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Manoj Mahajan


C103 Oakwood hills

Near Pancard clubs,Baner



Pune, Maharashtra, India

mahajan- 54935019





Diligent and highly motivated enthusiast in the field of SAP Consulting to hone in on the desired work in the
organiz ation and delivering the efficient and effective solutions for enhancing the growth of the company. Overall 3
years of extensive experience in ABAP and Information Technology industry with a strong emphasis in object
oriented ABAP programming, development, customiz ing and reporting, production support, strong interpersonal,
organiz ational and communication skills, implementations and upgrades with a proven track record for
Specialit ies : RICEF. ABAP with OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) .Application development using
WebDynpro ABAP. SPAU and SPDD, ALE/IDOC ,Dialog Programming.Data Dictionary objects like Tables, Views,
Structures, Table maintenance Generator, Search Help , Lock Objects.User exits and Enhancement sections/points
in ECC 6.0.
I enjoy leveraging my analytical and interpersonal skills in order to derive actionable insights from developments to
drive business growth.

Inf osys technologies

Mar 2015 Present

Senior System Engineer

Job Role - Sap Technical Consult ant - SAP ABAP HR /SAP ABAP BW / Migrat ion analyst
Projects - Experience on Migration , Upgrade ,Support and Roll- Out projects .
Responsibilit ies:
Requirement gathering
System Analysis
Unit Testing
Validation of Data conversion
Transform and load testing
Mano j Mahajan

Documentation and knowledge transfer

Project 3 - Implement at ion - JUL 2015 t o Present
Job Role - SAP ABAP HR Consult ant
Modules - HR, FICO
Work - Worked on support project issues related to ESS/MSS , SAP HR Enterprise Portal.Worked on POWL
Webdynpro Application, Authoriz ations, Module pool Programming & Webdynpro ABAP Worked on HCM support
pack upgrades and Note implementations for same using SPAU and SPAU_ENH.Changing existing reports ,
Customiz ed Report on infotype reporting ,Enhancing Standard Travel Application , Validations in standard travel
applications , Report in ECC to display HCM data , Automatic Creation of Portal ID and SU01 Users on Hiring ,
Enhancement for sending description of expense report to FI system.,Handling SRs related to Data Migration to LSO
system from Production systems
Project 2 - Implement at ion - AUG 2015 t o OCT 2015
Job Role - SAP ABAP Consult ant
Modules - BW ABAP
Work Creation of start, field and end routines
In the business warehouse
Analysis and code reviews
Performance optimiz ation
LO Extractor RFC creation
Project 1 - Rollout /Upgrade - MAR 2015 t o AUG 2015
Job Role - Migrat ion and Upgrade Developer
Modules - MM FI PP
Work - Reports for Data extraction ,
Clearing upgrade objects in SPAU and SPDD for upgrade from ECC 4.7 to ECC 6.0 Analyz ing data load objects
Finding reusable components within the system for the objects Developing LSMW's involving Direct, BDC and BAPI
method. Validating loaded data in the system and transporting it to production system.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Dec 2012 Feb 2015

SAP ABAP Consultant

Job Role - Sap Technical Consult ant - SAP ABAP and ALE/IDOC developer
Projects - Work Experience on Implementation, Support and Roll- Out projects as well as Tool
developments.Provided real time SLA based support to different SAP Projects in TCS SAP Shared Services group
Responsibilit ies:
Requirement gathering
Unit Testing
Post Go- live support
Documentation and knowledge transfer
Project 5 - Upgrade SEP 2015 t o FEB2015
Job Role - SAP ABAP and ABAP HR Consult ant
Modules - All
Work - Successfully upgraded support pack from Patch level 12 to 22.Involved in SPAU and SPDD Activites after
patch level upgrade for support pack.Migrated custom objects by making adjustments .
Project 4 - Implement at ion and Support - OCT 2013 t o Feb2015
Job Role - SAP Analyst
Mano j Mahajan

