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Call Centers in India

Global organizations have always

preferred outsourcing call center services
to India, when compared to outsourcing to
China, Philippines, Malaysia and other
Asian countries. India has always been
the most preferred outsourcing
location, because call centres in India
offers a wide variety of advantages that
other countries do not offer. Today,
having call centers in India has become
the norm for several global companies.
India has been able to effectively meet the
growing international demand for call
center outsourcing services by providing
cost-effective services and customer-oriented call centers. Many international organizations are
also setting up call centres in India, because India has a large qualified workforce and can also
provide cost-effective call center outsourcing services. Outsource call center services to India
and give your organization a competitive edge. The following are a list of reasons why
outsourcing call center services to India makes business sense.

Why outsource to call centers in India?

1. Large and educated workforce

Call centers in India have a largest number of qualified, tech-savvy, IT literate, trained, skilled
and experienced professionals. India has the largest English-speaking population after the USA.
India’s large and well-educated workforce has been one of India’s main advantages over other
countries. India will continue to have a well-educated and large workforce, because India has an
ever increasing number of college graduates and a large number of successful training industries.
These factors ensure that India’s resources will keep increasing year after year.

India’s large manpower is willing to work for a lesser price. In a call center operation, manpower
typically accounts for 55 to 60 percent of the total cost. In India, manpower is available at a
fraction of the cost overseas. Initial investment in infrastructure and training can be expensive
and make one believe that the promise of cost reduction is false. However, there will be savings
and the fact that several global giants continue to set up call centres in India is proof of this.
2. Specialized call center outsourcing services

Call centers in India have experience in offering a number of call center outsourcing services,
such as, inbound call center services, outbound telemarketing services, technical helpdesk
services, CATI services, disaster recovery services, email support services and chat support
services amongst others. Call centers in India can also provide a host of IT enabled services, such
as, helpdesk services, accounting services, transaction processing services, remote network
management and end-to-end processing amongst others. Call centers in India can offer expert
product specific solutions, such as risk modeling, data mining, actuarial services and
underwriting variation analysis. Call centers in India offer cost-effective call center outsourcing
services without compromising on quality. Call centers in India also have the best of technology,
people, processes, resources, operational expertise.

3. Time Zone Advantages

More and more global organizations have been outsourcing call centers to India, because of
India’s time zone advantages. India’s twelve hour time difference enables global
organizations to provide their customers with 24x7x365 days services. By taking advantage
of India’s time difference, companies in the U.S have been able to ensure that their customers
receive round-the-clock customer support. By outsourcing call centers to India, you can take
advantage of India’s time zone advantage.

4. India’s Policies

The Indian government has extended its support to the outsourcing and IT industry. The
government of India has allowed duty free exports of capital goods and has provided tax
exemption on the export of ITES. The Indian government has also aided the Indians in building
software technology parks that have the latest in telecom facilities and infrastructure. This
support from the Indian government has gone a long way in making India the world’s most
preferred outsourcing location.

5. Latest Technology and High-end Infrastructure

Call centers in India employ the use of the latest technology, the best software and high-end
infrastructure to provide high-quality customer support services. India has also experienced
privatization and reduction in the tariff of internet services, telecom, cellular services and paging
services. This has given India an advantage over other locations, in terms of infrastructure. India
has the largest number of state-of-the-art call centers in the world. The Government of India
has recognized the potential of IT-enabled services and has taken positive steps by providing
numerous incentives.

6. Cost-effective call center services

Another important factor why global organizations prefer outsourcing call centers to India is
because call centers in India offer cost-effective customer support services without
compromising on quality. With the low cost of manpower available in India, Indian call centers
have been able to provide high-quality call center outsourcing services on a 24x7x365 days
basis, at a cost which is more than 50% less if performed in the U.S or U.K. These reasons have
encouraged more global corporations to outsource call center services to India, because they can
get access to quality call center outsourcing services at a cost-effective price.

