
it costs to blow dry your hair everyday. Activities like You can check these stations out at your regional replaced with LED bulbs or kits to phase the changes
as required by law.
these and many more truly enhance your unit on Electricity. service center! We are conducting a pilot program in in over time.
Setting the Stage: Technical FX
Solar Cooking Station your areas to see if teachers will use the stations more Final Scene: Cast Party
However, there are exit signs and then there are
This station includes information on Solar frequently when they are just around the corner rather Don’t forget to celebrate your success.
exit signs … not all are created equal. LED (Light
Cooking. Solar Cooking is one of the most exciting than having to request them from the Watt Watchers of Assemble the cast and crew for the final bow. Bravo!
Emitting Diode) technology has entered the scene to
renewable energy activities that you can do with students. Texas office. If you have any questions on locating these You have just saved big bucks for your school district
completely change how we exit. It is possible to cut the
Q: How Many Dogs Does The box contains books, videos, examples of solar stations within your region service center, please contact and cut pollution, too. Congratulations on doing a real
usage of each exit sign from 350kWh per year to 9 kWh
It Take To Change A Light cookers, cooking utensils and a complete set of designs us. project with real results in the real world. Send us
per year – that’s almost 39 times less energy! And, save
Bulb? to build solar cookers in your classroom. With the If you do not teach in the Region 1, 11 or 17, information about your project and we will give you
about $20 in energy costs per sign per year, too.
designs that we have provided for you, your students please contact Watt Watchers of Texas at 1-888- recognition in Watts News.
Casting Call: Lead Character
Pointer: I see it, there it is, can cook anything from a s’more, hot dog, cookies, or WATTEAM to check out a Traveling Energy Exploration Encore!
Your part, should you choose to accept it, is to
there it is, right there... even a roast! Remember the key to solar cooking is the Station. What’s your next production going to be? Watt
play the starring role of an energy auditor. You will need
sun – so plan this station into your renewable energy Watchers has several suggestions.
to survey your schools, count all the exit signs, calculate
lesson and make sure you get it during the sunny time of

Q: How Many Dogs Does It

Take To Change A Light

The Cat: “Dogs do not

change light bulbs. People
change light bulbs. So, the
real question is: How long
will it be before I can expect
Cost-Effectiveness Assumptions : The base model in this example uses two 20-watt incandescent lamps. The
recommended level sign uses two CFLs, which draw 5 watts each (in combination with their ballasts). The best
some light, some dinner,
available model uses a 1-watt LED array. Usage assumption: 8760 operating hours per year. Assumed electricity and a massage?”
price: $0.06/kWh, the Federal average electricity price in the U.S. The calculations are for energy cost savings only,
OOOPS! Thanks to Anonymous in we a and do not include lamp replacement or labor costs. Considering lamp replacement and labor costs would
Austin. We stand corrected. significantly increase the total savings of a CFL sign relative to an incandescent, as well as the total savings from an
LED sign relative to either a CFL or incandescent model. Over a 10-year life of an exit sign, the total number of
lamps required would be approximately 30 incandescents, 10 CFLs, or a single LED array. (From FEMP:
Watt Watchers of Texas
1-888-US WATTS (1-888-879-2887)
P.O.Box 68660, El Paso, Texas 79968 Fax: 1-888-879-2887
e-mail: the costs and savings, and report your findings to Tips: administrators. I know, sounds like work. It is — but -Use the school fire exit plan to help locate exit signs. (ask for one at
Your Name: _________________________________________________ fortunately it’s not hard work and it is not a “Mission the office)
School Name: _______________________________________________ Impossible” – you can do this. Contact Watt Watchers -Can’t go to all your schools? Survey a few and project the totals
School Address: _____________________________________________ – we can coach you on your lines. If you do not play this based on square footage. (assume all the elementary, middle, and
(Free kit will be shipped to your school / Street address preferred) role, then who will? So, break a leg. high schools will be similar)
City: ______________________ Zip: _____ - ____ County: ______ Act Now: On Cue -Use the EPA Exit Sign Savings Calculator (download the Excel
School Phone: ( ) ____ - ______ School Fax: ( ) ____ - ______ We don’t want to seem overly dramatic, but … if spreadsheet) it’s easy!
Best Time to Call: _______ Number of Students in your school: ______ your school district has 1,000 exit signs scattered all -Get supporting information on Exit signs to present to school
4 Name of School District: ______________________________________ over its buildings and campuses it will cost $425,000 administrators. 17
-Contact Watt Watchers for support when you start your project.
