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Lesson Plan

Fiesta de cumpleaos

Name: Sharissa .S. Pulwarty

School: Next Generation Primary School
Date: Monday 27th June, 2016
Class: Standard Two
Length of Class: 30 Minutes
Number of Students: 22
Subject: Spanish
Topic: Birthday Party
Sub topic: Learning vocabulary
Objective: Students are to learn new vocabulary, use them in a sentence,
to be able to identify names of the items and to be able to speak the new
Curriculum integration: This lesson is not just about a birthday party but
as well for students to learn new words, so I incorporated vocabulary
which would be listed under grammar at the primary school level
Previous knowledge: students would have an idea of item that would be
in a birthday party in English and being able to create short sentences in
Spanish with guidance of the teacher.
Materials: Poster, technology computer, internet, projector, a white
board, markers.

Set induction: The students are allowed to identify items that are found
in a birthday party and convocation is built, there is a poster on the board
which has vocabulary of items in English and Spanish on the board so as
students say an item, we would learn the Spanish words for the item. A
short video of a birthday song would be played at the beginning of the
class to get the attention of all the students. The song would also be use
throughout the lesson to keep the students excited and interested.
Song that was used -


What should be learnt after this session?

Students should have a fair idea to identify items that can be found at
a birthday party
Students should be able to identify the Spanish words for the items
that can be found at a birthday party
The students should be able to speak the new vocabulary and put
them into short sentences base on their previous knowledge.

Teaching strategy
How am I going to teach the lesson?
Base on the students previous knowledge and the new vocabulary
that they have learnt, I allowed my students to be interactive in this
lesson, it is said that students learn better when they are engaged in
the activity its self than just sitting and paying attention, they learn
through experiences.
With the guidance of myself, the student were allowed to create their
own birthday party story using the list of new vocabulary in which
they have learnt and their previous knowledge.
Every student was allowed to create one sentence using one word of
the new vocabulary in which they have learnt to help develop the
While the students were creating the story and sentences, as a child
created his/her sentence I wrote it down on the board, when they
were completed, we then review the sentences and made the
necessary correction to the sentences and developed the story.

Activity- students was given and activity work sheet to complete

so that I can have a fair idea of their understanding.

Were the objectives obtained? Yes majority of the objectives were

Students enjoyed creating the story themselves; it was much more

interesting and fun for them.
Students are able to identify items that can be found at a birthday
party both in English and Spanish
The only problem that was encountered was that the students were
not being able to pronounce the new vocabulary even though they
could have created a sentence with the new vocabulary.

Assessment (evaluation)

As a class the students work together well in creating the story. The
students were given a work sheet to fill in the blank using the correct
word by the images provided, it was seen that majority of the class had a
fair understanding but much more work has to be done with the students
or even more individual exercises just for the students to be more
familiar and have a greater understanding and learn to say the words
clearly and with confidence.

Contingency Plans
Base from what I have observe, more time was required to teach this
lesson instead of 30 minutes it should have been 45-50 minutes and a lot
more activities for them to be familiar with the new vocabulary as well
as be confident when using it.

Teacher Comments
From what I have seen, this lesson should have been taught on two
different days, vocabulary on one day and creating a story on the other
so the students would of have a clearer understanding, even though they
handle the lesson well, I still thought it as a disadvantage to the students
but as a teacher I would create the time to go through what was done in
the class.

Fiesta de Cumpleanos
Birthday Party Vocabulary
La servilleta - Napkins
La Mesa- Table
El jugo- Juice
Sombreros de fiesta - Party hats
Cucharas de plastico- Plastic spoons
Platos de papel- Pastic plates
El helado- Ice-cream
Pastel de cumpleanos - Birthday cake
Tazas de papel - Paper cups
Los adornos - Ornaments
Los golbos- Balloons
Los regalos- Gifts
El juego- Games
El tentempie- Snacks

Each student was given a copy of the vocabulary listing

Fill in the blanks in the space provided with the correct words from the

La servilleta - El tentempie - El juego - Los golbos - Los regalos

Tazas de papel - Pastel de cumpleanos - El helado - Platos de papel
Sombreros de fiesta - Cucharas de plastic - La Mesa - Los adornos