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Ascension Overview

by Archangel Raphael and Jeannie Weyrick

This article consists of a letter about the Ascension that I

channeled for someone on the Compuserve BB. The questions that
were asked are in italics. The information about the Ascension
was channeled from Archangel Raphael.
"What I'm most curious about, though, is what you perceive ascension to
be...not just the process of achieving ascension, but the experience of
There are different levels of ascension, and different types of ascension
Full Ascension is attaining full God Realization and Self Realization. When
you fully ascend you return to your Higher Self, and merge back with
them, and become your Higher Self again, going beyond your Earthly
incarnations. There are many levels that people will ascend to, not
everyone's Higher Self plan is to ascend fully back to their Higher Self.
Right now personal ascension is possible and will take place individually or
in small groups for many Light workers before the final opportunity of
ascension. It will be a mass event in the future for everyone on Earth who
wishes to take part in it and move on to their next level of spiritual
development. Ascending is optional and a choice to be made by each
person. Each person on the Earth has a specific Higher Self plan that is
perfect for them, so there are no wrong choices.
The Ascension has been predicted by many civilizations throughout history
and is known by other names, it has been called the Second Coming, the
Golden Age, and the Age of Aquarius.
What is happening at this time is that the people on Earth are getting
ready for a graduation of sorts. Everyone who wishes to go beyond the 3rd
dimension and their current spiritual level has that opportunity. There is a
lot of help now from Sananda (Jesus, the Christ) and the Divine Hierarchy:
including the Archangels, Elohim, Elders, and Ascended Masters to
accomplish this.
Right now the Light workers, many of whom have incarnated from the
higher dimensions specifically to help with the Ascension in this lifetime,
are preparing themselves to ascend. As they go through the process of
ascension they will be more and more consciously connected to their
Higher Selves. They will be able to use their expanded higher dimensional
connections to help the people on Earth. They will be able to teach greater
spiritual concepts and truths and show the way for others to ascend.
One option of ascension is to ascend to an Earth like planet in the higher
dimensions. The "5th dimensional" Earth is where many people will be

ascending to in the final mass ascension. The Earth is multidimensional

and like most entities it already exists in several dimensions. The 5D Earth
is the next step in spiritual advancement for many people on the Earth.
Some people on Earth will choose to ascend to a more non-physical
dimension, and that option is open to all who are ready for that. These
options and choices will be made with great help from people's Higher
Selves and their Guides of Light. In most cases the Higher Self already has
decided what it would like to experience for the next step in their spiritual
There are hundreds of thousands of Light Workers on Earth right now and
most of them have not awakened yet, meaning they have little or no idea
of who they truly are and the extent of why they are here right now. When
the first of the Light workers ascend they will be writing books and
eventually using every form of media to get out information to help
awaken these Light Workers and teach people in general about the
All people on the Earth today knew about the opportunity of the ascension
in this lifetime and it is the main reason they chose to be born during this
time period. Each person here wished to experience the ascension in some
way, even if it were not to ascend themselves at this time. It is just as
wonderful and valid a choice to stay upon the Earth and be a part of the
start of the Golden Age.
A tremendous effort will be made to make it very clear that this time is not
to be feared. It is a time of great joy and spiritual advancement and not a
time of destruction and judgment as some believe. Some of the
information about this time on Earth that has been received over the last
several thousand years was interpreted through fear, cultural tradition,
superstition, or very limiting beliefs and this has greatly distorted the
messages of unconditional Love and help in many cases. Also some of the
information received by people about the Ascension in the past was given
in code and/or in metaphors to be understood more clearly as the time
approached. Much of what is in Revelations is a metaphor for what the
body and consciousness will experience. People will be opening to greater
levels of Divine Energies and expansions of consciousness as they go
beyond the limitations and the densities of the 3rd dimensional Earth. It is
not that these openings and new awareness are violent in any way, but
some people will have a hard time going beyond what and who they are
now and seeing themselves in a greater Light; in a more expanded way.
"What happens? Where do you go? What do you do? Can it be
communicated in a way that a lay-person could understand?"
For people ascending to the 5D Earth
The 5D Earth is much more unlimited than the 3D Earth. When a person
ascends to the 5D Earth they will be much more consciously aware and
connected to their Higher Self. They will learn to use their new abilities,
which will include telepathic communication and consciously creating what
they need in life. They will also be in a Light body that is not affected by
age and is disease free. Since everyone there is very spiritually aware and

