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Online RTI

Ministry of Finance
Dept. of Financial Services
Jeevan Deep,Parliament Street
New Delhi- 110 001.

15 May 2016

Re: Seeking Information under the RTI Act-2005

The applicant suffers intolerance that continues unabated since last one decade*
because he uses RTI an Effective Tool to Tackle Corruption ;he seeks information
about dountful integrity officials of ,namely,the New India Assurance Co. Ltd
(NIACL) that is supposed to comply with the directions given by you in terms of
the General Insurance Business Nationalisation Act,1972.
The applicant seeks information in respect of the following officials:Desired information

In respect of

1. Amount of wage
revision arrears
,(including salary roll
no.) 2015-16 in Rupees

M Ramdoss,former chairman

he faces corruption charges in a

court of law at delhi

2. Information of
(a)academic & insurance
qualifications, (b) gross
monthly salary (c) RTI

Pranab Kumar Sahu

Central Public Information

Officer,(CPIO) NIACL,Head
Office,one of the repeated
beneficiaries of culture of

3. Information of
(a)academic & insurance
qualifications, (b) gross
monthly salary (c) RTI

Ranjit Gangadharan

First appellate authority,(FAA)

NIACL,, one of the beneficiaries
of culture of impunity;e.g.20
May 2016,tour claimed
Rs.22710/- ***

***During 2010-2013 those in the Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) New india
Assurance company head office mumbai deliberately misread the notice(s) of the
Central Information Commission (with copy to appellants ,e.g. the applicant) to
attend video conference. The applicant witnessed systematic loss of public money of
approx. Rs. 10000/- to 25000/- per person to claim habitual ,uncalled for Delhi tour
to embezzle public money


Shrigopal Soni,
C231,Panchsheel Nagar,Ajmer-305004
enclosed**:-IPO Rs.10 Fee of RTI is being paid online.
P.S. The applicant also requests you to use your powers in terms of the above act and direct the
chairman of the NIACL to end the culture of intolerance to citizens access to transparency.
*enclosed:-P-1 NIACLs incitement of 2008 that applicant is under suspension,(though during the
entire period of suspension of applicant no one of well known bribe takers of NIACL regional office
jaipur ever faced suspension).


The applicants RTI article

Published by NIACL,Jaipur
regional office


As per CIC order reference

Respondent NIACL pointed
out that Appellant is an
employee of NIACL and was
placed under suspension
Central Vigilance Commission
takes cognizance of
applicants complaint

April 2008






Applicant gets information

from CBI in respect of alleged
corrupt officials including
National litigation policy is

A cyber crime complaint is

filed against applicant on
behalf of NIACL, no copy is
Applicant files RTI
application, systematic loss of
public money prevails for
several years in the NIACL
(e.g. on 20 May 2013* at the
Applicant files first appeal
Applicant files second appeal
before the CIC (annexure P-5)

The applicant awarded

certificante of merit
by competent
authority of NIACL
Annexure P-6 (during
suspension of
applicant no one of
alleged bribe takers of
NIACL Jaipur was
under suspension)
NIACL are directed to
ensure no harassment
is caused to
Applicant is dismissed
on a grave violation
of leaving
A state agency can
neither adopt litigious
attitude nor violate
fundamental rights of
a citizen
Several writ petitions
in high courts filed
against applicant on
behalf of NIACL
One Renjeet
caused loss of public
money*, remains
appellate authority of
Reply of CPIO dated
A humble effort for
changing status quo