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A study of Employee Motivation.

Respected Sir/madam.

As part of my project I would like to gather some information from you which will
help me in an in-depth study of the project. I would be obliged if you cooperate with
me in filling the questionnaire. Since the questionnaire is being used for academic
purpose the information gathered will be strictly confidential.

Amruta Kadam.
Kindly fill the following
(Please put tick mark in appropriate box)

1. What is motivation for you?

2 Are you satisfied with the support from the HR department

Highly satisfied Satisfied
Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied

3 Management is really interested in motivating people.

Strongly Agree Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree

4 Goals set by the organization motivate you to work?

Strongly Agree Agree
Disagree Strongly Disagree

5 Which type of incentive motivates you more?

Financial Non financial Both

6 How far are you satisfied with the incentive provided by the organization?
Highly satisfied Satisfied
Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied

7 Do you think that you get a proper reward for the effort you make?
Almost never Very seldom
Frequently Almost always

8 Please provide the following Rates:

(5 Strongly Agree 4 Agree 3 Neutral 2Disagree 1Strongly Disagree)
N Factors Rate
o s
1 Reasonable periodical increase in salary
2 Job security exist in the company
3 Good relationship with the coworkers
4 Effective performance appraisal system
5 Effective promotional opportunities in organization
6 Good Safety measures adopted in the organization
7 Performance appraisal activities are helpful to get motivated
8 Support from coworkers is helpful to get motivated
9 Constant support from the seniors act as motivation
10 Challenging work environment
11 Company recognize and acknowledge your work
12 Brand equity of the organization in the market
13 Helping out in personal problems
14 Good working conditions

9 Rank the following factors which motivate you the most

(Rank 1234…. Respectively)
No Factor Rank
1 Salary Increase
2 Promotional
3 Leave
4 Motivation
5 Recognition
6 Autonomy
7 Self Power
8 Healthy Competition
9 Commercial Success
10 Power

10 Please mention any other factors that motivate you.

11 Do you think that that the incentive and other benefits will influence your
Influence Does not influence No

12 Does the management involve in decision making which are connected to

your department?
Yes No

13 What change can be made to change the work environment?

Thank you for your kind cooperation.