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The Cockpit 0 {10

Question 136 (in database)

The three-needle type altimeter used in many light aircraft is:

i) easy to m is-read .
ii) hardly ever m is-read .
iii) accurate and reliable.
iv) n ot very accurate or reliable.
a) i) only.
b) ii) only.

c) i) and iii).

d) ii) and iv).

The correct answer is c .

Question 135 (in database)

A standard "T" layout has the artificial horizon or attitude indicator at the centre. Which of the
following does NOT make up the rest of the "T"?
a) The altimeter.
b) The airspeed indicator.
c) The direction indicator.
d) The compass.
The correct answer is d.
Question 137 (in database)
Which of the following is NOT a basic consideration governing the way controls should be both
designed and arranged?
a) Controls should be standardised in location and sense of use from one aircraft to the other.
b) Controls should be standardised between aircraft, in terms of their shape and materials .
c) Controls having different functions should both look and feel different.
d) Important controls should be located in easily reached and un-obstructed positions.
The correct answer is b.
Question 133 (in database)
Which of the following occur when a pilot is sitting too high in a cockpit?
i) Good downward outside view.
ii) Poor view of instruments.
iii) Upwards outside view obstructed.
a) i) only.
b) i) and ii) only.
c) i), ii) and iii).
d) ii) and iii) only.
The correct answer is c.

Question 130 (in database)

Which of the following is the most important factor in deciding the size of a cockpit?
a) The size of human beings in the central 90% of size distribution.
b) The number of pilot.manipulated controls required in the cockpit.
c) Heating and air<anditioning factors.
d) The overall size of the aircraft.
The correct answer is a.
Question 131 (in database)
Cockpits are generally designed to cater for males in the central _ _ of size distribution.
a) 5%
b) 50%

c) 90%
d) 100%
[The correct answer is c.
Question 134 (in database)
An analogue display is generally better than a digital display for showing which sort of data?
a) Quantitative.
b) Qualitative.
c) Numerical.
d) Subjective.
The correct answer is b.
Question 132 (in database)
Which of the following is not a term used for the defined position of the pilot's eye?
a) Eye Datum .
b) 8ird's Eye View.
c) DeSign Eye Position .
d) Reference Eye Point.
The correct answer is b.

Question 129 (in database)

What is the name of the model which shows the relationship between human beings and all of
the factors to which they have to relate?
a) The HASELL model.
b) The FREDA concept.
c) The BUMFITCH model.
d) The SHELL model.
The correct answer is d.
Question 138 (in database)
You are preparing for a training flight wilh an instructor and cannol find your checklist. You
should :
a) perform the checks from memory.
b) use a checklist for a different aircraft type.
c) take time 10 find the checklist at the risk of missing part of your airborne time.
d) rely on the instructor to point out anything that
The correct answer is c.


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