Date: ________ BTS 2003
knowledge is power Renewable Energy Poster Contest
Deadline to Enter: November 21, 2003

att Watchers of Texas has developed an energy efficiency curriculum supplement for grades K-8 called
“Knowledge is Power.” These lesson plans on energy conservation and energy efficiency are correlated Theme: Renewable Energy in Texas
to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as well as the Texas Assessment of Knowledge
and Skills (TAKS). “Knowledge is Power” is ready for delivery to teachers across the state. The lessons range
The Texas State Energy Conservation Office and ! Honorable Mention for each category will
from coloring pages and school lighting surveys for Kindergarten to Cost Effective Buying and Appliance Surveys
Watt Watchers of Texas wish to extend an invitation to receive a purple ribbon, and 1 yr
for middle school grades. Knowledge is Power has a broad subject range; we incorporated math, science,
all Texas schools to join us in this year’s renewable membership to TXSES for the student’s
social studies, reading, language arts and writing in most of the lessons.
energy poster contest. teacher.
Example of Lessons available: Fifth Grade – The Pay Me Game There will be three categories for this
rd th th th th
Kindergarten – Secret Mission Behind Power · Students will use play money to understand the The contest is open to all students from Texas contest: K-3 grades, 4 -8 grades and 9 -12
Lines: Watt Watchers Survey dollar cost of their energy bills by using math schools in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. We grades
· This lesson allows students to survey the and science skills. hope that students will develop high-level thinking skills
school for energy waste or savings to Sixth Grade – How Much Energy Do You Use? in relation to energy/environmental education as they Poster Contest Rules
determine if being Watt Watchers will save · Students will do a home energy survey which attempt to formulate their ideas graphically. The contest 1. The contest is open to all K-12 grade
energy and money for their school using math, will help them determine which appliances in is easy: students in Texas.
“The Comptroller’s science, social studies and reading skills. their homes are energy gobbler appliances. 1. Students will think of an idea illustrating the 2. Use standard poster board (28”x22”).
office estimated that First grade – Energy Trip Ticket They will work on utility math problems and a contest theme; and 3. The poster must follow the theme, although
there may be between · Students learn about wasting energy, comparison of the results using science, math, 2. Students will create artwork on a poster that the wording of the theme does not have to
26,000 and 39,000 conserving energy, energy crisis and what to social studies, reading and writing skills. expresses this theme. be printed on the poster.
vending machines do about it by doing these hands on, minds on, 3. Use standard poster board (28”x22”). 4. Three-dimensional entries will not be judged.
Seventh Grade – Incandescent vs. Fluorescent -
being operated in Entries must be flush with the poster board
classroom activity using social studies, math, Battle of the Bulbs 4. Submit their poster to Watt Watchers of
Texas schools. There backing.
is no actual
science, and language arts skills. · Students will learn how to be energy efficient at Texas, postmarked on or before November
Second Grade – Conserving Electricity: TURN IT home. They will do a home energy survey for 1, 2003. 5. Criteria for judging:
information available
OFF! fluorescent lights and compare the wattage use a. Does the poster express the theme?
on sales from these
vending machines at · Students learn why saving energy helps of a compact fluorescent light and Watt Watchers of Texas will select 12 posters to b. Are higher-level thinking skills
this time, but based on reduce air pollution. They will also learn how incandescent light using math, science, and become the 2004 Watt Watchers of Texas Renewable evident?
national industry electricity is produced and sent to homes, social studies skills. Energy Calendar. Calendars will be available to all Watt c. Does the poster have artistic merit
figures the machines schools, and businesses using science, social Eighth Grade – Wasting Energy at Home Watchers of Texas schools for free. Announcements of (color, balance, imagination,
would generate studies, and language arts skills. · Students will write a definition of efficiency, winners will be posted in the Watts News Winter Issue. creativity, etc.)?
considerably more Third Grade – Energy Home Survey identify ways energy is wasted, list ways to The following prizes will be awarded: 6. Student’s name and grade, teacher’s name,
than the $54 million · Students conduct home energy survey and ! 1 Place for each category will receive a
st school name, and school district name must
conserve energy in the home, categorize home
reported in this be written on the back of the poster. A copy
answer questions to learn about appliances appliances as heavy, moderate or light users of certificate, a $50 savings bond, a blue
survey.” http:// of the student’s entry form and statement of
and air leaks in the home. Students discuss energy by using science, math, social studies, ribbon, and a 1-year membership to
ways to save energy and develop a plan to reading, and writing skills. TXSES for the student’s teacher. originality must be attached to the back of
start saving energy at home using science, ! 2nd place for each category will receive a the poster.
social studies and language arts skills. These lesson plans are all easily adaptable to any red ribbon, and 1-year membership to 7. Please do not put the student’s name,
Fourth Grade – Air Leakage at Home classroom setting. If you would like a copy of the TXSES for the student’s teacher. grade, etc, on the front of the poster! When
· Students learn how to stop air leaks in the Knowledge is Power Curriculum Supplement, there is a ! 3 place winner for each category will
rd shipping the poster make sure the posters
home by installing switch plate and plug complete copy on our Watt Watchers of Texas CD-ROM, receive a yellow ribbon, and 1-year are packaged so that they are not bent or
sealers and making draft dodgers. This will or contact Watt Watchers at 1-888-USWATTS. membership to TXSES for the student’s creased in any way so that the poster arrives
help the students become better energy teacher. in original condition.
savers and use math, science, social studies
and reading skills.

