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Awaken Your Spiritual Self

By the Reverend Nancy Norman
There is an ancient fable about a king who awoke from a
long sleep only to discover that his memory was gone. He
thought and thought, but
could not remember who he
was, or even where he was.
He still wore the golden
crown, but he had forgotten
his identity. As he pondered
his dilemma, he realized that
there was one person who
could tell him who he was,
and that one person would
be the ruler of the land.
After all, the ruler knows
So, he started his search.
He looked high and low for the king, but of course his
search was in vain, for he himself was the very person for
whom he was looking.
Discouraged, he wandered into the forest. Days passed
and still he was unable to solve the mystery of his identity.
Overcome by exhaustion and thirst, he finally found a
beautiful pool of water. He fell beside the pool and began
to think. As he did so, he caught a glimpse of his image in
the water. He saw the golden crown over his head and, in
a flash, his memory returned. He remembered who he was
and said, "I am the king of this land."
Oftentimes we develop spiritual amnesia and forget
who we are and what is our identity. We are divine
children of God. Through knowing that we are perfect
children of God, we can accept our wonder and
magnificence. God sees our greatness and wants us to
express it. He has bestowed wonderful talents upon us and
has gifted us with a specialness that surpasses our

Walt Whitman once wrote, "Each whit and tag of me is

a miracle."
No matter what mistakes we have made, God's love for
us never diminishes. We don't have to carry around all of
the old stuff we have been lugging for years. We can
throw it off and look into the pool and see our true
How often we put ourselves down and say, "I'm not
good enough. I am not worthy." What right do we have to
downgrade God's perfect creation?
There is goodness and greatness welling up in our
souls, seeking to find expression in our lives. If we have
forgotten our identity and have suffered from spiritual
amnesia, now is the time to wake up, to seize this moment
and to realize our magnificence.
We are surrounded by infinite possibilities. We live in
a world where everything is possible. We no longer need
to argue for our limitations or to struggle through life.
We are God's perfect creation, and he has a divine plan
for each of us. Once we acknowledge this truth, once we
accept God's gifts, there is nothing that will hold us back.
Our way will be made clear and straight, secure and safe.
All obstacles and barriers will be removed. We will always
be in our right place at the right time, surrounded and
supported by wonderful people.
"Be always ready for the gifts of God, and always for
new ones, and always remember, God is a thousand times
more ready to give than you are to receive," as Meister
Eckhart said.
Look into the pool, wake up, and remember your
I am WISE. I am BOLD. I am GOOD. I am able to
do everything perfectly. Emma Curtis Hopkins


Nancy Norman, Minister and CEO
Harvey L. Brown, Jr., President
Charlene Wilkinson, Vice President
Joy Prouty, Secretary
David Rogers, Treasurer
Don Horine, Director
Anthony H. Holliday, Jr., Director


Minister and CEO
Rev. Nancy Norman
Associate Minister, Youth Education
Rev. Laurie Durgan
Head of Unity School
Louis St-Laurent
Assistant Head of Unity School
Laurie Houghton
Chief Financial Officer
Phil Seaman
Assistant Controller
Paul Meadows
Staff Minister, Logistics
Rev. Hallie Hopper
Director of Protocol
Gayl Brown
Lessons in Living
Amy Wiseman
Music Director
Shawn Berry
Daniel Cochran
Bookstore Manager
Jill Reid
Licensed Unity Teachers
Lynn VanDyke-Lee, Madaline Lawrence
Fellowship Greeters and Prayer Chaplains
Madaline Lawrence
Prayer Ministry
Rev. Linda Hurley
Public Relations, Newsletter Editor
Brenda Robinson
Administrative Assistant
Kathleen Cronin
Church Office Assistants
Herlinda Vera, Dymin Dyer
Andre Spedaliere
Youth of Unity Sponsor
Lynn VanDyke-Lee
Family Ministry & Uniteen Consultant, UWWM, S.E. Region;
Youth Education Assistant, Unity of Delray Beach
Ytonna Finnegan
Uniteen Co-sponsors
D.J. Lee, Ytonna Finnegan
Lynn Leath
Head Ushers, 9:25 a.m. LeaAnne DeRigne, Dymin Dyer
Head Ushers, 11 a.m. Joey Romero, Liz Shaw

Sound Technician
Frank Hawkins

The Burning Bowl Ceremony

Wed., Jan. 6 at 7 p.m.

