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Electrical System C8I (14)

Question 78 (in database)

If a fuse blows during night. it:
a) should not be replaced until after landing ,
b) may be replaced in the air, once only, by one of the same value.

rePI~bX a fuse of a higher rating to ensure th~acw'::,;..

d) may be replacejJls often aSG(~ u ir.!CO S
c) may be

The correct answer is b.

I r-

Question 68 (in database)

The diagram shows a light aircraft electrical power system, which employs a centre-zero reading
ammeter. Click here to see the diagram.
In flight with the battery fully charged and the battery switch ON, you would expect the ammeter
to be:
a) in the centre-zero


b) to the right showing a large ~.!!t~vJl..ljS~ ing.

c) to the left showing a negative reading.
d) fluctuating, but mainly showing a negative reading . . .
The correct answer is a.
Question 75 (in database)
In the event of an alternator or generator failure during night the:
a) night may be continued normally because the battery supplies all electrical loads .
b) electrical loads should be reduced to a minimum and a landing made as soon as safely
practicable ,
c) alternator master ;

itch turned Q!f and flight continued normally without electrical


d) battery master switch should be turned off andJl!ght continued normally without electrical
The correct answer is b.
Question 70 (in database)
The main advantage of an alternator over a generator is that:
a) the output of a generator fluctuates too much.
b) a generator can only produce alternating current.
c) an alternator wilf~(ye almost full power at engine idling ~.

d) an alternator produces
The correct answer is c.

dire ct.currEm~

its armature.


Question 74 (in database)

Connecting two 12 volt, 40 ampere-hour, capacity batteries in series will provide a battery of:

,) 12 vol"

,"~~'-hO",' """'ty

b) 24 volts and 8~pere-liou ~ ,9I~cto/5

c) 24 volts and 40 ampere-hours capacity.
d) 12 volts and 40 ampere hours capacity.
The correct answer is c.
Question 65 (in database)
A 100 Ampere -Hour battery:
a) will, in

theo~s~1y 20 Amps for up to 5 hours.

b) must be used in

~rallel >Vlt

anothe similar battery.



c) supplies the bus-bars through a 45 Ampere circuit breaker.

d) takes 100 hours to charge.
The correct answer is a.
Question 76 (in database )
Theoretically, a 100 amp/hr battery will supply 25 amps for:
a) 4 hours.
b) 25 minutes.
c) 100 minutes.
d) 25 hours.
The corre ct answer is a.


Question 72 (in database)

A double pole electrical system:
a) is not requireg

cratt which are made of non-conductive materials.


b) requires one
the current to the component
back to the negativ side of th tjl;.rr~t9p r alternator.
c) has the return current flowing back through ttlU
d) is fail-safe, and so does not require a battery.
The correct answer is b.

~ribttler to complete the circuit

etal of the airframe to complete the circuit.

Question 67 (in database)

The diagram shows a light aircraft electrical power system. Click here to see the diagram. In
flight if the loadmeter reading drops to zero, the most probable cause is that the:
a) battery has been fully charged.

c) battery is flat.
d) bus-bar is oyer oaded.
The correct answer is b.



Question 77 (in database)

Compared with the current flow through the starter circuit, which connects the battery to the
through the starter switch in the start position is:
a) much
b) the same.




c) much lower.

d) alternating.
The correct answer is c.
Question 66 (in database)
A fully charged battery:
a) is capable of supplying the total electrical load of an aircraft for one hour or more.
b) has an electrolyte with a specific gravity of 1.3.
c) will have an of[ loo, oltage of 2.0 Volts per cell.

\..~""~G~-~l AGS

d) will never fail.

The correct answer is b.

Question 71 (in database)

Secondary cells:

a) cannot be recharged.
b) have an off-l oad voltage of \i.Y~
c) are used in hand-held equipment like radios and torches .
d) can be charged and discharged many times .
The correct answer is d.

Question 73 (in database)

Flying an aircraft with a flat battery, having started the engine using a ground source, is:
a) not recommended because the electrical loads will not be energised.
b) acceptable because the battery will be fully charged again before take off.
e) acceptable

beca~, the battery is never required in flight.


d) not recommen~a o se !Qe batt~3" ay not charge correctly during flight.

The correct answer is d.
Ij - t ,.,..
Question 69 (in database)


acid battery has a specific gravity of approximately:

a) 1.350

b) 2.275

d) 1.300
The correct answer is d.