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Bangunan Majlis Agama daerah Segamat, is a joint federal government building which

manages everything that related to Islam such as zakat an so on. Therefore the efficiency and
workability of an employee is measured by the level of comfort at work. So, for the ventilation
used in this building more on the mechanical system. As known Ventilation is the intentional
movement of air from outside a building to the inside and is simply defined as the process of
changing air in an enclosed space. A proportion of air within the enclosed space should be
continuously withdraw and replaced by fresh air.

This building mostly using an Air Conditioner Unit (ACU) as the cooling system in each
room to control the temperature of the room and the inside the place to work. Other than that is
the design of the building which has an opening throughout the building. The building use a
bigger unit for the bigger room and small unit for an office that the workers have.

1.1 Split unit

The use of the ACU system is fully in Bangunan Majlis agama Daerah Segamat, but
there are some rooms or departments that use the ACU system which is a kind of private indoor
unit and outdoor unit, or it call it split unit.

Outdoor unit
The split unit is used at the ground floor and 2nd floor in this building. The cooling effect
from the package unit is insufficient to supply the chilled air to the area. Thus, additional cooling
system is required to fulfill the cooling requirement. Unlike the fan coil unit, the indoor unit
blows directly to the hall without any air supply ducts. There are 20 unit of split unit in the
building. The outdoor unit is located at the rear of the building and in front of meeting room
1.2 Chiller
Chiller is a device which will conduct the course of conditional water. It is generated by
water released from the water pump. Before the process occurs in the chiller, it should detect
water in the water pump. Chiller is very sensitive to detect the entry of water. Water through the
heating and cooling coils and continue to go up to the tank on the outside of the room which
houses the chiller.
It can be points detail as follows:

Heat is transferred from the air in the rooms to chilled water at the air handling

The chilled water is pumped through the chiller and the heat is transferred to the

The refrigerant is cooled by cooling water circulating in the condenser of the


The heated cooling water is passed through cooling towers where the heat is dissipated to the
atmosphere by fans.
1.3 Problems With Indoor And Outdoor Environment
Disruption in terms of environment, it does not affect the surrounding environment on the
outside. The system does not produce gas or smoke that can be harmful to humans. In addition,
the system is located inside the building and it works in the building. Air from outside does not
affect the impact of the air inside the building. It is only affected if the air spaces open. It will
cause the air system in the building and its affect the temperature as warm air mixes with cold
1.4 Impacts
In terms of impact is the problem of too many ACU system. Since the building are using
whether a single unit AC or the multiple unit in one room therefore the split unit will take space
outside the building more and it can be a problems to maintainance. Sound machine that
generates a vibration of air conditioner that produces very little noise. It gives very little impact
on the surrounding environment. Possible impact of human hearing is not affected. It is only the
sound vibrations.