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Circular Letter to All PHRDP-III Fellows on

The Procedure for Temporarily Leaving Japan

In principle, all fellows, particularly the Linkage Master Program fellows, are expected to
remain in Japan throughout the duration of their study to complete their program within the
scheduled period.

However, in some cases, a fellow may be allowed to return to Indonesia before completing
his/her study, under the following circumstances:

If the academic advisor requires the fellows to return to Indonesia as part of the
thesis writing, then the fellows shall fill-in a Request Form for Temporarily
Leaving Japan (see attached form) and submit it to BAPPENAS/ MOF (via
AsiaSEED) one month in advance which should be endorsed/approved by the
relevant professor.


If the fellow needs to return to Indonesia for emergency such as the passing
away of a member of his/her immediate family, then the fellow shall report to
AsiaSEED and submit the Request Form for Temporarily Leaving Japan to
AsiaSEED as soon as the information becomes apparent.

However, please be reminded that the project does not cover any expenses related to this
return trip to Indonesia except for providing a Seminar Allowance which can be applied in
relation to the thesis writing as explained in the Student Guide Book.

It is utmost important that all fellows returning to Indonesia during their study period in Japan,
report to AsiaSEED Tokyo of such plans, since there is significant implication on the
Overseas Travel Insurance program applied to the fellows.

As you may be aware, all PHRDP-III fellows departing to Japan are automatically insured
under the Overseas Travel Insurance program provided by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.,
Ltd. This insurance covers risks of personal accidents and provides life insurance for the
fellows throughout the duration of the fellows study in Japan and all fellows will be subject to
the terms and condition as applied under this insurance program.

If you return to Indonesia during your study period in Japan, your insurance coverage
will be terminated automatically. This means, any fellow who returns to Indonesia

temporarily and comes back to Japan, is required to re-apply for the Overseas Travel
Insurance after re-entering Japan. If you fail to re-apply for the Oversea Travel Insurance
Program after returning to Japan from your leave to Indonesia, you will have no insurance
coverage for the remaining part of your study in Japan.

Therefore all fellows are requested

to re-apply for the insurance program.

Procedure to re-apply for Overseas Travel Insurance
The procedure for re-applying for the insurance coverage can be delegated to AsiaSEED
Tokyo, therefore it is absolutely essential that all fellows must report to their Agency as well
as to AsiaSEED Tokyo regarding their plans to return to Indonesia temporarily. The
procedure for re-applying for the Overseas Travel Insurance Program is as follows:

1. Fellows must report to

AsiaSEED of the schedule of temporary return by email

( one month in advance and submit the completed Request

for Temporary Leave Form;
2. AsiaSEED will further process the re-application for Insurance Program and ensure
that the insurance coverage for the concerned fellow is re-validated. In order to
proceed this re-application smoothly, AsiaSEED asks fellows to sign on several
application forms in advance.

Within 2 weeks after arriving back to Japan, the fellow is required to submit
the Confirmation of Returning to Japan to AsiaSEED along with photocopy of the pages of
the fellows passport which shows his/her ID and the departure/return date stamped by the
immigration control.
In case of delay or failure to submit the Confirmation sheet, the monthly Living Allowance
will be suspended until the fellow has submitted the required documents.

Please observe carefully this policy for your own benefit and to avoid unnecessary loss. If
you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at the following email address or
phone number: