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Unbreakable belief and the man on the

moon mindset

''When I hear somebody say 'Life is hard', I am always tempted to ask

''Compared to what?'' - Sydney J Harris
We humans are funny creatures: we posses this extremely powerful computer
between our ears and most of the time we have no idea how to use it to our
advantage: most of the time it's running on autopilot, causing us harm rather than
good, and making our thought process completely ineffective and useless.

For example, when we hit adversity we hypnotize ourselves and think we're
stuck and that we don't know what to do. We make small things seem like big
things, and tell ourselves dumb stories about what the events in our lives
Jordan Belfort has a great quote: The only thing standing between you and
your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't
achieve it.
This is what we often do, and it's completely silly. We tell ourselves stories that
don't support us; stories that are usually based on unconscious limiting beliefs
that we haven't even questioned.
What story are you currently telling yourself as to why you can't achieve
massive success and prosperity in your life? Identify that story and get rid of
As I look back on my life I can recall a bunch of moments when I had told
myself a story as to why I couldn't achieve a particular thing. Before I began
studying successful people and asking the question ''what makes successful
people successful, and why does millions of people live their whole lives in
mediocrity?'' I had all kinds of assumptions about what makes a person highly
successful, and I constantly told myself stories as to why I wasn't ''one of
My brain was filled with unconscious limiting beliefs that made me tell myself
negative and limiting stories, which were hindering my ability to take action
and fully execute.
We are also often unable to think big and dream big, mostly because the
people around us influence us negatively and drag us down to their level of
thinking, which is usually chained by mediocrity and limiting beliefs. I mean,
think about the people you know. How many of them really think big? If you
notice that none of your friends or the people you surround yourself with think
on a large scale, it's time to leave them behind and look for people that do.
This is what the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz said in one of his
speeches: ''I feel so strongly that the reason I'm here Is because I dreamed big
dreams. I dreamed the kind of dreams that other people said were impossible.
I'm also a living proof, he continues, I literally come from the other side of the
tracks. If you saw where I grew up, you would say it's impossible that someone
could come from there and get here. But it is possible.''
Although what Howard said sounds like a huge clishe that the majority
of motivational speakers and self-development gurus constantly talk about, it's

still true. That's why they talk about it! It's repeated so many times and the
concept is so simple that it gets overlooked and undervalued.
Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because
they aim too low and hit. - Les Brown
Most people settle for the regular, the mundane, and the mediocre. The
majority of people set ''realistic'' goals because they're afraid of failure and a
bunch of other things, not knowing that setting realistic goals is what keeps
them in the realm of mediocrity possibly for their entire lives.
If were not extremely careful, we can get caught in the paradigms that most
people spend their whole lives in, which will completely hinder our ability to
reach greatness and live our dreams.
So what can we do? How can we leave behind the mediocre ways of thinking;
the greatness hindering paradigms, and the elevate our consciousness to a
whole new level - to a realm of though were big thinking is the norm? How do
catch the drift of all the super-achievers of the past and start utilizing our
brains true capabilities?
We can do this with another mental flip - a paradigm shift that takes our minds
to the next level and allows us to tread the path to our dreams a lot
faster. This principle allows you to take something that you consider difficult
and make it easy.
I call it the contrast paradigm. Let's jump in. First, consider this: It took about
10,000 years of civilization and science, physicist, approximately trillion dollars
of investment, man power, and capital to finally figure out how to put a man on
the moon. Hundreds of phd's who have spent lifetimes figuring out physics,
gravity, and how to get a man on the moon and back. So with this we have
figured out how put people consistently in space.
Think about the scale of that project. That is hard! And everything you and I
have in our lives to figure out and to accomplish is basically easy in contrast.
Just think about losing weight. You will meet people who say ''I have tried every
diet there is and still can't lose weight. Is that hard in contrast to putting a man
on the moon? No.
I know, it sound a little cheesy to compare something as simple as losing
weight or achieving our goals to putting a man on the moon. But if you master
this principle, it will reframe your whole mindset, making everything you do a
whole lot easier.
Why is this important? Because we are excellent at hypnotizing ourselves into
thinking that the things we're doing and the dreams and goals we're
pursuing is extremely hard. And I'm here to tell you that it's not that difficult to
get through roadblocks, innovate yourself out of problems, and to achieve your
goals. All it takes is the right mindset and the ability to think big! You don't
have to make life more complicated than it already is.
I remember the time before I started my online business and I began
noticing examples of people who were making 10,000 dollars per month. I was
like ''how is that possible!?'', ''That's so much money!'', ''Must be extremely
difficult to make that kind of money.'' This is how I used to think. But now, I
don't consider making 10,000 dollars per month as a big feat. My whole
mindset is flipped.
Think about it. Is it that hard to make 10,000 dollars per month? Millions and
millions of people are making 10,000 dollars per month at this exact moment.

If millions of people before you have figured out a way to make 10k per month,
tell me one reason why you couldn't do the same by focusing, modeling
successful people, learning, taking action, staying consistent, and
not regocnizing setbacks? It's not that hard. We just like to make things seem
harder than they really are.
Think about making a million dollars, which is for most people the ultimate goal
of personal achievement. Everyone wants to be a millionaire right?
Well, how much is a million dollars spread out in a year? It's about 3,000 dollars
per day. That sounds a little bit easier right? By simplifying, It seems more
Use this contrast and simplify it even more. If humans can put a man on the
moon, could you make a million bucks? Which is easier? Making a million
Now, which is easier from making a million a year? making 3000 dollars a day.
To make 3000 dollars a day, how much do you have to make every
hour? That's 300 dollars per hour if you work 10 hours a day. Seem a little more
doable right? There's a whole lot of people making 300 dollars an hour in the
world. In fact, millions of people right at this moment.
If you really committed yourself, focused, and took consistent action, couldn't
you figure out how to make 300 dollars an hour within a year, three years, or
five years? All the resources to learn how to build a business that makes 300
dollars an hour are available to you, and most of them are free.
Let say you decide to build an online business that sells information products. Let's say
you're selling a product for $499. To make a million dollars per year, you would need to
make 6 sales per day. With your basically unlimited human potential, couldn't you
figure that out? You can if you just put the time into it.

Just think about it. How many people in the world right now are millionaires?
ready for this? There were 16.3 million millionaires around the world in 2014.
What that means is that 16.3 million people before you have accomplished the
feat of making a million dollars a year. If 16 million people have became
millionaires, tell me one reason why you couldn't do it? The famous saying
''What a man can do, another can do.'' is surely right.
Most people spend their whole lives in the mindset that making a million
dollars is hard. Yes it's hard but it's simple. And anyone with a normal IQ can
basically do it, if one just puts his mind to it, works hard, and regocnizes no
Mark Cuban has a famous saying: ''In business you only have to be right once.''
This means you can start a business 9 times and fail and then pull it of on the
tenth try and you will be successful.
If you just keep at it for long enough, and take the mindset of Thomas Edison
who said: ''I never failed, I just found 10,000 ways how to not do it,'' what are
the odds that you will succeed if you try hard enough? Pretty damn high,
considering all the opportunities of the modern world.
Once you know that 16.3 million people have already done something that you
previously saw as something extremely hard, the contrast in your brain should
flip, and it should seem a lot easier to you.
Just think about the Wright brothers. They had zero proof that flying an airplane
was even possible - nobody had previously done it. Still they managed to
develop the certainty that they could do it, and they did.

Well, you and I have 16.3 million examples of proof that our goal is possible. If
that isn't enough examples, then I don't know what is.
I'm aware that this can sound completely ridiculuos and propestorous coming
from someone who has not yet made a million dollars himself. I get it. But this
way of thinking - thinking big and flipping the contrast does something
extremely important. Please hear me out.
How does it help for you to see making a million dollars as easy, while
everyone else thinks it's one of the hardest things ever? What good does that
mental flip do to you? You become certain that you can do it. How important is
certainty when you're doing something and trying to accomplish your goals?
Extremely important.
Certainty is the holy grail of achievement and making things happen. Let me
share something with you that I learned from Tony Robbins that will really drive
this point home. All credit goes to him.
When someone is absolutely certain that if he takes action and that action
produces a certain result, and that result will change his life, he will do it. When
you think that it will absolute not going to work, you will never do it. The middle
no-mans land of ''maybe it will work, maybe not'' is the piece that kills people.
Tony Robbins explained that this model is the difference between what makes
the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. He also said that what makes
people successful is almost exclusively their mindset.
The first thing that determines whether you can do something is potential. For
2000 years it was considered impossible for a human being to run a four
minute mile. But Roger Bannister did it, he ran the four minute mile. How did
he do it? He didn't just go physically practice, but he made a shift in his head.
He practiced and visualized it in his head before he could do it physically. This
is how he made the result feel certain enough and that he belived it, so his
body got him through.
Here's where it get's interesting. After Roger Bannister ran that four minute
mile, within two years, 37 people ran a four minute mile, when it was
preciously believed to be completely impossible. But as the saying goes, the
word impossible says it. ''Im-possible.''
Most people have a belief about their potential no matter what you tell
them. Whether or not people tap into their human potential has a lot to do with
what action they take. Which is one of the biggest problems people face. They
have all this potential but they cannot get themselves to take action. And the
action people take will determine the results they get.
That belief that people have about their potential determines how much action
they take, and that affects the results, and then ironically that result reinforces
their belief.
Here's an example. Let's say you have a lot potential, but you take little action,
and thus get little results, because you have a problem in your belief. You don't
believe that it's really going to happen for you. You think that successful people
are somehow superior than you.
What happens is that if you believe that there's very little potential, how much
action will you take toward your goal? Very little. And when you take little
action, what kind of results will you inevitably get? Lousy results. ''Mediocre
actions guarantee mediocre results.''
When you get little lousy results, what does that do to your belief? You go ''See,
I told you this was a waste of time.'', ''I told you this wouldn't work.'' And what

happens after this is that you tap even less of your potential, take even less
action and get even worse results and your belief gets even weaker. And this
creates a massive downward spiral and becomes a self fulfilling phropecy.
If you get yourself in a state of absolute certainty, (for example by using the
contrast principle of this chapter) then you tap a lot more of your potential. And
when you're certain of your potential, you take massive action every day. And
when you take massive action and you really believe in something you get
great results. And when you get great results, your belief gets stronger and
stronger and you get into an upward spiral that can propel you into greatness.
This is why certainty is absolutely critical, and without it, life can get tough and
you can get sucked into the poisonous downward spiral of mediocrity.
You can take this even further. Pick someone who's doing what ever you want
to do on a much higher level. Pick a guy like Sam Walton who was the owner of
Walmart. He made 160 billion, which is 160 thousand million dollars. Now use
the contrast. Can you make a million? Sure. He's not hundred and sixty times
more skilled and intelligent than you.
Can you now see how helpful this contrast principle can be in your life, and how
it can aid you in achieving big things and fulfilling your vision?
Let's take dating. Pick someone like Leonardo Dicaprio. This guy is dating like
tens and tens of Victoria's Secret models. If you think you can't date anybody,
and if you think it's too hard, be like ''ok what's hard is to date all
the Victoria's Secret models. That's hard. So surely you can gather your
confidence and ask the girl that you like at the coffee shop for a date.
You'll be amazed what this little mental switch does to you. You move from
thinking that something is absolutely difficult to a place where you think: this is
so easy! It's powerful. And the difference in your life and your actions will
be notable.
My strong recommendation is to write down the basic idea of this chapter on
paper, and to read it every morning before going on with your day. This will
instantly flip the switch in your head, making your days a whole lot easier.
And remember, none of these principles I'm sharing with you will stick in your
head by just reading and understanding them once. It takes a lot of real life
practice to make these work in your favor. Start using the contrast principle
every day and apply it to every situation that would benefit from some
Another thing that goes hand in hand with the contrast principle is having an
unwavering belief or even conviction in your ability to figure things out.
This belief allows you to wade into any unknown territory or uncertainty and say, ''I
have no idea what's going on, but I will figure it out.
The basis of this belief is that with enough time, energy, focus, determination, we can
develop the knowledge, skill, competency and mastery of any area that we want
to succeed in.
This is what the majority of people lack for their entire lives. Most people think that
successful people are cut from a different cloth, and that it's impossible for them to
achieve big things.
For example, if you ask around, you'll notice that most people want to get rich, live
lavish lifestyles and travel around the world. This kind of lifestyle is completely within
reach nowadays, and millions of people are doing it. You know, having an online
business, being location independent and travelling to different countries.
But if you ask these people about what have they done about their dream, they
usually answer by saying that ''I don't have a business idea'', ''I don't know how'', ''I'm

not a business person.'' These kind of statements all usually stem from the initial lack
of belief in themselves and their abilities.
The fact is that anyone with a normal level of intelligence can come up with a business
idea and make that location independent lifestyle a reality with enough time, effort,
dedication, energy, focus, and determination.
This is exactly the difference between many successful and unsuccessful people.
Unsuccessful people lack self-belief, while successful people believe in
themselves, their potential, and their abilities.
When the worst of life's storms hit you and everything is terrible, you must believe in
your ability to figure your way out.
If you're currently struggling in any area of your life, be ok with the struggle because
you know that you will figure it out.
dd anthony robbins ''stories video'' to stories part.

The Laws of Nature and Winning

We should always expect the unexpected: that things will go wrong in our lives.
We should also expect things to take a little longer to happen than we'd like to,
because things happen rather slowly. And this is the opposite of how our
instant gratification minds tend to work.
The average multi-millionaire takes around 12-20 years to become a
millionaire. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Stephen Spielhberg all started
very early and worked for like crazy for years and years before seeing the fruits
of their labor.
There's a law in nature which is a natural progression of timing. Nature dictates
the normal phase of success - in nature and in life. The trees always grow at an
even and predictable phase. Animals never grow faster than normal. The
seasons won't chance rapidly out of nowhere.
These are the laws of nature and it's very tough to fight against them. We have
to keep in the forefront of our minds the thought that our success might take a
little longer than we would like. It might take a little longer than expected - and
it usually does.
We have to remain calm, cool, and collective but still moving swiftly toward our
targets, free of any anxiety or hurry. Sense of urgency should always be in our
minds, but the hurry that comes from the childlike need of instant gratification
and entitlement for instant results shouldn't.
We should all adopt the mentality of a peaceful warrior. You're going for yours
top speed, hustling, working hard, but at the same time you're completely
peaceful and patient; accepting the natural timeframe of success, knowing that
your day will come if you stay consistent and productive.
Darren Hardy, the CEO of Success Magazine noted in one of his recent
interviews that: ''You can do it. You can do anything you want if you set your
mind to it and you're willing to endure the trials and tribulations of the
This is what it's all about! Focus, determination, tenacity, perseverance, and
staying committed to the process day in day out without stopping in the face of
inevitable adversity. Adversity will happen! A lot! But the only thing that
matters is perseverance and vision.
Let Darren's words sink in for a bit. I mean, the guy is the real deal and
he knows what he's talking about. I urge you to read his books and listen to his

The reality is that achieving anything noteworthy will take time and the time
will probably at some point feel like too long. But that's how it is; that's the law
of success and that's the reason why we need to stay patient, but extremely
hungry at the same time.
What's the opposite of hunger? Being full, which is complacency. We should be
extremely careful to never let complacency take over our lives, because it's
one of the worst enemies that will stop us from living our true potential.
Diamonds are created under intense pressure. If you want to become a
diamond, you need pressure too. The thing is that human beings need pressure
to do great things. We need a carrot but we also need the sticks. We need a
vision to strive for but we also need negative things that we're running away
I have a formula for creating intense pressure in your life that will start shaping
you and your life into a beautiful diamond. Here's how to create it In five
The first step is to have a clear vision of your ideal life. It needs to be so
vivid and colorful that you almost feel like you're living it when you close your
eyes and visualize it. Think deeply about what your life would look like if you
now had your goal accomplished. Where would you live? What would you do
daily? How would you feel? How grateful would you be? What kind of lifestyle
would the accomplishment of that goal grant you? What would your days look
like? What kind of person would you be? You need to make it extremely clear
and vivid to ignite your strongest energies and the torching flame of your
internal desire.
The second step is to list down on paper all the ''why's'' or the reasons
you want to accomplish your mission. Human beings always need a motive for
action, and the more compelling reasons you have to act, the easier it will be
for you to take consistent action toward your goal. As Anthony Robbins says
''Humans are always moving away from pain toward pleasure.'' So what is your
''pleasure?'' What positive emotions do you want to feel? Why do you want to
win? Why do work hard every day and get up early even when you don't feel
like it? Why do you want to succeed? Do you crave freedom that your new
venture could provide you? Do you want to become location independent so
that you can travel around the world while building your empire? What are the
biggest reasons? List out all the motivating factors on paper that you can think
Third step is to identify the ''pain'' in your life. Sit down on somewhere
quiet when you're alone and get yourself in a mental state
of complete awareness and really think about your situation deeply. Notice all
the things you're dissatisfied with in your life. Notice all the negative things
that you have in your life currently. What are the things you're running away
from? Negative environment? Negative people? Mediocrity? Lack of money or
freedom? Frustration? Boredom? Not living up to your true potential? Create
pressure in your mind by thinking deeply about all the negativity and
dissatisfaction you want to get rid of. This will create pressure. Also think about
the amount of regret you will experience later in life if you don't take action
and utilize todays amazing opportunities.
If you don't have a peer group who are on the same path than you;
people who are striving for success and similar goals than you; people who are
pushing you to get better, I strongly recommend you get one. If you can't, you

have to create an imaginery one. Sounds silly, but it works. Because the thing
is that you're the average of the 5 people you spend time most with. And if you
don't have a peer group that's pushing you and pressuring you to succeed, you
get complacent. List out 5-10 people who are successful and making more
money than you. These people could be entrepreneurs who are 2-5 years
ahead of you. Imagine that you're in a competition with these guys. Imagine
them in your mind and think how far ahead of you they currently are, and be
aware of how much catching up you have to do. Another thing you can do,
which I learned from John Lee, is to ask yourself multiple times a day ''If I was
in a competition against myself, what would I be doing differently right now?''
This will create that pressure inside you and get rid of complacency which is
extremely easy to fall into. Another thing I do to create pressure is to ask
myself multiple times a day: ''Is this the best you can do?'' This keeps raising
my standards consistently so that I can get to a higher level of performance
every day, and keeps me demanding more from myself each hour of the day.
Fifth step is to remember the shortness of life. We're all on a race to get
what we want and most people are too slow. You don't have all the time in the
world to get to your dreams because you can die any day. This is what Seneca
said in his book ''On The Shortness of Life'' : It is not that we have so little time but that
we lose so much. ... The life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but
use what we have wastefully. To create a life of your dreams you have to have great urgency about
your goals. Seneca also said this: You live as if you were destined to live forever, no thought of
your frailty ever enters your head, of how much time has already gone by you take no heed. You
squander time as if you drew from a full and abundant supply, though all the while that day which
you bestow on some person or thing is perhaps your last.

Taking it easy and having the mindset of ''there's all the time left to accomplish
things. I have so many years left to do things!'' will completely stump your sense
of urgency, which is a crucial factor in achieving big success in anything.
My sense of urgency is at a such high level that it sometimes becomes a problem. I
can start feeling anxious or frustrated if I waste only an hour of my day. I easily begin
thinking: ''what am I doing with my time and why am I not taking action toward my
goals?'' Don't get me wrong, this is a great mindset to have because it allows me to
stay very consistent and make a lot of stuff happen, but sometimes it disables my
ability to relax and take a break. And taking a brake and cooling off sometimes is
critical if you want to keep your energy levels high, and if you don't want to
experience the law of diminishing returns which kills productivity.
95% of people in the world have no sense of urgency. Without the sense of urgency
your days will be mediocre at best. Your level of action taking falls off and you become
unproductive. And as you know, your days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months,
and soon you'll wake up 5 years from now with a realization filled with absolute regret
saying ''Oh no, I'm average. And I could be successful right at this moment if I just
had had a sense of urgency and if I just had took massive consistent action.''
Trust me, you don't want to experience regret. Although I'm young, I know what regret
feels like and I can tell you it's extremely painful even with completely trivial
and insignificant things! I don't even want to consider what it would feel like with such
a big thing as your life!
Another thing we should also remember that if success came really fast, it wouldn't
feel that good. The hard and tedious journey is what makes the achievement taste
sweet and delicious. Imagine if making a million dollars was easy. How would you feel
like when you got there, looked at your bank balance and saw $1,000,000? Exactly. It
would mean nothing. Now imagine what it will feel like in real life once you get there.
Of course the high of the accomplishment will fade away soon and you'll be going after

the next thing, but it sure as hell feels amazing to know that you've achieved a level
of financial freedom that most people only dream about their whole lives.
We're always looking for shortcuts to get there faster, and luckily, there is a few of
them. When ever you find a way to cut your learning curve, do it. The absolute best
way to decrease the timeframe of your success is to model successful people, learn
what they did, and do the things that worked for them. You can find mentors, talk to
successful people, read books, take online courses, and go to events and seminars so
that you can cut down your learning curve and avoid mistakes that cost time and
Most people would say to you that you only learn from mistakes, and that's true. But,
the mistakes don't have to be yours. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others,
and avoids the high costs of failure. Sure, you always learn from failure, everyone
knows that. But what would you rather do, start your first business and start making a
good income in 6 months, or start your first business, fail 4 times in a row, and only
after 2 years start making some money because you failed to learn from other peoples
Anytime you feel that you're in too much of a rush, remember that there
are necessary growth periods that you have to go through as you move toward your
goals, which will strenghten your character and get you warmed up for the big
success. This is important, believe it or not. If someone gave you a multimillion dollar
business making 6 figures per month in revenue right now, you couldn't handle it and
you would probably run it straight into the ground within a week.
You need the time to grow into the person who can handle such success. You can't just
go and surf the biggest wave on day one, you have to start small and work your way
up, each little success and failure making you a better, stronger and more
capable person.
If you start a business and it's not instantly making money don't freak out. Good things
take time, and as the saying goes: ''When things don't happen right away, just
remember: it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota.
I got some extremely valuable advice from the highly successful internet marketer and
business man Frank Kern, and he said: ''be ok with the fact that it's almost guaranteed
to not work at first. Expect that it's going to be a pain in the ass. You will send traffic
and they will not opt in at the rate you want, or they might opt in but they probably
will not buy from you yet. Realize that that is totally normal. Rarely does it work the
first time you try. You're going to have to tweak something, change some copy,
or change your marketing message. But if you just keep doing that and stay the
course, you will inevitably get the results.
Listen to the guy who has made hundreds of millions in business. That's golden advice.
And that advice is also similar to what we talked about earlier. It's the same as the
Tony Robbins success formula. 1. Know what you want 2. Take action 3. Notice what's
working and what's not 4. Change your approach, method, or technique until you
succeed. That's the winning formula for life and that's all you need. It works.
The sad truth is that the majority of people don't even know what they want. They
haven't even started the four-part process of winning. How can you ever expect to win
when you don't even begin? Most people coast through life, never stopping to consider
what they truly value in their lives and what they really want to create. The next part
where people fail is the second one; they don't take action, which usually stems from
the lack of certainty and belief in their abilities, just like we talked about earlier.
If they do get through number 1 and 2, then we come to number three. This is what
people are actually good at. They have the ability to notice if things are working or
not. But where they fail again most of the time is at number four. They take action
and don't get the results they want and quit. People lack probably two of the most
important intangible skills of success - tenacity and perseverance.

If more people would learn the intangible skills of success and adopt the mentality of
Thomas Edison, which is to look at ''failures'' as only results, what do you think would
happen? Millions and millions of people in the world would be living their dreams
instead of living in mediocrity.
Before Pablo Picasso became Picasso, he practiced for 10 years before he became
known. Bill Gates from age 20-30 never took a day off. So he worked 10 years at full
blast and only after that did he start to see success. Ray A Croc started mcdonals at
52 years old. Cenral Sanders who started KFC started it at 65 years old.
You wouldn't want your children to grow up quickly and skip the childhood right? Well,
your dream, goal, vision, or aspiration is like your child. And you should not want to
skip the childhood of your dream, because the childhood is imperative to having a
mature and well developed adult. What am I talking about? The same thing I talked
about earlier in this chapter: if someone handed you a multi-million dollar business
today, you would run it straight into the ground probably within a week.
You need to go through the neseccary growth periods. You wouldn't want to just shoot
up your child with human growth hormone and steroids because you're too impatient
to wait him or her to grow. The kid would grow up totally messed up.
But this is what we are often trying to do! We are impatient and always looking for
ways to shortcut the process of achieving our dreams. This is why the lottery is so god
damn popular. People want instant results, instant money, instant happiness, instant
This kind of mentality is poisonous to the process and the exact reason why most
people quit three feet from gold. Or should I say hundred feet. They start something,
and when they don't see the instant results because of the instant gratification
mentality which has mostly been imprinted into their skulls by society, they quit and
go after the next thing. And what then? The process repeats itself. No patience = no
results. Instant gratification mentality = life of frustration and pain.
You reap what you sow. And when you see some multi-millionaire driving down the
street in a Ferrari, you're seeing the end result, and you miss the process that was
necessary for achieving that result.
What if nature had no seasons? What if there was no winter? The soil would not have
no time to rest, and produce the optimal nutrients for the growth.
Why am I telling you all this? Because when you know how nature is set up, you won't
be wasting your energy on ego-centrically trying to fight the reality! You will be able to
become a peaceful warrior who is not in a rush, but still has a sense of urgency. A
warrior who is consistently taking action toward a goal and a vision, trusting the
process, appreciating the laws of nature, and being patient and persistent in his
Let's talk about the seasons of life. You will have a spring, winter, summer and a fall in
your life. The cycles of seasons. We should all learn to appreciate them.
In the winter time life can feel stagnant and stationary. It can feel a little dark, and you
can easily forget what summer feels like.
But don't lose fate in that period of your life, because after a winter always comes a
spring. In the winter you can get easily depressed and lose your courage and
faith. Avoid this by being optimistic.
Remember, right now you may feel like you're in the winter on various areas of your
life. Maybe you're frustrated and not seeing any results. But this is how winters usually
are. This is the time when you ask yourself questions and where you do your
Then spring comes. This is the testing and experimenting phase. Run your
experiments. Most people are trying to skip to the summer and fall, but it's
required and part of the process. You must put in enough experiementation.
Then you move through the phases. The summer is the time of activity, you sleep the
least, you're going hard and hustling, which can get stressful. You've gone through the

spring and done your experiments. This summer phase is the time when you put in the
work and double down on things that produce results. You plan in the winter and the
spring, and now you take massive action consistently.
Then you will come to the fall, which is the harvest. This is where the results come.
Your business makes money, or your social life is booming, or you're happy and
Appreciate each season because although some of them may seem rough and long, it
will be fall again when you can reap the rewards and start to see the success you've
been working for.
Have I lost you yet? Let me give you an example. Let's say you've just started a small
business. You're feeling frustrated and you're not seeing any results. Well this is the
winter. This is the time when you can easily get depressed, lose hope or maybe even
quit. Don't. Because this is the time when you're supposed to ask questions and do
research and try to figure out what you should be doing and in which direction you
should be heading.
Then as you make it through the winter and gain some clarity, you can start testing
and running experiments. You've researched answers to your questions and now it's
the time to test them. For example, you try a certain marketing campaign, you tweak
your messaging or the hook of your product, you make your product more valuable.
As summer comes you double down on what works and scale the winners. This might
mean to just put more money in your Facebook ads or to continue a certain marketing
strategy that has produced results. Time of massive action.
Then comes the fall. Time to harvest! This is the season when you reap what you sow.
Now you've gone through the phases and you can start to see the results of your labor.
This is when you start to bring in some income. Maybe you reach your first 100 or
1000 sales. Time to celebrate and then get back to work.
This is how the seasons work, and they work the same way not just in business
ventures but in life too. Now that you know the seasons, my recommendation to you is
to really learn to cherish, appreciate and make the most out of each one.
We should all adopt a more grounded understanding of life. Remove the instant
gratification mentality of being entitled to having it all right now, which can be
extremely difficult in our modern world where everything is happening faster and
faster as the years go by. Remain patient and cool at all moments, but
ambitious, hungry and never satisfied.
Remove all the false timelines from your mind that the media has put in your
thoughts. Get rid of the instant success mentality and the get rich quick schemes.
I think my 6+ year bodybuilding journey has thought me this principle the best and
drilled it into my skull. You can only gain a certain amount of muscle in certain amount
of time naturally. It teaches you to respect the process and the slow progress. It
teaches you the timeline that it takes to build something out of nothing. You reap what
you sow and your actions determine the results you get.

''Mediocre actions guarantee mediocre results.''

If your action is to sit and watch 3 hours of TV every night, you can't expect to get a
huge result.
If you plant only a couple corn seeds into a field of where you can and should plant
hundreds, you can't expect to harvest a big yield. Your actions always determines the
results you get.
As you go through the natural cycles in your life, remember to appreciate each
moment. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you'll be happy once you reach
the fall & ''harvest'' period of your life. It's easy to put off happiness and think that it
will come once your reach your destination. But this is not a good mindset to have.
If you always delay happiness and link it to some future event, you will mostly be
unhappy, because once you reach your goal, you'll want something
more immediately.

That's how we humans are: we always want more and more, which is the reason we
should always appreciate the present moment and be grateful for what we have now.
''Be grateful for what you have, while working for what you want.'' Do not wait for the
future to make you a happy person. Be happy now.

7 fold path to the obvious signs

As rational creatures we should always embrace the truth. But if you look
closely, a lot of people talk about the truth, but they don't engage their
decision making around the truth.
Most people know that they should take action on their dreams, but wait
patiently for the ''right'' time to arrive. Most people spend most of their hours
in mindless no-good activities that produce no significant results while being
aware of the fact that life is extremely short and precious. Or maybe most
people don't realize that.
Its a sign if you notice that you hate Mondays. Mondays should be celebrated
and adored. It's the start of a fresh week with new opportunities. If you don't
feel this way, it's an obvious sign that your life needs a huge makeover. Just
think about it. Life is extremely short, so why would you spend
your days hating life when you have the power and the ability change it almost
in an instant?
''The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions to
link pain or pleasure to whatever we choose. By changing what we link pain
and pleasure to, we will instantly change our behaviors. - Tony Robbins
Nothing is good or bad, but the thinking makes it so. Stop saying that anything
is good or bad. Just take an objective look at the situation you're facing and
correct your course accordingly.
When a torpedo is launched from a ship, it's off course 98% of the time. The
torpedo's computer mechanism is constantly course correcting and adjusting
the movement of the torpedo. Well this is largely how our lives are. We are off
course most of the time, and sometimes is hard to accept this truth. It's so
easy to react emotionally every time something is not going right. It's hard to
keep the emotions out of the game and calmly correct the course. The latter is
what we should aim for.
If you're overweight and you look in the mirror with disgust, don't label it as
good or bad, just take it as an obvious sign that's telling you to change. No
reason to get negative about it. But you can get angry about it, because anger
is a powerful motivator that will get you to change.
If you're unhappy, that's another obvious sign that you need change. Instead of
getting depressed about it and instead of focusing on the problem, focus your
energy on the solution. Remember the words of Tony Robbins: ''what you focus
on expands.''
Many times throughout my life before I began studying personal development I
was always focusing on the problem I had and not the solution. If I knew this
back then, I would have saved myself from experiencing so much pain and
If you notice that you're dreading Mondays, get yourself in a mental state of
anger because it will motivate you to make a change in your life. Get angry
that you're living below your potential and not taking action to change your life.

Declare that you should absolutely love each and every Monday, and make a
You have to choose your goal and your vision and ask ''which system moves
me most efficiently toward it?'' Instead of the good or bad mentality, you
should say ''this efficiently moves me toward my goal'' or ''this inefficiently
moves me toward my goal'' And cut out all the things that inefficiently move
you toward your goal. And make sure you have the right goals too. Most people
aim too low and hit, when they should be aiming much higher.
Here's an amazing six-step formula for achieving your goals:
1. Ask yourself a question
2. Research the answer to that question
3. From that research make a sample answer
4. Test the answer for a while
5. Observe while you're doing the test
6. Step back and analyze what you observed when the test is over
For example you can ask a question like: ''how can I get more wealth?'' Then look for
the answer, read books, listen to podcasts, listen to interviews, take courses, talk to
successful people. From that research make a simple answer. Like: ''ok I need to start
an internet business.'' Then you test the answer by starting an internet business. Then
you observe what you're doing. Then the last step is to step back and analyze what
you observed when the test is over.
Remember that it took Thomas Edison 10000 tests to come up with the lightbulb.
Around 80 percent of people who start a business quit after a ''failure.'' 85 percent quit
after 2 ''failures'' and 95 percent of people quit after 3 ''failures.'' The reason I'm
sharing this is because there's a huge irony in this statistic. If you look at all the self
made millionaires or otherwise successful people, coincidentally almost every one of
them failed in business 3 or more times before succeeding. That's why the top 5%
have all the money in the world. They didn't give up when they were three feet from
gold, like the rest of the bunch.
In the book '' The Millionaire Mind'', they did research and found that the most
common commonality among millionaires was leadership and tenacity. If you look at
that statistic above and think about that research in the book, it's obvious that most
people just lack tenacity and perseverance. How much different the lives of those 95
percent would be if they just had the skill of perseverance? You must have tenacity if
you want to succeed. You have to be willling to go through failed experiments. You
must iterate and pivot, like Eric Reis says in The book ''The Lean Startup.''
I want you to become a master experimenter who does not recognice failures, because
there are no failures. Failure is a state of mind. You fail only when you give up, all the
other ''failures'' are just feedback and results. Not getting the results you'd like?
Change your approach, iterate and pivot. This is how life becomes exciting: you
experiment your way to success and mastery in each area of your life.
Ask yourself a question, do some research, make a hypothesis. run a test, and look at
the results.
For example, this is the process that has been done in internet marketing every
day. They ask a question, do some research, make a hypothesis, and run a split test.
Are you doing this in every area of your life? I know I wasn't when before I learned this
If you're picking up girls, say that ''ok my goal is to approach ten girls'', and for every
girl you run different test. For one girl you could be a little aggressive and invasive. For
another you could be really nice and complimentary.
A mistake is an experiment run too long. This reminds me of this one episode of shark
tank, where there was an old Asian guy who had started a business selling some weird
tennis clubs that were supposed to be better than the regular ones. He had run that

business for like 10 years, and then the sharks laid some truth to that man and said
that there's no way his idea could work and actually make money. The reason it didn't
work because nobody was buying the product!
And the man said ''I don't want to give up''. That's a mistake. He ran his
experiment for too long. He should have looked at the obvious signs like the fact that
he was still not selling anything after 10 years in business and the fact that he
had negative cash flow and a bunch of other problems. He had literally drove himself
into bankrupsy with that experiment and decided not to give up on it. What a sad
He forgot a critical part of the 6 step system which is to observe the experiment. He
though too black and white like ''I will never quit.'' He also forgot to analyze his bank
account. It was going down consistently throughout the years and nobody was buying
his product. He stuck with his experiment for 10 years. That's insanity. And if he knew
this concept he might be in a totally different place at this moment.
There's one final step you can take after the 6th step. And that is to ask for advice
from successful people. You're finished with the experiment and it didn't work. Then
you can ask somebody: ''it didn't work, what is your opinion on how I could succeed
with this.'' Successful people are usually happy to give feedback on questions like this
when they notice that someone has really put his time and effort into something but
had no results.
After you've completed the steps you go back to the drawing board to step number
2, do some research and come up with a new hypothesis. You start over, test
again, and observe.
The key is to stay persistent and to not respond emotionally when things don't work
out. When you don't get the result you want, maybe punch a door to release your
anger and frustration. But that's it. No more negativity after that.
Programmers don't get bummed out when their code doesn't work. They just make a
change and do it again. This is how we should approach everything we do.
This is what the marketing genius Seth Godin said in a YouTube video: ''If I ''fail'' more
than you do, I win. If you get to keep playing, that means you get to keep ''failing.''
And sooner or later you will succeed.''
There's so much wisdom in that little quote, and it all boils down to the same thing
we've been talking about: making experiments, not responding to bad
results emotionally and staying persistent.
Mark Cuban said in his book ''How To Win The Game of Business'': ''In business, you
only have to be right once.'' He continued, ''But when you get it right once, that result
will reward you for the rest of your life.'' And that's so true. Please remember this: If
you keep taking consistent action toward your goals, then eventually you will win. It's
only a matter of time.
You get a business right once, and you can be financially free for the rest of your
life and live a lifestyle that mots people only dream about. You can maybe even
become a billionaire, which is completely possible these days, and you don't have to
be a genius to accomplish that.
Let me give you an example. There's a California based company called ''The Dollar
Shave Club'', founded by Mark Levine and Michael Dubin. These dude's met a party
and shared their frustrations about how shavers are too expensive. They decided to
start the business and now the company is worth 615 million dollars. Anything is
Not sure what to do next in your life? Just do anything. A bias toward actions is better
than stagnation. Then as you do ''anything'' do it with the experimental mindset and
iterate and course correct after looking at the results. The experimental mentality will
change your life.

Never get stuck with experimenting, until it's time to stick with something. In other
words, until you find something that works and produces desired results, keep
experimenting. This is the path to success.
In the next chapter we're going to talk about what it takes to be successful.

To get what you want, you have to deserve what you

''To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want The world is not yet a
crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people'' Charlie Munger
I love that quote. And the funny thing is that I see people every single day who have
big dreams and ambitions, but as I get to know them and look at their daily actions, I
can see that they don't actually deserve to achieve their dreams. At least not yet.
For 95% of people, their dreams and ambitions will stay as dreams and ambitions.
They will not see the daylight, which is kind of sad, but that's how the world works.
Just like Charlie Munger said: ''The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a
whole bunch of undeserving people.''
What does undeserving mean? It means that most people want success in various
areas of their lives but don't do anything that would actually make them deserve it.
Most people in life are victims who are waiting and wishing for the ''big day'' to come
that would magically grant them the success they feel like they deserve.
What does this mean?
You want to make it as an athlete? Movie star? You want to be a good
daughter? Son? Spouse? You want to build your dream physique? You want to lose 100
pounds? You want to become a successful entrepreneur? Whats the formula to
accomplishing these kind of things? It's simple, but often overlooked: you have to
deserve it and there are no shortcuts.
You want to make a million dollars? You have to deserve the million dollars. How do
you deserve a million dollars? You become aware of the fact that you are a creator and
that you have the power to build something amazing and valuable that solves a
problem for other people in the world. First you become valuable, and by becoming a
valuable person, you'll be able to provide valuable products or services that
help people and solve their problems.
The thing is that people who deserve a lot, also tend to get a lot, and all you have to
do to get a lot is to become a person who deserves a lot. It's quite simple - simple, but
not easy.
There are 3 kinds of people in the world. People who watch things happen, people who
make things happen, and people who wonder what happened. If you look
closely, you'll notice that most people dont know the answers to the most important
questions of their lives. They just wonder. Their awareness of life is low.
Most people tend to know everything about nothing. Also called as ''majoring in minor
things.'' What I mean by that is that the majority of people have tremendous
knowledge about things that do not matter at all; they know everything about their
favorite TV shows and sports teams; they know everything about the pointless and
negative news; and they fill their heads with generalized knowledge that have
absolutely no impact on their lives or their goals. Have you noticed this?
Most people fill up their minds with mindless entertainment, negative news, and
unimportant facts, leaving no room for the valuable knowledge that would make a
difference in their lives! On top of that, they lack the awareness to notice that they're
doing the wrong things in the first place. Why? Because everyone else is doing the
same things, so they just follow blindly.
I used to be like this years ago and trust me when I say that this is not an
effective way to deserve big things in your life.
We all need the technical skills, principles and paradigms that make us deserve
success. And the good thing is that we can get them.

We have to be willing to use our spare time and be humble and learn from the
successful people who have already made it. We have to be willing to spend our time
on sitting in front of the computer and watching YouTube videos; we have to be willing
to spend 12 hours reading a great book; we have to be willing to invest into
learning; we have to sacrifice the pleasures of life for a while and listen and grow.
We need to have skills that increase our deserve it factor. Tangible and intangible
skills are needed. Theres lot of intangibles: courage, patience, perserverance,
wisdom, focus, determination, intensity and the ability to think big, etc. But what is the
biggest one of the intangible skills? It's awareness. The more aware you are of what
you lack, the faster you can go get it. This is where most people fail. They lack the
awareness to notice that which they lack; they don't know that which they don't
know and they're not aware of the tangible and intangible skills they have to have in
order to deserve success.
Gary Vaynerchuck said this too in one of his YouTube videos. He said ''I would create a
drug that would allow people to become self-aware.''
Self-awareness is betting on your strengths and accepting your shortcomings, but also
fixing the shortcomings that are crucial for deserving success.
It's important not to just accept your shortcomings and declare that you don't need to
work on them at all. This would be a wrong interpetation of self-awareness. Imagine if
you start a business and you say ''I'm not good at marketing so I'll just accept
that I don't know anything about marketing and I'm not going to learn it.''
What will happen to your business if you don't know how to market your product or
service? You will not sell anything, and if you're in the beginning stages of your
business, you probably don't have the capital to hire a professional marketer to market
your products. You're out of business before you even begin.
Years ago when I began studying success and business I started slowly becoming more
and more self-aware; I began noticing what I was lacking and then started going after
it. I started building my tangible and intangible skills as fast as I could and haven't
looked back since.
You need to have massive awareness of life and what it takes to get to your goals. Be
aware of how you are spending your time and be extremely aware of what results you
are getting from your actions, so that you can make changes accordingly. But
remember that awareness is only one of the multitude of intangible skills you must
Dont complain if you have a hundred dollars in you bank account. You deserve to
have hundred dollars. How do you deserve more? You give something of value to other
We have to continually be on an upward path to deserving more and more. You want
to be in better shape? Well, what are the things that make you deserve to be in better
shape? Having a healthy diet, lifting weights, and doing cardio consistently.
And this is the way it is supposed to be: hard. Most people want things to be easy and
handed to them on a silver platter. But would you like to live in a world where people
who dont deserve things would get things? I doubt it.
Look at yourself in the mirror and get really aware of where you are in each area of
your life. Are you happy with what you have or do you want more? Better body, more
muscle, more money, more happiness, better realtionships, more freedom? Well, its
time to stop wishing and to start deserving more. Thats the only way you will get
what you want, and thats the way its supposed to be.
Did Arnold deserve to have one of the all time greatest physiques? You bet he did. He
worked out 4-6 hours a day and had a great diet.
Did Bill Gates deserve to have the success with Microsoft? Yep! He said from age 20
to age 30, I never took a day off, not even one.
Did Michael Jordan deserve his success in basketball? When he was in highschool, he
practiced for 2 hours before school, then had the team practice after school, then he

went and practiced on his own after practice, and only after that he went home and
did his homework. And he did that every single day.
Does the rapper Jay-Z deserve to be one of the most successful rappers in history? Jay
wrote raps every single day to get better at his craft.
Theses peoples deserve it factor was through the roof. Do you want to reach
extreme success during your lifetime and leave your mark on earth? Then you have to
work for it and deserve it like Jay-z, Michael, and Gates. It's simple.
It's easy to fall into the mindset of thinking that there's some sort of a ''secret'' that
the highly successful people know but won't reveal to others. A ''secret'' that would
unlock our ability to achieve big things. I'm here to tell you that there's no secrets. The
secret is mastering the tangible and intangible skills, showing up every single day and
doing the work consistently. That's it.
Look at you friends who are unsuccessful. Ask yourself, do they deserve to be
successful? With some investigation you will become aware of the answer: no.
Usually successful people deserve their success. How much you deserve is how much
you will get.
If you look in the mirror and see a fat gut, you probably deserve that gut because
youve been eating too much crap.
You and I will not probably become the next Zuckerberg or Gates, but we can
deserve a whole lot more than we have now.
You can also invert this principle. Its not always about things that will
make us successful, but what Is guaranteed to make us unsuccessful. One of them
is low awareness, because youll never be aware of what you need to change in order
to reach success. Also laziness, conformity, procrastination, aiming too low, small
thinking. Think: ''what will make me unsuccessful?'' and be damn sure not to partake
in any of those activities. Flush those out of your system day by day until there's
nothing left but the stuff that matters.
Ask yourself: ''how can I deserve more in each area of my life?'' Make a list and then
get to work. It's hard and it's supposed to be hard.


In life it's not the most intellectual, strongest, or most skilled people who win. Its the
intangible skills that usually matter most. It doesnt matter how high your IQ is or what
your strength is. Thats not what's going to cut it to get what you want out of life. You
must be adaptable and changeable.
We live in a society that pushes strength and IQ as the fundamentals for success. At
some level, its true that there are correlations between high IQ and success. For
example, most billionaires have high IQs. But youre not nessacerily aiming to become
a billionaire? 1000 million dollars?
Lets say you just want to become a millionaire or a multi-millionaire. Well If you read
the book called ''The Millionaire Next Door'', They did research on millionaires and
found out that the average millionaire does not have an extremely high IQ. They are
smart, of course, but so are you if because you decided to invest in your own brain
and are reading this book right now.
The speed with which you can adapt and evolve, is the speed with which you will get
what you want out of life.
From a young age weve been pre-programmed, not with the tools that will bring us
success, but everything you and I learned opposes the speed of adaptability.
When you came into this world, you were born into an environment where there were
countless of outside influences affecting you. For the first 15 years of your life you
were basically programmed to think and act in a certain way. You were influenced by
your environment, experiences, and the people around you.
If you were born into a negative environment where your parents yelled at you for no
reason, complained about money all the time, or just didnt give that much thought

into how they were parenting you, chances are youve had a pretty bad
Things like negativity, scarcity, bad parents, bad environment and things like that can
have a very negative effect on someones personality.
If you were born into an environment where negative influences affected your mind
and your behaviors, then you absolutely have to have the skill of changeability. You
have to be able to change the programming of your brain into something that will help
you succeed.
There are millions of people in this world who still have that negative programming in
their minds they got when they were kids, which is terminating their ability to succeed
and live the life that they desire. Others get programmed by their friends. They see
how their friends think and fall into groupthink.
Changeability ties in perfectly with awareness. The higher level our awareness about
where we are in life and what our habits, behaviors, beliefs, and actions are, the
quicker were able to change the ones that dont support us nor get us close to our
goals and dreams.
Are you aware enough to notice? Are you aware enough to notice the things that are
standing between you and your dream life? The quicker you can identify and shine the
light of awareness upon the thing thats stopping you from reaching your goals
whether that is a habit, a belief, a mindset, or a person the quicker you can get
There are people in the world who do not notice whats stopping them from achieving
big things. They are not aware of the fundamental principles of success, nor are they
aware of the shortness of life, and their lack of action taking. They are not aware of
the fact that if they do not change their behaviors and actions, all that will be left form
them at the end point of their life will be immense regret, broken dreams and fractured
Through the grade system is school, we've had tremendous reinforcement about
failure. Its not good that everything is always looked at so black and white, either a
pass or a fail.
What if the school system had thought us something different. What if weve been
trained like Thomas Edison? Thomas Edison died one of the wealthitest men in the
world, and more important than his wealth is that he helped to change the world, more
than almost anybody ever.
So the way Edisons mind worked, is that instead of seeing things as black and white,
like for example: I launched this business and it failed, see it as I conducted an
experiment and didn't get the result I was after.'' What do you do when you fail to get
a result you want? You try again.
This is the new way to think about life. Dont be so black and white. Thinking black and
white is history, when people thought that the world was flat.
We should all learn to not see the world as a so black and white. We should learn
to see life as adaptability. If you launch a business and you fail dont think so black
and white and immediately jump into conlusions that youre just not good at
business like many people do. When most people don't get results immediately, they
start the negative self talk of: ''I can't do this'', ''I'm just not good or smart enough'',
''people who succeed and get results are much better than I am'', etc. They open the
gates of their minds and let the dream killing doubts and fears enter the kingdom of
the mind.
Realize that these doubts and fears happen to everyone, including the most successful
people in the world. The difference between the unsuccessful and successful people,
however, is that unsuccessful people give into these thoughts of doubt,
insecurity, fear, and let them rule their thoughts. Successful people regocnice these
thoughts but choose not to let them rule their thinking and affect their actions.

This sounds so simple and you've probably heard it thousands of times, but the reason
I'm telling you this is because we all need reinforcement on the most important
and fundemental ideas. Think of the last time you did something and ''failed'' (didn't
get the result you was after.) What kind of thoughts entered into your mind? If you're a
human being, chances are you experienced some doubt, insecurity, and negativity.
The next time you do something and you fail to get a result you want, catch yourself
at the exact moment when you realize that you've ''failed''. Be extremely conscious
and aware of what kind of thoughts you're thinking at that moment. I can almost
guarantee that some negative thoughts will arise. Maybe the impostor syndrome will
hit you; maybe you will sell yourself short; maybe you will reinforce some negative
unconscious belief that you didn't even know you had.
The trick to it all is to notice those negative thoughts and to crush them immediately.
They can be hard to notice, so it can be beneficial to close your eyes and to visualize
an image of an ugly, horrific, and monstrous entity and even give it a name. You could
call it the ''dream killer.'' As you hit the ''failure'', imagine this horrific monster trying
to enter into the kingdom of you mind and then imagine you stopping it from getting
Though this visualization may seem childish or even completely unneccasery,
remember that this entity called the ''dream killer'' is the number one cause why
millions and millions of people in the world are not living their dreams at this moment.
It is exactly this why so many people live their lives in quiet desperation, disbelief, and
It's literally like a virus that enters into man's mind and stops him from high levels of
achievement. To avoid this virus from getting into your mind, you need virus
protection, just like a computer. What is this virus protection? It's the ability notice the
virus and to kill it before it grows and expands by choosing not to entertain thoughts
of negativity, doubt, and fear. We have to be able to notice these thoughts and learn
how to stop them immediately or be doomed to live in mediocrity among the people
who have surrendered to this powerful monster.

Remember: everything you do has to be an experiment. You can't have a failed

experiment, because an experiment is just an experiment. There's no ''failure''
in experiment, there's only results. The faster you can become a master
experimenter, the quicker you can get to all of your goals. The faster you can
get rid of the notion of failure, the quicker you can succeed.

See, if you want results different from the masses, you can't think like the
masses. Start thinking like Thomas Edison. He knew how to utilize this principle, and it
made him tremendously wealthy and successful. Edison did not react emotionally to
each ''failure'' and immediately began doubting his abilities and selling himself short
like millions of people do. He just did experiments until he found the correct formula
for success.
You will ''fail'' or fail to get the results you want a bunch of times during your journey,
and how you choose to look at it determines how quickly you will get to your goals.
This is Tony Robbin's definition of the path of success: ''The path to success consist of
knowing your outcome, taking action, knowing what results you're getting, and having
the flexibility to change your approach until you're successful.''
That's it! That's all you need to know to succeed in almost anything. 1. Have a vision
and know what you want 2. Take massive action (conduct experiments) and work hard
toward it consistently 3. Notice what's working and what's not without reacting
emotionally or declaring that you have failed 4. Then if you don't get the desired result
from your experiment, just change your approach and try something different until you
If you pair that formula with everything you've learned from this book, I can almost
guarantee that you will be successful in life. I mean, give me one reason why not? I
bet you can't come up with a single one. If you do, they're all excuses or B.S reasons.

The world is filled with people wo have outward humility, which is what we
grew up with. What is outward humility? Outward humility means outwardly
expressing humility and being humble in front of others. It's when someone
meets someone and says to his friend afterwards: ''He was very humble guy.''
Being outwardly humble is usually the opposite of being cocky. There are
certain people in the world who seemingly have no humility, like for
example Michael Jordan. He was known for being in many ways on of the
cockiest people you would ever meet. Just an absolutely cocky guy, outwardly.
But you know what he's coaches said about him? They said: ''Jordan's ability to
listen was among his greatest gifts.'' To his coaches, his capacity to be coached
was his most single impressive attribute.
Dean Smith, his coach, said that ''I have never seen a person listen so closely
to what the coaches said, and then go and do it.'' What was Michaels secret to
success, who was one of the best if not the best basketball player ever
played? It's right there in what he's coach said. ''Listen for advice and then
execute on it.''
The skill of listening, learning, and finally executing on that knowledge is what
most people lack. Though we may not have personal coaches all the time, we
still have coaches in the form of books, courses, and videos.
If you know how to search, you can find solid gold straight from Youtube, and
the best part is that it's free. I've personally watched thousands of selfdevelopment videos, how to videos, and interviews and talks, all in the purpose
of listening, learning, and then executing on the knowledge.
Unsuccessful people are not willing to spend their free time on learning and
growing mentally, while successful people see it as a neccesity. The world is a
highly competitive place filled with 7 billion people. We can't be so cocky to
think that we can raise to high heights of achievement without investing a lot
of time into personal development.
Your level of success, will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because s
uccess is something you attract by the person you become." -Jim Rohn.
Michael Jordan, although he was the most coachable person, was the cockiest
of all. But it didn't matter. He was outwardly cocky, but inwardly humble.
Most of us are outwardly humble. Outwardly humble, but inwardly very cocky.
Just look at most people. How many books are they willing to read? With how
many successful people do they talk with every month? How much money do
they spend on online course that would give them the knowledge they
need? They do not have the humility to say ''look I don't know what I'm doing,
and I'm here because I need your help.'' They are so cocky to think that they
have all the answers, when in reality they don't know anything.
There's tremendous benefit in asking for help and being humble enough to
spend time learing from people who are above you. You have to humble
enough to say that you don't know all the answers. This is the exact opposite of
what people usually do. All the resources you need to achieve massive success
are all out there within grasp, you just have to be resourceful enough to get
As Tony Robbins says: ''The ultimate resources are emotional states.'' What did
he mean by that? He meant that once you raise your emotional states to

another level and become resourceful and creative enough, you can find the
answer to any of your questions and overcome any problem you may face.
''Creativity, decisiveness, passion, honesty, sincerity, love, these are the
ultimate human resources, and when you use these resources, you can get any
resource on earth.''
I just read a great book called ''Made In America'' by Sam Walton who
created Wallmart. This dude spent more time in his competitors stores than he
did in his own stores. What was the reward for this kind of humility? 160 billion
dollars. All created from his deep, honest, authentic humility. Not outward
humility, that you and I often show, but inward humility.
There's a good way to see how inwardly humble you are. Ask yourself how
many books have you read this month? Who's more humble: someone who
says, ''I read a book a month'' or someone who reads 5 books a month? Exactly.
And not just reads, but impletements the knowledge. As they say: ''Knowledge
is only potential power.'' It's true. Knowledge only becomes power once you
implement it.
I'm in the process of raising my humility to another level. I just spent $900 on 2
internet marketing courses, and ordered 23 world-class books on business,
personal development, and marketing. When I tell this to some of my friends
they look at me like I'm crazy. They are baffled by the fact that I'm willing to
spend this much money on learning.
There's another difference between successful and unsuccessful people.
Unsuccessful people see personal development and learning as a cost, while
successful people see it as an investment.
Though those courses and books ''cost'' me over $1000 dollars, the knowledge
I gain from them will be worth 10, 20, or 30 times that investment.
Warren Buffet, the second richest man in the world once said that in the
beginning of his career, he read a book that has been worth millions to him.
Think about that for a second. He probably spent like $8 dollars on that book
and gained millions of dollars.
It's going to take humility to use your free time and learn from others, and
more importantly, implement what you're learning.
Abraham Lincoln said ''I learn from anybody I meet'' He had that level of
humility. Thats the attitude he had, that Jordan Had, That Sam Walton had.
Have the attitude of ''I'm poor, please share your riches (knowledge) with
me.'' You have to be humble and curious enough to research and study like a
maniac if you want to reach a high level of achievement. You want to make a
million dollars huh? Well, how humble are you? Most people are not anywhere near
humble enough to make a million dollars in their whole lifetime.
It's funny. If you look closely, it's always the poor and unsuccessful people who say '' I
hate reading books'' and then the successful guys who go on ''reading
vacations'' or read a book a week or more. Can you notice the trend? The unsuccessful
people lack the humility to acquire knowledge, while the successful people are humble
and willing to learn every single day. Successful people might be outwardly cocky but
they are usually inwardly humble. And that's all what matters.
The successful people read the most, they research the most, they hunt people down
and ask for advice as often as they can. That shows humility. They say ''I don't know'',
and then find the answer to their question.
Nobody cares how outwardly humble you are. Just tell me how many books have your
read? How many successful people you've contacted? How many hours have you

spent online researching and learning? How many dollars have you invested in your
own mind? That's all that matters.
Michael Jordan said ''My greatest skill was being teachable.'' And look what that got
him. He was humble enough to learn from people who knew more that him.
Some spiritual teacher who's name I forgot said this once: ''unless you become like a
child, it's impossible to inherent the kingdom.'' What did he mean? He mean that you
must be humble, curious, and willing to learn like a little kid from people who know
more that you. That's what it takes.
Most people are just not humble enough to earnestly seek the knowledge they need.
Looking at the world we live in today, I would say millions and millions of people do
not have the required humility to live the lives they desire. It's a sad fact, but good
news for those who are willing to step up and ernestly acquire knowledge.
I practice humility by reading a book a week; I spend a few hours every day
researching knowledge online that can help me reach my goals and take my mindset
to the next level; I email successful people asking for advice; I post threads on forums
asking people what they know about certain subjects.
During my commutes, I listen to audiobooks and business podcasts, and I write down
everything on my phone that I find useful. Then I go back and I read the notes and
implement everything that will make a difference in my life; and I buy online courses
from successful people that can help me get to the next level.
What's your level of humility? If you're at a level 4 humility, raise to a level 9 or
10 immideatly.
Every single area of your life from career to relationships to happiness and health will
be world-class if you just have the humility to learn from the best. It just takes
some time and effort.
Everything you need to learn to become successful is out there up for grabs, but are
you humble enough to go and get it? Most people aren't. And you know what the best
part is? Almost everything is for free on the internet. You just have to search and look
for it.
Want to start a new business? You can find all the knowledge you need for free. It's all
out there. You can also find people who have had success in your niche and ask them
directly for advice. You will be amazed how willing the successful guys are to help guys
who are new and willing to learn. You just have to ask. ''Ask and you shall receive.''
Hunt down the best people in the world who can help you.
All the most successful people in the world had a mentor or multiple mentors who
helped them achieve their goals. Warren Buffet had a mentor. Michael Jordan had a
mentor. Dalai Lama had a mentor. Mahat ghandi had a mentor. Aristotle had a mentor,
and he was mentored by Plato by Socrates. Martin Luther Kind had a mentor. Einstein
had a mentor. Nicola Telsa had multiple mentors.
How much money are you spending on learning from the best? If you're not spending
at least $100-$200 every month on books and courses, you've got a problem my
Become a self-learning machine. Become like a kid. Just look at any kid and see what
they are doing. They are constantly asking their mother or father endless questions to
the point where their parents get irratated and even angry. Get to that level. Find the
answers to your questions.
Remember when you were a kid, you had no problem asking for advice on how to do
something. If you didn't know something, you just asked straight away until you got an
answer. Do that now.
If you wan to pull of your biggest goals and make your vision a reality, start by
becoming the most inwardly humble person you've ever met, and you'll be surprised
what you can accomplish in your life.
Just follow in the footsteps of giants. Learn what they've done and then do it yourself.
They payoff for your humility will be amazing.

Sculpture VS the lottery and the media

The media has a huge effect on how you subconsciously and consciously understand
the timeline of your success.
The media shows us only the ending story of success which makes us think that it was
instant. Bill gates was working from 20-30 years old and never took a day off. Did the
media show us that? No. The guys who started Whatsapp, you just hear the ending
story of that and not the grind that went into it beforehand.
Subsconscoiusly we begin to form a timeline of success when we hear these stories
from the media. The news don't show the process that made the success story; they
only show us the end result.
You and I have been bombarded from the earliest age that success is basically that
happens this way: you sit at home an you notice a problem, then you call to a friend
and say ''hey I got this billion dollar idea'', ''I have to patent this before anyone knows
about it.'' Then you think that ''ok I will patent this and sell a million copies of this
product.'' And you make $5 per unit and two years later you have 5 million dollars and
you're on the cover of success magazine. That's the story most people tell
The truth is that almost never happens. In fact, you're almost more likely to win the
It's the same thing with love. What does the movies show us about love? You're at the
library or at starbucks, you turn to your left and there is the woman of your dreams
and it's like a lottery ticket; you're just living and then bam! it's there.
Most people think this way. That's why the infomercials and endless products that
promise instant results sell millions and millions every year. Most people seek instant
gratification and instant results. ''Take this pill and you'll lose 5 pounds per week.'' And
then you'll look like the person in the bottle cover. Just like a lottery ticket.
It's very important to understand the exponential timeframe of success, or you will get
discouraged and quit too early.
Instead of the lottery ticket mentality, you need the sculpture approach. You select a
rock, and each day you chip away at it. You take a little chisel and hammer and you
chip away at the rock. And sometimes you make mistakes and you have to glue a
piece back on the rock. What is the rock? the rock is your goal, your outcome, your
To craft an amazing sculpture you have to become an world-class artist. You cannot
become a world class artist by watching the news and watching tv. You need the
skills. How do you get them?
''If you want to be rich, you can learn how to do it. It doesn't matter where you are
right now. It doesn't matter where you're starting from. What matters is that are you
willing to learn.'' T Harv Eker

If you look at what most people do with their money, you will see that most of
them spend their money on consumer driven stuff. They do not invest their
money. You should always invest in your brain and your self-education.
I remember one month years back when I looked at my spending and saw
where I had spent money, I was mortified. In a month I had spent like
hundred bucks on coffee, snacks, and other completely useless things. I
remember thinking ''damn, I could have bought 10 great books with that
And remember what Jim Rohn said: ''Every dollar you spend on personal
development, adds 30 dollars to your bottom line.'' And he truly meant that if
you invest in your own eductation and learning, it will come back 30x. That was
the last time I bought useless stuff with my money.

You amazing brain that has developed over millions of years, has the ability to
give you what you want out of life, but it's up to you to fill it up with world-class
knowledge and get rid of the B.S. Whenever I head that someone doesn't ever
read books, I literally think to myself ''what the hell is this person doing with his
Think of your brain like a kitchen. You're in the kitchen of life. A lot of people
are trying to be master chefs, and trying to cook up something amazing, but
they don't have enough raw ingredients.
They're trying to make a great soup but they only have some chicken and
water to put into it. Not a good soup. This is how most people are, they are
trying to cook with 2 ingredients and they expect to cock up an amazing dish.
Not going to happen. Sorry.
Which chef is going to prepare a better meal, the one with 2 ingredients or the
one with 10? Exactly.
So if you want to cook up an amazing life for yourself, you need a lot of
ingredients. And these ingredients come from external sources. You can
take best knowledge and blend it into your own unique soup.
How do you get the ingredients? by reading books, travelling, watching
educational youtube videos, going to seminars, watching webinars, talking to
people who have achieved the result you're after.
The average American whatches 3-4 hours of tv. I mean that's insanity. How will you
ever cook up a truly amazing soup by watching mindless TV and news that negatively
effect your subconsoius and your consciouss mind? You don't.

What is the most common difference between successful and unsuccessful

people? The volume of books they read.
Warren Buffet and Bill Gates was asked if they could have one superpower,
what would it be. They both answered that they would be the fastest readers in
the world.
When ever you notice people of a certain level of success consistently doing
things, there must be something to it.
You have to observe and see what the most successful people in the
world people do consistently, and then model their behavior. Stand on the
shoulders of giants.
What's the difference between the successful people's homes compared to
unsuccessful peoples homes? Rich people have big libraries, while poor people
have big TV's.
Alexander The Great used to travel with a library. Was he successful? He
conquered the world by age 22. All the successful people read books. That's a
pattern you and I should follow.
Why so much books? When you read, you download the greatest ideas,
thoughts, wisdom, knowledge, experiences, strategies, techniques, lessons,
mindsets, and paradigms of the most intelligent and successful throughout
history right into your brain. The value is obvious.
This is a quote from the book a book called the Selfish Gene by Richard
Dawkins: ''Survival machines that can simulate the future, are one jump ahead
of survival machines who can only learn on the basis of overt trial and error. The
trouble with overt trial is that it takes time and energy. The trouble with overt error is
that it is often fatal. Simulation is both safer and faster. The evolution of the capacity
to simulate seems to have cumulated in subjective consciousness.

We learn by mistakes, but it's a heck of a lot easier to learn from other peoples
mistakes. You need mistakes, but there's no rule that the mistakes need to be
yours. Always keep that in mind.
Books are the easiest way to simulate outcomes. You can pick up a book written by a
billionaire and simulate his experiences, failures, mistakes. You and I don't have to
learn the hard way. Instead we can simulate outcomes by reading other peoples
experiences. That's smart!
You and I can shave years of out learning curve and get to our goals ten times faster
by reading books. We can avoid lost dollars, stupid mistakes, and the heartache that
comes with doing things wrong and not progressing at a decent phase.
Most people say that you can become massively successful just by hard work and
positive thinking. It's a part of the equation, sure. You become massively successful by
accurate simulation of outcomes without having to go through the endless mistakes
and errors.
You should double down on the ability and the phase with which you simulate the
future, simulate mistakes, simulate success, and go through the self-learning curve.

Just look at the most successful people on earth. What do they have? They
have mentors, consultants, cfo's, advisors, accountants, and alawyers.
What do the most successful athletes have? Multiple Coaches, trainers,
therapists, masseusses, and advisors. Why? So they can cut their learning

As you start sculpting your rock, don't let the media fool you that it will be easy an
quick. That's not how it is. it takes a lot time and consistent effort performed daily.
You can't set too unrealistic goals like becoming a millionaire in 12 months because
you will get frustrated and quit when you don't see the results. You have to stay
patient, persistent, and let your vision materialize by sticking to it long term.

Learned Helplessness & Resourcefulness

The human brain can be re-wired toward helplessness and you and I have been
conditioned in many ways to feel helpless. Being helpless is one of the most
common dream killers on the planet that plagues millions of people and stops
them from living at the level of their true potential.
Helplessness hinders out ability to figure things out and to find answers to our
questions. It's a silent killer that changes our emotional state into a state
of unresourcefulness and frustration, which of course stops us
from achieveing our goals.
One example of this is the education system we grew up in. They tell you the
goal: ''we're going to study history. Now, instead of just giving you the goal and
letting you figure it out yourself by saying: ''here's a library and a whole bunch
of books, go there and figure it out.'' The teachers come to us in schools, and
they say, ''Alright, today we're going to read this chapter, and then that
chapter, and then the next.''

