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Capacity Building for Migrants Coordinating Group for Western Visayas

Province of Iloilo, Province of Guimaras and Iloilo City

Casa Real de Iloilo, Iloilo City
April 11-12, 2016
Nico HerreraDay 1 (April 11, 2016)
Sharing of Experiences
Game 1
Speed Dating
Group 1

Edna- Pareho daw silang ayaw umalis ng Pilipinas kasi takot sumakay sa
FlorAmy- gusting pumunta sa Ustralia and New Zealand- dahil maraming

Rationale of Activity- getting to know each other- hindi lahat ng pagkakataon parepareho ang mga taong makasama mo, social adaptability is important in leadership

Workshop 1
Leadership 101
Have you watch the vice-presidential debate? This debate is very relevant

Defining Leadership
Leadership vs Management
Competencies of a Leader
Visioning and strategic thinking- set apart leader from a boss

Game 2
Who Are You
Take out your notebook, and list down number 1 to 10. This activity will enable you
to conduct self-analysis in terms of leadership attributes. Each participant is
required to choose a particular attribute with corresponding letters and points. At
the end of the activity, each participant will compute the total points he or she was
able to earn.

100-209- Bully
310-400-cool guy
410-500- smart, energetic
Sharing- Febie- result of the assessment is actually reflective of her actual
There is no such thing as the clear definition of leadership but this is a process of
social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the
Management- in business and organizations is the function that coordinates the
efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives using available resources
efficiently and effectively
Comparison of a leader and a managerLeader
Connects daily works with great goals
Thinks of people as people
Wants to earn respect
Is thrilled when team members achieve
great things

Focuses only on short term
Sees only titles and organizational
Wants to be killed
Is threatened

Not all leaders are managers, nor all managers are leaders
Boss vs. A Leader
Drives employees
Says I
Blame others
Inspires fear

Says We
Fixes breakdown
Generates enthusiasm

Game 3
Design Your Stickman

Use the coloring materials, design your stickman

What are the characteristics of your ideal leader?
You may use symbols, keywords, etc.

Contextualize leader, need not be a national leader

Activity will have a 15 minute duration

Group 3- Jo

Characteristics of a god leader

Heart- Friendly
Blue- self-respect
Black- transparent
Brown- idealistic

Group 2- Flor

Red- cheerful
Heart-pagmamahal, pagmamalasakit
Leader should be god fearing
Pagmamahal sa kapwa
Leader can either be a man or a woman
With discernment
A leader shall be sensitive to the team
Globally competitive

Group 1- Lalain

A leader must be smart

God fearing
Recognizes that the source of all knowledge is god
Must be sensitive
Must be output-oriented
Must be competent
Strong willed
Must be decisive
Must be service oriented
Decision must be a product of a consensus

Game 4
What kind of Leader are you?
This is a psychological exam for possible or potential leader

100-150- Democratic
160-240- Rebellious
250-300- Ruthless
Kinds of Leaders

Thought Leaders- harness the power of ideas to actualize change. Help

envion development
Courageous Leaders- bravely pursue a vision in the face of considerable
Inspirational Leader- have positive attitude which
Servant leader- care deeply
Democratic, Bureaucratic
Other leadership styles

Leadership styles may be combined depending on the context

Stable environment- particpative- inexperience subordinate, participativecapable subordinates; expert subordinate- delegative
High Growth or changing environment- authoritarian, participative,
Environment Crisis- authoritarian, Authoritarian, participative

People Need

To know that you care about them

To follow a worthwhile vision
To understand their role and how it relates to that vision

Are you a better manager or leader?