7. India enjoys the confidence and trust of global organizations

India has been one of the first nations to step into the call center outsourcing industry. Global
organizations have already outsourced call centers to India and have found India to be an ideal
outsourcing provider. Today, some of the world’s global giants have a base in India, from where
they provide customer support services to their worldwide customers on a 24x7x365 days basis.
These successful call center outsourcing ventures have encouraged more and more global
organizations to outsource call center services to India and give their organization a competitive

Outsourcing Call Center Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india, a pioneer in outsourcing has been providing a wide range of services to global
organizations. O2I's technology-driven call center services can enable you to provide your
customers with high-quality call center services, while saving on your operating costs. The
following are a list of call center services that Outsource2india offers.

1. Inbound call center services

Outsource inbound call center services to O2I for online sales, order taking, order entry,
answering services and customer services amongst others.

Inbound Call Center Services India

Strategic call center inbound services help a company attain its business objectives. These
services cover the gamut from scheduling sales demos and handling loyalty programs to taking
messages, ramping up telesales, locating dealers and retailers and much more. Outsource
inbound calls to India for catalog or online sales, order taking, order entry, reservations,
message taking, appointment setting, handling requests for information or catalogs, event
scheduling, scheduling sales demos, answering services, customer service, custom technical
support and help desk services.

Outsource inbound call center services to India

International companies are discovering the benefits of outsourcing call center solutions to India
for quality service, cost savings of up to 50%, and competitive advantage.
Call centers account for a dominant share of the ITES-BPO sector in India, which continues to
chart strong year-on-year growth, estimated at 37 percent for the financial year 2005-06.
According to the annual survey of NASSCOM (India’s apex body for the software and services
industry), revenues from the country’s ITES-BPO industry are estimated to touch US$ 6.3
billion. India has demonstrated its capability in providing excellent outsourced call center
services to global customers in the real estate, travel, airlines, banking and financial services
industries among others.

Why should companies outsource inbound call center

services to India?
Call centers in India have proven themselves invaluable at a time when customer service and
support is a key differentiator in a company’s success. In a world of ruthless business
competition, survival is the keyword - and this needs a vibrant and dynamic attitude while
carrying out business, backed by flawless customer support.

Call center outsourcing has become a long-term competitive strategy for organizations wanting
to stay ahead of the competition. Indian inbound customer service call centers have become a
preferred destination for outsourcing customer service functions.
Read about the superior customer service processes, service delivery models and best-practices
in inbound customer service at Indian call centers that ensure significant value addition to
customers worldwide.

It is now possible for a global company to provide added value to its customers without taking
the focus off its core business. Utilizing the services of an inbound order taking call center,
adding more customer-focused services through an inbound call center service and increasing the
sales effort through inbound call center sales are some of the ways.

What are the services offered by inbound call centers in

India’s state-of-the-art inbound call centers are providing custom call center solutions to global
customers seeking 24x7 customer support and technical support.
Strategic call center inbound services help a company attain its business objectives. These
services cover the gamut from scheduling sales demos and handling loyalty programs to taking
messages, telesales, locating dealers and retailers and much more.
Outsource inbound calls to India for catalog or online sales, order taking, order entry,
reservations, answering services, customer service, custom technical support and help desk
services, message taking, appointment setting, event scheduling, handling requests for
information or catalogs…

How can an Inbound Call Center in India enhance your

As you know, every missed call could be a missed opportunity. Whether you need to answer 100
calls in a day, or 10,000, you will find an inbound call center in India takes the load off you and
becomes a professional and cost-effective extension of your business.
The customer support agents in an Indian inbound call center will always respond to your clients,
customers or prospects in a timely, polite and professional manner. Let them use their experience
to help you make your business more successful.
Inbound call center services will cater to your customer support needs and an answering service
will give you confidence when you are away from your office - knowing that your calls are being
answered promptly, professionally, and courteously.

