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Tentative Title: The Chosen Ones

Act One:
Scene 1: INT. Church. AFTERNOON.
A close up shot of a rosary and a bible.
We may make our plans, but God has the last word. (Proverbs 16:1)
Every young Christian man has a deep desire to serve God as much as
they can. This deep yearning is always within our hearts, waiting for
the man to realize it and accept it after full discernment of his
life's vision and path. However, the voice of the Holy Spirit is not
clearly heard in the heart of the human person, because the heart and
mind is filled with all the things that he thinks are more important
to focus on while he is still alive. Indeed, the human person is
always more occupied with fulfilling his desire for material wealth
and worldly pleasures such as money, influence, power and human
But God chooses the man, according to how He created him in the very
beginning. Bruno Hagspiel once said that Nobody else can do the work
that God has marked for you. Hagspiel pertains to the Christian
vocation which states that every human person has the free will to
choose whether to serve God in single blessedness, marry their
significant others, or join the priesthood and consecrated life. The
process of realizing one's vocation is very challenging and at some
point, traumatizing because discernment makes you change from the
inside out, in order that you will have new life in the service of
God, according to how God has created us.
Scene 2: INT. Joaquin's Bedroom. MORNING.
We see Joaquin's appearance for the first time in a close up shot. The
camera shows that he prepares his requirements for entering college.
His mother entered the vicinity.
Handa na ba lahat ng mga gamit mo, Joaquin?
Opo, Nay.
She hugs her son.
Alagaan mo ang iyong sarili sa Zamboanga City, ha? Mag-aral ka nang mabuti.
Proud ako na kukuha ka ng Education, sapagkat ako man din ay isang guro.
Joaquin smiled, overjoyed.
Siyempre naman, Nanay!
He glances at the teacher's uniform that was hung outside.
Mataas po ang aking pangarap sa propesyon ng pagtuturo. Mag-ma-Masteral po
ako, tapos Doctorate...
His mother laughs, patting the head of the son.
Naniniwala ako sa iyo, anak.
Scene 3: INT. House. MORNING.
Joaquin hugs his large group of friends, and they exchange goodbyes
while promising to keep in touch.
Scene 4: INT. Dorm bedroom. AFTERNOON.
Joaquin studies his lessons. [Prop: Find a textbook of Education.] Then he
looks at his grades.
Flash snapshot of a student's Online Grade page in the Adzu portal,
with high grades 3.0 and above
(V.O.) (CONTD)
Even while man lives a life according to what he freely wills it to
be, there is always the inner disturbance, an unshakeable yearning
that is mysterious and dangerous until he realizes and accepts what
this disturbance will bring to his already well-ordered life path.
Flash snapshot of bulletin board showing date for Midterms/Final Exams
Scene 5: INT. Joaquin's bedroom. EVENING.
Joaquin doubles over in pain, almost stumbling to the ground.

Ugh! AH! Kasakit man ani, uy!
He rubs his hand over his temples, wincing.
Huwag na naman, Diyos ko...
He shakes his head sadly. A flashback came to him.
He looks sadly at his recent grades, sad because of the failing marks.
[Flash snapshot of an Online Grades page in the Adzu Portal with
failing grades, 2.5 and below grade range.]
Joaquin's cellphone rings, flashing the name of the caller as Nanay.
With tears in his eyes, he throws his books off his desk.
Joaquin turns his head towards his cousins who lead him by the hand to
the computer shop.
]Flash snapshot of Joaquin playing DOTA in the computer, with the usual
jeering and cheers of the hardcore gamers.]
Flashback ends.
Joaquin in his bed, head in his hands as he sighed over the things
that he had done. He was always feeling anxious and fearful of what might
come to his way day by day.
He looked at the clock ticking time pensively.
Bakit ba nawalan na ako ng control sa aking buhay?
Scene 6: INT. House. MORNING.
Joaquin confesses his problems to his parents.
Nay, parang ayoko ko na pong mag-aral. Hindi na po ako komportable sa lugar
kung saan ako ngayon.
Bakit, Joaquin? Anong problema?
Parati na po akong hindi mapakali. Hindi ko po alam kung bakit ako parang
may kinakatakutan. Parang may hinahabol akong oras. Hindi ko na
nararamdaman na nandito talaga ako. Parang hindi talaga ako dapat nandito.
He sobs against his mother's shoulder
Ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin ngayon, Nanay?
Anak, ang pinakamahalaga na mapapayo ko sa yo ay dapat pumunta ka sa isang
lugar, yung lugar kung saan pwede ka makapag-isip and mag-discern tungkol
sa iyong buhay.
(puts hand under Joaquin's chin to make him meet her eyes) Ang desisyon ay
nakasalalay na sa pagitan mo at ng Diyos. Kailangan mong maintindihan kung
ano ang tawag ng Panginoon sa iyo.
Scene 7: EXT. Park. MORNING.
Joaquin walks, and strolls around the park [Pasonanca Park]. He lets
out a long satisfied sigh.
He climbs up to the Abong-Abong. Seeing the Cross, he makes the Sign
of the Cross reverently.
Act Two: Discernment Period
Testimonial of a Jesuit priest on the process of discernment
taken by every seminarian and priest.
Scene 9: INT. School. MORNING.
The consecrated are prone to be so weak that there is always the
temptation to be contradictory. Every man has to struggle with his
feelings, and can make mistakes, particularly on how he chooses his
way of life. But when one cultivates the choice for religious life, he
finds strength in that direction.
(Joaquin fists his hand in his shirt like he was clutching his heart in
his hand)
Mahal kita, Angel, pero...
He intertwined hands with her, so tightly that his knuckles were
white, and Angel winces at the slight pain in her hand
Joaquin frowns as he kneels in the chapel, because he finds it
difficult to pray. [Flash picture of Angel, black-and-white orientation]
Jose comforts Joaquin when he is brokenhearted.
Jose: Bro, alam kong mahirap ang sitwasyon mo ngayon. Mahirap yung ginawa
mong desisyon. Ngayong pinili mo ang ating panginoon, Alam ko nang talagang
tinatawag ka niya.

Joaquin nods, looking at the cross solemnly.

At that time, I had to go back to thinking about what I was doing. I
was still free because I was only a seminarian, I could have gone back
home and said No, what I am feeling is really beautiful, I am afraid
that later I will not be faithful to my commitment, so I must leave
the seminary. I had to think about my choice again. I decided to
choose or allow myself to be chosen for the religious path.
Act Three: Ordination
Testimonial of a Jesuit priest about Ordination
The Ceremony of the Ordination
Camera zooms in to Joaquin's smiling face as he is blessed, along with
other deacons.
The vocation to serve God emerges from a profound process of
Introspection: from discovering one's self, deepening relationships
with one's fellow men, and perceiving messages in nature. Jesus said
in the Gospels, It is not you who chose me, but it is I Who
chose you.