Renewable Energy
Educational Campaign: The Infinite Power of Texas
variety of renewable energy and sustainability topics
· That Texas has more renewable energy
in Texas. Materials include: Renewable Energy Poster Contest
resources like sunshine, wind and biomass
than any other state? · Infinite Power internet site, http:// Classroom Entry Form
· That wind power is Texas’ fastest growing (Please type or print legibly.)
energy resource, and that the largest wind Teacher Name _____________________________ poster in ways deemed appropriate in judging and
turbines in North America are located right · Educational brochure that can be used as a reporting on this contest.
here in Texas? materials order form. The students and teacher, by signing below,
Name of School ____________________________
· That solar electric panels on Texas schools City_________________ State_____ Zip ________ acknowledge that WWTX may publish the
· A short broadcast-quality video of selected student’s and/or teacher’s name, age, and the
generate over 110,000 kWh of electricity every School ISD ________________ City ____________
renewable energy projects name of his/her school, and may reproduce and/or
In 1997, SECO initiated the first phase of an hosted by Dan Rather. Statement of Originality publish posters as necessary and appropriate in
educational campaign, the Infinite Power of The student, by signing below, affirms that the judging and reporting on this contest.
Texas, to educate Texans about the economic · 25 renewable energy fact sheets and poster submitted under his/her name is his/her own
and environmental benefits of renewable energy corresponding lesson plans creative work. I understand that my poster will not be _____________________________
resources and the technologies used in Texas
Through its Infinite Power of Texas renewable energy returned. The teacher, by signing below affirms that to Teacher’s Signature
by individuals, businesses and utilities. the best of his/her knowledge, each poster submitted Student’s Name
education campaign, the Texas State Energy Student’s Signature Age
Conservation Office (SECO) aims to inform all is the original work of the student.
Phase 2 of the campaign was launched on The student, by signing below, grants
Texans about today’s renewable energy technologies
April 1, 2001 with additional fact sheets, a permission to Watt Watchers of Texas to use his/her
that can create new jobs while fostering a clean,
revised video and an improved, innovative,
competitive and reliable energy supply. Renewable
16 and interactive website. The materials are 5
energy is the Infinite Power of Texas.
designed to communicate consumer
information to both adults and children on a
Grade Level: K-8
Lesson Overview:
Students will survey their
school for energy waste
Watt Watchers!
Energy Encounters
High School Students:
have you run out of ideas for energy projects
Watt Watchers Sponsors don’t forget that we want to do at your school? Are you new to your energy
or savings to determine
to recognize you as an outstanding sponsor. Sponsors of committee and have no idea what an energy
if being Watt Watchers Survey your school to see if WW will save money. So your job is to go quietly through the hallways project is? Then you need to attend an
will save energy and Use the WW check sheet to tally the empty classrooms the Watt Watchers program can now receive a beautiful
without causing anyone to wonder just what you are up Watt Watchers of Texas lapel pin for supporting our Energy Encounter!
money for their school. at your school with the lights on. By patrolling the halls of to. By quietly checking for wasted energy without fanfare, Energy Encounters are workshops
program. Here’s how:
Subjects: Math, Sci- your school, you can see just how much energy is going you can find out just how important it is to turn off lights that Watt Watchers of Texas puts on
ence, Social Studies, to waste. Are the teachers saving energy and using and computer monitors when they are not needed. The Energy Managers - across the state to teach high school
Reading equipment efficiently or could they improve their habits best times to check are when classrooms are likely to be · Sign up a majority of the schools in your district to students and their teachers’ new a n d
Time: 1 week or 15 and save energy and money? You can find out. participate in the Watt Watchers of Texas Program. exciting energy saving projects that you can
empty: before school, recess, lunch periods and after
minutes twice daily all Do not tell anyone outside your class what you Provide WW with a list of sponsors in each do at your school. The workshops take place on a
school. Keep score for the number of empty classrooms
year are doing. Your operation must be completely unknown campus. (Call, write or email the list to us.) Saturday at a school or region service center in your town
you find and add them up at the end of one week. What we invite all the area high schools so that everyone can
Vocabulary: check to anyone outside your class. Make sure that everyone would the savings be if you started a WW program and · Implement the Sleep is Good program in your
district. take advantage of the great ideas we have to share.
sheet, tally, survey, in the class understands that the idea is to check up on changed these teacher’s habits?