If you think about it it's just like being a monkey in a cage while the zookeeper brings
us the food. ''There you go, here's your food.'' And what happens is that we become
helpless what comes to our own education.
This is probably why the majority of people don't read books. They just wait for the
zookeeper to bring them the food. And of course it doesn't happen because there's no
zookeeper in life. So they starve to death (knowledge wise). And then they wonder
why they're not successful.
What does it mean to be helpless? It means to not get to our goals, to be unhappy and
unfulfilled, and live a life of ''quiet desperation.'' Being creative and resourceful will be
one of your biggest advantage over most people. When you can get yourself in an

absolute state of certainty that you will find the answers to your questions and the
solutions to your problems, you win at life.
There are hundreds and hundreds of stories about amazing people back in the 19
hundreds who had absolutely nothing and still succeeded in spite of all the odds.
Though these people had literally nothing, they did have one thing. They had the
emotional state of resourcesfulness and certainty. They believed in themselves and
their abilities first and that conviction allowed them to tap into their
most resourcesful emotional states and thought patterns.
How are we conditioned what comes to income? It's the thinking that we need secure
job and a salary. And this is what most people do: They live their whole lives with
a regular salary while working for others and making other people money.
If you're not careful, the next thing you know, you're understanding of finances
becomes you sitting in a cage and the zookeeper bringing you a paycheck. But alas, it
doesn't have to be that way. Not at all.
Sure you will probably go through phases in your life where you receive a salary from a
job, but that shouldn't be your main thing in life. Don't fall into that trap of thinking
that your income has to come from somebody else. Just like millions of people
do. They're literally convinced that they can't venture out on their own because they
need a secure salary.
And the truth is that there is no ''job security'' anymore. You can argue that doing your
own stuff and building a business is much safer than having a job, and handing you
financial life to someone else's hands.
Besides, why would you spend even a moment of your life building someone else's
dream? That's what you're doing when you work at a job. Think about people who
work for others their whole lives. They spend half of their entire lives building someone
else's dream. That's baffling to me.
What is the worst thing that can happen if you fail at your business? Go and get a
job for a while that can fund your next venture.
Most of us are just thinking that the risks are so big. When in reality they are not. It's
easy to think that it's the end of the world if you start something and fail, but you have
to remember that we live in the modern world, where there is a safety net under you.
You're not going to become homeless and live under a bridge. You're going to be just
The beauty of the modern world is that you can stop being the monkey in the cage
and stop relying on other people. The cage doors are open now, but sadly most people
do not realize it. Like Steve Jobs said: ''Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with
the results of other peoples thinking.''
Realize that the cage doors are open now, and you can just walk right out if you
want! All it takes is a little courage, tenacity and resourcefulness. You have to take
risks. You're never going to get there without taking a risk.
The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In
a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not t
aking risks. - Mark Zuckerberg
So many people spend their whole lives in the cage, where you will be 10x less happy
and fulfilled. Why not leave the cage?
Remember that with risk, if you do it right, will come reward. How do you do it right?
You learn from people who have done it right before you. This is what I'm doing daily.
Educating myself and becoming smarter - learning from the best.
And then again, this all comes down to your personal preference. If you like living in
the cage, then by all means do it. But if you want excitement, growth, passion, and
the massive rewards that come from providing value to the world, then you're going to
have to step out of it into the jungle.
Most people feel that they are not in control of their lives. They feel helpless.

You must innovate your way out of the situation you're in. What is the opposite of
helplessness? Creativity. Move from helplessness to creativity and resourcefulness.
This is one of the biggest ah-ha moments I had about a year ago. That if you have
questions and don't know the answers, if you're resourcesful enough, you can get all
the answers you need.
As I'm doing a lot of entrepreneurial stuff at the moment, I constantly run into
frustrating problems and sometimes I have like 20 different questions in my head at
the same time that can me completely overwhelmed and stressed out. What I learned
was that if I have a question, what ever it is, I just have to ask and I will get an
answer. I learned to tap into my resourcefulness and to not react emotionally when I
ran into an obstacle.
''There's always a way when you're committed''
I mean almost anything you and I need to know can be found just on Google alone.
What ever you want to do, what ever business you want to start, you can find the info
on google. For free!
About a year ago I talked to this guy named Alexander who had been stuck in a job
that he didn't like. In 2013 Alexander was 24 years old and he was making 6 figures a
year, but he hated his job and wanted more. He decided to quit his job and venture
out on his own.
Now in 2015 he owns an online ecommerce store making a decent 5 figures a month
and hes happier than ever before. I talked to Alexander and asked about his journey
and about how he figured it all out and this is what he said: ''I just searched the
internet and talked to people on forums. Then I just executed and made it happen. All
the information is out there for free if you want to get it.'' Alexander was stuck at a job
and he innovated his way out of the human zoo.
What's stopping you from achieving your goals and venturing out on your own into the
entrepreneurial jungle?
More often than not most people give up on their dreams because they lack creativity
and resourcefulness. What have you given up on and what will you not give up on from
now on? If you're already in the entrepreneurial jungle, what's stopping you from
getting to that next level? If you get committed and resourceful enough, couldn't you
find a way to raise your game? I bet you could. Most people just never tap into their
true potential.
If your read Arnold Shwarzeneggers autobiography, you'll notice that he was a guy
who truly got everything he wanted.
How did he think? He started out with bodybuilding and became the best bodybuilder
in the world. Then he used the principles he learned from bodybuilding in his real
estate ventures, movie career, and political career.
What was the principle? Reps and sets. He knew that with enough practice he could
learn what he needed to succeed in anything. When he began his movie career, the
agents told him that there's no way he could make it in the movie business with an
accent like he had and with his inability to speak English fluently. They also told
him that he didn't have the required acting skills to act in the movies.
What did Arnold do? He took acting and speech classes to get better at acting and to
better his language. He did that every single day consistently until he got better. Reps
and sets. He knew the formula.
What was the result of him believing in himself, his vision, and his ability to gain the
required skills needed to success? He became the highest paid actor in the world at
that time.
Arnold also made millions in real-estate. He learned the real-estate business by
tracking down a successful realtor and said ''teach me what you know''. He wasn't
helpless, he was creative. He used his resources, which both you and I also
possess. And then he put in the work just like in bodybuilding. He did the reps and
sets; he knew he could succeed. He though ''what a man can do, another can do.''

If you master the skill of resourcesfullnes and creativity like Arnold did, you can
basically achieve anything you want. As you read that sentence, notice if you had any
resistance toward it. If you did experience resistance, that's the
unconscious helplessness programming in your brain. Get rid of it now.
When I was younger and lacked belief in myself and my abilities, reading things like:
''you can achieve anything you want'' didn't seem real to me. I
thought succeessful people had something I didn't, but I was wrong. My belief, or
better yet conviction today is that I can achieve almost anything with enough time,
effort, consistency, and persistence. It's not a matter of ''if'' anymore, but a matter of
Tony Robbins in his book ''Awaken The Giant Within'' explained what makes up our
beliefs and what it takes to really have a strong conviction toward one's abilities. Tony
explained how every belief is like a table with four legs. The tabletop is the belief, and
the legs are the references that make up the belief.
One example he gave was about what makes someone believe that he or she is good
looking and attractive. Robbins marked that one does not usually believe something
without having any references to support the belief. If nobody never gives
you complements or tells you that you're good looking, it's hard to believe that you
look good. On the other hand, if you get constant compliments from other people who
tell you that you're handsome or beautiful, you very soon begin to believe it yourself.
The complements give you the references that make up the belief that you're good
The same is true about any belief. Whatever you believe strongly, is usually backed up
by a set of references that make the ''table'' stand on it's own. When I didn't believe in
myself and my ability to become successful in life, it was because I didn't have any
references or ''legs'' that would have made up the belief. Now, however, I have
hundreds of references to support the belief that one can absolutely experience
massive success within a relatively short amount of time (5-10 years.)
Why do I believe this to be true? Because I've seen hundreds and hundreds
of examples of people lifting themselves from rags to riches, from scarcity to true
abundance and prosperity. I know very well what the human mind is capable of when
it's aimed at a definite target and directed properly. I've seen or heard of
people achieving massive success in spite of the fact that their circumstances were
ten times worse than mine your yours. I know stories of regular people who became
billionaires just by solving a problem and providing a valuable product for a big group
of people in need. Sara Blakely who started the women's shapewear underwear
company is now a billionaire. Mark Levine who had a frustration about the cost of new
razor blades started a company which delivers razor blades on a monthly basis to
customers who want to save money. Dollar shave club is now worth $615 million.
These are only a few out of hundreds of examples and facts that I have stored in my
head about human potential and success. These examples serve as the reference legs
to my beliefs that anything is possible. I believe the reason why millions of people lack
this self-belief is the fact that they don't have the references which would support it.
They haven't been exposed to enough stories and examples that would give them the
needed reference legs which would make the table stand on its own.
When you read a story of a guy named
I'm telling you all the tools are right there in front of you. The only thing thats going to
stop you from succeeding is laziness to take advantage of the tools available.

Intergrated life:

Thank god it's friday is the stupidest thing ever. What you should be saying
thank god it's monday.
If you find yourself posting thank god it's friday posts on social media, there's
something very wrong with your life.

If you only live for the weekends, you're not really living. Something needs to
be changed.
Just do the math. There's 7 days a week, 5 weekdays and 2 days of the
weekend. If you go through your whole life always waiting for the weekend to
come so that you can start living, then you're only really ''alive'' for 8 days
every month. Which is 96 days in a year. Think about that for a second, there's
365 days in a year. Most people spend their whole lives like this.
What kind of life is it that when you're always looking forward to friday, looking
for an escape from a job that you hate? That's not a life at all, if you ask me.
Want to know when you're life is on track? When you start forgetting what day
it is.
When your life is stressed out by a constant low level cortisol inducing stress,
which stems from hating mondays and dreading what you're doing on a daily
basis, you will experience low levels or dopamine.
(add research about cortisol or stress or hating your job and what it does to
''Create a life you dont need a vacation from''
Why would you spend your whole life doing something you don't like, wishing
and hoping for a vacation? If you want to really live, you must create a life you
don't need a vacation from.
Most people get like 3-4 weeks of vacation per year. That means 11 months of
doing things you hate. Sounds like the worst deal ever. Yet, this is exactly how
90% of people in the world live their whole entire lives. Can you imagine that? I
What brings humans the most happiness? Progress. You don't have to be at the
goal instantly to feel great, you just have to make a little progress and your
mood will go up significantly.
If you work a regular job, even if you don't hate it, how much progress do you
make on a weekly basis? How much are you growing and fulfilling your true
human potential? Yeah, not that much.
What if you choose to leave your job and chase your dreams instead? Like
Jim Rohn said, ''You don't achieve success, you attacrt success bu the person
you become'' Which means that you have to become the kind of person who
deservers success.
To deserve success, you have to develop yourself every single day. This is what
happens naturally when you do your own thing and build a business for
example. You grow at a tremendous rate. What is growth? Progress. What
makes humans happy? Progress.
(tony robbins interview with frank kern about what makes you happy)

The Stoics believed that you must forego present pleasure in the hopes that
you get something better in the future. Epicurians believed that you should live
for the now and just enjoy life. Which one is the right way to go?
What kind of a life do you get if you live your life by the epicurian principle?
Probably not a great one. If you think about most young people around the
ages of 18-25, they live exactly like this. They spend their youth just enjoying
life, partying, hanging out with friends, and living in the moment. Now, I'm not
saying there's nothing wrong with that, but if you want to be successful while
you still have your hair on your head, you better start early.

The process will take a long time anyway before you can begin to see the fruits
of your labor. Why not start as early as possible?
The stoic life on the other hand, filled with toughness, discipline and hard
work will probably give you what you're after in life. A lot quicker than by just
enjoying life and living in the moment.
Most people in the modern world have become soft and weak, not willing to be
tough and work hard to achieve their goals and desires. Greatness is built upon
sacrifice. You must be willing to forego present pleasure to get something
better in the future.