advanced and have these capabilities, there are none of the things that
make the 3D Earth so difficult to live on. On the 5D Earth there is no war,
illnesses, or lack of abundance of all good things. There is also no death
experience. When a person is ready to move on to the next level they
consciously and physically prepare themselves and make the transition
very consciously and easily.
For the Light Workers
The Light workers are incarnated here from a variety of dimensions which
in many cases are well above the 5D. They are also from a variety of
places. Some are from planets that have already evolved into the higher
dimensions and some are from non-physical dimensions. Some are
incarnations of Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters. So what each
Light worker experiences in their own personal ascension will be unique
and individual depending on the dimension they are from and the place
that they are ascending "home" to. The dimensions are not really
numbered one through whatever. Any numbers given are just used as a
reference to what people think of as the 3rd dimension. The dimensions
exist as different levels of consciousness awareness, with their own levels
of capability and experiences. As you advance you are capable of existing
and experiencing higher and higher dimensions, and spanning many
dimensions at once. As you grow spiritually you also expand your
understanding and capacity for love and your ability to help and serve
others. There are an unlimited number of dimensions. There can also be
many different places within each dimension, just like there are many
planets within the 3rd dimension. The number of dimensions is not limited
because Beings of Light are ever advancing, growing, and creating more
dimensions, and places within each dimension to experience.
The first step in everyone's ascension process is to start to open to and
merge back consciously with their Higher Self. The ascension process is
accomplished in part by doing energy and consciousness expansion work
with your Higher Self. This work is usually also done with the help of your
personal Guides of Light, who many times are a part of your extended
spiritual family in the higher dimensions.
Energy is Divine Light. It is what everyone and everything is made of in all
dimensions. It carries with it God Consciousness and it is how All That Is
(God) experiences all creation; all portions of itself. The Divine energy can
carry within it great Love and information.
The energy used to help you can also be the "personal" energy of your
Higher Self, one of your Guides of Light, Sananda, or any Ascended Master
or Angelic Being. They personalize the Divine Energy by adding their
essence, love, and wisdom to it before channeling it through you for your
ascension work, for channeled information, or just to share their love with
The more that you expand your consciousness and raise your ability to
work with the Divine Energy the greater your capacity to merge back with
your Higher Self. This also enables you to be in conscious communications
with your Higher Self and other Beings of Light in the higher dimensions.

After fully ascending and merging back with their Higher Dimensional Self
the Light Workers will be able to live and work in the higher dimensions
AND on the Earth, moving back and forth between the dimensions helping
with the Ascension.
The people who are ascending for the first time into the 5D in the final
ascension will be very consciously connected with their higher self and
have the opportunity to choose where in the 5D they wish to go for their
next step in learning and growth. They will stay in the 5D afterwards and
not return to the 3rd/4th dimensional Earth.
So there is a difference in what will be experienced by the Light Workers,
who will ascend back to their spiritual home, and be capable of moving
back and forth between dimensions to help with the ascension, and the
people who ascend into the 5D for the first time in the final mass
ascension and remain there. The ascended Light Workers are needed to
come back to the Earth to be living examples of the completed ascension
process to show the way for the people on the Earth, and to teach greater
truths and prepare the Earth for the Golden Age.
There is an acclimation process after the initial ascension experience. The
Light workers will experience themselves going back home to the
dimension and place they come from, but in some cases full ascension will
be attained in a step by step process over a period of time. This process is
very individual and the steps taken and the length of time needed to
complete the process will depend on the individual person. They have to
expand their consciousness to go from being a 3D person, which they
became by incarnating, to merging back with their Higher Self and
becoming whole again.
After the Light Workers ascend and are acclimated they will be able to use
their higher dimensional knowledge and abilities to help people. Tens of
thousands of Light Workers world wide will be able to help people and the
Earth by bringing about greater spiritual and cosmic understanding. They
will be able to demonstrate Higher Dimensional abilities of healing,
creating by consciously using Divine Energy, and moving effortlessly from
one place to another in their Light Body. They will be able to do what
Sananda demonstrated while he was on the Earth in his incarnation as
Note: Sananda is a name that encompasses all of Christ's incarnations,
including Jesus, Buddha and Krishna.
At a point in time before the final ascension, when people on the Earth are
ready, Sananda will return to the Earth to announce the final plans for the
Ascension and to help people prepare for their personal ascensions.
The Ascension process and period of preparation for the Golden Age will
span many decades. The Divine Plan is in constant motion, being updated
and adjusted for the actual accomplishments and readiness of the Light
Workers and the people on the Earth. It is a very gentle and flexible plan,
carried out with unconditional love, patience, and grace.

