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Haridas Channelled at Crystal Skull Workshop Platsburg NY U.S.A.

Guided Meditation with the Aboriginal Wulgies and Chit Chat
They came to me actually in Holland, when I was at the center in
Tilburg....medicine man came to me, they are known as wulgies. The medicine
man came to me in Holland and said right then, they had given me a temporary
name, the aborigines when I was in Australia and that name was Migaloo
Wulgie....means white medicine man. So they told me that they were gonna
reveal my proper aboriginal name in the initiations. So I went through the
initiations with the wulgies, with both men and women and they gave me my real
abboname is which is Nicheringeera it means Distant Moons sometimes you
might hear me use that name when I call in energies, you might hear me say I
Haridas Melchiezedek Nicherngeera...and what they promised me was that they
would work with me in as many ways as possible So then I started this campaign
which I make a joke about, is fully employing the aboriginies whether they are
ascended or making digeridoos at one level , and working with me on
other levels as well, also they are very very interested in working with other
people, and passing on their knowledge.
So we can actually go to them in a group merkaba. A group merkaba is is group
merkaba energy.
Many of the spaceships around are actually merkaba energy and the beings who
ride the ship are not physical.
They are not made out of tin or steel or space metal or whatever. There are
exceptions to that as the Sirians are a race which use metal which is as thin as
cigarette paper and for multidimensional travel it works well, but, for the most,
they are non technological, they are not made out of space tin or anything, they
are made out of merkaba energy. So this isn't a merkaba workshop, so we will
not go into what merkaba is or what it is all about.
. What we will say is that we can form a group merkaba, in fact, we can form our
own spaceship, based on Love, and I will be your pilot for the day. And we can
zip multi-dimensionally in these spaceships and we can visit, we can travel in an
instant anywhere in creation. So going to Australia, as we say in the English
language, is a piece of piss. (laughter)....that means very easy.
(tape cuts out and stopped here)
We have actually created a group merkaba to work in such a way that they can
be picked up by the radar equipment by government agencies, so we've actually
found a way to hide them as we move. The system is very safe, its based on
LOVE and the group merkaba experiments were banned on planet earth for
100's of years after they blew up Mars. So they didn't do it based on

LOVE, and as we said, this isn't a merkaba workshop so we are not going to go
too far into it....what we are gonna do is travel. And the great thing about
Merkaba Airlines is that it is non polluting, there is no charge, you don't have to
buy a ticket and no waiting, no check in, no flight seats, the flight's not gonna get
cancelled and the latest thing is that when you fly a 3D airline you always hope
your baggage is at the other with Merkaba Airlines we are actually
disposing of baggage. (laughter) And, if you don't put your names on your
baggage we promise not to bring it back. Now isnt that marvelous?
Anything you want to get rid of, any excess baggage you want to get rid of,
Merkaba Airlines will get rid of it for you. (laughter)
And we promise that a Merkaba Airlines van will not pull up in front of your house
your shit back.....(hearty laughter).
So, not only will we do a stop at Ularoo, (Ayers Rock)....we will go to a few other
places....I have not decided where that might be yet. So when we go to Ularoo
there will be a wulgie man or woman waiting for each and everyone of you . They
are interactive beings, maybe energetically you might see them or you might not
see them, you might feel energy, you might not. But you will interact with these
beings. They are going to give you gifts, the gifts of energy, initiation and love.
So, okay, how we are gonna do this is we are going to group star tetrahedron,
thats what a group merkaba is....and we are going to create this group star
tetrahedron with thought based on LOVE energy and we are going to connect
with each other thru our hearts, our higher hearts with love. So now it does not
matter that you might not know what a star tetrahedron is....that does not matter,
I do know and with this love energy we will form the star tetrahedron. So we will
set it into rotational mode and we will take it just beyond the speed of light,
because light is the fastest thing in this aspect of creation, in this dimensional
aspect of creation. Once we go beyond the speed of light, we can travel very
good. So we will just leave it at that and, like I said, its very don't worry
about that....we won't tell you stories of people disappearing and not coming back
for a while....I have some really funny stories about that...but don't worry about it,
its really very safe and I am a very experienced pilot. We don't have the type of
problems that material pilots run into.
Meditation begins:
So.....what I would like you to do is close your eyes, take some deep breaths and
just touch your thymus gland with your fingers, this will activate it a little bit and it
just helps to bring the love thru your heart....trigger the love the love the
love....trigger the light the light the light....the love the love. See, you can feel the
love building now.....when we say trigger the love the love the love...the the love
comes.... trigger the light the light the light....the light comes ! So with each of
your in breaths, just breath in this love, breath in this light and get yourself feeling
easy. And as we activate this love and light....just start connecting with the
person next to you and the people around the don't have to see the

