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Scope in Architecture

Alternate Titles:
How To Carve Your Own Niche In Architecture?
What Should You Know Before Becoming An Architect?
Tryst With Architecture Follow Your Dreams!

Have you ever witnessed an alluring thought bubble drop from the sky and bursting onto the surface of
the earth? That bubble is a piata of beautiful thoughts encompassing beautiful dreams bound by the
smell of sand, texture of gravel and a dash of cement emitting the heavenly smell of wet earth. Those
dreams are of man-made marvels created with sophisticated designs and impeccable visualization.
Do the above words strike a chord with you? Does your heart go out to these dreams? If yes, you have
set foot towards becoming an architect of gorgeous structures. Congratulations for that!

What Are Great Architects Made Up Of?

Successful architects are an effective combination of all or some of the following skills:
Leadership & Thought-Leadership
Negotiation & Problem-Solving
Critical Thinking & Business Acumen
Process Orientation
Effective communication with people skills
Insatiable curiosity with learning agility
You can inculcate each of these qualities within you as you progress towards your career, and sail
towards stronger options.

Career Opportunities For Architecture

In todays bone-dry markets, architecture is a meaty option! Some common paths taken by career
aspirants in fields of architecture include the following:

Residential Architecture
Commercial or Public Architecture
Industrial Architecture
Landscape Architecture
Interior Designing
Green Designing

As a combination of science, arts and design, architecture provides plenty of career opportunities for
everyone. You could be a thorough professional in this ever-growing field while also starting your own

Making Dreams Come True With NATA Training

In order to bring your dreams to fruition, youd have to appear for competitive exams such as NATA,
NID, J2EE (Arch.), UCEED, etc. The National Aptitude Test In Architecture (NATA) is an entrance
examination for admission into the 5-years B.Arch Courses conducted by Council of Architecture.
Students are advised to start preparing right from 11th so that they can pursue a reputable architectural
course as soon as possible. Increasing competition calls for scores as high as 150+ in NATA to sail
through in the very first list.
This requires greater efforts, strong determination and the best NATA training to crack the exam.
Partnering with best Institutes who provide reliable architectural training could be a great move to
attain rewarding results.