Leaders are visionaries with a poorly develops sense of fear and no concept of odds
against them-Robert Jarvick
Signs that you are a leader

You long to make a difference

Youre discontent and dissatisfied
You foster unity by bringing people together and encouraging dialogue
You realize that you dont have to be in charge to significant influence

Workshop 2
Leadership by Example

Motivational Strategies
Decision Making

Consensus Building
Ethical Standards

Good leaders must lead by example. By walking your talk you become a person
others want to follow. When leaders say one thing but do another they erod trust
Five Keys to Inspire Leader no matter your style

Face Challenges
Win Trust
Be Authentic
Earn Respect
Stay Curious

The best example or form of leadership is leadership by example- strive to establish

a standard of excellence; value people and nurture relationship, deliver on results
promised, promote strategic cooperation, resolve conflict quickly and effectively,
freely develop and support others
Motivation- driving force by which we achieve our goals, refers to factors that
activate, direct and sustain goal oriented behavior, motives are the whys
Motivation is limited by

Support and

Video Clip
Para Kanino ka Bumabangon Araw-Araw
Six Human Needs-Tony Robins

Significance- too much significance leads to loneliness
Love and Connection

Delegation- giving a person the responsibility for part of your job

Tips for successful delegation

Be specific about the task

Give them the right training

Give them authority to take action
Give them time frame
Give them clear picture
Give them plenty of feedbacks
Do not allow that taks to land back on your desk

The Right Way to Delegate

Sets standard
Train the person assigned
Build confidence
Ask the 5 Ws and 1H

Empowerment- involves not only giving responsibility and accountability but also
responsibility and authority to make decisions
True Empowerment

Invest in Capacity traiing

Trust in other persons ability to be successful

Consensus Decision Making


Agreement Seeking


Gather facts
Consider pros and cons

Leadership should be guided by ethics- based on

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials (RA 6713)
Lunch Break

Ice Breaker- Tai Chi

Workshop 3
Leading in and out


For this afternoon we are going to discuss the basic elements that an organization
should have

Knowing clientele partners

Building relations and partners

Let us start this afternoons activity by:
3 Hello Claps and an ice breaker
Earlier you have speed dating and because of that you were able to get to know
your co-participants. Say hello to at least five people you are not familiar with or
that you do not know. Introduce yourself and get acquainted with. Make sure that
you get to know 5 new friends.

Knowing your clients- inclusive participation


Is a procedure used in international organizations to know the clients

background as well as the company
Who are your stakeholders- know your market/ clientele- if not, your project
or program will become complicated
Will your prohram change your participants life change in behavior
Hat kind of changes do you want to see in a participant
What do they say differently? What do you see in them that would tell you
they are different

Before you now your client, you first have to know someone
Video Clip (How to get to know your client

What influences their behavior

3 steps
o Ask for permission
o Say what you want
o Do it, Be Open, Listen to someone
Get to the point
Listen and empathize

Getting to know you clients/ partners/ beneficiaries

You have to stand on their shoes, live their life, empathize

Staple yourself in their orders: be them

Field diverse teams: diversity

Learn together with customers :learn as a team
Learn forward and anticipate: problems and issues

It Take Time

Be patient in building new relationships

Involving the stakeholders

Have a feedback mechanism
Including stakeholders in M and D structures

Teamwork-involving stakeholders
Video clip- Nemo- school of fish

Listening and Leading Exercise

Good communication must be HOT
Telephone Game
There are sentences to be given to the group by the facilitator. The objective
is to pass the message from one member to another. The last member must write
the message to the paper. The group that gets the exact messages wins.
Message: Hindi lahat ng kwento ay totoo at hindi lahat ng totoo ay dapat ikwento

Leading In and Out

Listening Exercises: Form a group with 3 members and assign who is A, B and C. In
your group
A- talks for one minute
B- doesnt listen
C- observes the body
Language of A and B
Be ready to feedback your thoughts and ideas to the plenary group
C- talks for 1.5 minutes
A- listens carefully
B- observes the body language of A and C

Be ready to feedback your thoughts and ideas to the plenary group

Give opportunity for other persons to speak, share your thoughts, listen, empathize,

Feedback Form
Feedback mechanisms- Processes

Feedback Boxes
Reach out directly discussions
Email contact forms
Usability Tests


Dont make your customers think too much

Be relevant all the time
Be (and appear) genuine
Automate the process
Actually follow-up

Elevator Pitch
( video clip)

