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Due Date: Week 9 (11/4-14/4 2016)

Marks: 40

1. This assessment has 2 sections: Section A and Section B. Answer ALL questions in
each section.
2. Submit your complete assessment to your tutor during the tutorial session on the
applicable date of your tutorial in Week 9.
3. Attach a cover page with your details (Student number, Surname and Initials, and
tutorial group number) clearly written and the plagiarism declaration signed. Cover
page can be found on uLink.
4. For section B, you need to attach the copy of the text you have referred to and
provide a bibliographic reference for the text.
5. Your assignment must be typed in Arial 11 with 1.5 spacing between the lines.
Read through the following text and answer the questions/do the activities that follow:
Rid our schools of this scourge of drugs, teenage pregnancy
Recent shocking media reports revealing that 26 students of a school in Rwamagana were
found pregnant prompted a police investigation into the matter.
But while the general public has hastened to blame the school authorities for their perceived
negligence and the Ministry of Education for absence of a policy that requires routine
pregnancy tests on schoolgirls, teenage pregnancy should be placed squarely at the door of
It is an adult problem: It is caused by adults and must be solved by them.
Teenage pregnancy should be viewed not only as a reproductive health issue. If more
children were born to parents who are ready and able to care for them, we would see a
significant reduction in a host of social problems afflicting children from school failure and
crime to child abuse and neglect.
Unplanned pregnancy among young people is another factor at the root of important public
health and social challenges. That and, in particular, unwanted pregnancy, have a wide
range of serious consequences.
While sexual abstinence should be encouraged, adequate reproductive health services
ought to be extended to those who do not abstain.

Reality demands that parents teach their sexually active teenagers and adolescents how to
protect themselves.
Prevention is always better than cure: More effort is needed to promote sex education, which
will allow the youth to access information that reduces the risks associated with teenage
pregnancies and unprotected sex.
The solution should not be left only to school authorities or government officials; parents
should not shy away from the duty of educating their children about reproductive health.
They should become better role models.
The prevailing pregnancies also come in the midst of rising cases of drug abuse, mainly in
secondary schools.
Drugs have no place in our society; more so in academic environments where teens spend
most of their formative years. They severely impair the users academic performance and
level of responsibility in society.
One could argue that teenage drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions in some
schools particularly the well-to-do, so-called high-cost schools in which many put their
trust that their children are safer than their peers in public institutions.
In addition to narcotics, alcohol one of the most abused drugs today is also among the
most popular and available of all drugs and controlled substances on high school campuses.
For this menace to be wiped out, concerted efforts need to be made, to not only help the
victims but also stop the culprits lest it decimates an entire generation.
Question 1
Find one example of:
1.1 A fact from the text and (1)
1.2 An opinion from the text (1)
1.3 Briefly explain why you identified your answer in 1.1 as a fact and your answer in 1.2 as
an opinion (2)
1.4 Where would you expect this type of text to be published? Give ONE reason for your
answer. (2)
Question 2
2.1 Find FIVE words that are homonymous (have more than one meaning) from the text. (5)

2.2 For each of the words you listed in 2.1 above, give a dictionary meaning that each word
has in the context where it appears and (5)
2.3 Provide a bibliographic reference of the dictionary you used to define the words you
listed in 2.1 (2)
Find a text (a maximum of three paragraphs in length) about teenage pregnancy which is
written in an academic style and answer the questions that follow:
3.1 Identify TWO specific features of the text that make you classify it as academic and
supply ONE suitable example from the text for each feature to justify your answer. (4)
3.2 In which discipline would you expect the text to be studied? (1)
3.3 Briefly explain your answer in 3.2 above by identifying TWO terms that the text features
which relate it to the discipline you mentioned in 3.2 above. (2)
3.4 Find ONE example of a dense sentence construction from the text. (1)
3.5 Explain why you have identified the sentence you wrote in 3.4 as a dense sentence
construction. (2)
3.6 Rewrite the sentence in 3.4 above in your own words. (2)
Write a paragraph of between 8 and 10 lines in which you explain how the information in
the text in Section A is similar to /differs from the information contained in your own
text provided for Section B. (10)