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Global Strength in Transport

Surveillance Technology
Complete digital solutions for on-train
applications. Proven on over 6000 rail
vehicles worldwide.

Petards group are acknowledged innovators in

product design, manufacture and supply, and have
extensive expertise within security, transport and
defence markets.
Our comprehensive solutions portfolio is delivered
through direct customer relationships, agents and via
a network of professional partner companies covering
more than 40 countries in five continents.
The requirements of safety and care for passengers
and staff are key to the transport industry. Advances
in the quality and service of transport operations are
driven by both legislative and competitive frameworks
that impose demanding requirements. Petards enable
their customers to not only meet these requirements
but exceed them.
The eyeTrain range offers digital (IP) technology
matched to the harsh environment of rolling stock
applications to provide the highest performance and
resilience on the market.
eyeTrain systems are protecting the safety of travellers
on trains including Virgin West Coast, East Coast Trains
and First Great Western.
Outside the UK we also span Metro and Mainline
systems, including Metropolitano de Lisboa in
Portugal and Greater Wellington Railways in New
eyeTrain Solutions
Designed to meet international rail standards, the eyeTrain
range of Transport systems include:

End to end digital CCTV systems

High definition megapixel forward facing CCTV
Driver Only Operation (DOO) CCTV
Passenger counting systems
Pantograph monitoring and surveillance
Live video transmission
Automated wireless download
Condition based monitoring
Public Address (PA)
Information systems

Selected Customers:


Remote Transmission &

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Digital IP Saloon CCTV

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Driver Only Operation

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Passenger Counting
Page 14
Forward Facing CCTV
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Pantograph Surveillance
Page 12

eyeTrain digital end-to end CCTV systems are railapproved and service proven, with megapixel image
quality and multi-terabyte storage capacities.
The eyeTrain recording quality permits evidential video
to be taken from the seating and doorway areas to clearly
identify offenders, while external cameras offer reliable HD
images that are proven to improve operational efficiency.
eyeTrain can also provide remote transmission of video
from the trains. Using wireless data capacity; live video or
recorded events can be transferred without stopping the
vehicles normal operation.

Condition Monitoring
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Engineering Services
Petards in-house transport team include engineering
expertise in:

Product Development
Design Services
Product Obsolescence Support
Operations Management including evidence

This all comes together in total turnkey projects where

we work closely with train operators, rolling stock
owners, train builders, refurbishers, station operators and
consultants to provide a complete solution to your needs.

On Board Surveillance
End to End Digital IP Based CCTV System

End-to-End Digital Imaging

The eyeTrain images are captured direct from the sensor
and encoded digitally within the camera.
No analogue conversion losses.
No analogue cables.
High quality images (including megapixel resolution) are
transmitted digitally to the DVR via an Ethernet link.
Ethernet System Architecture
Ethernet connectivity and IP protocols ensure secure and
reliable operation.
Third party systems may share the eyeTrain Ethernet
backbone or alternatively, add eyeTrain IP cameras and
DVRs to your existing on train Ethernet infrastructure.
Mass Storage Capabilities
Reliable and secure recording of high quality CCTV
images is paramount when implementing an on-train
CCTV system. The eyeTrain system has been specifically
designed for the operational rigours of both modern
and legacy rolling stock.
Fully approved to Rail Group, RIA (Rail Industry Association)
and EN standards, eyeTrain incorporates the very latest
video, storage and communications technology.
Offering digital (IP) technology capable of recording over
1000 high resolution images per second and allowing a
complete train with up to 48 cameras to be recorded by a
single DVR.
EyeTrain is already regarded by train builders and operators
across the globe as the leading brand in on-board

High volume SATA Hard Drive storage arrays provide

reliable high volume storage, enough to satisfy the largest
operational need, without compromising image quality.
Storage capacity is now at 16TB and will increase in line
with storage technology developments.
SATA, is the industry standard storage technology and
provides greater scalability, simpler installation, and faster
Hard drives are sealed in convenient and robust,
removable modules.

