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Ron-Johnson Department of Accounting.

Ron-Johnson Department of Accounting.

S.M Ammad Hussain.
Leadership Case Study.

Ron Johnson is a Professor of administration in a school of Midwest. There are ten offices
working in SAS. Nine employees are working in bookkeeping office. The bookkeeping division
led by Jean Williams. SAS had no strategy for graduate aide, dignitary and VP chose to have
arrangement. Jean likes to have approaches set up so that employees have the rules for their
conduct. Jean assembled a DA conference to talk about graduate right hand. Ron was against the
approach of making a graduate colleague. He contradicted the thought and more over he sent a
reminder to the part that he will advance the strategy choice to the senior member. Ron was a
senior employee with a considerable measure of appreciation yet he got one and only part to
support him. Diverse divisions were utilizing graduate partners so Ron needed the same for his
area of expertise and rejected any arrangement with respect to graduate aide. Be that as it may,
office head needed a strategy for the division.

Question No 1;
a. What source of power does jean have?
Force is coming about because of higher administration and it is appointed down the levels of
leadership. Jean is Chair of the bureau of Accounting, so she is having position source power.

b. What type of power is she using?

Jean is utilizing true blue power that is essentially comprises of position force given by the
association. Genuine force/Legitimate force is force that somebody get from his formal position
or office held in the association's order of power.

c. Which Influencing tactic is jean using during the meeting?

Jean is utilizing the counsel impacting strategy by counseling her representatives for thoughts on
the new approach. By taking inputs from her workers she is utilizing interview affecting strategy
that could be useful for her amid the meeting as it can make a superior solid position for her
position. An influencing strategy is using by him for his desire purpose.


Ron-Johnson Department of Accounting.

d. Is negotiation or exchange tactic appropriate in this situation?

Transaction is more appropriate strategy is this circumstance since it will demonstrate that jean
has power over the representatives whom she is tending to. In spite of this trade strategy will
delineate jean's no power over workers. Arrangement will help Jean to build up a superior
comprehension with representatives and workers will be spurred when they will be counseled.

Question No 2;
a. What source of power does Ron has and what type of power is he using
during the meeting?
Ron is utilizing individual force source and amid the meeting he utilized objective influence
power sort. He shared data about different experts in his field utilizing graduate associates. This
was a kind of influence force drove by the reasonable data.

b. Which Influencing tactic is Ron primarily using during the meeting?

From the two impacting strategies Ron is utilizing sane influence affecting strategy amid the
meeting. He was giving insights about the things that really happened. All depended on
certainties. Considering this as a coherent thinking I think he was utilizing objective influence
impacting strategy.

c. Which influencing tactic is Ron using with the memo?

Ron sent a reminder to other office individuals keeping in mind the end goal to make coalition
with individuals. He was utilizing coalition impacting strategy for this. Sending a reminder to
different individuals, tending to them about the issue unquestionably mean to get support from
more individuals. It portrays that he was attempting to assemble coalition utilizing coalition
affecting strategies.

d. Is the memo a wise political move for Ron? What might he gain and lose
by sending it?
I have in mind that note, statement was not a wise political move by Ron. Ron may make come
round other by this middle, half way between but he may come out badly his Credibility 1 with
Jean who is head of his divisions of an organization. Ron was present in the DA meeting he
should have attempted to make come round most of the members at that time that would be more
purposeful and long lasting. He should have expressed his position taken in meeting more over
he should not talk about the Appeal to the higher business managers. It can cause a very great
loss to his respect.


Ron-Johnson Department of Accounting.

Question no 3;
a. What would you do if you were Jean? Would you talk to the dean letting
him know that Ron said he would appeal the policy decision?
I will not verbalize with dean about Rons Appeal. But I will endeavor to undergo magnification
connection power sort and workgroup having power over tactic to profit support of the
indemnification accidence through members of other departments and heads of the university.

b. Which influencing tactic would this discussion involve?

I will attempt to create association power sort and coalition affecting strategy to pick up backing
of the arrangement through individuals from different divisions and leaders of the college.

c. Which political behavior would the discussion represent?

Exchange will speak to a coalition building political conduct in light of the fact that the
fundamental center of Jean is to build up an assertion over the issue. For that reason she will
attempt to make coalitions so there would be no effect of restriction.

d. Would you draft a policy directly stating that graduate assistants cannot
be used to grade objective exams?
No, definitely not, I won't straightforwardly draft a strategy expressing that graduate partners
can't be utilized to review target exams. Most importantly I will be building up an accord of
individuals on the strategy. At that point I will be telling resistance the bases of that arrangement
that why this strategy is required. I will attempt to assemble DA conference to get backing of
most individuals, after that I will attempt to assemble bury departmental conference for getting
an assertion over the arrangement, after that I will be persuading head regarding division. After
this entire process and getting the majority of the required bolster I will be drafting an
arrangement that will express that graduate aides can't be utilized to review target exams.

e. Would your answer to (d) be influenced by your answer to (a)?

No, my response to (d) won't be affected by my response to (an) on the grounds that I will take
after the same process that I said in (d) in both cases, it is possible that I educate Dean
concerning Ron OR not. I will be taking after the same procedure in both cases.

