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Periander A. Esplana


Periander A. Esplana
[Introduction. A friend of the late Richard Wurmbrand wrote to me recently and asked about the day of the
Resurrection of Christ. I referred to him the Appendices of the Companion Bible by Dr. E.W. Bullinger.
He wrote again and asked what I think to the belief of Mr. Harold Camping that King James Version has
mistranslation in Matt.28:1 in its relation to the Greek word sabbaton and as to the lat est prediction of
Mr. Camping on the end of the world. I offer the following answer to his inquiries. I believed that many
people are also asking the same questions thus I decided to publish my answer on the Net.]

Dear Brother Dido,

Warm greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
I would like to make an apology for my tardy response to your inquiries. It
is due to the fact of my hectic schedule until now. But God be thanked that I
was able to reply you these past few days. Here is my answer to your
questions in the light of the Scriptures.
Mr. Harold Camping, who taught that the rupture will happen on May 21,
2011 and the end of the world on Oct 21, 2011 merely proved that he is one
of the date-setters that failed to grasp what the Lord clearly said at Matthew
24:36; Mark 13:32, 33. He just repeated his previous prophetic errors and
Many false prophets and mistaken Christians have already arisen:
- Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012
- Hyppolytus predicted the end in the year 500
- Augustine suggested the end to be in A.D. 1000
- Pope John XXIII wrote in his diary that the Judgment Day will be on
either July 5, 1995 or December 31, 2000
- M. Baxter identified Antichrist as Louis Napoleon and predicted the
Battle of Armageddon in 1968.

- Seventh-day Adventist William Miller predicted the end of the world

between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844
- Jehovahs Witness Charles Taze Russel predicted the end of the
world in 1914
- Mormon Founder Joseph Smith predicted doomsday in 1891
- Christian Science Founder Mary Baker Eddy predicted the end in
1866 or 1867
- Korean prophet Bang-Ik Ha predicted rupture at 12 a.m. on October
28, 1992
- R. C. Shimeall predicted Millennium in 1868
- Joseph Worlf predicted that Jesus would come to the Mount of Olives
in 1847
- In 1918, H. C. Williams predicted the downfall of Gentile nations in
1934 and Millennium in 1972
- In Sept. 16, 1974, Newsweek had an article entitled The Doomsday
Effect that discussed the end of the world effect of the parallel
conjunction of all nine planets in 1982 which became the basis of
many end-time predictions
- Edgar Whisenant wrote a book entitled 88 Reasons Why Christ Will
Return in 1988.
- In his book entitled 1994? HAROLD CAMPING predicted the
1. The coming of Christ and the end of the world will take place
between Sept. 15 and Sept. 27, 1994.
2. The church age ended on the Feast of Pentecost in the spring of
1988. On May 22, 1988, the loosing of Satan took place and the
tribulation began. The Tribulation is only 6 years in length.
3. God is no longer approves of the church but will allow the devil to
destroy it.

4. God is no longer using the church or speaking to us through our

pastors. True believers will get out of the church
5. God will destroy the church by allowing the devil to motivate the
Pentecostal manifestation of speaking in tongues.
6. No one can be saved after Sept. 6, 1994.
(For further reading: David Allen Lewis, Predicting Christs Return: The
Dangers of Date-Setting, in the Triumphant Return of Christ, Green Forest:
New Leaf Press, 1993, pp.331-353.)
The obvious reaction for each prediction was the donation of all the earthly
belongings of the believers to the Church. In short, false prophecy
generated true prosperity to the false prophet and his church.
Some of the reactions also include mass hysteria, lunacy, suicide,
pandemonium, full-blown anger against churches, panic buying of prophetic
books, etc.
Since Mr. Harold Camping is obviously wrong in all his predictions, we
must not be surprised to find out that he is also wrong and thoroughly
mistaken with regards to his belief that the King James Bible has
mistranslations. The example which he gave is a perfect translation of
Matthew 28:1. Lets analyze.
The Greek phrase te mia ton sabbaton (Matt.28:1; Lk.24:1; Mk.16:2;
Jn.20:1) can be translated or rendered in different ways but the best,
perfect and most precise translation is that of the King James Version: the
first day of the week.
It could also be rendered as the first of the Sabbaths. But notice, it has no
English word day and the Greek word sabbaton was merely
transliterated retaining its plural number. The reason for the plurality of
Sabbaths can be seen in Lev.23:15-17. It is clear that Sabbaths refer to seven
Sabbaths which are collectively called in the O.T. as the feast of WEEKS
(Exod.34:22; Deut.16:10, 16; 2Chro.8:13).
To see its place or position in overall heptadic design in Jewish dispensation,
lets enumerate the increasing pattern of sevens:
1. Seven days with the seventh day a Sabbath (Gen.2:1-2)
2. Seven weeks with a feast at the end (Lev.23:15; Ac.2:1-2)