We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain

of discipline or the pain
of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret wei
ghs tons. - Jim Rohn
Being disciplined and sacrificing momentary pleasures and comfort is is painful.
But which would you rather experience? The pain of discipline or the pain of
The modern world with all the everyday luxuries has weakened our will to
create, build, and dream. Life should be hard, because the hard is what makes
it good.
The Spartans had 8 rules for training their children.
1. Spartans had to prove their fitness even as children.
2. Spartan kids were placed in a military style education program
3. Fighting was encouraged among spartans
4. Spartans were expected to be lifelong soldiers
5. Food was intentionally kept scarce
6. Poor fitness was cause for ridicule.
7. Spartan men were not allowed to live with their wives until the age of 30.
8. Surrender in battle was the ultimate disgrace.
I wouldn't recommend those rules in our modern society but there is a valuable
lesson in there. They embraced the adversity and difficulty, and thus became
quite impressive human beings who could handle basically anything. Now
compare the Spartans lifestyle to modern kids lifestyle who sit on their asses
and stare at iPad screens.
Harden up a little bit. Take a cold shower every morning, and get out of your
comfort zone. Do something hard every single day to get rid of the weak
programming of your brain, and become a stronger version of your self.
What happens if you do not train yourself to become tough? Well obviously you
become weak. And Mr. Weak never owned a mansion or a Lamborghini. We
become weak willed, and then when we need strength of character, it's not
there. You have to have enough mental toughness to handle the ups and downs
of life, and the rollercoaster ride you're going to have to go through if you are
or decide to become an entrepreneur who takes control of his own destiny.
Toughness also means being able to handle hard work, long hours, depression,
negative emotions, setbacks. failures, without losing heart.
In bodybuilding, if you're not feeling the burn and the pain, you're not lifting
heavy enough weight. Same thing with mental stuff. If you always quit when

something gets hard, you become weak. And you can't accomplish a lot by
being weak.
Your dreams will die and go for someone tougher than you. To someone who
has more mental toughness to go through the long and tedious journey of
When you start a business and you ''fail'', instead of freaking out, see it as a
scar on your back, it will only make you stronger, embrace it. learn the
embrace that conflict as something that's making you better.
''You should be excited about your failures, because each failure will get you a
little bit closer your end goal''
Seek out the adversity instead of shying away from is one of the best ways to
develop your mental toughness. Become a seeker of hardship and run straight
toward your fears.
Persistent is another word for toughness. And the tougher you become the
bigger goals you will be able to achieve.
One way to toughen up is to always listen to the right voice. What is the right
voice? In you mind, you're constantly having a conversations. You have to
conflicting voices, the positive and the negative
The next time you're really hungry and you walk by the Arnold's donut shop
and you feel like going in and buying one of those delicious donuts, just play
with your brain, don't buy it. Resist the urge. This toughens you up and
changes the weak wiring of your brain.
Break away from the herd of mediocrity, become tough, and you'll see massive
The mass of men lead life of desperation.
Look at all the great people in the world, they wen't through massive pain. Just
like Nelson Mandela.
Start slowly re-wiring your brain. Just go 2 two weeks without any candy, sugar,
or anything sweet.

Tap dancing to work

There is no end game to vacation, if fact a life where the end game is vacation,
is a pathetic life. Just thing about it. Most people have 3 weeks of vacation in a
year. That's 11 months of doing something you don't like. 90% of your life
doing things you like doesn't sound like a good deal.
A life that you should strive for is when you don't even want to take a vacation.
You might have to work for a while but move as quickly as you can out of it.
Don't life for a vacation.
Have passion for what you do. (steve jobs quote) because if you don't you will

Was there a spring in your step when you woke up today? If not, something needs a
change and that should be your next goal. That's what I'm working for all the time and
I've gotten close and closer to it. Every day I go a little closer to that. I get more
excited about the opportunities and a little more grateful about this amazing era.
The need and longing for a vacation is a symptop of a big problem. You need a
change. If you are stuck in a life that you don't like, the good news is that you can
innovate yourself out of it, by becoming resourceful like happy potter woman. And by
It will take time sure. But if you have a realistic timeframe, you can accomplish
anything you want. MOst people are not financially independent and thats correlated

with lower levels of happiness backed by research. You have to get there. And you will
not have that in a job, no matter how much you make.
Just think about what you can do with your life when you get to financial freedom.
(examples from tony robbins ( in small journal)
You can buy experiences, prosocial stuff, time freedom. You can use money as a tool to
bring you into connections (like seminars). Old friends, flying people in.
If you have a life where you need a vacation from, you need to do some deep thinking
on what you will being to change.
For example: I'm doing information marketing and building my sales funnel for my
fitness product, and you know I don't love it. But I'm doing it because it can be my
ticket to start getting traction and getting money so that I can invest in bigger stuff.
Life is too short to be unhappy. You have to figure this out. The mass of men live lives
of quiet desparation. This is what its about. 95% of people life that way and you must
get out of it.
Your end game should be to wake up every day smiling.
There are billionaires in this world who are not happy as they wake up. I've heard a
bunch of stories. Celebrities are a good example too, they go crazy somethimes. There
is this one dude whos worth 700 million and hes depressed because hes not a
billionaire yet. Hes literally so fixated by money that he can't snap himself out of it.

Its your fault

Everything is your fault. ( watch jamie youtube video of eventual millionaire)

It's your fault if you don't have the life that you want. Are you prepared? do you
have the tools?
social skills, influence, persuasion, perserverance, charisma, work ethic,
removal of procastination and laziness. and then hard skills: marketing, sales,
poor people always lack skiils. They don't have a set of skills. Thats why they
are unhappy and unfullfilled.
They don't bring enough weapons to the battle. Russians and japanese went to
war in the early 1900 and one side had machine guns and the other side had
horses. Who won?
Life will bring you machine gun level adversities. You have to be prepared when
life storms hit you (bendon buchard example on journal or video 5 skiils of life)
You have to train yourself. physically and mentally.
When youre prepared for the hard times, you always win.
It's a lot easier to learn from other peoples mistakes and not yours. This is how
you prepare too. You read books about people who went through the journey
that you are on and simulate what they have done and avoid the mistakes
they've made.
You have to expect changes in the world, and prepare for them.
How can you better prepare for the next day? How can you be better? What
can you do better?
Hold yourself to a higher standard every day ask ''is the best I can do?'' Every
night you should be thinking that how you will get better the next day.
And also, prepare for each day. Think of every day as a battle. How are you going to
prepare for it? What tools will you bring? perserverance? motivation? great work ehtic?
Remind yourself of the principles that got the most successful people everything they
Have a solid morning ritual. That's your preparation (gathering the weapons)

How can you prepare for the future so that you have the best knowledge so that you
can get what you want? You read and learn. Just like Jim Rohn said: ''every dollar you
spend on personal development, add 30 dollars to your bottom line.''
you can't be surprixed when life throws hardships at you. You need to be prepared.

renesannsse man

What comes to success in life, people are literally getting in the jet of their life
and flying of and crashing most of the time. It's not a great strategy to become
a pilot by trial and error. You want to simulte. You can learn history.
You have to be accletctic. Read everything. About top business man, war
stories, trainnig books, history books, sports.
Download multiple mindsets. You can learn something from everyone. Are you
reading the best stuff? Read broad categories but focus only on the best. Go
straight to the top.
You must pull knowledge from various sources. If you say that's not true it's like
saying that you can be a great coock with 2 ingredients. You need the raw
Put Jamie Oliver in a kitchen with 2 ingredients and tell him to make a
masterpiece meal. But on the contrary, a less skilled chef with more
ingredients is going to be a better cook.
The biggest thing that is holding you back from success is that you don't have
enough raw ingredients. You can't just think it up yourself and become
successful. You need the ingredients which are knowledge.
Do you know how Robert Greene, one of the best authors in the world writes
his books? Here's what he said: Discussing the production of his next book
(tentatively called The Laws of Human Nature), which is still 12-24 months in
the future, Robert told that he reads 300-400 whole books to research for
each work. This is more books than people are used to read in (several)
I read a book, very carefully, writing on the margins with all kinds of notes. A
few weeks later I return to the book, and transfer my scribbles on to note
cards, each card representing an important theme in the book.
Imagine how many raw ingredients is rolling in his brain when he's writing a
best selling book.
If you want to become massively successful, you should do an inverntory and
ask yourself ''what do I really know?''
Think about someone who reads ton of books. How much do you think that
person will make with his knowledge? versus someone who never reads and
has no knowledge? exactly.
One thing also is history. You have to have a sense of perspective and you must
be able to simulate things without doing them yourself and making the costly
mistakes that can cause you tremendous loss and pain.
You must know a lot of stuff. This doesnt mean being jack of all trades. The
world is too competitive, so you must be good at one or two things.
So, you're in the kitchen and your making one thing. Let's say a stake. You cant
just have that thing which is the stake, but you need the other ingredients like
spices, herbs, fries, vegetables to garnish it. There's one main thing but there
are also supporting things.

You learn about music and art and you can start piecing together the puzzle.
You have your one main thing like entrepreneurship but then you diversify and
learn a lot things that can contribute to that main thing.
Like Steve Jobs went to a calicraphy class to learn about type fonts. Seemingly
an unrelated thing but that is the reason why apple has the fonts it has now.
Throw in a little bit of science, music, art and start piecing your puzzle. Take
ideas from multiple places.

Myths of our time (work ethic

+ priciples from journal)
If you work a hundred hours a week and others work 40 hours, you'll
accomplish in 4 months what takes them a year to accomplish.
Thomas edison said ''I wonder what would have happened to me if some fluent
talker had converted me to the theory of the eight our day. I'm glad that the
eight hour day hadn't been invented when I was a young man. If my life had
been made up of eight hour days, I don't believe I could have accoplished a
great deal.''
So this guy is saying that the eight hour day is false. Think about how much
time people spend of their goals?
(arvin lal example on journal)
you're going to have to work and grind to get what you want. but, you can
learn to love the grind.
Life is the girnd, and once you love the grind you love life, if you hate the grind
you will hate life.
This is why you have to love what you do.
If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second,
quit doing less-than-excellent work.
THere is not a single success story in history where someone didn't put in the
Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but very few are willing to do the work
You will spend most of your life working hard. And
in the grind there is tremendous happiness.

Invest money & become a master chef

Six sigma
If you could lower the amount of failure and the amount of mistakes that you make
and a day to day basis, imagine how much your life would change. Why do you want
to avoid mistakes? Because mistakes are costly. THey cause bankrupsy, problems,
wasted time and effort.
The penalty for mistakes are. Trial and error takes a lot time, which means many
wasted years. Weeks, months, years which you and I don't have. Seneca said : Life is
short but we act like we have all the time in the world.
If you knew you would die in 5 years, how much more thrifty would you be with your
Trial takes time, error is fatal and costly. You should always ask what you can do to
increase your efficiency.
People buy into the fallacy of ''you have to make a lot of mistakes'' Its true, you only
learn from mistakes, but they dont have to be yours. That's what Warren Buffet said.

If you set the expectation that you won't fail, you will decrease the failure rate. How do
you pull that off? It's possible.
You must increase the knowledge level that you suck into your brain from outside
sources. You must simulate. This is how you avoid mistakes. We have these huge
powerful computers which are our minds and we can use them to simulate other
peoples experiences into ours. Increase your simulation.
Read more books. Go to more seminars. Get a mentor. Take more courses. Simulate
more. Why would you make so many mistakes? They are costly and you can avoid
them through simulation.
Are you thinking of starting a business? Why not read all the books you can about the
topic or industry, talk to all the successful people in that field so that you can avoid
the costly mistakes and failures. Take online courses. Watch videos and read blog
posts on the topic. Simulate all that you can before jumping head first into it, and just
going at it, learning from mistakes. That's not very clever.