· Benchmark school buildings in your district. The first Energy Encounter was held at Pearland 9th
waste, efficiency, energy everyone’s habits as they are now – before they know If you would like to continue the WW program, start Grade Center in Pearland Texas. The Pearland HS and 9th
TEKS: what you know. That is, turning out the lights in one empty Teachers -
by enrolling in the program and order your FREE kit, · Be an active Watt Watcher sponsor for 5 or more grade student councils were very helpful in planning this
Grade K: Math - K.12(A,B), classroom two hours each day saves $50 over a 180- event as well as being great presenters for a session titled
today. years.
K.14(A,B), K.15; Social day school year (just as your class has already Fun and Easy Energy projects. Greg Lookabaugh Region
Studies - K.13(A,B),
K.14(A,B), K.16(A), K.17(A); calculated). School Administrators - IV Director of Facilities was our opening speaker and he
Reading - K.2(A), K.4(A,B), · Support a Watt Watcher program in your school truly got the students excited about the event. He was
Watt Watchers Survey Instructions
K.15(C),K.16(B);Science - and report monthly savings to the Watt Watchers wonderful and has offered to be our guest speaker at all the
K.1(A,B,C,D,E), K.2(C,D,E), of Texas program. encounters. Keith Ordenaux, Pearland ISD Energy Manager
K.3(B), K.4(A) Checking for energy waste in your school is very simple. All you need is your Check Sheet, a pencil and a few spoke to the students about what
quiet students. Do you meet these criteria? Have you received a
Grade 1: Math - 1.9(A,B), Pearland ISD is doing to conserve
lapel pin from Watt Watchers? The next round of lapel
1.11(A), 1.13; Social Studies 1. Take your materials and start your energy patrol. Your mission is to go to every classroom in the school energy on their campuses and how
- 1.16(A,B,C), pins will go out in January, so make sure that you are on
and check to see if energy is being saved or wasted. track to receive a pin. Watt Watchers would not be the Watt Watchers has been useful to
1.18(A,B),1.19(A); Reading -
2. Where you come to a classroom that energy is being used because there is a class in the room, you put popular program it is today without the support of these them throughout that process.
1.2(A), 1.4(A,B),1.15(C),
a check on your check sheet. wonderful Teachers, Energy Managers and School The next Energy Encounter will
1.18(C); Science - 1.1(A,B),
1.2(C,D,E), 1.3(B), 1.4(A) 3. Where you come to a classroom that energy is being used but there is no one in the room, then energy is Administrators! be held in El Paso November 8, 2003
Grade 2: Math - being wasted. Put an X on your check sheet. at the Region 19 Education Service
2.12(A),2.13(A,B), 2.14; 4. Where you come to a classroom that energy is not being used and there is no one in the room, then Center, please call 1-800-US WATTS
Social Studies - 2.7(A,B),
2.8(A,C,D), 2.10(C), 2.16(B);
Reading - 2.2(A), 2.3(B),
2.4(A),2.14(A);Science -
energy is being saved. Put a 0 on your check sheet.
5. After you have patrolled for a week you can give an award to the teacher who saved the most energy.
Useful websites: Students Know Sleep is Good: to register. To find out how your school
can host an Encounter please call 1-
Cost is free but space is limited and you must pre-
2.1(A,B), 2.2(C,D,E), 2.3(B), • - The Watt Watchers website has an enormous amount of information register to attend!
2.4(A) that will help you adapt this lesson. If you decide that you want to start a full Watt Watchers program in How to implement power management if you are
Grade 3: Math - 3.14(C),
your school, log on to the website, click on the enrollment form, and we will send you a FREE kit! a student.
3.15(A,D),3.16(A,B); Social
Studies - 3.4(A), 3.6(A),

leep is Good – ask any student at 7 am on a This is no longer the case. According to the
3.8(B,C); Reading - 3.7(B),
3.9(H,I); Science - 3.1(A,B), Monday morning – but did you know Sleep is also Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 90% of the
3.3(A,B,E) good for computer monitors? potential savings is captured by putting the monitor to
Grade 4: Math -4.14(A); For a student or a student group to take on the sleep. Putting the monitor to sleep does not cause any
Social Studies - 4.9(A,B,C), initiative to put their school’s computer monitors to sleep conflicts. Through the EPA campaign called Sleep is
4.21(A,B,C); Reading - EZ Wizard was designed
is a real project with proven results. Before such an Good, there is free technical support. For more to make life “E-Z er.” An
4.10(G,H); Science -
4.1(A,B), 4.2(B,C), 4.3(B,E) initiative is approached, read up on the facts about information on how to implement a power management individual user does not
Grade 5: Math -5.14(A); computer power management (the basics are below), campaign in your school or school district, contact Watt have to go into the control
Social Studies - 5.9(A,B,C); talk with your teacher/sponsor and principal about your Watchers for the student guide to power management at panel and set the sleep
5.13(A), 5.24(A,E); Reading - idea, and then approach your district’s technology office. 1-888-US WATTS. settings for the monitors.