We all have regrets, fears, and resentments from our

past that we hold onto for one reason or another. With
the burning bowl ritual, we can finally let those
negative energies go and make room for Divine Love,
healing, and acceptance. In the Burning Bowl
Ceremony, we write all the things from which we want
to be free on special paper, and it burns away very
quickly in the bowl. We then write our goals and
commitments for 2016. Its good to arrive early. This is
one of the most popular evenings of the New Year!
With Rev. Nancy Norman. Love offering.

The White Stone Ceremony

Wed., Jan. 13. at 7 p.m.

Licensed Unity Teacher, Madaline Lawrence, leads this

tribute to personal freedom, giving us a chance to
choose a new spiritual name or idea for ourselves in
alignment with spiritual qualities we want to manifest
in our daily lives. The White Stone is a harmonic
complement to the previous weeks Burning Bowl. Join
Madaline for a time of reflection and expression of
spirit. Arrive early to assure a seat. Love offering.

Join many thousands who have

experienced the life-changing
benefits of 4T

The 4T Prosperity Program is a 12-week program

dedicated to the idea of living an abundant lifefree of
the feeling of fear and insecurity, free of thoughts of
lack and limitation, centered in the abundance of God.
When that connection with God is made, wondrous
events occur and people experience a deeper spiritual
awareness, enhanced relationships, job satisfaction,
financial security, self-esteem, and better health. To
date, the 4T Prosperity Program has been presented in
more than 600 Unity, Religious Science and other New
Thought churches to more than 100,000 students
around the world.
Join Nancy Norman at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday,
January 10 in the Sanctuary for an introductory
overview and refresher on the 4T Program. The 12week 4T Program classes will run Mondays starting
January 11, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, or 7 to 9 p.m.
in the Sanctuary.
The workbook materials cost about $50. The 4T
Ministry's mission is to teach others to put God first in
all that they do in order to experience miracles and
change lives. It is the promise of Jesus fulfilled:

~ I came that they may have life

and have it abundantly. John 10:10. ~

Class Thoughts
January Class Thoughts
Power: Faith
Color: Blue
Disciple: Peter
Body Location: At the Pineal Gland
(above the ears)

February Class Thoughts

Power: Strength
Color: Green
Disciple: Andrew
Body Location: Small of the Back

Idea: Faith is the Christ-power within us that enables us to

translate the invisible into the visible. Faith is the mind
power, and we are using it all the time.

Idea: The Bible advises us that in quietness and confidence shall

be your STRENGTH. (Isaiah 30:15) Strength then displays
the qualities of stillness, quietness, endurance, stability, and

This is a new year! I have faith in God as my
instant, constant and abundant supply.
I am lifted up on the wings of faith.

I let all burdens fall from my shoulders. I am
strong, steady, inspired, and uplifted by Divine
God is my strength and my power.

This is a new year! I have faith in God to open
ways where to human sense there is no way.
God is my health.
I am lifted up on the wings of faith.
This is a new year! I have faith in God to guide,
protect, and direct me in His service.
God is my wealth.
I am lifted up on the wings of faith.
There is nothing to fear. Divine love prevails in
all weather conditions. The earth is blessed, and
harmony, order, and protection are assured.
~Daily Word

New strength is flowing freely to every part of my
being now. I am renewed in spirit, soul, and body.
God is my strength and my power.
Divine strength is making wise and true
adjustments in every phase of my life. I relax, rejoice,
and amazing things happen.
God is my strength and my power.
There is nothing to fear. Divine love prevails in
all weather conditions. The earth is blessed, and
harmony, order, and protection are assured.
~Daily Word

Fill us now with richness of spirit and purposeGod bless this church with
substance so that success and prosperity are the order of every day.
Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity

This Is YOUR Year for Great Health and Great Prosperity!

Selections compiled by Jill Reid
Happy New Year! Its that wonderful time of year when we renew ourselves as we greet the New Year!
Take the time to care for yourself, restoring your health as you renew your beliefs in the laws of prosperity for this new
This month the bookstore is highlighting two wonderful books whose authors share practical loving advice and
suggestions on how you too can have the best year of your life in 2016!


By Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane
For decades, best-selling author Louise Hay has transformed peoples lives by teaching them
to let go of limiting beliefs. Now in this tour de force, Louise teams up with her go-to natural
health and nutrition experts, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane, to reveal the other side of her
secret to health, happiness, and longevity: living a nutrient-rich life.
Unlike any health book youve ever read, this work transcends fads, trends, and dogma to bring you a simple yet
profound system to heal your body, mind, and spirit that is as gentle as changing the way you think. Louise, Ahlea, and
Heather show you how to take your health, your moods, and your energy to the next level.
In Loving Yourself to Great Health, you will tap into the secrets Louise has used for decades to supercharge the
effectiveness of affirmations and bring your body back into alignment with your mind; discover what nutrition really
means and how to cut through the confusion about which diets really work; learn to hear the stories your body is eager
to reveal; and uncover techniques for longevity, vitality, good moods, deep intuition, and for meeting your bodys
unique healing needs at all stages of life.
At 88 years of age, Louise has much wisdom to share about what it takes to live a long, happy, healthy life. We
invite you to join us on an amazing journey that will turn your life into your greatest love story.
By Catherine Ponder
Imagine sitting in the lap of your favorite grandparent and learning the secrets to a magnificent, abundant life.
Catherine Ponder writes in such a loving gentle way, and the secrets she reveals are not secrets at all but universal
truths for health, love, success and peace. She shares actual success stories to help those of us who are uncertain. She
offers plenty of practical advice for using Divine power to overcome difficulties and achieve happiness. Everyone can
benefit from this book.

Joy on the Journey with Charlene Wilkinson
Sat., Feb. 6, 2016, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
We will take this time to take our focus off the busy
activity of life and bring our focus to the joy within us. A
gentle yoga session will be offered followed by a yoga
nidra session (a guided meditation that allows the body,
mind and spirit to restore balance) and a group activity.
Wear comfortable clothing. No prior yoga experience
is necessary, but you need to be able to lie comfortably on
the floor. Bring a yoga mat or exercise mat, a pillow and
a blanket. Space will be limited, so you must register by

February 1, 2016. The day will be offered on a love

offering basis with $10 due at the time of registration to
cover the expense of lunch.
The class is facilitated by Charlene Wilkinson, J.D.,
RYT. She has been a Unity student and studied yoga and
meditation for over 25 years. She is an accomplished
instructor of meditation, yoga and comparative
philosophy. Call the church office if you have any

You Can Talk to God Like a Friend

By the Reverend Laurie Durgan
Happy New Year! Here are five very important Truths to remember.
They will help you and God make this the happiest year yet for you.
1. God is all good and active in everything,

3. I create my experiences by what I choose to

think and what I feel and believe.

You live in a beautiful world! You make it beautiful!

It is beautiful when you see it as beautiful. God is in
everyone and
everything everywhere,
and God is good, but
you must look for the
good to see it! God is
in the oceans,
butterflies and flowers,
spiders, snakes and
thunder. God is in the
bully who is unkind
and the darkness when
you turn out the light
to go to bed. Open
your eyes and say a prayer and see that God is

Your thoughts create your life, and you are the one
who thinks your thoughts! You get to create your
life! Jesus said, believe and you will receive
Believe in the power of God in you. Whatever it is
you want to see in your life, pray it, believe it, and you
will see it. Say this often silently and out loud: I look
for good and good I find, for I attract whats in my
mind. You will be a magnet for all the good you pray

2. I am naturally good because Gods

Divinity is in me and in everyone.
You are here to be God in this world. People feel the
love of God when they feel your love. People see the
light of God in your smile. They hear Gods peace in
your kind words, and they are blessed by your special
spirit. Everything you will ever need is already within
you. Strength, courage, peace, love, joy and wisdom
are all there; you just need to quietly remember this in
prayer. Jesus said, Even the smallest of you can do
all that I have done and GREATER! Nothing is
impossible for God. You and God are amazing!


Through prayer and meditation, I connect

with God and bring out the good in my life.

The most beautiful prayer you could ever say is one

from your heart. God loves you and you can talk to
God like a friend. Nothing is more important than
spending time talking and listening to God. God
speaks to you in your thoughts, feelings, ideas, nature,
dreams and in the peaceful silence. When you
remember to take just a minute or two to pray and
listen, you will feel better.
5. I do and give my best by living the Truth. I
make a difference!
No one is like you! You are amazing, and God
created you to be you. You are the light of the world.
You are loveable and important. When you do your
best and give the world your best, you are shining
your light! You are perfect just the way you are, and
God loves you sooo much!

