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Question 8 (in database)

Aquaplaning speed:
a) increases as the depth of tread on the tyres reduces.
b) increases as the depth of water on the ground increases.
c) can be calci

t9..n knots, by multiplying the square root of the tyre pressure in PSI by nine.


d) is measured in : s per fio UC

The correct answer IS c.

Question 7 (in database)

On a light aircraft fitted with a mechanically steered nose wheel, steering on the ground is
normally effected by:

a) cables operafe fro

b) use of the

the aileron control wheel.

diffe!":nti~l brak~:';'A'\':iS only.

c) hydraulic jacks which allow self-centring.

d) control rods/cables operated by the rudder pedals.
The correct answer is d.
Question 9 (in database)
The 'Ply Rating' of a tyre:

a) indicates the number of rayon or nylon cords.

b) shows how many breaker strips are embedded in the tyre .
c) has

nothing~, ith, the strength of the tyre.

d) is an index of t e .strengttl of..t~&J.YA"aS

The correct answer IS d.
I.J - 1
Question 2 (in database)
Awl vents in an aircraft tyre:
a) prevent damag to the tyre which might be caused at high altitude because of pressure
trapped between e ~re plies.
b) enable tyre cre:o to be detefi:2, AGS
c) assist in balancing the wheel assembly.
d) prevent tyre slippage.
The correct answer is a.

Question 6 (in database)

Most nose wheels on modern light aircraft are:
a) oleo pneumatic shock-absorber slrolS.

b) spring sleel struts.

d) compressed rubber. struts.
The correct answer is a.



Question 5 (in database)

If a fire occurs in a wheel and tyre assembly, and immediate action is required to extinguish it,
the safest
use is:
a) dry powder.

b) carbon d;;o,,;;deJ9


cl bromotrifluoromethane (BTF).
d) water acid.
The correct answer is a.
Question 4 (in database)
Tyre creep may be identified by:
a) two yellow diametrically opposed arrows painted on the lyre sidewalls.
b) a tyre pressure check.
cl alignment mark$' Q

d) two while

8d on the tyre sidewall and wheel flange.


The correct answer IS c.




'8 & nge.

Question 3 (in database)

The principal reason why light training aircraft have fixed undercarriages is that:
a) training aircraft eed to manoeuvre on the ground.

b) training aircraft

neei:!... ensure that kinetic energy: on landing is absortied.

c) training aircraft be sijpotWaPa convenient height.

d) the reduced performance caused by the additional d
its simplicity, low cost and easy maintenance.
The correct answer is d.

of a fixed undercarriage is offset by

Question 1 (in database)

Tyre creep:
a) can be

preventl'~inting lines on the tyre aod whee. '._"'!:.,,-t

b) refers to the movement of a ~a.!1r~!ljI inst the brakes.

c) can be recognised by the misalignment of mar:kings .
d) can be prevented with glue.
The correct answer is c.

ted on the


and the wheel.