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1. (a) Discuss the factors to be considered in the selection of engineering

(b) The crank pin of an engine sustains a maximum load of 35kN due to
steam pressure. If the allowable bearing pressure is 7MPa, and the
dimensions of the pin. Assume length of pin is 1.2 times diameter of pin.
2. (a) List out and discuss the general considerations in the design of
machine members.
(b) A square tie bar of 20mm side section is attached to a bracket by 6
pins and carries a load. Calculate the diameter of pin, is the maximum
stress in tie bar is 150MPa and in pins 75MPa.
3. (a) Enlist the manufacturing considerations in design of machine
(b) The diameter of a piston of steam engine is 300mm and the maximum
permissible steam pressure is 0.7MPa. If the maximum permissible
compressive stress for the piston rod material is 40MPa, and the size of
the piston rod.
4. (a) What are the factors to be considered in determination of factor of
(b) Find the minimum size of the hole that can be punched in a 20mm
thick steel plate, having an ultimate tensile strength of 600MPa. The
maximum permissible compressive stress in the punch material is
1200MPa. Assume ultimate shear strength of plate material is half its
ultimate tensile strength.

What are the properties to be considered in selecting the materials in the design of machine parts?
Classify the various types machine design.


Explain the stress-strain diagram indicating various points on it.



What is the procedure adopted in the design of machine elements?

How do you classify materials for engineering use?


What are the manufacturing considerations to be considered by design?

State the advantages and drawbacks of cast-iron as an engineering material.


What is the need of standardization? Explain different types of standardization and advantages
Explain the basic procedure for mechanical engineering design.





What are alloy steels? State the effect of the following alloying elements in steel:
(i) Chromium, (ii) nickel, (iii) manganese, and (iv) sulphur.
(b) Explain the different methods of case hardening.
11. Explain in brief the following properties of materials:
(i) Mechanical, (ii) Metallurgical, and (iii) Magnetic.
Suggest suitable materials with reasons, for the following components:
(i) Screw jack, (ii) Leaf spring, and (iii) Ball bearing balls


What are the bearing metals and list out their important properties?
Why is some materials heat treated? Explain briefly the method and reasons for tempering.


Distinguish between Tolerance and Allowance.

Explain clearance and interference fits with examples.
State the prerequisites for a designer.


What are the constituents and physical properties of monel metal?

Steel is to be selected for railway wheels such that it should have at least an ultimate tensile strength of 500
steels with the help of Indian standards. Designate the steel selected.