5.10(G,H,L), 5.12(C); Sci- If you double click the EZ
This may seem a little overwhelming, but it is simpler
ence - 5.1(A,B), 5.2(B,C), Wizard icon, it reads the
5.3(B,C) than one might think.
Taft High School (in San Patricia County on the current sleep settings,
Grade 6: Math - 6.10(D),
makes recommendations
6.11(A); Social Studies - Gulf Coast) Student Council President Kimberly
6.6(B),6.7(C),6.9(A),6.20(C); and then the end user
Hiracheta met with her student council sponsor and the decides from there. Very
Reading - 6.10(G,L); Science
school principal to discuss the idea. After their initial Some school districts have thousands and EZ. It is recommended
- 6.1(A,B), 6.2(B,C), 6.3(B,C)
Grade 7: Math - meeting, Kimberly spoke with Jason White the Taft thousands of computers, too many to do by hand. that the monitor be put to
7.11(A,B),7.13(A); Social Independent School District’s networking technician and Your students group can make the district aware sleep after ten minutes of
Studies -7.9(C), 7.20(D,F); he gave her the OK to go ahead with the project. In the of a great way to capture big savings. EZ Save is inactivity to capture the
Reading - 7.10(L); Science - end and after help from the district’s CISCO Academy greatest savings. EZ
7.1(A,B), 7.2(B,C), 7.3(A,D), used when an entire network of computer monitors
students (aka CISCO Kids – sponsored by CISCO Wizard is extremely easy
7.4(B) needs to be put to sleep. EZ Save is intended to
Systems, Inc.), 1,000 computer monitors in the district to use and it takes all of
Grade 8: Math - 8.14(A); be used by a school district’s network personnel. about 30-seconds to
Social Studies - 8.28(C), were set to go into sleep mode. There are many incredible features within the EZ
8.30(C); Reading - 8.10(L) Power management for computer monitors will implement. The students
Save program that allows for the district to retain at Taft ISD used EZ
TAKS: save your school district between $15 and $20 per control over their network and save energy at the Wizard to put 1,000
Math - Grade K,1,2,3,6- computer monitor. Saving local tax-payer dollars is a
Obj.5,6; Grade 4,5,8-Obj. 6
same time. 15 Districts around Texas have computer monitors to
popular idea. Kimberly’s project saved $15,000 for Taft implemented EZ Save on more than 103,000 sleep.
Social Studies - Grades K-8 ISD per year. Thanks Kimberly! In the past, many people
Obj. 4,5 computer monitors with a potential savings
tried to put their computer to sleep, as well as their equaling more than $1,600,000 with no problems
Reading - Grade 1-2 Obj. 3;
Grade 3 Obj. 1; monitor. This caused conflicts between the software and at all.
the hardware and it “locked-up” most computers. A For more information about the options with
stigma was associated with putting any part of the EZ Save including the system polling feature that
computer to sleep for fear of losing data. reports the current power management settings
6 X - Energy Wasted (lights on when not in use) √ - Energy in Use 0 - Energy Saved (lights out when not for all computers and the different settings call Watt
in use) Watchers at 1-888-US WATTS.
Energy Manager News Energy Manager news
Energy Toolbox
School Energy Policy Consortium for Energy Efficiency Search capabilities based upon district name, district
Founded in 1991, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency number, county, ESC region or school.
(CEE) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation that
actively promotes the use of energy-efficient products
and services. Saving energy results in lower utility bills,
less pollution and a healthier environment. CEE EPA Energy Star for Schools
members include electric, gas and water utilities; Watt Watchers recommends that you keep checking in
research and development organizations; state energy with this site. EPA has some really great tools including
offices; and regional energy programs. Both the U.S. their revamped Portfolio Manager. Have you used Target

ne of the cornerstones of an effective energy The Great Energy Policy Exchange Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Finder or Delta Score Estimator? Check them out—
management program is an energy policy. Department of Energy (DOE) provide major support. Target Finder provides an energy budget for
Everyone needs to be on the same page and in What does your school energy policy say about: CEE encourages utilities and other partners to pool their architects and designers of new buildings and those
pursuit of mutual goals. Without a district energy policy, Thermostat temperature settings? market influence by voluntarily adopting common under major retrofit. Energy budgets are comparatively
people often end up working at cross purposes and The use of personal appliances like mini- programs and efficiency specifications. The goal is a based on the energy consumption of real buildings, which
waste a lot of energy. Energy-Efficient Education: fridges? permanent increase in the supply and usage of energy- provides a meaningful baseline for clients asking for
Cutting Utility Costs in Schools (SECO, 2001) – Incentives for saving energy? efficient products and services. energy efficiency.