... on board

Environmental Robustness

Operating Customers include:

The environmental engineering is uncompromised and is

encompassed within every element of the eyeTrain range.
The system meets all applicable European and UK rail group
standards, and also meets the higher levels of protection
required for installation onto existing legacy rolling stock.
The system software is accredited to EN50128 and employs
proprietary techniques designed to ensure a level of
runtime stability and resilience not normally associated
with high technology systems.

East Coast Mainline - UK

FirstGroup - UK
Kiwi Rail - New Zealand
Metropolitano de Lisboa - Portugal
National Express - UK
Northern Ireland Trains - NI
Northern Rail - UK
SFM Serveis Ferroviaris - Spain
Virgin Trains -UK

Support Systems
Network management, installation and commissioning can
be performed from a single point on the train, or remotely
via a wireless connection. System status, live camera images
or stored footage may also be accessed remotely.
The operator can now browse the contents of the storage
media from a remote point via a secure wireless link,
avoiding the need to recover footage from the vehicle
Typical On-Board Surveillance Solution

HD IP Forward / Rear
Facing Camera

eyeTrain DVR

Inter-car Jumpers

IP Saloon Cameras

On Board Surveillance
Key Components

Wide Dynamic Range Pixel-Level Exposure Control

Case Study: ScotRail

When First ScotRail was looking at on-board surveillance
options, they turned to Petards to provide the most
sophisticated, reliable and comprehensive security camera
system available.
Up to five state-of-the-art CCTV cameras were installed in
each carriage, capable of recording high-resolution images
from every angle. A total of 2,000 cameras saw almost every
First ScotRail train covered within two years.
Today, the multi-million-pound system remains one of
the most hi-tech on the rail network, with over 230 trains
First ScotRails entire diesel fleet and almost all its electric
trains were covered in the project.

Petards can offer a camera with an advanced exposure

control system, which handles the light in the scene in
much the same way as the human eye. This means that
there are fewer areas where the image is either under- or
The above comparative images show the exposure
improvements with PIXIM image sensors. Contrast
problems with traditional cameras are experienced where
the items of interest are illuminated with greatly different
amounts of light.
The images on the left are from an eyeTrain pixel-level
exposure camera, it can be seen that there is good contrast
in all areas such that you can view detail in both the bright
and dark areas.
The combination of internal and external light sources
and the rapidly changing position of a vehicle provide an
environment of adverse lighting conditions.
While the human eye can rapidly adjust to widely differing
light levels, normal video cameras cannot cope with large
light differences simply because they have a limited range
of contrast.
In order to expose the inside of the vehicle in the images
above, a conventional camera (images on the right)
overexposed the outside view, the consequence is that the
outside view has saturated highlights there is no detail in
the very bright areas. If the same camera had exposed the
outside view correctly, the inside of the vehicle would have
been rendered very dark; this time there would have been
no detail in the very dark areas.

Andy Mellors, Engineering Director at First Group said: It is

essential the travelling public can feel confident and secure.
We were impressed with the high-quality images from the
new digital technology.
Following on from this project, Petards again worked
successfully with First Group.
This time on the Great Western line, where eyeTrain Onboard was fitted to the full fleet of DMUs.
Feedback from this second project has again been glowing
with British Transport Police delighted with the evidence
the system has provided, particularly due to the clarity of
image that eyeTrain provides.

... on board

DVR Specifications
Frame Rate
Temperature Range

>1000 frames per second at D1 resolution
-25C to +70C (operating)
-5C to +55C (recording)

Power Supply
Ingress Protection

12, 24, 72, 110V DC (EN50155 & RIA 12, 13)

Up to IP2X, IP45 and IP66

Camera Specifications
Image Sensor
Video Format
Picture Elements

Lens (Optical)

1/4, 1/3, and 1/2

MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264
768 x 576 (Standard Definition)
2048 x 1536 (High Definition)
2.1mm to 25mm M-12 and CS mount

Standards Compliance

RIA 12


Railway applications, electronic equipment used on rolling stock

Railway applications, EMC part 3-2 rolling stock apparatus
General specication for protection of traction and rolling stock
electronic equipment from transients and surges in DC control systems
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures
Functional and random vibration tests
Cooling tests
Dry heat tests
Damp heat tests
Shock tests
Electrostatic discharge immunity test
Radiated, radio-frequency electromagnetic field immunity test
Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test
Surge immunity test
Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio frequency fields
Radiated electro magnetic fields from digital radio telephones/ immunity tests