Our Congregational Meeting is Sunday, March 6 at 12:30 p.m.

Our annual meeting will be held Sunday, March 6 at 12:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Everyone who attends the church is
welcome, but only current members may vote. For the meeting attendees, a light lunch will be served in Mary Kupferle
Fellowship Hall following the 11 a.m. service.
The nominating committee was comprised of the Reverend Nancy Norman, minister and CEO and board
representatives Harvey L. Brown, Jr., president, and David Rogers, treasurer. Church members on the committee are
Judy Reimers and Karon Clark. The committee has recommended the nominees below to serve a second term and fill
the 2016-2017 openings on the church board of directors.

Don Horine
Don is a Texas native and has been a member of Unity of Delray Beach for
more than ten years. He serves as an usher/greeter, and has taken the 4T
Prosperity Program. Don is retired from a career where he served as an
educator at every level, kindergarten through graduate school, as a teacher or a
counselor. In addition to his work in schools and universities, Don served in
social work and case management for a non-profit organization in the Keys.
He was also program director for Communities in Schools. Don is a current
director on the church board.

Charlene Wilkinson
Charlene began attending Unity of Delray Beach in 1988 and became a member in
1990. She has served as a platform speaker and occasional guest speaker for Sunday
service and Prosperity Coffee. She has participated numerous times in the 4T and 5
Gifts for an Abundant Life programs. She is a registered yoga teacher and has
taught regular workshops on meditation at the church. She is the current church
board vice president. Charlene is a licensed attorney and spent 17 years in the
technology industry. She is currently in private practice in Delray Beach.

New! Staying in Touch Ministry

Do you know a Unity Member or friend who cant attend church at this time? Could they benefit from a home visit
by a Unity volunteer? Unity of Delray Beach is delighted to announce a new ministry: Staying in Touch. Church
member and founder/coordinator Susan Carlson has an enthusiastic team in place.
The purpose of the Staying in Touch ministry is to develop good relationships with folks who cant get to church right
now... but want to stay connected. Unity volunteers make friendly home visits! Would you like to be a part of the
Staying in Touch team? Do you know someone who would benefit from a home visit? Please call Rev. Nancy
Norman or Rev. Laurie Durgan in the church office at 561-276-5796, and arrangements will be made.
Thank you for Staying in Touch!

By the Reverend Hallie Hopper

7 to 9 p.m., Mary Kupferle Fellowship Hall.

PRAYER SHAWLS Thursdays, January 7 and February 4.

Rev. Hallie Hopper and friends invite you to join The Prayer Shawl Project. Calling all knitters,
crocheters, quilters and creators: Would you like to serve and enjoy fellowship? Your help is
welcome. **Experience not required** For those who do not knit or crochet and would like to create a No Sew
prayer shawl, here are the supplies needed: 1 yard of fleece (approx. 36x 60, soothing color or adult print preferred),
rotary cutter or sharp scissors, ruler and cutting mat.

Thursday, January 21

Using Prayer Beads as a tool

of meditation is as old as
human history. It is not a
coincidence that Prayer Beads
are present in almost every
culture. Prayer beads have physical, metaphysical and
psychological effects on their users. For those in 4T,
you may want to make a set of beads for your I am
Prosperous practice.
Perhaps you may want to make a Mala bracelet, which
is designed to assist the wearer in keeping track of the

number of mantras he or
she repeats. (Some might
have more beads, but the
basic design usually has 27.)
Or you might want to try a
modern Prayer Bead Practice. This will use the four
types of prayers: Naming, Knowing, Listening and
Loving. You are encouraged to bring beads of your
choosing: they will be yours to use. I will have beads if
you need them and all the rest of the supplies. Cost: $2
if you bring your own beads and $5 if you dont.


Thursday, February 18
Well be making boxes made from greeting cards. One of our fellow crafters Nancy Kavathas will
help us with this. If you have cards that you would like to re-use in a very creative way, bring them
with you. Cost: $2.