published by the Texas Comptroller and the State Energy Watt Watchers? Delta Score Estimator provides a quick way to
Conservation Office—lists What if your district doesn’t have a Go to CEE’s School’s page: identify the relationship between the percentage energy
establishing an energy policy for the written energy policy? bldgs/schools.php3 saved in a standard building and the energy performance
district as the first step towards rating score of a building using ENERGY STAR.
saving energy. “The road to a Whatever your current situation may
successful energy be, we hope you will participate in Free Worldwatch Publications schools
“The road to a successful energy The Great Energy Policy Exchange Since 1999, the Worldwatch Institute has made many
management program begins with management program. of our older publications freely available on our website
a strong signal from the board that program begins with Here is how it works: Send Watt in PDF format. To make our work even more accessible BetterBricks
“In 1997, U.S. residents energy efficiency is a district Watchers a copy of your district
a strong signal from to our global audience, we have just created a new BetterBricks is dedicated to raising awareness and
consumed an average of priority.” (SECO, 2001) energy policy and we will share it with
12,133 kilowatt-hours of section on our website that contains a complete listing demand for energy efficiency in buildings by sharing
electricity each, almost
the board that all the other energy managers on our of all free publications. Included in the listing are editions information and resources with the people who design,
Writing a policy for everyone list. You send in your policy and get of State of the World, Vital Signs, and the Worldwatch own and operate them. The goal of BetterBricks is to
nine times greater than the
in the district is serious business and energy efficiency is back everyone’s. Now you can
average for the rest of the Papers, as well as many individual World Watch help business professionals understand the power of Q: How Many Dogs Does It
world.” Grist Magazine
can be a daunting task, especially a district priority.” review the collective ideas of every magazine articles. energy efficiency to make a real difference in their
Take To Change A Light
http:// when starting with a blank sheet of State Energy Conservation Office school district to look for good ideas buildings and in their business. It’s about how to make
Bulb? paper. that may apply in your district. This To review the complete listing of free PDFs, go to: buildings work harder and smarter.
is a great way to “tune up” your While it’s true that their focus is commercial Greyhound: It isn’t moving.
An Energy Policy can be used to: school district’s energy policy. buildings and they are located in the Northwest U.S. Who cares?
Describe the structure of your But, what if your school district ACEEE and ASE this site is still worth your perusal. Check out the
energy management plan does not have a written energy policy in place? You really Two major U.S. organizations are also promoting information on Integrated Lighting and the link to the
Provide direction and support for all activities need some ideas to include in your proposed policy. You energy efficiency. Recently, the American Council for Oregon Energy Office RetroCommissioning Guide.
Set goals can still participate – fill in an Energy Policy IOU form an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) issued a series
Prescribe behaviors and send it in. Watt Watchers will send you the policies of seven reports that examine effective programs to
Identify roles and responsibilities in our database for your review and include your IOU boost markets for energy efficient products and
along with the published policies. When you complete services. And, the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) called
What should be included? Some suggestions your energy policy, send it in to be included in the next on U.S. industry to help avoid a natural gas crisis this
from Energy-Efficient Education: obtain commitment updated published policies database. winter by becoming 10 percent more energy efficient.
from the top; establish a realistic energy-saving goal, As you might guess — this program could get a See the ACEEE and ACE press releases at: <http://
make energy-saving goals and strategies applicable to little hard to handle. Some policies may be a page but> and
all; designate and energy manager; develop a plan that others may run ten or more pages each and we have <
keeps the program visible, relevant, and responsive; link about 150 Energy Managers on our mailing list. Our goal natural_gas_industry.htm>.
the budget to the plan. is to save as many trees as possible. For this reason, also check out ASE’s Sustainable School Construction
If you already have an energy policy it is a good we hope you can send us an electronic copy in a word information:
idea to review it periodically to ensure it is responsive processor format (preferably saved in Rich Text Format)
to your current situation. Often, a district sets energy as an attached file to our e-mail address –
policy as it establishes an energy management program. We will compile the data on a CD-
Things may change over time as the district energy plan ROM for distribution to participating Energy Managers School District Locator
is implemented and new goals may become important. each year. Here is a tool from the Texas Education Agency that is
It is also possible that you will have some good ideas so nice that we have to mention it just in case there is
along the way and these may need to be addressed anyone out there not already using it. Use it for your
through policy. Energy Policy IOU district to get lots of information, quickly.