For all of the people on Earth this can be a wondrous time of awaking to
the spiritual beings that they truly are, and an opportunity to move on to a
much more complex and rewarding life at the next level of their spiritual
Archangel Raphael
"What is your personal ascension process like? How did you begin?"
The beginning of our ascension process started when our Guides of Light
came into our lives consciously and started to teach us and work with us
In 1992 we had not heard of the ascension and we were not into anything
"New Age". We had read the Seth books years before and knew channeling
was possible. On 9/9/92 our Guides came into our lives. We were taken
very much by surprise. I found that I had telepathic communication with
them and they taught us, my husband and I, to channel. They said they
were our Guardian Angels and that we agreed to work with them before
we incarnated on Earth, and that it was time for them to be in our lives
They were very creative in their teaching. They told us that we were
"grounded angels" and that this was a very special time for the Earth and
we had agreed to be here to help. They went on to tell us all about "The
Plan" for the ascension, and about "Home" which is the higher dimensions
we came here from. They did this over 6 weeks, asking us not to read
anything on the subject, not even about channeling. They wanted to teach
us in their own way first. After that time they encouraged us to read books
about the Ascension and channeling to confirm what they had told us, and
the things they had taught us were in the books that we found, which was
very reassuring to us.
They have since then found many ways to give us proof of everything that
they have said. But the overwhelming and unconditional Love and the
recognition between us is the best proof of all for us. When they first came
to us I recognized them as our spiritual family very quickly. When they
talked of home we actually got home sick and tears would come into our
eyes and the feeling of wanting to return home was and is almost
overwhelming to us. Since that day we have dedicated ourselves to our
work with them full time.
When they first came to us they gave us names to use for them, telling us
that other people knew them by other names, but that we agreed to use
these names with them for now. That was so they could work with us and
we would not have any preconceived ideas about them from reading other
people's work. Or feel overwhelmed in their presence and discount the
closeness and family ties that we felt to them. After a year and a half we
found out that my husband's guide's real name is Ashtar, an Ascended
Master, and two years later that my guide was Archangel Raphael. We also
work very closely with Sananda, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Archangels
Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Mother Mary and many other Ascended
Masters, Elders and the Elohim.

These Beings of Light are a part of everyone's spiritual family and

everyone can work with all of them at anytime. All you have to do is ask
them, it is truly as simple as that, they are here for everyone.
Since the time that they came into our lives we have been going through
an accelerated ascension process of working with the Divine Energy and
with all of these Beings of Light to prepare our bodies and expand our
conscious minds enough to ascend back home. Everyone works at a pace
that is perfect for them and chosen from both their Higher Self and a
conscious 3D level. You do not have to be on an accelerated path to
We have written a book with the help of our Guides of Light called
"Ascension: The Doorway Home". It contains information about the
Ascension and working with your Higher Self and Guides of Light to
prepare for it. The book was written with the help of Richard (Dito) Putman
asking many questions on the subject over a computer forum.
I hope that the information in this letter helps to answer your questions
about the Ascension.
Namaste, In Love & Light Jeannie