What benefits can you get from an Indian inbound call

center outsourcing service?
An inbound call center in India can offer

Faster ramp-up, launch, and roll-out of new campaigns

Experience with programs similar to yours
Market testing capabilities
Remote call monitoring
Rapid response to market conditions
Skilled, professional, customer support and technical service representatives
Account management expertise
Enhanced reporting capabilities
Improved market coverage

Quality of people, processes and training

India has a large pool of trained call center agents with experience in the field. Most are college
graduates who are comfortable with computers and are fluent in the English language.
The business process outsourcing model has matured in India. We follow established best
practices in our call center recruitment process to maximize returns on your investment and
provide measurable results that impact your bottom line.
Agents are given pre-process training which covers familiarization with the client’s systems and
processes, accent neutralization and audio- or video-based exposure to the job at hand and the
environment in which they will be working.
A structured process is followed for transition management and the client is given access to the
voice and data files to ensure 100% transparency and client control.
Inbound call center operations and management are handled by well-qualified managers. Many
of them have a Masters in Business Administration and are trained in Six Sigma process
methodology – a customer-focused, data-driven methodology for performance measurement.
The objective is to work towards zero-defect service through a process of continuous

Quality of inbound call center services

Quality can be monitored with tools that allow for comprehensive inbound voice process
visibility and control. The Supervisor can view agent states and information on calls, change
agent states, coach agents through chat messages or silently monitor the calls and queueing of
calls based on client-specified business priorities.

We constantly monitor the level of service provided by our call center agents and provide
specific training based on feedback from the Quality or Operations departments. Read about our
intensive call center training here.

Customers have easy access to real time and historical reports, through Web-based reporting.
Thresholds of calls are monitored and calls are routed to the most experienced or skilled agents
to handle them.

Inbound processes
Remote users can login as supervisors, using soft phone. Agent states and call information can
be viewed by the supervisor who can change agent states /silently monitor/coach agents through
chat messages.

Quality of inbound call center technology

Inbound call center service providers in India have best-of-breed technologies and inbound call
center software integrating Soft Phone, Predictive dialer software, ACD, CTI, IVR and Fax on
Demand, Voice Logging and Call Blending among other advanced facilities for seamless
operations and integration with infrastructure in client locations.

The Inbound Voice solution is based on Cisco IPCC

It features:

ACD with skill based routing

Web based reporting
IP OBX with voice mail
Open Standards based on IP Infrastructure

The end-to-end IP solution is scalable and flexible

It features:

Converged network
Quality of Service (QoS)
Multi-site support
Location independence
Consolidated and open data store
Multi-channel support
Open architecture and IP-enabled fast integration and deployment of new functionality
and application
Web based historical and real time reports
Monitored threshold events
GUI based scripting tool
Call flow monitor
Capability to make changes on the fly

Inbound Voice – IPCC Benefits

1. Web-based real-time & historical reporting can be used to monitor outsourcing

performance and adjust staffing levels.

2. Enhanced customer service is ensured by:

accurate call-by-call skill-based routing

dynamic announcements to queued callers
screen pops of caller data

3. Flexible integration
The system can be cost effectively integrated with TDM (time-division multiplexing) & IP
environments at customer locations.

4. Faster agent response times

CTI integration can be carried out to deliver screen pops for faster agent response times and
improvement in agent productivity.

What are the advantages of outsourcing to an Indian

Inbound Call Center?
An Indian inbound call center service can offer communication services specifically designed to
maximize the efficiency of your direct marketing efforts or to be a part of your technical support

The call center will work hand-in-hand with you as a partner to build a strong, successful, long-
lasting relationships with your customers.
Strategic call center inbound services can make all the difference to your company’s competitive
2. Outbound telemarketing services

Outsource out bond telemarketing services to O2I for high-quality appointment setting and
merchant account services.

Outsourcing Outbound Telemarketing to


India accounts for over 40% of the global BPO market. Of the top 10 BPO destinations in the
world, five are in Asia, with India's dominant share ensuring that nearly 26% of South Asia's
exports come from services. Within services, the key segments are business process outsourcing
and short- term migration.

The BPO industry in India doubled in size last year, to $6.3 billion, and is expected to clock 37%
annual growth over the next five years. Large multinational companies have demonstrated their
growing confidence in Call Center Outsourcing and in India as an outsourcing hub, by signing
multi-million-dollar, long-term BPO contracts with trusted Indian outsourcing service providers.