Saturday, February 27, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
With Rev. Hallie Hopper
Mary Kupferle Fellowship Hall.
A treasure map is a prayer in pictures. You can use it to catch your favorite
dreams, shape them into tangible goals, and launch them into reality. A
treasure map is a blueprint of the spiritual and material abundance you want to
create in your life. Like all good maps, it provides direction and helps you stay
focused on your destination. If you wish, bring some magazine pages that you
have cut out that speak to you to include in your mapalso bring your favorite
Cost: $12. Lunch provided. Register and prepay in bookstore by Feb. 17.

The Reverend Dr. James Gaither is Guest Speaker Sun., Feb. 21

Also Presenting 1:30 3:30 p.m Workshop on

The Historical Jesus and His Healing Philosophy

Rev. Dr. Gaither will speak at both services Feb. 21.

The title of his talk will be The Hidden Realm of God.

His workshop at 1:30 p.m. will cover The Historical Jesus and
His Healing Philosophy.
In his book, the author synthesizes scientific, historical,
and biblical research to make a case that the historical
James Gaither is a Unity minister with a Masters in
Philosophy and a Doctorate in Theology. He taught at the Jesus was a philosopher-healer.
seminary of the Unity School of Christianity for 20 years
The Hidden Realm of God is more than an academic quest
in the areas of
for the historical Jesus; it shows how his philosophy is still
history, world relevant for human life and health.
religions and
The Hidden Realm of God shows how sayings of Jesus are
related to findings in health research, modern hypnosis
He also served techniques, and ancient meditation methods of both
Western and Eastern traditions.
as senior
minister in
Unity churches Rev. Dr. Gaither describes his own original experimental
for over 12
research into the effects of contemplating Jesus words,
years, including indicating that listening to Jesus sayings can induce
7 years in
meditative states and reduce anxiety. The book also
New York City provides the readers with helpful suggestions for applying
as Eric
Jesus philosophy for health and wellbeing.
For over 30 years Jim regularly contributed articles and
columns to Unity Magazine. In addition to The Hidden Realm
Jim continues to
of God, he is the author of The Essential Charles Fillmore
teach Unity students as an adjunct instructor for the Unity (Unity House, 1999). In 2003 he received the Charles
Institute and as a popular guest speaker at Unity churches Fillmore Award for Visionary Leadership from Unity
and conferences.
Worldwide Ministries.
He is currently President of Holos University Graduate
Seminary where he also teaches theology and ethics.
The Hidden Realm of God, in addition to being the title of
Rev. Dr. Gaithers talk, is also the title of his most recent
book. Its the first book to systematically link the sayings
of the historical Jesus to 1st century Western philosophy,
Eastern philosophy, and 21st century health science.


Meetings & Classes
Family Worship Service
9:25 a.m. Sanctuary
Worship Service
11 a.m. Sanctuary
Sunday School
9:25 a.m. Various classrooms
Infant Care
9:25 & 11 a.m. Prayer Room
Youth of Unity
11 a.m. N. of church office
Following the 11 a.m. service
Mary Kupferle Fellowship Hall

SUNDAY continued
Men of Unity
6 p.m. 1st Sunday of each month
Ladies invited; Prayer Room
6 p.m. M. Kupferle Fellowship Hall

Prosperity Coffee
7 to 8 a.m. in Mary Kupferle
Fellowship Hall.
Lessons in well-being and prosperity.
Goodies, coffee, and tea.
With Rev. Nancy Norman

Prayer Service
10 a.m. in the Prayer Room
Gather to pray for others, one
another, and world healing.
With Rev. Linda Hurley

Prosperity Lunch
12:15 to 1:15 p.m. in Mary Kupferle
Fellowship Hall. Bring your own
lunch; tea, coffee, and desserts are
With Rev. Nancy Norman

AA 5:30 p.m. Big Book Study
Mary Kupferle Fellowship Hall

CA (Cocaine Anonymous)
6 to 7 p.m. Big Book Study and
Open Discussion Meeting
Mary Kupferle Fellowship Hall
Members of any 12-Step Fellowship
are welcome.

