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Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam June 29, 2016

Why should we persist in seeing the Oneness of Divine and avoid conflicts on
choice of a personal Name or Form? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today.

Sathya Sai Baba

When we use the words freedom of choice

with respect to the spiritual path, we use these
words only with regard to our understanding of
the Divine. God is limitless; and one can have
the freedom to have ones own image of God,
and yet enjoy the limitless aspect of God. The
cloth may be different but the basic material,
namely the thread which makes the cloth of
different kinds, is the same. Ornaments are all
different, but the gold which goes into making
the ornaments is the same. The colour of the
cattle may vary, but the milk is the same. The
flowers may be of different types, but the
worship for which they are used is one and the
same. Human beings have missed this
essential point and this is a result of their
ignorance. People have submitted themselves
to great many difficulties because of such
ignorance. God is one, but each individual
should be able to create a form for oneself
according to ones taste.
- Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Vol 1, Ch 5

God is nameless, but He responds when the seeker takes any one of His many names. Baba

29 jUn, 2016
sweI ieMspwier(pRyrxw) dw pMjwbI tRWslySn
pRSn: swnUM,Bgvwn dy ie`kp`n qy ikauN AVy rihxw cwhIdw hY Aqy Awpxy cuxy
hoey Bgvwn dy nW Aqy rUp qy,ikauN JgVw nhIN krnw cwhIdw?Bgvwn,A`j
swnUM,ipAwr nwl smJwauNdy hn[

au`qr: jd AsIN,A`iDAwqimk rsqy dy sMbMD iv`c,AwpxI mrzI krn dI

AwzwdI, dw Sbd pRXog krdy hW qW ieh Sbd ies leI pRXog krdy hW ikaouN
jo AsIN idvXqw nUM TIk FMg nwl smJdy hW[eISvr AQwh hn Aqy h`dW qoN
pry hn Aqy mnu`K nUM Awpxy mrzI dy Bgvwn dy rUp nUM m`nx dI AwzwdI hY Aqy
Bgvwn qoN AwnMd pRwpq krdw hY[kpVy qW v`K-v`K iksm dy ho skdy hn pr
mUl q`q Dwgw,ijhdI mdd nwl, swry kpVy bxdy hn auh, v`K-v`K kpiVAW
iv`c,iek hI qrHW dw Dwgw hY[zyvr,v`K-v`K iksm dy hn pr sonw,ijhdy nwl
ieh swry gihxy bxy hn,auh iek hI hY[du`D dyx vwly pSUAW dw rMg BwvyN v`Kv`K hovy pr aunHW v`loN id`qw du`D,iek ijhw hI huMdw hY[Pu`l BwvyN v`K-v`K iksm
dy hox pr Bgvwn,ijs dI pUjw leI ieh pRXog kIqy jWdy hn auh, iek Aqy
isrP iek hI hY[mnu`K,ieh zrUrI nukqw Bul gey hn [ ieh aunHW
dI,A`igAwnqw dw nqIjw hY[ies A`igAwnqw dy kwrx, mnu`KW nUM bhuq v`fIAW
musIbqW dw swmxw krnw pYNdw hY[Bgvwn iek Aqy kyvl iek hI hn pr hr
mnu`K , AwpxI mrzI dy Bgvwn dy rUp nUM cuxx dy kwbl hoxw cwhIdw hY[(smr
Swvrz ien ibRMdwvn,1974, AMk iek ,A`iDAwey pMj)[
Bgvwn dw koeI nW nhIN huMdw pr jd vI kdy koeI mnu`K,aus dy nwmW iv`coN,koeI
vI nW pukwrdw hY,auh, aus mnu`K dI gl nUM suxdy hn[(bwbw)[