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Colegio El Valle de Occidente

II Project Worksheet Vocabulary Sixth Grade Teacher

Karla López

Skill: Students will identify and write the vocabulary for the hospital, personal
hygiene, baby care and the school.

Part I Medicine. Decide how the following medicine items are taken or
applied, internally (I) or externally (E). 1 point each one, total 5 points.

1. Vitamins __________________
2. Lotion __________________
3. Nasal Spray ____________________
4. Throat lozenges _________________
5. Ointment ____________________

Part II. The Hospital. Instructions. Select the word that best completes each
sentence. 1 point each one, total 5 points.

1. Mrs. Garcia, I need to put this ( medical chart I.V. ) in your arm.
2. Use the bed ( pan control ) to adjust the height of the bed.
3. Here, Mr. Chen. Please put on this ( hospital gown gurney ).
4. Your ( vital signs emergency ) monitor indicates that your heart
rate is normal.
5. You can sit on the ( emergency waiting ) room while your wife is
having surgery.

Part III. Personal Hygiene. Instructions. Circle the word that doesn´t belong
in each row. 1 point each one, total 5 points.

1. lipstick mascara eyeliner bubble

2. Nail file nail clipper soap scissors
3. Electric shaver aftershave razor blade
4. Toothbrush deodorant mouthwash dental floss
5. Conditioner foundation brush comb

Part IV. Baby Care. Instructions. Listen to the audio and decide which baby
item these people are talking about. 1 point each one, total 5 points.

1. a. Disposable diapers 3. A. baby shampoo 5. A. cotton

b. cloth diapers b. toy b. diaper
2. a. teething ring 4. a. vitamins 6. a. baby
b. bib b. baby wipes b. ointment

Colegio el Valle de Occidente.

Vocabulary Project

Sixth Grade Teacher Karla López


Skill: Students identify and name the vocabulary items of medical emergencies and

You will make a picture album illustrating the following words:

2. Congested
3. Sprained ankle
4. Dislocated knee
5. Scraped cornea
6. Bruised arm
7. Warts
8. Sunburn
9. Blister
10. Congested
11. Bloated
12. Dizzy
13. Stiff neck
14. Nauseous
15. Laryngitis
16. Strep throat
17. Shortness of breath
18. Itchy
19. Cavity
20. Rash
21. Swollen finger
22. Frostbite
23. Overdose on drugs
24. Mumps
25. Depression
26. Measles
27. Heatstroke
28. Asthma
29. Chicken pox
30. A splint
31. tweezers
1. In the class, the teacher will make a dictation of these words.

Album with the words (5 points)

Dictation (5 points)

Total (10 points)