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Just a thought . . .
A government that is big
enough to give you all you
want is big enough to take
it all away.
Barry Goldwater

M O N D AY, M A R C H 3 , 2 0 0 7
PA G E A 3

City examines reimbursement of employee legal costs
By ROBERT KOCH employees and officials are State statutes, however, do board found that Kydes hadn’t and moved to reduce it to
Teens, adults work Hour Staff Writer entitled to reimbursement, if not define a reasonable legal violated the city’s ethics code $5,910. The motion failed.
NORWALK — The city of Nor- they cleared of allegations, or expense in dollars. by discussing a Wall Street David W. Rubin, Kydes’
together on solutions walk is not alone in picking up if a court overturns an ethics According to state law, the redevelopment project. attorney, charged his client
NORWALK — The next the legal bill of employees and board’s finding of a violation. “state shall pay the reasonable Council members approved $13,195 for 40 hours of work on
meeting of NNHT (Norwalk elected officials who’ve been “If an individual is the sub- legal expenses of the respon- the reimbursement on a 7-3 11 different dates between Sept.
Neighbors Helping our cleared of allegations of ethics ject of a complaint and faces dent as determined by the vote. 21 and Oct. 31, 2007, according
Teens) will be Wednesday violations. allegations through a hearing Attorney General or by the Councilwoman Amanda M. to the bill presented to the
from 7 to 9 p.m. at 25 Van From there, how much such — (allegations) that he or she court if appropriate.” Brown, who voted ‘No,’ said council. That averages to an
Zant St. This meeting will bills should run is open to has violated the code of con- Last Tuesday, the Norwalk afterward that she empathized hourly fee of $330. FedEx and
be co-facilitated by teens. debate. duct — and has been found not Common Council approved with Kydes, but added that the copying charges, and the hiring
The format is based on cir- The Office of State Ethics in to have violated the code, then reimbursing Councilman council had a duty to reduce of a legal reporter, made up the
cle discussions without the Hartford administers and the state shall pay reasonable Nicholas D. Kydes $13,677 for the bill. Brown, a senior parale- balance of the $13,677 bill.
usual front table/podium enforces the ethics code for legal expenses,” said Carol Car- legal costs he incurred defend- gal, said Kydes’ bill seemed When the matter was before
speaker that may make peo- state employees and public offi- son, office executive director, ing himself against an ethics “excessive and bloated in council’s Finance and Claims
ple feel reluctant to speak. cials. Under state law, those citing state statutes. complaint last year. An ethics areas.” She reviewed the bill See KYDES’, A4
Everyone can get involved
and everyone has something
to contribute. The goal is to
stop listening and start
hearing our teens.
Sauerbraten dinner changed to
NORWALK — A sauerbra-
ten dinner will be held
March 11 from 5 to 7 p.m. by
the Norwalk Quartette Club
meet needs
Singers, 162 New Canaan
Ave. Tickets are $15 per per-
son prepaid; $17 at the door.
of non-native
Beverages not included.
Reservations are required
by Friday. Make checks
English speakers
payable to NQC Singers, 14 By NINA SEN
Cricket Lane, Norwalk, CT Hour Staff Writer
05850 or call (203) 838-0616.
NORWALK — The growing population
of students who are not native English
Topics: How city can speakers in the city’s schools has
prompted a revision of curriculum and
prepare for disaster the English Language Learner program
NORWALK — To help that is well underway.
strengthen and localize A study conducted by professor
existing preparedness and Naomi Migliacci of Southern Connecti-
collaborative efforts, the cut University, recommended several
Norwalk Fire Department options to enhance resources for ELL
Office of Emergency Man- students and their parents.
agement, has planned an In the 19 schools, 1,350 students study
emergency preparedness English as their second language. At
workshop on Wednesday, West Rocks Middle School, students in
focusing on houses of wor- Chester Dawson’s and Donna Reeves’s
ship and their congregants classes say they are grateful for the Eng-
as well as human service lish instruction.
organizations and their In Spanish, Ninrod Escalante, who
clients. Hour photo / BEN GANCSOS comes from Guatemala, said he was
The workshop will focus Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, with Grace Fosnot, presents a proclamation to the residents of The Marvin shown where his classes were by other
on equipping faith-leaders in honor of their completion of 1000 blankets for wounded soldiers. Fosnot has been making blankets for soldiers since World students when he came to West Rocks
to lead disaster prepared- War II. and he wants to help other new arrivals
ness, response and recovery learn the basics of life in the U.S.
initiatives. Participants will