Forward Facing Surveillance

High Definition Forward & Rear Video Capture

Megapixel Digital Imaging

The eyeTrain images are captured direct from the CCD
sensor, encoded digitally within the camera, and then
transmitted to the DVR via an Ethernet link.
Megapixel camera technology provides stunning High
Definition images in progressive scan 2048x1536 pixels (4:3
aspect) or 1920x1080 pixels (16:9 aspect).
Review Footage On-train
In cases where the train is stopped, footage is available
immediately and may be browsed and replayed at the
scene using the ReView application.
CDs or DVDs of the incident can be burned (in a secure
format) whilst on the vehicle, allowing the train to return to
service with minimal delay.

eyeTrain forward facing surveillance provides a

driver-eye view of the leading and trailing track and
infrastructure, minimising any potential disruption to
the Train Operator and Network.

Forward Facing Benefits

Images recorded from the leading and trailing cabs
provide assistance in the investigation of operational
incidents including:

Signal Passed at Danger (SPADs)

Provides a confirmation of the signal position that the
driver has observed
Suicides and other fatalities
Provides the evidence for railway operations to resume
Near misses (workforce)
Trespass, graffiti, stone throwing
Vegetation surveys
Trackside Litter
Equipment and materials left by the track
Images can be used to confirm track works

Recorded data may be accessed and reviewed by the

operating company and/or shared with 3rd parties such
as the Transport Police, Network Rail, HMRI or other
Ethernet System Architecture
Ethernet connectivity and IP protocols ensure secure and
reliable operation. Forward Facing may be provided as a
stand-alone system with local recording, or as part of your
complete eyeTrain CCTV system.

Around the Clock Capability

To ensure the highest level of surveillance capability in all
light conditions, Petards have developed a dual day/night
forward facing camera solution.
The twin sensor camera offers HD video in full colour, with
a HD monochrome sensor capable of recording highly
detailed images down to 0 LUX.
Combined with optional external illuminator, eyeTrain
offers the highest performing day and night time solution

... forward facing

Case Study: East Coast Mainline

East Coast Main Line chose Petards to supply and install the
new generation of eyeTrain on-board digital CCTV systems
on their fleet of vehicles.
The contract, worth in excess of 3m was for the supply
and installation of both on-board and forward facing
surveillance systems to over 390 passenger vehicles on two
classes of locomotives.
As part of the contract, Petards also provided live status
monitoring and data management of 3rd party systems,
together with wireless transmission of operational
Each passenger car has 4 CCTV cameras covering both the
saloon and the vestibule areas. Driving and trailing vehicles
are fitted with High Definition Forward and Rear Facing

Deliveries were completed within the required timescales

and to budget.
Glowing feedback on the systems was quickly being
received at Petards.
After an incident on the line, East Coast and Network
Rail staff were required to review track footage using
Cryptovision software and were delighted at the quality
the eyeTrain cameras were able to provide.
John Marshall, East Coasts Route Performance Manager
commented; The quality is exceptional and the detail is
significantly better than expected.
The ability to pause and zoom in is excellent. Often
zooming-in you expect to lose some detail but in this case
it actually enhances the picture.

Driver Only Operation

Advanced Body Mounted DOO Solutions

Advanced Camera Technology

The eyeTrain DOO system uses wide dynamic range digital
camera technology with pixel level exposure control to
ensure that the train driver is presented with clear images
in all lighting conditions.
Standard camera technologies use a single exposure level
for the whole image - in the adverse lighting conditions of
platform environment, this could mean vital detail is lost
through areas of over or under exposure.
The pixel level exposure control used by Petards ensures
that each individual part of the image is exposed to the
best possible level.

The eyeTrain Driver Only Operation (DOO) System

provides an on-train surveillance solution for safe train
External body mounted cameras provide the driver with
a direct view of each doorway on the train to assist with
closure of the doors and departure from the station.
The on-board system provides significant safety and
financial advantages over platform mounted mirrors or
monitors. Once the train has started moving, the driver
continues to be able to monitor the side of the train for
possible hazards.
Flexible System Configuration
The architecture of the eyeTrain system allows the user
multiple options to meet their individual requirements.
These options include:

Safety Approved to SIL1

Multi-level image verification with safety
The external cameras can share the same
network, recording and surveillance
monitoring as the saloon, vestibule and
forward facing cameras
The system can operate independently
of the saloon CCTV or passenger counting
system if required
Optional recording of images
Fault Tolerant

The camera modules are supplied in robust IP65 sealed

enclosures with internal and anti-condensation heating.