Seven months with three feasts in the seventh (Lev.23:24, 27, 34)
Seven years with the seventh year a Sabbath (Exod.21:2; Lev.25:3)
Seven times seven years with a Jubilee at the end (Lev.25:11-12)
Seven times seventy years. The prophecy of Daniel (Dan.9:24-27)
The Millennium. The Sabbath of the ages (Rev.20:3-6)

The genius of the King James Bible translation can be seen by inserting the
English word day which is necessarily called for in the translation since
this is a figure of speech known as Ellipsis.
There are three kinds of Ellipsis: 1. Absolute ellipsis 2. Relative ellipsis and
3. Ellipsis of Repetition. The word day was correctly supplied since
mia is feminine that must agree with a feminine noun while sabbaton is
neuter. This give emphasis to the day itself which is a Resurrection day
and not to the feast or the Sabbaths. All things eclipse in the light of the
glorious day of Christs Resurrection.
By translating the Greek word sabbaton (plural) into English word week
(singular), it simultaneously pointed out the following amazing facts:
1. Our Lords resurrection day did not transfer the weekly Sabbath
(SINGULAR transliteration) from Saturday to Sunday.
2. Our Lord resurrected in the first day of the commemoration of the
seven Sabbaths (the feast of the WEEKS) to Pentecost.
3. Our Lord resurrected on Sunday which is the first DAY of the entire
4. Our Lords resurrection day is the summation of REALITY of all
Sabbaths. Please read Col.2:16-17.
You see, the King James Bible is perfect. These advanced lights cannot be
shown by mere translation of the first of the Sabbaths. Please read my
book THE BIBLE FORMULA: 1Jn.5:7 = Gen.1:1 + Rev.22:21 for the
undeniable reasons why the King James Bible is the perfect translation of
the original O.T. Hebrew and N.T. Greek scriptures.
As to the so-called transfer of Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, there is no
such thing in the Bible. In fact, instead of one day only for the Lord every
week, the Bible clearly tells us that every day in all that we do we must
glorify and worship God (1Cor.10:31; 1Pet.4:11; Eph.6:8; Col.3:17, 23, 24).
In other words, in the present dispensation of grace, we must not regard and

esteem one day only for the Lord. Every day must always be for the Lord
(Rom.14:5-9; Gal.4:8-11; Col.2:8-17).
This Bible principle is what I called FRACTION-WHOLE PRINCIPLE OF
PROGRESSIVE REVELATION. Youll notice that in the O.T. the Lord
God commanded the Israel to offer just a part of what they have to God.
Although there is a commandment (the Royal commandment) to give all to
God, yet it is very clear that the people of God as a developing nation during
that time can only give but a fraction of their all in real life. In the N.T.,
especially in Pauline epistles, the Lord wants us to give all to Him.
In the O.T., God commanded to give Him:
- the tenth part of their income (tithe)
- the first fruit of their labor
- the seventh part (day) of the week (sabbath)
God also:
- commanded to cut off a part of their flesh (foreskin) in circumcision
- chose one nation (Israel) toward the blessing of all nations
- anointed one tribe for Gods service (Levites) to represent all tribes
- limited the access to the part of the Temple during the O.T. times
This Fraction-Whole Principle can be also be seen in the following:
sacrificial offering, baptism, Lord supper, Christ is all in all (Col.3) to
achieve God will be all in all (1Cor.15), redemption/reconciliation,
Trinitarian indwelling (Ep.3), etc.
For further explanation, please read THE MYSTERY: Revealed Secret of
Gods Eternal Purpose at
I hope the above answer may help you in one way or another. If you want
additional clarification or if you have other questions, dont hesitate to ask
Yours in Christ,
[Conclusion. No one can prove that the Bible is in error of anything. Only the perverted heart and mind of
man is in error and at fault. It is due to mans depravity coupled by Satanic deception. The Bible is perfect
because it is the word of God who is perfect. Read the Bible and pray everyday. This is the ultimate cure
to the ills of man and society. The Bible is true because Jesus is the Truth of truths.]