Question no 4;
a. If you were Ron, Knowing had verbal supporters during the meeting,
would you have continued to defend your position or agreed to stop
using a graduate assistant?
Having the verbal supporters amid the meeting will obviously build my certainty and I will be
shielding my position. I will attempt to have more backing. Be that as it may, on the off chance


Ron-Johnson Department of Accounting.

that I couldn't get enough bolster then I will be tolerating the approach for the best enthusiasm of
my establishment and division. I won't be engaging against it.

b. What do you think of Ron sending the memo?

Notice was not a right stride to be taken. On the off chance that he needed to get more bolster he
ought to hold up till next DA meeting and he ought to convey what needs be in the following
meeting with more objective influence. He ought to attempt to persuade different individuals is
DA meeting as opposed to composing a Memo and telling that he will bid against it.

c. As a tenured full professor, Ron is securing in his job, would your

answer change if you (as Ron) had not received tenure of promotion to
the top rank?
I dont think that my answer would not change on the off chance that I hadn't got residency of
advancement to the top rank. I would be certainly thinking of my own perspective. The principle
reason is that my position depends on normal perspectives. In the event that somebody is
balanced in his methodology so he can persuade other utilizing proper technique.

Question no 5;
a. If you were Ron and jean drafted a policy and department members
agreed with it, what would you do? Would you appeal the decision to the
I will not go for an advance since Jean drafted arrangement with lion's share's understanding.
Lion's share is one of the greatest forces on the planet. At the point when a large portion of the
individuals are concur then I will be tolerating the choice of greater part. Remaining adhere to
my own position I will be tolerating larger part's choice.

b. Again would your answer change if you had not received tenure or
promotion to the top rank?
No my answer won't change in the event that I had gotten advancement or not. My essential
methodology will be giving my own particular perspective, persuading other on my perspective
yet tolerating lion's share's perspective..

Question no 6;
a. If you were the dean of SAS knowing that the vice president does not
want to set collegewide policy and Ron appealed to you what would
you do? Would you develop school wide policy for SAS?
On the off chance that there is assention of the considerable number of divisions over the
strategy then I might want to create school wide arrangement since all offices are concur
however in the event that there Is no understanding of all offices then I will attempt to investigate

Ron-Johnson Department of Accounting.

office wide approach. In the event that there is assention of the considerable number of
individuals from offices over the arrangement then I might want to create division wide strategy.
It absolutely relies on the lion's share's assent instead of considering Ron's assent or request.

Question no 7;
a. At what level (college wide, By schools, or by departments within each
school) should a graduate assistant policy be set?
Graduate colleague strategy is set at division wide level. Each office is distinctive in a few
perspective from other division so I think I relies on the office that how they assess the entire
strategy. In one office graduate associate strategy may work adequately yet that won't not work
in other division. So it ought to be office wide arrangement.

Question no 8;
a. Should Eddie Accorsi have spoken up in defense of Ron during the
Eddie Accorsi didn't talk amid the meeting; he ought to have talked amid the meeting with
regards to Ron. He demonstrated his backing in the wake of meeting which was not all that much
powerful. In the event that he would have talked amid the meeting then it would be differently
affecting Ron's protection and general meeting's choice.

b. If you were Eddie, would you have taken Rons side against the other
seven members?
On the off chance that I was Eddie, then I more likely than not talked for Ron amid the meeting.
The best way to make your position more grounded is to make objective thinking before
everybody instead of favoring after the meeting. I more likely than not represented Ron amid the
meeting on the off chance that I was Eddie.

c. Would your answer change if you were not friends with Ron, and if you
were or were not a tenured full professor?
If I answer this then I would be founded on the judicious thinking in best enthusiasm of
foundation and office. My choice would be same for each situation, possibly I was Ron's
companion or not, or I was full tenured educator or not. My choice would be founded on
commonsense balanced thinking.

Question no 9;
a. Which level(s) of analysis of leadership theory is (are) presented in this
case (Chapter 1)?
Two levels of examination of administration hypothesis are displayed for this situation. Initial
one is authoritative, second one is gathering. Authoritative level was examined in the connection

Ron-Johnson Department of Accounting.

that communicated that there is no approach of the organization for right hand graduate. So VP
and senior member recommended building up a strategy. In this procedure top administration
impacts the authoritative execution through changes. Second one is gathering level examination
when each office was offered approved to build up their own particular arrangement. Ten
divisions are working in SAS and they all can build up their own particular arrangement with
respect to graduate aide. So this is the way diverse levels of examination of initiative hypothesis
are displayed for this situation.

Question no 10;
a. Is this ethical for graduate students to correct under graduate exams
(chapter 2)?
It is absolutely moral for graduate understudies to redress under graduate exams since graduate
understudies are all experienced under graduate exams so they have capacity of remedying
graduate. In addition they can make more sensible and proper rectifications with the assistance of

Question no 11;
a. Which of the four OHIO state university leadership styles did jeans use
during department meeting (Chapter 3)?
Pants utilized "Thought" authority style amid the office meeting. She took thoughts from each
part. She fabricate a relationship of appreciation and trust with each part and by including all
individuals in basic leadership she made a connection amongst herself and individuals. So the
fundamental administration style she took after was "thought".