Offshore call center services telemarketing at

Outbound telemarketing is one of the key services offered in Outsouce2india through its highly
sophisticated call centers. O2I's telemarketing services can help you in building leads, customer
databases and also help you in finding new customers.

When global companies outsource telemarketing to O2I, they benefit from significantly lower
costs, proven process quality and access to a trained, computer-literate, college-educated
workforce with good presentation and communication skills .

Outbound telemarketing India solutions

Outsource2india's offshore telemarketing solutions include:

Telemarketing lead management

Lead Generation / Qualification of telemarketing lead lists
Decision Maker Contacts
Appointment Scheduling
Debt Collection Services
Database Selling
Market Intelligence Services
Product Promotion
Research Surveys and Polling
Customer Satisfaction
Telephone and Web Based Business Development
Up Sell/Cross Sell Campaigns
Direct Mail Follow-up
Seminar Population

Apart from telemarketing products, India's offshore call centers also offer many other inter-
related services such as:

Direct response television
Customer service management for international banks, software firms, telecom service
providers, credit card companies etc.
Airline ticketing and reservations
Database cleansing and updating
Third party verification
Record verification
Fraud detection /prevention Calls
Welcome / thank-you calls
Continuity sales calls
Any kind of message delivery

How are outsourcing concerns and cultural differences

Every outsourced telemarketing campaign is preceded by thorough briefing and intensive audio
and video-based training. Our agents and managers are familiarized with the product, the accents
and the environment in which they are operating, to ensure success of the telemarketing

Customers are also given secure view-in and listen-in options which give the added benefit of
transparency and quality control. Want to grow your business and strengthen customer
relationships while focusing on core activities? Outsource telemarketing to India.

3. Technical helpdesk services

Outsource technical helpdesk services to O2I, to transform your business processes and provide
strategic business value.
Call Center Technical Support India –
Expanding the help desk

At Outsource2india's technical support centers, technical support outsourcing has long since
evolved from simple call handling to business process reengineering. The IT Help Desk has
expanded to the integrated Service Desk. Outsource2india has proven its capabilities in strategic
call center technical support outsourcing, both onsite and offshore.

India Technical support: Global Contact Centers

Evolving from simple call handling to business process reengineering, Outsource2india is
building global contact centers for Technical Support Services – with the technology and people
skills to keep pace with this change. Global industry majors are outsourcing technical support to
India, not just for cutting costs, but for transforming their business processes and providing
strategic business value.

From IT Help Desk to Integrated Service Desk

Technical support outsourcing involves transitioning the technical support function from a
vendor or an OEM to a third party or an external service provider.

The goal of IT Help Desks and tech support centers is to provide product information, product
use information, and technical assistance on web sites that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. This role is expanding as firms seek to outsource a greater breadth of solutions to a fewer
number of service providers. The help desk has now become a hub of the enterprise, delivering
greater value to the business as a whole.

IT Help Desks at traditional call centers in India have been transformed into modern customer
information centers (CICs) or contact centers. The role of tech support has expanded to
include telesales – both pre and post-sales technical support, product support, technical
applications and support, customer support services, network tech support, onsite tech
support, remote support, remote IT infrastructure management services.

Read about our result-oriented call center training here.

Customer interaction centers in India are proving their mettle with first level to high-end tech
support (Tier-I, II and III tech support) delivered by highly qualified and experienced engineers,
across various communication channels including VoIP, telephone, email, web and chat.
From cost centers to profit generators
Marking the change from cost centers into profit generators and guardians of customer loyalty,
these highly evolved contact centers have moved out of the background of the customer support
function and into the limelight as valuable aids to a company's marketing wing. They are
employing a host of new technologies to support pre-sales and post-sales service.

Service – A strategic differentiator

In a world of intense competition, products are often “me-too.” Outsourcing tech support enables
a company to differentiate its product offering with superior technical support. Higher levels of
service quality, quicker responses and problem resolution means happier customers, and that
translates to healthier bottom lines.

