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Horoscope– A bridge between me and the

By Jiyeon Shin #12 C2

Have you ever heard about horoscope? Horoscope divides

people into twelve types according to their birth-dates. Eleven planets

in solar system represent each star signs. Everybody is affected by

their own planets and star signs according to horoscope. People in

one category share a lot of common things one another. It is treating

neither supernatural stuffs nor fortunetelling. Actually horoscope

deals with people’s behaviors. It is a huge database of human-beings.

If someone knows how to use that knowledge, it will give him/her a

lot of insights about many people. The following essay will explain

why I was so much interested in Horoscope at first, how much it

affected my students’ lives, and how much it influenced my own life

as well in a positive way.

I was a person of curiosity. When I was young, I had a number

of questions about people. I tried to get those answers from

everywhere. To understand human-beings, however, was always

difficult to me. I could not find answers from neither religions nor any

other studies. One day I read a book about horoscope. It explained

everything about most people. It taught me why people should

behave this way or that way. Horoscope dealt with their advantages

as well as their disadvantages. Moreover, it taught people how to

overcome their own disadvantages. Consequently it talked about


I used that knowledge to consult with my students. Students

were surprised to find their own prototypes. I usually talked about

their strengths, and if necessary, I explained how to overcome their

weaknesses with that information. There were so many students who

lacked self confidence because nobody told about them. Horoscope

was an encouraging way to regain self confidence. Once my students

found out who they were, they became more confident than before.

Above all things, horoscope was a great way to explain their

vocational aptitudes. Although I was not a professional job counselor,

I could give my students appropriate advice on their careers

according to their birth-dates. Most of the students enjoyed my

counseling and thanked me for those moments.

After I studied a lot about horoscope, I could understand other

people. I could read people’s mind easily. That gave me insights

about people’s tendency by referring to their prototypes. I also

learned how to get over my own limitations. Most of all, I could fully

understand myself by studying horoscope. I started to accept my life

as it was. I began to enjoy my life after that.

Ever since I became interested in horoscope, I could fully

understand other persons. As a teacher, I provided my students with

more useful information. Above all, I just started to find myself.