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Ripped off by www.SHMEX.ORG | LEVIN-MAYER.

Don’t let yourself lure into this trading scheme where you are bound to lose all your investments.

Through the years I was getting interested in doing Forex trading, but I dare not take the step. Along came
LEVIN-MAYER.COM and SHMEX.ORG. They convinced me to enter the arena. I soon was tricked by
standard Robert Cialdini persuasion techniques like:
 Scarcity (time pressure)
 Congruence (don’t lose face)
 Conformity (yes-set)

Doing so I made the mistake to invest several thousands of dollars. I was like the proverbial Donkey who was
held a organic carrot in front of his head. And now I lost it all and want to warn you to be aware of this type of
scheme. Also known as boiler room threat (see also

Warning: Don’t make this same mistake. Don’t let yourself rip off. Beware, it will cost you dearly!

Also see:
Warning Warning against Shanghai Mercantile Exchange -
- Warning Notices -
- Consumenteninformatie van de Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM)
Boller room practices explained:
- FSA warns of new boiler room threat -
- Boiler room scams and shares rip-offs

Picture the game that was played – At first I had a cold phone call from a young women from Levin-
mayer to phish whether I was interested in trading.

Some weeks later I was called by a certain “Chris Gabric” who played like he was the account manager.
He showed me the sites: and He made the joke “when you look at the 15 th floor
you can wave at me”. I already was in the state of conformity – remember the yes-set – and he easily
convinced me to make the first payment. For this payment I was to send money to SHMEX.ORG:



While I was planning my first payment “Oliver Hoffman” who

played the role of security officer [Shanghai Mercantile Exchange
Online Trading Platform Trading Support] phoned me to introduce
me to the trading interface.
After the transaction Oliver phoned to state he was to enter the
requested information into the trading interface. This was to become
a routine where he supposedly recorded our conversation.

Then Chris phoned me, he was to go to Shanghai and would introduce

me to his boss “Jeramy Armfield” . He played the role of Strategist. He told me how he worked and made
money. It sounded plausible, and – in a state of congruence – I was tricked to make a second payment, I felt
good. I never heard from Chris no more. After some time Jeramy phoned me and told me we were to sell and
buy some and it seemed we really made some money. I felt really good.

Ripped off by www.SHMEX.ORG | LEVIN-MAYER.COM – may 2010

One day Jeramy phoned me and he announced a “good deal” is coming up. And then there was the day he
said, “a client was in a divorce and wanted to get rid of his shares. You are the right person to take over this
shares”. And I was in the state of scarcity, triggering me to get the last of my savings into this endeavor.

For this payment I was to send money to www.SHMEX.ORG:



I wrote to “I hit rock bottom”. I did, and I think this had the effect of
Jeramy phoning me to say: “We’re going to sell. Next we will have to do some paperwork and then we will go
on making that million we are aiming for”. A moment – as you soon discover – would never be.

Gone with the wind – This time I received several documents from “Oliver Hoffman” and “David Lehmann”.
Now supposedly to be of the legal department. Documents – like “Resolution for Capital gains”, “Application
for Treatment under Double Taxation Agreement” – to be filled in and send back. I would certainly have lost
more money when I agreed to pay the dividend-tax in China and the normal tax in front.

The final contact with these gentlemen was, when they informed I had to wait for one month before payment
was due. And by the time I was to expect my payment, the sites SHMEX.ORG and LEVIN-MAYER.COM were
not functional anymore. I let these people rip me off, and left me with pain in my bank account.

Gone with the wind. Email returned undeliverable and fax not answered.
Role play: Cold caller Nice young lady

Account manager “Chris Gabric”
Strategist “Jeramy Armfield” Security officer "Oliver Hoffman”

Legal “Oliver Hoffman”, “David Lehmann”

Ripped off by www.SHMEX.ORG | LEVIN-MAYER.COM – may 2010

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Ripped off by www.SHMEX.ORG | LEVIN-MAYER.COM – may 2010

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Levin-Mayer announced the expansion of their research team under the leadership of Mrs. Lin Shu
Parker, an accomplished hedge fund investment professional with extensive industry experience.

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HONG KONG, February 08, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Parker joins Levin-Mayer as Managing Director,
Research and Investments, with responsibility for evaluating investment strategy and completing product review
for the Levin-Mayer platform of alternative investments.

"Lin Shu's breadth of experience in alternative investments, with both major financial institutions as well as
private investment firms, complements the deep knowledge base of our research team," said Lucy Wong, Press Release Contact
Co-President of Levin-Mayer. "We are dedicated to maintaining a world-class research team, under Parker's Information:
expert leadership, to accomplish our mission of providing high quality alternative investments to wealth managers Patricia Yong
and high net worth investors." Levin Mayer
Levin Mayer
Eastern Commercial Centre 395
Lin Shu Parker has significant experience in the alternative investment industry, particularly in the area of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
identifying, selecting, and monitoring hedge fund managers across multiple investment disciplines. She began her Hong Kong 999077
alternative investment career managing asset allocation and research for hedge fund multi-manager products. Voice: 85236931590
"Levin-Mayer offers clients a unique, open-architecture platform of alternative investments, supported by E-Mail: Email us Here
extensive review and ongoing monitoring," said Parker. "I am energized by the opportunity to join this team Website: Visit Our Website
specializing in alternative investments and to expand our in-depth research capabilities."

Levin-Mayer provides access to a platform of alternative investments designed to meet the needs of
sophisticated investors and their wealth managers. The Levin-Mayer team of professionals is dedicated to Disclaimer:
If you have any questions regarding
finding, selecting and negotiating capacity with selected hedge funds, managed futures funds, and other
information in this press release,
alternative investments. Levin-Mayer has a single focus: helping our customers successfully diversify and grow
please contact the person listed in the
their assets by providing them with access to what we believe are suitable, high quality alternative investments.
contact module of this page. Please
do not attempt to contact 24-7 Press
Levin Mayer is a full-service commodity broker and introducing brokerage firm with its business model focused on
Release. We are unable to assist you
delivering to clientele investor service, support and integrity.
with any information regarding this
release. 24-7 Press Release disclaims
Our advisors look forward to helping you achieve your trading and investment goals.
any content contained in this press
release. Please see our complete
Terms of Service disclaimer for more

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