Shakespeare said: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” – Major Features
that is, intelligent speech and writing should aim at using Date: ____________________ School District and Education Service Center Region Energy Awareness Month
few words. With energy policy there are good examples Boundaries. October is Energy Awareness Month. This year’s
of brief policies and highly detailed ones. Each district The _________________________________ School Locations, and the ability to zoom to or identify theme promotes making energy efficiency practices a
is unique and should adjust their policy to fit. You know ISD does not currently have a written Energy Policy an individual school. traditional American activity to help increase our
best what works in your district. in place. We are interested in establishing one and Contact Information for district trustees, and staff. national energy supply and improve energy security.
To sum up – one of the most important tasks of would like to participate in the Great Energy Policy District Accountability Ratings and enrollment. The theme: “Energy Efficiency: Good for You, Good
an Energy Manager is to establish a good energy policy Exchange. We agree to forward a copy of our School listings with address, accountability rating, grade for the Country.”
and keep it current. To help with this task: Wouldn’t it be Energy Policy when it is completed. range, and school type.
helpful to see how other school districts have Links to TEA School District reports (performance,
approached the problem and how they have solved it financial, etc.) energy_aware.html
for their districts? Please consider participating in The _______________________________________ Links to School District and Education Service Center
14 Great Energy Policy Exchange. Energy Manager (or other authorized official) websites. 7
Fax to: 1-888-USWATTS
weatherization Electrifying extras
Tips for Your Weatherization Project amount of water used by the toilet, furnace filters, air
Karl E. Dreher conditioner filters, switch and outlet gaskets, a water
The Green Squad is in interactive website that teaches kids about the

few months ago, I wrote an article about home heater blanket, caulking around windows, doors, and
relationship between their schools and environmental and health issues.
weatherization, outlining the basics of reducing other wall penetrations, door weather stripping, door
The site is designed primarily for students in fifth through eighth grade,
energy losses through air leakage. Well, I’m ba- threshold or door sweep, interior storm windows, and
but also offers information for younger and older students as well as parents
a-a-ck, with tips on weatherization as a project for your compact fluorescent lamps. Fix roof leaks and repair
and teachers. The site is informative; it is fun and easy too. The site is
class, club, or other group. By joining forces with like- broken windows (you may need some professional help
with these). interactive in English and Spanish.
minded, caring people in
Exterior painting can be a part
your school and your
community, you can make a of the renovation project.
big impact on the comfort Painting serves to protect the
and well-being of local low exterior of the home, as well as
income and elderly home add value and beauty to the
owners. home. Coupled with a good job
Every year a huge amount of energy is wasted. You can help save energy by doing
Let’s start with the of preparation and caulking, a
simple things like turning off the lights when you leave a room, powering off your video
goal of a weatherization good paint job will be the biggest
games when you’re done playing, and keeping the windows and doors closed when the
project, that is, what you testimonial to the dedication of
air conditioner is running
hope to accomplish. Your the volunteers. Don’t forget the
“Utilities impose a Learn more about how you can save energy at home and at school! Below
primary, and most important final improvement, cleanup! Pull
disproportionate burden are two quizzes to test your energy smart know-how. After you take the quiz,
goal, should be to improve the weeds, rake the yard, pick up
on the poor. Families send us an email at Tell us what you have learned
the lives of low income and all the trash, put it in bags, and
receiving Aid to Families about saving energy.
with Dependent Children elderly through home By joining forces with like-minded, caring people take it with you. · Family Home Energy Quiz
(AFDC) paid an average improvements, focusing on, in your school and your community, you can make Except for the major repairs, · Are you Energy Smart in School?
of 26 percent of their but not limited to, energy a big impact on the comfort and well-being of local with a little training, your school Your email will enter you into a monthly drawing for a cool Department of Energy
income toward energy, conservation. At the end of low income and elderly home owners. volunteers can acquire the skills
while median income project, every home your needed to accomplish all of
Your email could be the big winner! Take the quiz today and be an energy
families spent an group visited should be more comfortable, more these tasks. With some practice, they may even turn smart kid!
average of less than 4 affordable, and more attractive, and every participant out to be fun!
percent of their income
should have feelings of satisfaction and gratitude. Your The scope of your project is determined by the
on energy.” U.S,
secondary goals are important too, and they may include number and skill level of volunteers you have, the
Department of Housing
civic improvement, community service, club unity, amount of money and/or supplies you have, and the
and Urban Development
(HUD) http:// acquiring skills, camaraderie, or others. And don’t forget, support from other organizations. For example, a team
this needs to be fun! of twenty volunteers, bringing with them $20.00 each,
Weatherization continued from p-8
cpd/energyenviron/ Remember when your English teacher taught you can likely supply the funding and labor to complete two stores, gas and electric utilities, and other stakeholders Pulling together all the loose ends at the completion
energy/ how to do an outline? Let’s do one for this project. A basic homes on one Saturday. If your group is focusing on in the community, such as print and electronic media,
the energy items, and others do the cosmetic items, of the project is vital. Nothing is more disappointing than
homelessness.cfm plan may look like the following: restaurants, and other service providers.
your time and money will go a great deal farther, discovering that a team left a home with tasks half
A. Adopt a weatherization project An important part of your volunteer team is the
perhaps doing 5 to 6 homes during that time frame. completed, paint spilled, debris left behind, and no way
1. Determine minimum levels family liaison. Probably an adult volunteer with excellent
Recruit as many volunteers as possible, from your for the homeowner to get the job finished. This is the
2. Determine the number of volunteers people and communication skills, this person interacts
school, other schools, civic groups like Rotary and assignment of the liaison, but responsibility of everyone.