Modules - ABAP
Work Enhanced Code Inspect or:
This product particularly was targeted towards the ABAP developers who find it cumbersome to use
standard code inspector which misses many of the important checks leading to poor performance and
Uncaught anomalies in the code.
SAP Code Templat e Generat or
Worked as an analyst to determine the requirements for this tool .
This tool was targeted towards achieving business benefit as well as reducing technical turnaround times
required for program development in ABAP. It was a simple code template generator
that will generate the entire layout of source code that is common to ABAP program types
in a modulariz ed way for an ABAP program ,
Project 3 - Implement at ion - JUL 2013 t o SEP2013
Job Role - SAP ABAP Consult ant /ALE IDOC Developer
Modules - MM and FI
Work - Creation of Report for Mass Changes in FI line items .
A Consolidated utility for IDOC triggering for reconcillation process.Depending on tcode selected for IDOC triggering
respective process would be followed.
Configuration and Extension of custom idoc types for MM/SD module in reconcillation process
Creation and maintainence of logical system.
Worked on designing ALE/IDOC interfaces for various systems to facilitate data transfer. The application areas
include MM and SD. Testing of inbound and outbound process while dispatching IDOC'S from one system to
another system. Distributed customer master and material master data pertaining to particular plant/company code
across multiple R/3 systems using filter object type.
Configured SAP for ALE/IDoc processing. Logical systems were created for each client in an SAP instance, and
each client was assigned a logical system. Definition of the Distribution Model, Ports, RFC destinations and Partner
Profiles were set up.
Project 2 - Implement at ion - MAR2013 t o JUL 2013
Job Role - SAP ABAP Consult ant
Modules - SD,MM,FICO
Work - Various Reports,
Mail program for vendor payment
Payment Collection report
Customer Ageing Report
Creation of Vendor Ageing report
Performance optimiz ation of purchase register report
Manufacturing stock details
Report for attachment check in Sales doc
Enhancement in price routine 362 and 363 for VAT and CST
Validation- billing on delivery absent
Validation- Your reference in Sales Order VA01 and VA02
Script for F.17 Balance Confirmation development
Repairs invoice smartform development

Project 1 - Support - DEC 2012 t o MAR 2013

Job Role - SAP ABAP Consult ant
Mano j Mahajan

Modules - SD ,MM,FICO,CS,PS
Work - Various Reports , Changing existing reports , Report for FI document posting,Sales Order Invoice report
,Sales Register Report Stock Ageing Report Profit center wise Customer Ageing report ,Zreport for Customer open
line item analysis for custom fields and layout ,Smartforms ,PO Smartform Cheque printing SAPScript ,Payment
Voucher Smartform ,Validation on PAN no. FI for Vendor Master.
Enhancements ,Additon of input field in CJ20N ,BADI implementation for PO blocking MM ,Addition of field in VA41
Standard screen ,Enhancement in CJ20N for milestone date .

Modules : SD MM FI and HCM
ALV reports
Smartforms / SAP scripts
Module pool programs
Webdynpro Applcations
Enhancement/ Modifications,BADIs
Performance tuning/Runtime analysis
Data dictionary objects
SAP Query
Dump analysis and user guideline document
Customiz ation & Enhancement of Infotypes
Data Migration
Reports (Using LDB's)
User Exits
Used tools such as SQL Trace (ST05), Runtime Analysis (SE30) to improve performance of coding
Android SDK
Music ,Camera and Remote communication APIs
Core Java,J2EE
Intents,Services,Broadcast receiver,
Shared Preferences.JSON Parsing
Eclipse IDE
Ot hers
Programming Language : C, C++, C#, Core Java, ,ABAP.
Operating System : Windows XP, 7, Linux.
Database Systems : Ms Access, My SQL.
Developer Tools : MS Visual Studio 2010 , Eclipse
Web Technologies : HTML,Java Script,,J2EE,.

Mano j Mahajan

References available upon request.

B.E. Inf ormation Technology

Sep 2008 Jun 2012

RGTU ,Truba College of Engineering and Technology ,Indore

Completed B.E. Information Technology with 74%


March 2008

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education

Completed 12th Science Board ( A Group - Maths ) - 80.60%


Mar 2006

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune

Completed 10th Board - 86.26%

Date of Birth
Marital Status
Pan no

Mano j Mahajan

15 th October 1990
24 yr