The Marvin has our troops covered

Students in the West Rocks ELL pro-
engage in scenario exercis- gram are primarily Hispanic, indicative
es, and have the opportunity of the changing population in Norwalk
to discuss issues and con- and Fairfield County. There is also a
cerns related to emergency growing Haitian presence. Others come
The free workshop will
Residents produce 1,000 blankets for wounded service members` from Europe or Asia, Dawson said.
Dawson speaks Spanish fluently and
be held in the Center for By JARED NEWMAN residents are encouraged to partici- yourselves in The Marvin to continue can quickly converse with his students.
Global Studies at Brien Hour Staff Writer pate in an accredited daycare pro- to help men and women who are in Reeves speaks to many Haitian students
McMahon High School. gram for 3- and 4-year-olds that is harm’s way,” Moccia said. in French.
NORWALK — Residents of The
Pre-registration is also held at the facility. The state legislature delivered its After recommendations by Migliacci,
required. To register, con- Marvin were showered with praises,
Lori Coates, The Marvin’s resident own citation via state Reps. Toni who was herself an ELL student, the
tact Michele DeLuca at 203- proclamations and citations Sunday
services coordinator, started the pro- Boucher, Lawrence Cafero and program is looking to revise curriculum
854-0238 or e-mail mdelu- as they celebrated their 11th anniver-
gram to send blankets to soldiers Christopher Perone and state Sen. through the Rosetta Stone language sary and the completion of 1,000
around the world two years ago. She’s Bob Duff. translation tools, increased teachers and
blankets for wounded American sol- since received honors from the Amer-
diers. “You do more than warm (sol- aides as well as educating mainstream
Police firefighters Handmade fleece blankets, bearing
ican Red Cross of Mid-Fairfield
County, but Sunday’s event was for
diers’) bodies, you warm their teachers.
hearts,” Cafero said, “and you do that Many of the West Rocks ELL students
to aid blood drive military insignia, patriotic symbols
or traditional Army camouflage, have
the residents. for our community and our nation, said they are nervous about the newly
NORWALK — The Ameri- Surrounded by framed pictures of and for that I am grateful.” introduced science standard tests at the
been sent to Landstuhl Regional Med- blankets-in-progress and samples of
can Red Cross has enlisted U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, end of eighth grade. The new test will
ical facility in Germany, Balad Air- their work hanging from the walls,
police and firefighters to bestowed his blessings on the resi- measure a students awareness of biolo-
base in Iraq, the National Naval Med- residents received deep thanks from
help increase blood dona- dents as well. gy, chemistry and physics during the
tions for Connecticut hospi- ical Center in Bethesda, Md. and Wal- government officials.
“Whether you’re a Republican or fifth and eighth-grade years.
tal patients. On Tuesday ter Reed Army Medical Center in Mayor Richard A. Moccia declared Becker said the program is providing
Washington. Democrat or unaffiliated, whether
and Thursday, from 12:30 to March 2, 2008 a day of celebration in more science textbooks as well as an
The Marvin, 60 Gregory Blvd., is honor of the residents. you thought we should be in Iraq or
6:15 p.m., and on Saturday, not, everyone loves our troops,” Shays instruction specialist to the programs.
from from 8 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. an affordable housing facility for sen- “That’s the best part of being Some students in Dawsons class
at the Fairfield County ior citizens. Among other activities, mayor, is working with people like See RESIDENTS, A4 worked on their science projects Thurs-
Donor Center on 596 West- See NUMBER, A4
port Ave., the second annual
Battle of the Badges 2008
will bring together local
police and fire departments
for a one-week competition
Hispanic vote seen making
to see which group can
recruit the greatest number
of people to volunteer to
a mark in Dems’ primaries
give blood through the Associated Press said. As much as 75 percent of
American Red Cross. The Hispanics who voted this year
department recruiting the HARTFORD — The political
clout of the Hispanic commu- participated in Democratic pri-
most donors and garnering maries, he said.
the most votes from blood nity is growing as its popula-
tion continues to increase. And in states such as Flori-
donors wins a traveling tro- da, where Cubans and other
phy. Residents are asked to Andres Ramirez, vice presi-
dent for Hispanic programs at Hispanics historically have
donate blood or join the leaned toward Republicans,
recruiter’s bureau to help the New Democrat Network, a
Washington think tank, has Ramirez said large turnouts
spread the word. For more this year showed a shift to the
information, call 1-800-GIVE analyzed the Hispanic vote in
the presidential primaries. His- Democrats.
LIFE or visit “The Latino electorate is and enter panic participation increased
from 9 percent of the Democra- still the great unknown to
sponsor code Norwalk. many in the political and press
tic primary electorate in the
2004 primaries to 13 percent arena,” Ramirez said. “As a
Government today this year, he said. result, they are prone to suc-
cumb to stereotypes and myths.
• Board of Estimate & In Connecticut, the number
of Hispanic voters grew from This election will certainly
Taxation Budget Review help debunk some of those
meeting, 5:30 p.m., Room 2,535 in the 2004 presidential
primary to 20,236 this year, myths due to the increased
231, City Hall roles that Latinos are playing.”
• Board of Estimate & Ramirez said. This increased
the Hispanic vote to 6 percent Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-
Taxation Regular meeting, Conn., who speaks Spanish flu-
7:30 p.m., Common Council of the state’s primary elec-
torate. It’s a small percentage, ently, was asked by Sen. Barack Hour photo/BEN GANCSOS
Chambers, City Hall
• Planning Committee of but could provide the margin of
victory in a close election.
Obama after he was endorsed
by Dodd to campaign for him in
Warm up
the Common Council spe- Hispanic communities in The Serendipity Chorale, under the direction of Gigi Van Dyke, right, warms up their voices for A
cial meeting, 7 p.m., Room The rising participation
A300, City Hall among Hispanics is good news Texas for the state’s primary on Celebration of Negro Spirituals at the First Congregational Church On the Green.
for the Democrats, Ramirez See DEMS’, A4

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