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What is the Difference Between the Bills again?

C.Re.E.P.Y. focuses on surveillance of Americans and on American soil while the Freedom from Surveillance Act restricts overseas
surveillance. In order to maintain our rights to privacy and prevent a tyrannical government, both bills should be supported.

Benjamin Franklin

Those who surrender freedom for security

will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.

and the

By Isabel Present

Fun Facts!

Freedom from Surveillance Act

Over three quarters of voters are to

the bulk collection of Americans data

60 percent believe that the Patriot

Act, which expands the NSAs
authority to collected phone and
email content from ordinary
Americans, needs to be altered

56 percent of Republicans OPPOSE

the bulk collection of data by the NSA
A study conducted in 2014 found that
74 percent of Americans believe they
should NOT give up privacy or
freedom in exchange for security
In 2013, the Amash Amendment,
which limited the governments power
to collect data off Americans, was
voted on. It lost in the house by only
12 votes (Amash)
Sixty percent of likely voters believe
the Patriot Act ought to be modified,
against 34% that favor its retention

This Bill, sponsored by Democratic

Representative Catherine Horowitz from
the 3rd district in New Mexico, reforms
Executive Order 12333.
Executive Order 12333, passed in 1981
by President Ronald Reagan, authorizes
the NSAs unwarranted collection of the
content of overseas communications.
The Freedom from Surveillance Act
requires Executive Order 12333 to be
reformed so that citizens overseas and
within the US have the same protections
against surveillance, the NSA must obtain
a warrant before collecting the content of
overseas communications, and prohibit
the NSA from obtaining information of
citizens not suspected of violating US
It also requires the Executive branch to
provide the Senate Surveillance
Committee with reports on the activities
conducted under Executive Order 12333
so that the collection of intelligence is not
solely controlled by the Executive.
Citizens overseas and within the US have
the same protections against
surveillance, the NSA must obtain a
warrant before collecting the content of
overseas communications, and prohibit

in its current form. (Akerman)

Elevator Pitch

The government is watching you. They are intercepting your emails, scrolling through your browsing history, checking your location every time you
send a text. Doesnt this blatant disregard for your fundamental fourth amendment right to privacy infuriate you? If so, you should support
C.Re.E.P.Y., the bill to defund the intelligence gathering operations of the National Security Administration.
The NSA owns intercept stations inside the buildings of large communication companies that control the flow of information across the United
States. Without any suspicion of intent for organized crime, the NSA places fiber optic splitters on communication lines and directs incoming
information to the NSA headquarters, for processing. C.Re.E.P.Y withholds funding from NSA spying activities, forcing them to close down their
analysis of random and harmless information from innocent Americans who have a constitutional right to privacy. The NSA will still be allowed to
target information from specific individuals if the FBI deems the individual presents a considerable risk for organized crime
According to a poll from the PEW research center, 54 percent of Americans disagree with the secretive intelligence gathering tactics the NSA uses,
and 74 percent believe their right to privacy should not be forfeited for their desire for security. Are you in the majority? Send a strong message that
the government should not be allowed to spy on their own citizens and support C.Re.E.P.Y.