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Benlue A.

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago of the People's Reform Party is my number one
choice for she has an exceptional academic qualification, an impeccable record of government
service, and a fearless stand against graft and corruption. According to the official website of the
Senate of the Philippines, Dr. Santiago holds an amazing record of excellence in all three
branches of government judicial, executive, and legislative. In all three branches of
government, she has been showered with awards for being outstanding, making her the most
awarded public official in our country today. This is the perfect chance to choose the President
that the 1992 and 1998 elections deprived us of. Only Miriam has what it takes to move this
nation forward. I am not afraid of a dying president, I am afraid of a dying country.
Senator Poe has a vision for the country: one where no one is left behind. Thats why she is
my second choice for presidency. Over the years, she has spent her career standing for the rights
of Filipino people. Making sure everyone especially children has access to quality education and
proper nutrition. She advocated intelligent media viewership instead of censorship and
formulated a new, age-appropriate ratings system designed to empower parents to exercise
caution and vigilance with the viewing habits of their children when she was the chair of the
Movie and Television Regulatory and Classification Board (MTRCB). According to Rappler,
Poe presidency will focus on poverty alleviation coupled with inclusive, sustainable, and resilient
growth. This will lead us to a better, kinder, united, and happier Philippines. Grace Poe can bring
us there.
Mar Roxas has a humble heart to serve. He even once said that his bid for the presidency
is not about him but giving the Filipinos what is due to them. It is not his personal ambition
that matters most. To him, the welfare of the country was far more important than his personal
interest. According to his official website, these statements has been proven during the frontline
of dangers in the country may it be the Siege of Zamboanga, the Bohol earthquake and super
typhoon Haiyan Mar would be present. Being a leader is, after all, measured most by how true
you are to your fellow beings. And I think thePhilippineswillbestthriveinMarRoxascoarse
According to Rappler, presidential candidate and Vice President Jejomar Binay is
administratively liable for grave misconduct, dishonesty and gross inexcusable negligence, graft
and corrupt practices. We know that Jejomar Binay has unexplained wealth in the millions. We
know that his Makati is a city where a urinal that costs P8,953 is worth P31,000 when installed in

a government building, and where a hand dryer marked P19,451 costs taxpayers P62,700. Of the
5 presidential candidates, it is also Binay who best represents the traditional politician the
elected official whose strength lies in relationships of dependency and reciprocity. His orgy of
generosity makes aid charity instead of government responsibility here is the vice president
who claimed to have donated government wheelchairs to the governments constituents. He will
hang his tarps from service trucks and distribution centers, taking credit for relief operations and
medical missions. He is Jejomar Binay, lord of the city, thief in the night, the barefaced bandit
who will take what he can get and pawn what he cant. Watch your back, check your pockets
and wash your hands after he goes.

Rodrigo Duterte's scandalous remarks about raped Australian missionary Jacqueline

Hamill just goes to show that a lot can happen a few weeks before the elections. A person who
makes such remarks is unfit for the presidency. If Duterte can't control his manner of speaking as
a presidential candidate, how can he control it if he becomes president? Can we trust such a
person to represent the country and make us proud in international settings?