Today, business is focused around the customer. The technology trend in the future integrates
sales force automation, e-business and call center systems to form a single point of contact
(SPOC) for the customer. Here's where technical support can create a strategic advantage for
your product.

IT helpdesks in India cover the entire spectrum of superior technical support services that helps
your product stay ahead of the competition.

Differentiate your product with superior service. Outsource technical support to


Information is key to business success

From customers asking questions about new products or making complaints to tech support
agents or help desk analysts resolving problems - all the information flowing into the tech
support center or help desk is highly valuable. The data can be mined to reveal trends that
enable prompt business decisions.

Powerful data capture and analytics tools allow real time reporting every five minutes or half
an hour, keeping a company abreast with the trends in the market. Proactive management of
issues is possible using the information provided in dashboards. This is business intelligence (BI)
that can be acted upon in real time and is invaluable to the success of a business.

Stakeholders become active participants

As companies embrace powerful new technologies to optimize their business processes, they can
now engage their customers, employees and partners in their core business processes as active
participants. The customer is no longer passive but actively engaged in the business. The flow of
information between customers and employees can be used to generate new business
opportunities and proactive business management.
Engage your customers!
O2I's consultants offer excellent technical and customer support. Contact us.

Tech support centers in India: Staffed with qualified

Technical support personnel at India contact centers are well-qualified engineers with technical
knowledge and hands-on experience in customer handling. They undergo a rigorous selection
process that matches their capabilities to the outsourcing company's business expectations.

Training typically takes six weeks and develops the technical and customer service skills of the
agents. The intensive technical support training process familiarizes helpdesk personnel with
specific product features and functions, the client's requirements and business rules, reporting
systems, escalation processes, whisper coaching assistance by an experienced mentor, and more.

Outsource2india customizes recruitment and training of tech support consultants to your

specific needs. Contact us.

Enabled by best-of-breed technology

Powerful technologies at India technical support centers include:

Optimized internal support processes

Workflow configuration and task automation
Intuitive, collaborative features
Customization to the unique needs of your business

Global majors have not only dramatically reduced costs but have improved the quality of their
services by outsourcing tech support to India . They have shown their confidence in the
capabilities of Indian service providers with year-on-year repeat contracts.

India offers a proven BPO offshore delivery model with world-class helpdesk infrastructure
capabilities, reliable telecommunication links, quality and process maturity, voice support skills,
and qualified engineers with technical and customer support skills.

Outsourcing is a mature industry in India and Indian vendors have the experience of working
with global companies over several years following global best practices and delivering to high
levels of quality.

4. CATI services

Outsource CATi services to O2I and for accurate and reliable data collection services.
5. Disaster recovery services

Outsource disaster recovery services to O2I for strategies that can help you deal with potential

6. Email support services

Outsource email support services to O2I and be assured that your customers' emails would be
answered accurately within a quick turnaround time.

Offshore Email Support Services and Non-

Voice Call Centers

Email has now become the primary means of data transmission and customer relationship
management. As a result many companies are outsourcing their non-voice call center needs,
including Email support services.

What role does an email support service play in my

company's eCRM program?
Email has now become the primary means of data transmission and customer relationship
management. As a result, many companies are outsourcing their eCRM needs, including
email support services.
Low cost, non intrusive and any time-anywhere access are some of the advantages of
email based communication.
An efficient email response service is crucial to any company's brand building and

How can offshore email support services help me?

Having your customer's email queries answered promptly, efficiently and accurately is
bound to increase customer satisfaction.

Offshore email services enable you to balance work between peak and off-peak periods.

As a result it makes sense to outsource web-based support systems so that you can
maximize focus on core competencies. This in turn enables efficient time utilization.

Having a professional offshore email based support system ensures lower call volumes
and substantially reduces costs for voice support.
How will this setup work?
A knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers will be created in
collaboration with our customers needs and requirements.

The knowledge bases are continually updated and improved, based on our agent's
interactions with customers.