... driver only operation

Case Study: Stansted Express

Petards successfully bid for its surveillance solutions to
be utilised on the prestigious Stansted Express new build
project from Bombardier.
Petards design team were tasked to design a modern,
mobile DOO system with the objective of providing a
cost effective solution that would be approved to SIL1
and exceed the demanding optical requirements of GE/
Passenger safety was the critical factor throughout
the development stages of Petards DOO solution. A
highly reliable solution had to offer multiple level safety
interlocks, ensuring valid images were delivered with low
Part of this challenge was to ensure that whatever the
weather situation, the safety and reliability of the system
would not be compromised particularly in adverse
lighting conditions. Poorly lit or high contrast areas
with bright areas and shadows are typical of many busy
The solution to this involved the use of pixel-level
exposure control. Standard camera technologies use a
single exposure level for the whole image; in the adverse
lighting conditions of platform environments, this could
mean vital detail is lost through areas of over or under
The pixel level exposure control used by Petards DOO
system ensures that each individual part of the image is
exposed to the best possible level.
Wide dynamic range digital camera technology was
utilised to ensure the images supplied provided all the
information the train driver required to ensure safe train
departure. The image quality would need to spot people
approaching the train from distance as well as detailed
images such as the ability to identify a hand or clothing
trapped in a door.
Another benefit gained by the use of Petards DOO
solution included ongoing monitoring of the train doors
even when fully mobile ensuring the driver can continue
to monitor the side of the train and track side for possible

The new Bombardier Electrostar EMU trains are now in full

operation and carry over 6.5 million passengers each year
all of whom are monitored by Petards DOO systems.
Since Petards introduced mobile DOO to the UK market,
it has become the preferred method of safe single-driver
boarding and dispatch for new build projects.

GE/RT 8060
Technical Requirements for Dispatch of
Trains from Platforms

Optical Requirements of CCTV System
for Driver Only Operation

EN 50128
Railway Applications. Communications,
Signalling and Processing Systems.
Software for Railway Control &
Protection Systems

EN 50155
Railway Applications. Electronic
Equipment used on Rolling Stock

EN 50121-3-2

Electromagnetic Compatibility Rolling

Stock Apparatus

Mission-critical availability can be maximised as failures become
non service-affecting through scalable levels of redundancy.


Pantograph Monitoring
24 hour surveillance of overhead infrastructure

Offering Clarity to Operator & Line Provider

Petards solution is a rugged, roof mounted camera that
surveys the pantograph and overhead line throughout the
trains day and night operation.
In the event of an incident, experts can review the high
definition footage and quickly understand whether it was
the pantograph itself or other infrastructure problems that
caused the problem.
Advanced options can be added to the system including
video analytics, capable of monitoring the pantographline interaction movement and alerting the train operator
to any abnormal behaviour or arcing.
This may highlight the need to perform preventative
maintenance which could then prevent a major overhead
line incident.

Digital Megapixel Technology

Electric locomotives are now seen by most countries as
the preferred method of rolling stock power. In total
there are almost 47,000 electric locomotives currently
in operation worldwide, with over 6000 of those
produced in the last five years.
Whilst offering significant economic and
environmental advantages over traditional diesel
units, train operating companies do take on the added
risk of Pantograph and overhead line damage.
Failures during service can cause major delays and
considerable financial impact. If issues do arise,
identifying what caused the problem has historically
also been a major problem for both the train and line

The eyeTrain Pantograph camera offers the same High

Definition technology as found in other eyeTrain cameras
used throughout the train but is contained in a rugged
and watertight enclosure rated to IP66.
The enclosure is mounted on the top of the pantograph
car and is proven to stand up to the harsh environment of
daily rail applications.
eyeTrain pantograph surveillance uses pixel-level
exposure control to combat adverse lighting conditions
while looking up at the pantograph.