CODA (Codependents Anonymous)

Meditation Service
6:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary
Mid-week Guided Meditation
with Rev. Laurie Durgan


Wed. Jan. 6 Burning Bowl Ceremony
Thurs. Jan 7 Creating with Spirit: NeedleworkPrayer Shawls
Sun. Jan. 10 Intro to 4T
Mon. Jan. 11 4T Classes for 12 weeks
Wed. Jan. 13 White Stone Ceremony
Thurs. Jan 21 Creating with Spirit: CraftPrayer Beads
Mondays 4T continues
Thurs. Feb. 4 Creating with Spirit: Needlework Prayer Shawls
Sat. Feb. 6 All Day Retreat: Joy on the Journey, Charlene Wilkinson
Thurs. Feb. 18 Creating with Spirit: Craft Boxes from Greeting Cards
Sun. Feb. 21 Rev. Dr. James Gaither, Guest Speaker
Sun. Feb. 21 Workshop, Rev. Dr. Gaither
Sat. Feb. 27 Treasure Mapping Day
Looking Ahead: MARCH
4T continues through March 28
Date TBA
New Members Classes
Sun. March 6
Congregational Meeting
Sun. March 13
Daylight Savings Begins
Sun. March 20 Palm Sunday
Sun. March 20 Ebony Chorale Concert 4 p.m.
Fri. March 25 Good Friday Noon Prayer Vigil
Fri. March 25 Good Friday Tenebrae Service
Sun. March 27 Easter Services and
Easter Egg Hunt


Diner Night at Unity of Delray Beach!

October 22, 2015 was an evening where everyone had a lot of fun. It was a 50s & 60s
themed Diner Night pot luck supper organized by Hallie Hopper and Jim Story. Good
food, camaraderie, laughter and GREAT decorations filled the night. Lets do it again!

And a spooky

By Gregory Johnson

I have always been a seeker of Truth. Several books on

Truth and The Road Less Traveled made me know I was on
the right track. I was agnostic, and to my surprise, this
quest for Truth eventually
led me to God. Compelled
to read the Bible, so much
began to be revealed to
In 1991, I was stricken
with a chronic disease that
is fatal to most. Patients
generally die within three
years of contracting it. Those stricken cannot fight
infection. I developed an awful pain in my side. There
were no meds for it, and the pain grew to the point that I
could not eat or drink any liquid without it flaring up.
I became gaunt, and my skin was pasty gray, my eyes
blood red. With a life expectancy of only three years,
people were dying all over the world. I was in my fifth
year. This must be the end, I thought. Yes, I was afraid.
It took all my efforts to make it to the doctor's office. He
saw my condition and said, You are jaundiced, there are
no meds for hepatitis, and your body cannot fight. There
is nothing we can do. I was devastated. Here I am on a
new spiritual journey, and God is going to let me die.
I slowly made my way to my home, slowly climbed on
the bed, and began to pray. I started crying as I asked
God, Why?
In the midst of all this I heard a voice say, Turn on
the TV. I did not question the voice. It had spoken lifealtering truths to me before. I turned on the TV. This is a
true story - a minister was saying on his show, So you
have a sickness the doctors can't heal? Pray this prayer
with me, repeating over and over: I will myself with the Will
of God to heal.

So I did, until a surge of energy hit me in the aching

area in my chest. I stoppedafraid that the surge might
kill mebut then I remembered the pastor said, Repeat
it over and over. I did, and the surge of energy began to
swirl in my chest. I was sweating profusely and crying,
and I did indeed pass out.
When I woke up, I jumped straight up. Prior to this,
I could hardly move, and it had taken me several minutes
to get into bed into that prayer position. Startled, I ran
into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw that
my face was now completely clear, my eyes as well, and I
now had energy!
I exclaimed: Thank you Jesus! This was a personal
acknowledgement I had not made before.
I realized in that moment that God is real and
miracles do happen.
One year later, still with no meds. I got a cold and
went to the doctor. He was in a panicanother
infectionhe was sure this was it. He took my blood and
sent me home. With a blood count of under 200
T-cells, a body cannot fight, and death is imminent. The
doctor called and explained to me the year before my
T-cells were 122, which was very bad. He said, Now,
they are over 600, and there were no meds, what are you
doing? Praying, I said. He said, Keep doing that!
That was almost 25 years ago. I am in good health
and so grateful to God. This was tangible proof that God
is real and He can perform miracles in a twin millisecond.
This blew my mind, and I have been diligently on the
quest ever since. I was propelled to become a prayer
chaplain, and my mission is to become a minister and
help alleviate suffering.
Praise God!
Yes, I am truly grateful! I feel that for this miracle of
life I have much to do for God!