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(A Final Project Proposal)

Proposed to The Head of

Mechatronic Engineering Study Program

Proposed by:
Hanjaya Mandala (4211301008)



Android Dog Position Tracker

(A Final Project Proposal)

A. Background of The Problem

Nowadays, many Indonesian people are interested to raise pet.
There are many types of pets to keep, but they all depend on the pet owner,
for example a dog. A dog is a carnivorous mammal that is very friendly to
humans. Most people keep dog not only because of the benefits and
functions of the dog, but also of the dog's body posture which is attractive.
On the other hand, it also has loyal nature character and good intelligence.
Nourish and caring for a dog becomes a new trend in life that has turned
into a new hobby. For dogs lover, they do not hesitate of large amount
costs for caring their pets. But the dog has a deficiency of difficulty to
track the position in certain conditions such as going out to play with other
dogs, get kidnapped, and etcetera.
Dog is an emotional animal, when the dog is lost way back to
home, it will got suffer and stress. At all times, dog is finding way to
return to home and search food at every place, which is causing the dog
became wild. Dog would barks and bites every crossing people when it
emotional became unstable. Some case ever happened, if the dog has a
beautiful and attractive posture, people will caught and sell it with
expensive price. The worst case ever happened is, some people has a habit
which is like consuming dog meat, so the dog will be kill and never be
found again. Indeed, it has been many times that the dog gone cases has

been published by poster of its owner, on behalf to look for a miracle that
some kind hearted people will find and call the owner for return their dogs.
Possibility for the dog will be found by this method is very small.
To solve the proble above, the writer tries to create a tracking
system which is called Android Dog Position Tracker. By using an
android smartphone, it will be easy for the owner to detect his/her dog
location from whereever at whenever as long as there is GPS connection.
B. Purpose and Significance
The purpose of this Final Project is to design a portable system for
dog tracking device. And the significances of the project design are to use
GPS tracker for easily transmit the dog location and to use android
smartphone as the monitoring receiver location.
C. Limitation of The Problem
Several problems of limitation that researcher founds in this Final
Project are as follows:
a. Maximum distance of GPS signal communication is 10 meter.
b. Battery power consumption is 1 week.
D. Methodology of The Research
In completing this final project, the reseacher

uses several

methods. For data collection methods, the author obtains data from
lectures of electro department, internet searching, and reference books in
the library of Batam State Polytechnic.
In designing the final instrument, the author will conduct the
testing method and direct observation of electronic circuits used and the
program that created in the software. All electronic circuits implemented
on project board will be tested and then analysed. Test results and

observations are then reviewed by the supervisor. In addition, the author

also compares the test results with theoretical basis in connection with the
design tool.
E. Organization of The Report
The writing this final project report will be made systematic. The
following is the description of the project report organisation:
CHAPTER I is about the INTRODUCTION. It contains about the
background of the problem, purpose and significances,
limitation of the problem, methodology of the machine and
organization of the report.

CHAPTER II is about the THEOTRICAL FOUNDATION that contains

the explanation of basis for main component theory system
and basis for system theory as a whole.

CHAPTER III is about the SYSTEM DESIGN that describes the system
design software and hardware design used on the machine.
It contains about the peripheral design scheme, design
workings system, and reason for using design. Hardware
design schemes depict a comprehensive system


contains the examinations yielding datas which has done,

assistive tool that is utilized, testing method and testing



contains about summary analysis results of the created