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Managing in the Information


Weekly Assignment 1
Authored by: Jose Mejia

Managing in the Information Age |

Managing in the Information Age

Weekly Assignment 1

Management Exercise #2
Peter F. Drucker talks about how the impact of computer technology directly affects

capital investment decisions. It goes from an educated opinion to a mathematical diagnosis.

Computer technology takes the guess work and allows for a model of success or alternate forms
of success. A good manager must be more than a relay and be able to see the bigger picture and
the objective for their people. This is dependent on the organization itself and the type of
management in place. There are problems that arise from this. One being the smaller and smaller
sections becoming too small and not seeing the big picture. The second being that managers are
not trained or dont come from within and that leads to various issues.

Management Exercise #3
Jonathan Phillips is a 38-year-old Senior Manager of Digital Communications at Coca-Cola. He
helped implement a new better intranet during 2008. What helped him was having a good team
was instrumental in helping the project be a success. Recognizing that what matters is the
journey and not the destination is what he hopes to instill in his team. The support of his
company also helped.