3. Determine the skill level of volunteers with the family during the entire process. Before work
Kiwanis, and church youth groups. Avoid the “herd” mentality with attitudes like “Everyone
4. Determine scope of project begins, the liaison speaks with the family to describe
To be successful, you’re going to need some help else is leaving, so I’m leaving”, “It’s not my job”, or “We’ve
B. Seek out support – fill in the gaps the intended improvements, and relays to the
with this project, so look for support from those that done enough already”.
1. Contact Christmas in April team any special needs and concerns
have some experience in this area. Start by reading There are a few more items that need to be
2. Get Dr. Gartland’s publication of the family, such as limited access, ill
“Christmas in April Energy Efficiency Guidebook” by covered. One is SAFETY. Safety can’t be
3. Locate other potential partners or handicapped residents, etc. The
Dr. Lisa Gartland. This guide describes a number of overemphasized. An accident or injury can ruin any well-
4. Recruit skilled and experienced volunteers liaison monitors the work, and at
conservation measures, delineating their skill level, meant project. Wear gloves and protective clothing when
5. Recruit family liaisons completion,
completion time, cost, expected lifetime, and lifetime necessary. Avoid tools you are not qualified to operate.
C. Raise funds provides whatever Use caution around electricity. Observe ladder safety.
1. Seek donation of supplies and materials from savings. Dr. Gartland’s guide can be found at http:// indoctrination or click on Christmas Use common sense and watch out for your friends.
suppliers training to the
2. Seek cash donations from community in April Efficiency Guidebook & Energy Team. This
homeowner that Three more general rules apply:
stakeholders guide is very important! IT WILL BE THE BASIS FOR
may be 1. Show up – 80 % of life happens while you’re
3. Seek support from gas and electric utilities WHAT YOUR TEAM DECIDES TO DO, AND THE
appropriate. This there. No-shows increase the workload for others, or
4. Do group fundraising SUPPORT YOU WILL NEED! Dr. Garland’s home
may include items leave tasks undone.
5. Require volunteers to contribute or fundraise page,, is a cornucopia of great such as how to
information on training volunteers, advice for house 2. Do no harm – Misdirected good intentions can have
D. Complete the project change furnace
captains, and “Energy Teams for Rebuilding Together” very serious consequences, like breaking a light fixture
1. Complete each home visited filters, how to
that addresses organizing teams of volunteers to when your task was to replace the bulb, causing water
2. Have site inspected for remove indoor
incorporate energy efficiency into the general rehab leaks, etc.
completion storm windows, 3. Don’t embarrass the boss – Every volunteer needs
3. Maintain a small group of work of Christmas in April. etc. The liaison
Next, contact your local affiliate of Christmas in to be committed to attention to the task, seeking help
volunteers for return trips if also coordinates
April or find them on the internet at http:// when needed, so that the project leaves a positive impact
necessary whatever follow up on the neighborhood.
4. Thank all of the Because their main focus may be necessary
sponsors, contributors, and is home renovation, they have a great deal of at a later date.
experience in this area and the motivation to see you Courtesy is paramount. Treat everyone involved in
supporters Fundraising is
succeed. These folks can help with everything from the project with the same courtesy and respect that you
critical to the and they deserve. Focus is critical. Although this may
As a starting point, establish a selecting the needy homes, organizational guidance, success of the be a great opportunity to make new friends and renew
“standard package”, a list of minimum volunteers, providing trained leaders, providing skilled project. We won’t old acquaintances keep your attention to the task. There
improvements for all the homes. This tradesmen, providing tools and equipment, fundraising, cover it here, but a will be plenty of opportunity to socialize when the photos
list should include such energy and publicity. Other groups that may be able to help simple suggestion. Find out what has worked in the past, get developed.
conservation elements as low flow aerators for bathroom include Habitat for Humanity, your local builders and do that again. Try to contact all those entities that It sounds like a daunting task, and it is, but it can
sink faucets, low flow shower heads, devices to limit the association, city building inspection department, trade can benefit from this project. And remember the old be done, and done well, and everyone involved will be
8 unions or organizations, building materials supply axiom, “If you don’t ask, the answer is no”, so when in better for it.
doubt, ask for support.
continued on p-13
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