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Template: Prospectus

When writing this prospectus assume that the funder knows nothing about
Landcare and the current environment, do not use phrases or acronyms they
may not understand.
Front Page Page 1
Title of project
Logos Network, Vic Landcare

Key message or statement examples below something short and catchy and inclusive
A catch phrase or statement re carbon neutral, a photo (children and animals sell) or a cartoon
depicting what you want to achieve something they are going to remember and keep in their
memory bank.
Linking industry bodies to Landcare, how we can work together
Working together for the future of our environment
Tackling our environment head on together
Without the environment, there is no future
Saving our region by working together
Moving forward to a better future for our environment together
Contact details of Network who is going to be the key contact to deal with the funder?
Good quality pictures throughout document about projects, with animals and children

Page 2
Project brief specific information
Set out your goals for the project and changes you would like to see.
Keep it short with a clear picture of an outcome.
Leave enough scope so the organisation can be included in the planning.
Link words from the funders vision / mission statement trying to tie the organisations together
from the start.
What will the project achieve?

E.G. community involvement, future look, goals that you would like to achieve and how
the funders can help achieve these goals.
Link words from the funders vision / mission statement trying to tie the organisations together
from the start.

Page 3
Funders contribution
List how their involvement will improve the project and make it a success
List what is in it for them
What they will achieve
Highlight the selling points of the project
E.G. Branding of their corporate logo
Media releases
Naming rights of the project

Printed material with their logo

Community newsletters with promotional material from funders in it
Signage at the project site
Why this project needs to be done
What are the outcomes?
Community involvement?
Endangered species
Habitat destruction
Beautify the area
Waterway protection
What will the funders support do?
How will they directly support the project?
Will their volunteers help with hands on, improve their leadership skills or enhancement their
knowledge of our environment?
Money will go directly to the community to go towards linking endangered habitat
Equipment will be used by the broader community for educational purposes
Who is involved?

List key partners in the project, these might be

Community hubs
Local kinder, primary or secondary college
Various Landcare groups
Lions Clubs
Country Womens Association
Water Authority
Department of Primary Industries
Catchment Management Authority
Department of Sustainability and Environment
Page 4

About the Network that is involved

History of organisation
How and why was it established?
How does it operate?
Who are the key players in the organisation
What they achieved, partners, how it works, projects past and present map of area covered by
History of successful projects, funding arrangements, partners
Map or photos of projects
A description of work history

Page 5

Sponsorship packages
Packages have had little success in other projects, so may not be the way to go
E.G. Diamond $50,000, Platinum $25,000, Gold $15,000, Silver $10,000, Bronze $5,000,
Maybe have level of involvement rather than monetary levels.
What is included
(deductible gift recipient (DGR) will need to go through LAL unless your group has obtained this

Access to the Landcare Australia logo for product branding, if sponsorship deal goes
through LAL
Support the community to deliver environmental and social benefits for the entire
community and environment.
Opportunity for valuable staff, team and morale-building exercises.
Special deals as a Landcare partner what type of deals?
Facilitate brand loyalty.
Increase triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial) performance.
A chance to network with community, government and other business.
Share the benefit of Landcare Australia's 83 per cent brand recognition.
Link to more than 4000 community Landcare members.
Cost-effective community investment options
Group photos for the day
Media releases profile for the length of the project
Why should your organisation support this project?
Landcare also assists our business partners to improve their economic, environmental and social
Supporting strategic Landcare projects will allow your company to improve Triple Bottom Line
Help us celebrate by helping us reach our goal of planting 20,000 native plants through our
corporate volunteering program this year.
How you can get involved
Look at the big picture
Its not just about planting trees!
Weed invasion is one of the biggest challenges facing Landcare groups. Weeds cost Australia
over $4b each year, putting native flora species at risk and decreasing habitat for native fauna
like birds and lizards. You will learn how to identify, remove and dispose of weeds common to
your local area.
Once weeds have been removed, you can assist with revegetating the area with local native
You will learn the significance of each of the plant species being planted and how to plant out an
area for biodiversity.
Depending on the site, you may also have the option to undertake other activities, including nest
box building, flora and fauna monitoring activities, indigenous and non-indigenous cultural
heritage restoration and site maintenance.
Volunteers come away from their Landcare experience with a better understanding of
biodiversity, their catchment and how their activities at home and work may be impacting on our
fragile ecosystems.
Come and enjoy a day in the outdoors in the fresh air with the birds singing and the trees

Back page Page 6

Contact details, partner logos