... pantograph monitoring

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Illumination for Day & Night Operation

To ensure the system is capable of 24/7 surveillance,
a specifically developed eyeTrain Illuminator can
accompany the camera and is used as a powerful white
light source.

Latest company news

eyeTrain video footage samples
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.. and much more

Just like the pantograph camera, the illuminator is also

enclosed in a rugged and proven IP66 enclosure, and is
currently in use on UK rail systems both as a Pantograph
and Track Debris Illuminator.
Petards staff can locate the optimal location of the
Illuminator based on the train survey.
If required, activation of the Illuminator can also be
automatically controlled by the Train Management System
(TMS) to ensure it is only switched on when the train is in
service for example.


Automatic Passenger Counting

High Accuracy Counting Solution

Counting Technology
Vertical infra-red detectors are situated at all vehicle
doors to determine passenger flow in both directions
- the detector can recognise movement both in to and
separately out of the detection area.
A single sensor is required for doors having an opening of
less than or equal to one metre. For larger door openings,
two sensors may be required.
Additionally there are two styles of sensor curtain which
compensate for possible restrictions in sensor location. In
the first the curtains are symmetrical about the sensors
axis as shown below left, this allows for sensors to placed
at regular intervals.
Where there are obstructions to fitting the sensor, a
second version could be used. With these sensors the
curtains fan in one direction only allowing the sensors to
be mounted close together in the centre of the doorway.

Train overcrowding is a major issue in todays global

rail sector - not only for customer satisfaction but also
the safety and security of travellers. Operators need
to balance these implications with the financial risk of
operating trains under-capacity.
Petards Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) solution
is a comprehensive package of statistical gathering
and analysis, designed especially for rail applications.

Counting Overview
The use of passenger counting data allows train operators
to optimise their fleet deployment to match the profile of
passengers across the vehicle diagram.
Over and under occupancy journeys can be avoided by
setting timetables and routes that match the measured
passenger demand.

Data Gathering
Data is compiled for each vehicle door allowing the
movement of passengers (on/off ) to be measured and
studied on a car by car and door by door basis. Vehicle
name / number, station location and time and date fields
are combined with the passenger load data.

... passenger counting

System Communications
Each vehicle will push the passenger counting data
after each door cycle via the cellular network. The data
is collected at a central data server, (this may be hosted
by Petards, or alternatively by the end user) and may be
made available to a specialist 3rd party data analyser.

Case Study: Vossloh Tram Train Series

Petards is a nominated framework supplier for both onboard CCTV and Automatic Passenger Counting (APC)
Systems on the Vossloh 4100/4300 tram/train series
This revolutionary new vehicle concept is not only less
contaminating, faster and more efficient but also easily
functions as both a suburban train in the metropolitan
area and as a tram in the urban context.
Petards first project on the platform was to provide APC
and surveillance solutions to new vehicles supplied to SFM
Serveis Ferroviaris of Mallorca by Vossloh Espania.
APC sensors were fitted to each of the train doors and
connected to an eyeTrain APC Sensor. It was vital for the
customer that the analyser was capable of recording the
number of passengers who entered and departed the
train by each named station.
It was also vital that the system was able to connect
smoothly with the Vossloh TMS (Train Management
System), providing a seamless integrated system.
Today, the train operating company is successfully able to
monitor the number of passengers on all of their routes
and has been able to adapt the tram/train configuration
as a result, optimising both efficiency and passenger

At any time the system could be upgraded to use wireless

GPS/3G technology. This would enable the operating
company to receive live data of the passengers onboard
each vehicle at any time and could be particularly useful at
peak times or during major organised events.


Remote Transmission &

Automated Download

Petards eyeTrain has led the way in surveillance for

almost a decade and has been at the forefront of
new technology for on-train CCTV such as digital IP
technology, High Definition recording and pixel-level
exposure control.
With eyeTrain wireless transmission and download, the
system provides real time visual support to on-going
operational incidents and the automated recovery and
delivery of footage post event.