Easy to understand
It must be very clear

2 key elements
1. Pain Statement: What problems are you trying to solve?
2. Value Proposition: How does your venture solve your problem?
Exercise: Assign 2 person who will pitch (answer the above-mentioned questions)

Workshop 6: Leading by learning

(Recognizing, managing and addressing issues, challenges, conflicts and diversities)
Conflict at Work

Opposition of positions, needs, values and interests (actual or perceived)

Between two or more people
Emotionally upsetting
Causing a problem at work

Functional versus dysfunctional conflicts

Positive versus negative conflicts

Causes of Conflict

Different point of view

Communicate to one another differently
Spend large amounts of time together
Depend on one another to get the job done
Established expectations of one another are not communicated and then are
not met

Healthy conflict
Is when people disagree on ideasconstructive criticism

Damaging conflict
Name Calling
Personal Attacks
Silent and Withdrawn, afraid to speak
Cliques, gossip and rumors
Lack of mutual respect

Importance of resolving conflict

Consequences of letting conflict fester

Members not involved can either pile up and withdraw from the organization

Methods of Resolving Conflict



It is important to note that there is no one way to resolve a conflict and often
managers will need to utilize multiple methods in order to reach a resolution.

Dealing with conflict: A collaborative Approach


Identify the positions

Separate the people from the problem
Actively listen
Identify underlying interests
Reframe the problem
Explore the options

Solution: Mediation- is when one person stands in the middle and has a neutral view
of the problem, listen to parties and recommend a solution, confidential, voluntary,
balanced and fair to everyone involved
Dos and Donts of Resolving Conflicts

Understand that conflicts are inevitable.

Resolve to address conflict quickly.
Acknowledge how employees are feeling.
Focus on the problem.
Be open to solutions.
Listen actively


Dont focus on the personality

Dont disregard the feelings of the employees
Dont allow emotions to take over the conversation

Key Messages

Conflict is part of our life

Appreciative Inquiry Activity

Write positive things or notes for another person

Write appreciation or happy memories that you will never forget about him or
At the end of the activity, prepare to share

Video Clip- Nelson Mandela- talks about inspirational leadership

Transformational Leadership results


Charismatic vision gives meaning to work

Empathetic communication inspires teams
Confidence and Trust Increases
Innovation and Creativity solves problems
Kaizen: Continuous and never-ending improvement
Individual output increases

Who among you here are interested to invest or wants to have business?
What kinds of businesses are you interested about?
Who among you here wants to have business but do not have

BaLinkBayan- Overseas Filipinos One Stop Online Portal
Start your business

Entrepreneurial Test
Identify your business
Plan your business
Register your business

Donate and volunteer

Linkapil (Linkgkod sa kapwa Pilipino)

Community Building
Health and Welfare

Access Government Online Services

View interactive Maps
Competitive index interactive map
Classroom shortages interactive map

Agri Tayo Dito
Rebecca Tubungbanua
McNester- Innovation thru Science and technology

9 Elements of Good Entrepreneurship


Christ Must Be At the Center

Started in August 2003

Economic Promotions and Investment Oficer- Iloilo City

NeGosyo Center- located at DTI, but the Governor expressed his intent to set up a
Negosyo senter in the provincial capitol. Started in July 2015. The following are the
services provided by the Negosyo Center: 1) Networking, Merchandising, packaging,
trade fairs, exhibits, business coaching, planning, simple booking, facilitate
financing, links with microfinance institutions, business management integrating
gender component, market and trends, food safety and handling, sorting, kitchen
set up, pricing and costing, packaging and labelling, one-on-one advisory services
How to initiate connection with Nogosyo Center?
First visit the Negosyo center. Assistance in business registration procedure.
Assessment, Pre-entrepreneurship Training
Can we

1. Florefess Muya
2. Grace Cadotdot
3. Oliver Samson
4. Imelda Aris
5. Luna Villasis
6. Luz Sicad
7. Edna Capaquian
8. Corazon Doyangan
9. Diana Tiquison
10.Beaulah Amelda
11.Rex Varona
12.Teresa Gatan
13.Leonida Cordero
14.Teresita Ambon
15.Loraine May Delos Santos
16.Rita Haro