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Let’s Start with the Bad News…

I was a Condemned Sinner

• Do you believe you

were a condemned
• Does that seem
harsh to you?
I was Separated from God

• What do you think

caused the
separation between
you and God?
I was Headed for Hell

• Do you believe there is

such a place as hell?
• What would cause
someone to go there?
• How do you reconcile
that God is love but still
can send someone to
• Do you believe you
were headed there?
I was Unable to Please God

• What does Isaiah 64:6

say our “righteous acts”
where like before
becoming a Christian?
Now for the Good News…
“The word Gospel actually means
“Good News”
I was Declared Righteous

• What is the difference

between being
“declared” righteous
and actually having to
be righteous?
• Where did you get your
righteousness from?
• Are you considered as
righteous as Jesus in
God’s sight?
My Sins were Forgiven and Forgotten

• How many of your sins

were forgiven?
• How often do you allow
shame, blame and guilt
to isolate you from
• Do you still feel
• What causes you to
doubt the depth of this
The Holy Spirit Entered my Life
• Have you
experienced the
presence of God’s
Spirit inside you?
• Has he born witness
with your Spirit that
you are a child of
• Why do you think it’s
important to have
God’s Spirit living
inside us?
I Was Born Again

• What thoughts
come to your mind
when you hear
“Born Again”?
• What does it mean
to be born again?
• Is anyone born a
I Was Given Eternal Life
• How do we get
eternal life?
• Can you have life
apart from Jesus?
• Do you struggle with
these truths seeming
• If this life is eternal in
nature can you ever
lose it?
I Was Made a New Creation

• Does being a new

creation mean you
will not longer
struggle with sin?
• What part of you is
new and what part
of you is old?
I Was Reconciled to God
• What does
• What does it mean
to be given the
ministry of
• How have you been
I Am No Longer At War With God
• How were you at war
with God before
becoming a
• What was the key to
the peace
• Do you experience
this peace?
I Was Redeemed From the Hand of the
• What does the
word redemption
• Who is the enemy?
• How were you in his
• What is different
I Was Brought Into the Kingdom of God

• What is a Kingdom?
• What does it mean
to be brought into
God’s Kingdom?
• What are the
privileges bestowed
an a citizen of God’s
I Became An Adopted Child of God
• What does it mean
to be adopted?
• How does being an
important person’s
child impact access
and privilege?
• Are you confidently
resting in this
A Wall Of Supernatural Protection

• Do you believe
God’s promise to
protect you?
• What impact will
this believe have on
worry and anxiety?
• How do you stuggle
with this?