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Learning Bayesian Models with R

Book October 2015



1 author:
Hari Koduvely
Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore, INDIA

Available from: Hari Koduvely

Retrieved on: 12 May 2016

Bayesian inference provides a unified framework to deal with

all sorts of uncertainties when learning patterns from data
using machine learning models to use for predicting future
observations. With the recent advances in computation
and the availability of several open source packages in R,
Bayesian modeling has become more feasible to use for
practical applications.
Learning Bayesian Models with R starts by giving you
comprehensive coverage of the Bayesian machine
learning models and the R packages that implement them.
Every chapter begins with a theoretical description of the
method, explained in a very simple manner. Then, relevant
R packages are discussed and some illustrations that use
datasets from the UCI machine learning repository are given.
Each chapter ends with some simple exercises for you to
get hands-on experience of the concepts and R packages
discussed in the chapter.

Who this book is written for

n How machine learning models are built

using Bayesian inference techniques
n Perform Bayesian inference using R
programming language
n State-of-art R packages for Bayesian
models and how to apply them in data
science problems.

n Understand Bayesian models for deep

n Use of R in Big Data frameworks like
Hadoop and Spark
n Run R programs in cloud computing
environments like AWS and Azure

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Dr. Hari M. Koduvely

This book is intended for data scientists who analyze large

data sets to generate insights and for data engineers who
develop platforms, solutions or applications based on
machine learning. Though many data science practitioners
are quite familiar with machine learning techniques and R,
they may not know about Bayesian inference and its merits.
This book therefore would be helpful to even experienced
data scientists and data engineers to learn Bayesian
methods and use them in their projects.

What you will learn from this book

Learning Bayesian Models with R

Learning Bayesian
Models with R

C o m m u n i t y

D i s t i l l e d

Learning Bayesian
Models with R
Become an expert in Bayesian machine learning methods using R
and apply them to solve real-world Big Data problems

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Dr. Hari M. Koduvely