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Adi Shankara Short Film Script

Narrator : Children, today we are going to learn about Adi Shankara, one
of the greatest philosophers of 8th century and one who had given a new
life to Hinduism.
Shankara was born in 8th Century in the town Kaladi at Kerala to Shivaguru
and Aryamba.
Opening music (Gayatri mantram)
Shivaguru: Aryamba, We have been praying Lord Shiva for so many years
for a Son but Shiva has not blessed us yet
Aryamba: Swami , Let us go to Trichur temple and pray him once more
(Both of them praying Lord Shiva and a voice is heard from the
"I am extremely happy with your devotion and you will get what you want.
But tell me whether you want a number of dull children who will live
longer or a son who is extremely intelligent, but will live for a short period
Shivaguru: Lord Shiva, the decision could not be ours as you know what is
good for us
(Shankara is born- Text Gayatri Mantram in background)
Shivaguru: Aryamba, At last we are blessed with a son and he is born on
the day of auspicious star Thiruvathirai
Aryamba: Yes, we will call him as Shankara to show our gratitude to Lord
Narrator: At the age of five, Shankara was initiated in Brahmacharyam
and as per the practice those days, the brahmachari has to go from house
to house and take alms. On one such day he went to a poor ladys house
Shankara: Bavati Biksham dehi
(Poor lady goes around and look for food and brings a fruit BGM
Shankara : Why do you weep ?

Poor Lady : No son, My husband brings home food just for one day and he
believes hoarding food is a sin. I have only this fruit to offer. So I am sad
Shankara: I pray to Goddess Lakshmi to bless you with wealth
(Shankara recites Kanaka Dhara Stotram, On completion of this stotram,
Goddess Lakshmi appears and showered a rain of golden coins on the poor
lady's house)
Narrator: Shankara was attracted to the life of sanyasa from early childhood but his
mother did not allow him to become a Sanyasi and instead wanted him to get
married and lead a normal life.
One day Shankara was taking bath in a river.
Shankara : Mother Mother, A crocodile has caught my feet and it is
dragging me into the water.
Aryamba: OhHow I can save you?
Shankara : My life is nearing to an end but I will get a new life if you give
me permission to become a Sanyasi
Aryamba: I am granting it right now
Shankara : Mother, the moment you gave the permission the crocodile has
Aryamba: I am happy that you are alive, You can lead your life as a
Sanyasi as you wished
Narrator: Shankara went in the search of a Guru to be formally initiated
as a Sannyasi. He found river Narmada was flooded and by using his
powers he started regulating the river.
(Shankara regulating the flooded river Narmada using his Kamandal)
Govinda Bagawathpada : Who are you ? I am amazed by your power to
regulate the flooded Narmada using your Kamandal.
Shankara: Thank you Guruji. I would like to formally learn all the Vedic
Govinda Bagawathpada: I will take you as my disciple and teach you the
Advaita Shastra.

Shankara: Guruji, What is Advaita ?

Govinda Bagawathpada: It is the principle that everyone in this world is
the manifestation of the God and that the God and Atman are one and the
Narrator: Shankara learnt all the vedic scripture quickly within a few
years and his guru advised him to spread his knowledge across the
(hereafter Senior Shankara)
Govinda Bagawathpada: Shankara, I know you are still young but at this
age itself you have gained mastery over all the 4 vedas. You should write
commentaries containing the essence of the Vedantic scriptures. By this
work you will gain eternal glory.
(Baja govindam song starting with Punaravi jananam)
Narrator: Though Shankara had learnt all the scriptures the real
enlightenment occurred to him in the city of Kashi when he was going to
Vishwanath temple
Shankaras Disciple: Hello , Move out of the way and keep distance. You
should not touch our Swamiji Shankara
Lord Shiva disguised: ""According to your principle of Advaita, which you
practice, all the Jivatma are same as God. How do you ask me to go? How
am I different from your Guru? What you say is unreasonable. How can I go
away from myself?"
Shankara : O Lord Shiva, I am your servant dressed in the form of this
body . You are within me in the form of the soul and similarly in every
other being or animal or matter. Becoming aware of this is true
knowledge. The world is but an illusion. You taught me this truth
I thank this sacred city Kashi for dispelling my ignorance and bringing
forth enlightenment
(Sri Sankara prostrating - "Manisha Panchakam" in the background)
Narrator: Shankara travelled across India and founded spiritual centers at
Badrinath , Dwaraka , Jagannath Puri and Sringeri .
When he was in Sringeri he realized by his divine powers that his mother
was in her deathbed and proceed to Kaladi

Shankara: How is my mother?

Shankaras Relative : Waiting only for you.
Aryamba: Shankara I am happy that you have kept your promise that you
will see me before I die
Shankaras Relative : She lingered on only for your arrival
Shankara : I am praying to Lord Venkeshwara to bless you with moksha.
Prepare for her funeral rites
Shankaras Relative : Shankara you are a Sanyasi . You cannot perform
last rites for your mother.
Shankara : But I had promised my mother
Shankaras Relative : You may have promised , But the tradition prohibits
Shankara : The barriers set up by tradition cannot bind a Sanyasi
Narrator: Shankara composed devotional songs like Soundarya Lahari and
wrote commentaries on major scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and
Upanishads. He had also authored 23 books on the fundamentals of the
Advaita Vedanta philosophy
(Text in background Viveka Chudamani, Atma Bodha, Vaakya Vritti,
Upadesa Sahasr)
Shankara attained heavy abode at the early age of 32 and the lineage of
Shankaracharyas has been continuing since then for the past 1200 years
(Background song Brahma Satyam Jagan Mithya, Jeevo Brahmaiva Na