Realizing that there are few quick fix solutions, our agents are thoroughly trained and
familiarized with the client's processes, products and services.

When an email is received, incoming messages are scanned and routed to the appropriate
agent. Our trained and competent agents provider clear, consistent, and complete answers
to increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.

The use of a database that holds standard responses to frequently asked questions ensures
that the agents' have access to quick and standardized responses. The online knowledge
base can also be used to provide immediate personalized responses to customer queries.

What services can I expect from Outsource2india?

We have successfully and competently handled email support services for several global giants
and our experience ranges from handling simple as well as complex issues.

Our email services are comprehensive and include-

Customer care
Technical support
Order fulfillment
Complete query resolution
Resolving escalated cases

We also support service level agreements (SLAs) based on client requirements, thereby
providing answers via email within the time window agreed upon by both parties.

Why outsource email support services to Outsource2india?

O2I is a company that has established itself in the field of outsourcing for the last six
years and gained competencies in other channels as well.
We have the expertise to control scale with complexity and have maintained a reputation
for reliability and quality assistance with our customers especially in the sphere of email
We understand the dynamics of email support or eCRM and the fact that it is a developed
hi-tech industry.
Our core business is enriching customer experience while at the same time ensuring
quick, cost effective one-stop solutions.
With a very high degree of process control, we bring to the table the top email customer
support in the industry.

7. Chat support services

Outsource chat support services to O2I to provide your customers with efficient services on a
24x7x365 basis.

Outsourcing Chat Support Services to India

Online chat support is yet another way of providing better, faster and efficient customer support
services to your customers. Chat support is live and your customers can get immediate answers
to their queries and immediate solutions to their problems. Such efficient customer care can
improve your business and increase your profits. Outsourcing live chat support services to O2I
can help you benefit from expert, efficient and cost-effective online chat support services. By
outsourcing chat support services to O2I, you can concentrate on your core business and reap the
benefits of providing your customers with competent customer care services. Outsource chat
support services to India and benefit from these advantages.

How does live chat support work?

Organizations who wish to provide live help for their customers can outsource live chat support
services to O2I. At Outsource2india, our efficient customer care executives can answer the
queries of your customers or just provide information to the visitors on your website. Online chat
support services are carried out as follows. When a visitor to your website wants some
information or has a query to ask, he/she simply clicks on the live chat link present on your
website. This will initiate the live chat session. The customer care executive back at
Outsource2india will then assist this visitor and answer his/her queries. The customer care
executives at O2I will also be able to cross-sell and up-sell your products when they answer your
customer's queries. Outsource chat support services to India and benefit from the unique
advantages that chat support offers.

What type of chat support services can be outsourced to

Live chat support services can be employed for helpdesk desk services, for improving customer
relationship services on your website and for business related queries. It can also be used as an
effective method to cross-sell and up-sell your products and services.
The benefits of offering live chat support to customers
Live chat support is an effective means of customer support as the visitor to your website can get
answers immediately. It is also advantageous, because personal attention can be given to each of
your customers. The well-trained customer care executives at Outsource2india can individually
answer each of your customers and this would bring about a tremendous improvement in
business. Offering a live chat support service on your website also strengthens your website and
improves your organization's customer care as viable customers can get answers immediately.

Providing a live chat support option on your website is also an ideal way of giving your
customers personalized information about your products and services. Having a live chat support
option on your website enables your customers to get ready answers from anywhere at anytime.
Online chat support can give your customer answers immediately and customers need not wait
for emails to answer their queries.

Advantages of outsourcing chat support services to India

Outsourcing chat support services to O2I can help your customers in the following ways. O2I's
efficient chat support executives can help visitors to your website find the product or service that
the customer is looking for and also provide extra information about the product or services. Our
online chat support executives can effectively, up-sell or cross-sell products and services, help
customers fill in forms, orders and details for online transactions. Live chat support is personal
and our online chat support executives can give individual attention to each of your customers.
O2I's live chat support executives can also make the selling process short and convert the visitors
to your website into potential buyers