By utilising the mobile cellular network, images from the

eyeTrain system can be transmitted to transport security
staff on demand.
For example if a train is stopped in service, control room
staff can view remote images from the train as events
unfold or re-play recently recorded images and enable
vital operational decisions to be made swiftly.
The download facility allows footage clips to be requested
post-event and then automatically recovered from the
vehicle as it enters a pre-defined hotspot.

... transmit and download

Remote Transmission

Automated Download

The system provides real time viewing of all cameras

across the fleet from one or more control centres.

A web-based scheduler enables security staff to enter

requests for footage and track the progress of pending

The transmission makes use of the mobile cellular 3G

networks, WiMAX, Wi-Fi or other combined paths.

The user will be notified by email once the footage has

been automatically retrieved and is available for viewing.

The eyeTrain video gateway performs transcoding of

images in real time to enable the video to be scaled to fit
the available wireless bandwidth.

A network of hotspots may be created in depots, cleaning

points or terminal stations. When a train enters the
hotspot, status information and location tracking data is
exchanged and any requested footage is downloaded.

The operator can choose to view live images from any of

the on-board cameras as the incident unfolds or review
recorded footage to determine what happened.

Following a download, the footage is transferred to the

central server via a secure VPN providing restricted access
to the evidential infrastructure.

Video can be scaled to transmit over even the smallest

bandwidth, with the operator having the option to
prioritise frame rate or video quality, ensuring that no
essential detail is lost.

Typical Remote Transmission & Automated Download Example


Secure VPN

Remote Video Transmission

In-service Video Surveillance
& Playback
Via Cellular Network
Status Monitoring

High Speed
Download Depots &
Terminal Stations

Archive Server


Remote Condition Monitoring

Stay in control - wherever you are

Over the lifetime of any on-board system, faults will
occur on the installation and component parts due to
technical issues, vandalism or general wear and tear.

Email alerts can be personalised and created -

ensuring errors are instantly reported.
Condition monitored carried out on Green/
Amber/Red basis depending on severity.
Available on PCs and smart phones.

For operating companies, it is vital that when these

instances do occur that the fault is located quickly,
assessed and repaired.
Historically, many system issues could go unnoticed
for several weeks and required an engineer to assess
the severity of the fault.
To overcome this problem, Petards developed eyeBos an advanced remote condition monitoring solution that
provides live monitoring for the operating companys
whole fleet of vehicles via an online portal.
By logging onto the site, the operator has a full view of
their fleet at a single glance.
When faults are found on any of the vehicles, these will
show up immediately and the operator can investigate
further to identify the exact car and camera that has the

As standard, eyeBos is set up to monitor train surveillance

and passenger counting systems, but can be upgraded
simply to include other third party systems such as:

OTMR & TMS Management Systems.

Auxiliary Convertors.
HVAC Systems.
Passenger Information Systems.
.. and many more.

Level Crossing Surveillance

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Fixed & Redeployable Systems

Petards range of ANPR systems can be used in both fixed
and mobile applications.
Petards Hawk Plus cameras are currently utilised by dozens
of mobile ANPR police units and in British Transport Police
mobile vehicle applications (below).
Working with our partner Furtronics, the mobile solution
has been a great success in capturing and preventing
dangerous driving at level crossings.
In its first week of operation the project caught 86 people
breaking the law.
Petards ANPR systems are also avaible as fixed site and
redeployable applications capable of protecting track side
properties as well as recording any incident of dangerous
driving at crossings.

Petards have been leaders in ANPR (Automatic

Number Plate Recognition) camera technology for
almost a decade with our advanced systems being
utilised by police forces and private companies in
Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

Sent via 3G or GPS to police or train operating companies,

the whole process from level crossing misuse to receipt of
data by police/head office can take just 15 seconds.

Within the transport sector our systems have been

shaped to help solve security and logistical issues.
Use of ANPR on Level Crossings
Recent data from the UK indicated that there over 3000
incidents of level crossing misuse in the UK each year, with
many thousands more risking there own lives and those of
train passengers without being recorded.
Petards ANPR solutions can allow level crossings to be
monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
The solution involves an alert being activated if any
vehicle passes over the crossing illegally. Petards ANPR
cameras are then able to record the number plate and
colour overview image of the offence.
Details can then be automatically obtained from the DVLA
(or specific country equivalent) and relevant action taken.


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