lines or anything, just allow yourself to connect thru your higher heart chakras
and feel the love energy building between all of you.
So just connect, connect, connect thru the love....trigger the love the love the
love....trigger the light the light the light....
And now, I Haridas Melchiezedek, your pilot of the day will start to construct the
group star tetrahedron, the energy of love which we are forming...forming these
connections thru the heart chakras and as we go through....just feel the love
building and building and building....trigger the love the love the love. And now as
the created star tetrahedron builds just see a 3 sided pyramid....sticking up above
the roof of this lovely workshop room that we are in...and see, feel, allow, imagine
...the bottom
point of the 3 sided pyramid sticking down thru the floor, top and bottom points of
our star tetrahedron.
And just allow the energy of the star tetrahedron to build and feel the love energy
building.....trigger the love the love the love! Trigger the light the light the light.
And now as our group Star Tetrahedron builds we cover this star tetrahedron with
pure 24K I now cover the star tetrahedron with ! I now
cover this Star tetrahedron with pure ! And now I cover it with alloy,
or integrate it with alloy the molecular structure of! This makes us
invisible to radar...and other detecting equipment. Just keep allowing the love to
build in your hearts and the connections to build between each and every one of
And now I Nicherngeera, set the star tetrahedron into space and I take the
rotational field up to
99.9999999...set the speed of! I, Nicherngeera, your starship driver
for the day, onwards and upwards we go up from this room, up into the sky. And
in a moment, we are over Australia's central desert and if you look down you will
see the rock that is Ularu or Ayers Rock. And now I take you down towards the
rock...down, down, down, down, down....and through the rock and downwards
into the crystalline chambers inside the rock, and here the woogies, the medicine
men and women, are waiting to meet you. So now we will give you some time to
interact and just see, feel, allow the magic.............
(pause) (playing digeridoo now)
Shake the hands, kiss the faces, you may have connected with your
is possible for you to connect with them at any time. You may, at this stage, like
to ask their name....not always the names will be given because maybe you
cannot pronounce or understand them. Ask for a show of energy which can
identify them,.
or anything else that you may wish. So let us again gather in our living light
merkaba ship and let us gather again with this love from our hearts and in a
moment let us shift onwards and upwards thru Ayers Rock into the desert
sunshine and in a single split second we take you to a place in your own land.
This place is called Colarado....the location is Mesa Vere...we take you down into
the canyon and here again the medicine men and women wait to interact with

you. We will give you some short time here so that you again may make contact.
So again, a brief connection, but nevertheless, a connection. You may connect
with these beings at any time that you may wish. So let us again gather in our
group merkaba living light ship. I, Woshataka again activate the light ship and the
moment we arrive in Plattsburg, over our roof, we again connect with our bodies
physical. I now decommission our space ship and dissolve it into light and love
so that it may be absorbed by mother earth if she may wish to assist her in a
healing balance. So lets return to 3rd, 4th dimensional consciousness
and integrate again with our physical bodies, that we may again become aware
of this dimensional reality and surroundings. And we thank you for flying Merkaba
end of meditation.

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