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‘016 1s Bra ready to stago succossul Olympics? - Rect Sports HOME NEWS BUSINESS MOVIES SPORTS CRICKET GET AHEAD SHOPPING rediff NowsApp [Search SHOP FOR: Mons Liesyle | Women'sLieayle | Mobiles | Coco | Watches | Home & Decar | PesonalCare | Hestné Fines | Books | Al Csten0n05 Is Brazil ready to stage successful Olympics? hare iment ‘To get such articles in your inbox ‘Textaize: 6 AA yor, 20181497187 ‘Brazil is ready to receive all of the visitors who will be enjoying the pleasure of watching the world’s elite international sports athletes compete’ IMAGE: Tho fun loving Brazil's synchronised swimming team poses for a photograph after a training session at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre in Rio de Janeiro, Photograph: Pilar OlivaresiReutet Bazits interim President Miche Temer is optimistic thet the country wil stage a success Rio Games, despite acing health and nancial trmoil ahead ofthe August 5-21 Olympic. Brazil is witnessing one of the country’s worst recessions since the 19308, while concerns over the Zika Virus, high crime rates, infrastructure delays and political unrest have led to ‘mounting scepticism about the viability of the Rio Games. ‘Temer, however, downplayed the concerns and insisted the country was ready to weleome the estimated 500,000 visitors expected to attend the Games. “Brazil is ready to receive all of the visitors who will be enjoying the pleasure of watching the ‘world’s elite international sports athletes compete,” Temer said in a statement. hitpshwwr rei. comispertsireprtis-trazil-ready-o-stage-sucesst-rio-oympies/20160707:km Latest from ‘stay, India to grow slower at 5a thday as National Helicopter Day? i] crash a o hairloss tig fend ‘Smartwatches, fitness trackers can give away your ATM PIN Public servant tag worries NGO. sector workers ‘Modi govt's latest brainwaver A ‘new financial 4 ‘016 1s Brazil ready to stago success Olympics? - Res Sports “And, surely, we will have a great deal to show the five billion viewers from around the world ‘who will be watching the Games as well. Brazil awaits you with open arms.” year’ ‘Temer, who took over from suspended President Dilma Rousseff, added that Brazil would draw on the experiences of hosting similar large-scale events in the past. “This will not be Brazil's first opportunity to show the world its capacity for organisation, and to welcome visitors warmly to a secure environment,” Temer added. appearance “We hosted the World Cup, the Pan-American Games, the World Military Games, World Youth, Day and the Confederations Cup... all unanimous successes a “And now, another success is on its way." Sietims of sexual Sous REUTERS abuse Copy 208 Resa Linas, reserves Repub o notes ann ncieg Inyatrrs orden inte eontnt ory aesane acon alance hereon ee Forget Rs 200 crore, Adanis can gniy ened et Related News Contre, Dilma Roussef, Rio de Janeiro ichel Temer, raz, Maria Lek Agua Prous arte Takh now Share = Comment More from rediff Engh Prom Langue PL spotxing 7 ct wre One month togoforRio _-Howthe Rio Olympies gold PHOTOS: PM Modi gives Olympics! ‘medals are made Ric-bound athletes a special > wohaachanGeaiival hitpshwwr rei. comispertsireprtis-trazil-ready-o-stage-sucesst-rio-oympies/20160707:km 2