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A reflex Klystron fuctions as

a) Microwave oscillator
2. The modes in a reflex Klystron
a) give the same frequency but different transit times
3. Klystron operates on the principle of
d) Velocity Modulation
4. In Microwave we take the elements as
b) Distributed circuit elements
5. Short term fading in microwave communication links can be overcome by
d) Diversity reception and transmission
6. For handling large microwave power, the best medium is
b) Rectangular waveguide
7. A Microwave tube amplifier uses an axial magnetic field and radial electric field.
This is the
d) CFA-Crossed Field Amplifier
8. A disadvantage of microstrips with respect to stripline circuit is that the former:
d) Are more expensive and complex to manufacture
9. Most of the power measuring microwave devices measure
a) Average power
10. HEMT used in microwave circuit is a
d) Low noise Amplifier
11. Ionospheric preparation is not possible for microwaves because
c) Microwave will penetrate through the ionospheric layers
12. A waveguide section in a microwave circuit will act as a
c) High-pass filter
13. The biggest advantage of the TRAPATT diode over the IMPATT diode is its
b) Higher efficiency
14. A varactor diode may not be useful at microwave frequencies
c) as an oscillator

15. The negative resistance in a tunnel diode

b) is available between the peak and valley points
16. Which one of the following is a transferred electron device?
c) Gunn diode
17. A PIN diode is suitable for use as a
a) Microwave switch
18. The semiconductor diode which can be used in switching circuits at microwave
range is
a) PIN diode
19. Microwave antenna aperture efficiency depends on
b) Antenna Aperture
20. The noise produced in a microwave tube due to random nature of emission and
electron flow is called
b) Shot noise
21. A duplexer is used
b) To allow one antenna to be used for reception or transmission without mutual
22. One of the reasons why vacuum tubes eventually fail at microwave frequencies
is that their
a) Noise figure increases
23.A magic-Tee is nothing but
c) A combination of E-Plane and H-Plane
24. Which of the following can be used for amplification of microwave energy?
a) Travelling wave tube
25. In microwave power measurements using bolometer, the principle of working is
the variation of
b) Resistance with absorption of power
26. In mode operation of magnetron, the spokes due to phase focusing effect
rotate at an angular velocity corresponding to
b) Two poles/cycle
27. For Gunn diodes, gallium arsenide is preferred to silicon because the former
a) Has a suitable empty energy band, which silicon does not have
28. For best low-level noise performance in the X-band an amplifier should use
c) A step recovery diode

29. Travelling wave parametric amplifiers are used to

d) provide a greater bandwidth
30. The major advantage of TWT over Klystron
d) higher bandwidth
31. Microwave frequency range extends from
d) 500 MHz to 30000 MHz
32. Due to curvature of earth, microwave repeaters are placed at a distance of
c) 150 Km
33. At microwave frequencies the size of the antenna becomes
d) Very Small
34. Which of the following noise becomes important at microwave frequencies
d) Transit time noise
35. The phenomenon of microwave signals following the curvature of earth is known
b) Ducting
36. The front end of an amplifier chain in manufacture of a communication system
is kept immersed in liquid nitrogen to
c) Improve its noise figure
37. In microwave communication links, the rain drop attenuation experienced is
mainly due to
a) Absorption of microwave energy by water vapour
1. The Wavelength correspond to Microwave frequency range is
b. 3 to 30 GHz
2.The main advantage of microwave is thata. Highly Directive.
3.Reflex Klystron is a b.Oscillator.
4.Klystron operates on the principle ofd.Velocity modulation.
5.In multicavity Klystron additional cavities are inserted between

buncher and catcher cavities to achievea.Higher Gain

6.The modes in the reflex Klystron a. give same frequency but different transit time.
7.A reflex Klystron function as
a. Microwave Oscillator.
8.A space between two cavities in two cavity klystron is
a.Drift space
9. Magnetron is an
10.TWT is
c. Wide band Amplifier.